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Chat log from R17 of 2022: Hawthorn vs Adelaide

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Adelaide, R17 of 2022

pcaman2003: Go Hawks, but go big Dawson and Keays.
nbartos: dissent 100%
The Ogre: Please no Hawk/Crow version of Dredd on this game…
pcaman2003: TheOgre. I agree.I left that chat a bit early as it degenerated.
The Ogre: I can appreciate supporting ur team. but… Puts me off the chat
Pavs: pca we have to disagree on Keays. Maybe Laird and O’Brien
pcaman2003: Pavs. Maybe they all fire up. lol!
Pavs: I won’t disagree with you pca I killed Neale in the last game for you. Feel a little bad about that.
pjw1234: dawson got a tag from maginness
pcaman2003: Pavs. So you should feel bad. I now need Dawson and Keays to get 230 between them
Pavs: It’s ok pca i’m over it
The Ogre: I’m buggered then. Got the C on Laird
pcaman2003: TheOgre. What’s wrong with the C on Laird?
The Ogre: Pavs voodoo LoL
Raspel31: And now Dawson tagged- oh joy of joys- not.
The Ogre: PCA U have a bear on the other game to poke? lmao
Pavs: Good voodoo juices The Ogre. I need about 140 from him
Social: But wait, there’s more!
pcaman2003: TheOgre. A few
The Ogre: If he gets off the pine he’s on track
Pavs: Laird get on the ground!
pcaman2003: If we lose this, it will be the umpires fault.
The Ogre: Is his ToG always this low early?
Social: lmao pca
navy_blues: of course
pcaman2003: I bring Keays in this week and he gets lazy on me.
Pavs: Like the early call pca
The Ogre: How do U cope with this Free count
Jolles: Free kick Hawthorn over and over.
pcaman2003: I like to get in early Pavs before others beat me to it.
pcaman2003: Jolles. We should’ve got the other 4 the Crows got too.:)
navy_blues: why r hawks in white shorts?
Social: I know navy, I hate it when Gil does that. Home team = dark shorts
Social: Only 3 umps against you… Luxury!
pcaman2003: navy. Just another unnecessary change by the AFL.
navy_blues: surely hawthorn wouldnt agree to that looks like adel home game lol
pcaman2003: Lewis is on fire.
Pantsman: I haven’t been watching but I am sure the umps are biased against both teams here.
pcaman2003: Don’t stop now Dawson and Keays. You’re my last hope this week.
Fatbar5tad: Go away Keays
Pavs: Umps only looking for camera time Pantsman
sMiles: Great to see McEvoy out and about – remember when he got a free against and rebutted that
Raspel31: Was looking good pcaman but last 2 games been tagged out of wins.
sMiles: … he tapped for a living, so knew what a tap was … would be a fifty free this season
pcaman2003: Raspel. Don’t you just hate that? Got Dawson and Keays in this week and Dawson tagged.
zadolinnyj: Hately gotta go
damoj88: Sicily get a move on FFS
navy_blues: its gotta get in adel frwd line for sicily
Social: Pav, did you take Oli’s points as C?
Fatbar5tad: Sicily and Dawson down. Sweet.
Pavs: Had to mate I screwed up and left the C on him. Would have the C on Laird otherwise
Social: Not so bad, could have been Neale!
pcaman2003: Having Dawson tagged has all but finished my round. Thanks Mitchell!
Pavs: True that. Might need Docherty to get over 150
Napper: Great work CD! Dawson gained a point for holding the ball against. Good job
pcaman2003: Napper. He also made a tackle few seconds before that.
zadolinnyj: Hately turning it over every time
Napper: The player got a handball out so not an effective tackle pca
Pavs: Would love O’Brien to complete the marks. He gets a good piece of them
pcaman2003: Napper. CD saw it differently, so can’t help that much.
pcaman2003: Only 137 points need from Dawson and Keays next half and I’ll be laughing.
Pavs: Not impossible pca.
Raspel31: Thought Neale tag was effective but Maginess killing Dawson- can’t get near the frigging pill.
TheFlagger: cant get near the pill because nicks parks him full forward
pcaman2003: The Hawks have developed a few taggers now, so could make things difficult with constant lockdowns on premiums.
Raspel31: Reasonable point TheFlagger.
TheOnyas: onya lairdy
pcaman2003: Nice Kaeays. That helps my pain a bit.
Pavs: Great stuff Lairdy probs not to keays though Soz pca
pcaman2003: Pavs. No probs.
Tangent: Where tf are Siciliy’s free SC poits
Pavs: Marking training O’brien
TheFlagger: laird 77 metres gained hahaha
Raspel31: Think The Crows got this one.
pcaman2003: Go Keays, but fight that tag Dawson.
Raspel31: Atta boy Dawson- tackle your way to the ton.
