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Chat log from R17 of 2022: West Coast vs Carlton

Chat log for West Coast vs Carlton, R17 of 2022

Raspel31: Tight game.
zadolinnyj: High scoring I think
Urbs: You’ll all have to live without my impeccable commentary for now unfortunately everyone
Social: Evening fellas
Social: This could be another interesting one, weagles improving
Raspel31: Do it here Urbs. Only need 275 from Docherty.
sfenda1: hewett on fire today
Pavs: Can we get Dredd back Urbs to commentate for us?
TheFlagger: bit nervous about this one
Social: luv the Dredd
navy_blues: need %
Urbs: We back
The Ogre: Dread the Dredd
Social: Why is it that 330ml beers only last about 2 minutes?
TheFlagger: rare nic nat mark
feralmong: Social, so hot chicks get beer glasses and you get laid. Be thankful. hehe
The Ogre: Coz U drink slowly?
frenzy: you could say I have a vested interest in this
Social: Noice, thanks feral, I’ll sit back down hehe
Fatbar5tad: Carn Walshy
DrSeuss: Does Cripps even look interested this game?
TheFlagger: cerra clearly underdone last week
Social: Tim Kelly lol
navy_blues: TDK developing nicely
Stikman35: I love daicos
Stikman35: Any of them. Their beautiful
navy_blues: unlucky 50m
LuvIt74: cmon crippa wtf man
DrSeuss: Cripps, Docherty – anything?
beerent11: What a ho hum who cares day of footy this is
Social: She’s gonna be a rowdy glass bin this week
Raspel31: And in English beer? C’mon Cripps you lazy chappy.
colin wood: Lol at Cripps SC score.. such a farce?
beerent11: Cripps refuses to kick the footy. Wonder what it is. Injury?
navy_blues: blues going to sleep again
TheFlagger: he doesnt kick because hes a shit pick
TheFlagger: kick*
Fatbar5tad: *ahem* Mr Walsh?
Raspel31: Whoops Blues- steady the ship.
TheFlagger: this is why our percentage sucks
navy_blues: tape measure plz
hinsch: Carlton not far enough in front to winn this.
bc__: Never again list Cripps
Raspel31: Oh you fluffer Cripps- stay off the weights and work on the brain.
DrSeuss: Cripps very average – do something you spud
Number 8: Nearly 30 free kicks in a half of footy … wow. Hiding the B team late on a Sunday
TheFlagger: way too slow
hinsch: Leave Cripps on the bench atthis rate he will be minus at full time.
bc__: Cripps lost 10 points since I last looked
Hazza09: Geez cripps, wtf
Raspel31: Cripps an amazing player- only hampered by being rather thick and slow.
pcaman2003: Go Hawks. Over here now. Crippa!, what the….
Pavs: Good win pca. I only need 21 more from Docherty. Keays just stopped in the last one
pcaman2003: Very happy I am Pavs. They played okay today.
Social: Walsh not much better than Crippa
Pavs: Both sides show promise. Hawks a bit further advanced in the re-build
hinsch: rage trade coming up Cripps to Brayshaw
Raspel31: I rage traded Ridley for Dawson- and that worked a treat hinsch.
Social: I did that about a month ago Rasp, it worked for a while
runners47: Get off the pine, Newman – I need at least 40 from you
Fatbar5tad: Fuck sake Walsh this is rank. Might as well have stuck with Coliver.
BigChief: How does Plowman get games? Has cost Blues at least 4 goals today.
bhg26: Walsh and Crippa, wtf is this?
Raspel31: This is called Carlton bhg.
Stikman35: Bazzo. Handy
BigChief: How is that not a mark to Hewett?
DrSeuss: Off the bench Cripps – you have done sweet fa
DANGERous: walsh and cripps, look at what hewett does and do the same!!
The Ogre: Geez! I need 285 from Hewett, Walsh & Saad to win h2h. Not confident atm
Raspel31: Get back on the ground Cripps and do nothing as always.
Pavs: Well done Doc just got me home.
navy_blues: this is why we wont match it with melb and gee play like champs 1 qtr then go to sleep
HolyNorf: What?s everyone?s scores looking like this week?
Hazza09: On the never again list Cripps. You can join it along Shitfield and Heeney
DEESareSAD: Wow. Could have taken shorts 94 but no I get Cripps 50 instead
BigChief: Navy if they can play 4 qtrs like the 1st they can compete with top sides.
hinsch: Cripps and Walsh rested for a big forth quarter
DrSeuss: Good work Cripps give away points as well you flog
sfenda1: this might be walshs lowest ever possessions?
bhg26: Walsh you suck, Cripps you suck, Hewett and Doc you are both good boys
Rebuild: Got Merrett instead of Walsh and looking like it’s gonna win me my matchup. Happy days
Social: oooh Cripparelli
navy_blues: if little word big meaning lol not 1 game this year have they not backed off cant win with 1 qtr efforts
navy_blues: unless your collingwood
Fatbar5tad: Fuck off Walsh you blouse
hinsch: Carlton maybe not be far enough in front, they don’t like the forth quarter
beerent11: Between 2300 and 2400 holy norf. Lucky touk vc, Merrett and goldy all over achieved.
BigChief: Eagles are home. Blues can’t play 4th qtrs
hinsch: Challange on for Walsh and Cripps to beat Dunkleys 62.
Raspel31: Just a mo to remember BestCoast- the funniest guy to ever visit these hallowed corridors and sadly taken too young. Vale
beerent11: Walsh previous lowest possies was 18 twice in 2019
BigChief: Cripps and Walsh both started this qtr well.
thesilentl: Barass is a liability
hinsch: big chief they have been rested for the last two hours
BigChief: very true hinsch.
beerent11: Sosos has turned out a pretty handy player
beerent11: Vale bc
DrSeuss: Hopefully this means Cripps has remembered how to play footy again
navy_blues: cripps lifted at last
beerent11: Played a really good captain?s quarter navy. He and Walsh.
BigChief: Blue moon game for NicNat. Taken 4 marks lol
Raspel31: Might bring Doch in next week- joking- what a hero.
navy_blues: its looks ok now but in reality see how they measure up next week v geelong
Fatbar5tad: Walsh thankfully. Almost lost an uloseable match.
BigChief: How far away is Pittonet navy?
navy_blues: 1-2 i think
The Ogre: gtf back out there Walsh!
navy_blues: not bad with all our injuries lol
DrSeuss: So some players are allowed to duck, but others aren?t?
BigChief: Can WC score to not have 2 scoreless qtrs?
BigChief: % booster navy. This will help you guys.
hinsch: Cripps and Walsh lucky I have a sense of humour
navy_blues: yes just got to keep winning went up 4%

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