Pavs: I’m fighting a losing battle with my team this week. come on Keay’s.
Tangent: Just like how you thought dogs were gonna beat Sydney @raspel enough day drinking
Raspel31: Thanks for the kind words Tangent.
pcaman2003: Time for the Hawks to fall over again, as they do.
DrSeuss: Ok Titch – you can get back involved again now.
Tangent: No problem Raspel, hope the win earlier on put you in a good mood.
pcaman2003: Is Dawson even out there? I cant see him anywhere
Raspel31: Well it did Tangent except for the Neale tag and now the Dawson tag, sigh.
pcaman2003: Keays dropped 10 points from that 50 metre clanger. Good one!
Tangent: Oh well, at least no injuries rasp 😉
Catatafish: Dawson finally copping a tag
pcaman2003: Dawson is one of about 5 prems. I’ve brought in who failed first game. Hopefully no more.
Catatafish: Pca, I can relate. Mostly defenders though besides Parish
pcaman2003: Catatfish. It’s hard to take a trick. Will be interesting come SC finals. Anything could happen.
Raspel31: Quel surpris- another Dawson tackle- tackle away laddie.
pcaman2003: Raspel. He needs about 20 more tackles by my estimation for a win.
Tangent: Get him boys
Raspel31: Working on it pcaman.
pcaman2003: Hawks are determined to lose yet another game up for grabs.
Catatafish: Always best laid plans. Had great setup then continual injuries and pillock defenders
Tangent: Game over, good job. Why you don’t take that set shot is more than BEYOND me.
pcaman2003: Tangent. 12 mins left, so plenty of time for some quick goals
cobrakai00: there’s a reason some games get the ‘nobody cares’ timeslot
pcaman2003: Breeeuuuuust!
Tangent: Take the FUCKING set shot you fucking flowers
pcaman2003: Tangent. You sound a wee tad upset.
Pantsman: If within 10 goals with 10 minutes left, still a chance. The Matthews Formula.
Tangent: We could of been within 10 points easily if McHenry slotted that original gift. One mistake like that costs us 3 goals
Raspel31: But Tangent has the right angle.
Social: Sicily, pah! More like bloody Sardinia
Pies20: Crow’s are shower tangent relax
Tangent: I always hated maths…
pcaman2003: I’m just pleased to see the Hawks play 4 qtrs for a change. Promising signs for 2023.
Pies20: Haha pca very promising 😄
pcaman2003: Keays died after half time. He’s added 32 points
Tangent: Vic residents make sure to do the $250 power saving bonus, just got mine. Took me 3 mins don’t even need to switch
wadaramus: The Crows are not a bad bunch of players, but our skill and decision making is woeful.
DrSeuss: Titch, Keays – a little involvement this qtr?
wadaramus: Whatever the game plan is, and the coaching instructions are, they suck.
Raspel31: Why bench Dawson when the game is up for grabs?
tor01doc: pca- 4 quarters!!! Goalless third
Pies20: Yeah today totally agree wada but name some players who are going to be guns in this young group?
pcaman2003: Exactly. Raspel. He could make another 40 points from here 🙂
Pavs: almost looks like too many small players Wada
wadaramus: I’m just about fed up with watching the same tripe every week.
pcaman2003: tor01doc. Sure, but the Crows haven’t added much either and we kept at it
wadaramus: Probably Fogarty and Thilthorpe, but the mids don’t have the skill to deliver.
Pies20: Wada you guy’s finished above us last year what has happened?
Catatafish: I’ll bring Sic in soon, coaches with him might want to consider trading him before that
Raspel31: Indeed- another 6 tackles pcaman- all that’s needed.
wadaramus: Yep, I agree Pavs, not great recruiting.
tor01doc: pca – into the top 14 after this – only out of top 13 on percentage
Pies20: We play you next week probably loose karma 🤪
wadaramus: We were supposed to improve Pies20, but no real improvement at all 🙁
HolyNorf: At least you haven?t regressed wada
pcaman2003: Well, Dawson was a bargain buy for me this week.
wadaramus: I think we have HolyNorf, we’re now only above WC & North.
Social: Holy free kick count
Raspel31: Still think Crows can pull this off.
pcaman2003: tor01doc. What I call a slow build. We’ll get there eventually.:)
wadaramus: McHenry is a hack, Rowe should be in the forward pocket roving the crumbs from the talls.
pcaman2003: And to think Laird was a backman for years.
wadaramus: Dawson should be running from half back through the mids, not deep in defence.
wadaramus: The coaching staff are useless.
wadaramus: Milera is not a forward, Chayce Jones is not a defender.
Dredd: Not the only club with useless coaching staff wada
Social: Unlikely from here Rasp
Social: Bring back Ayres or Sando
wadaramus: LOL Social, bring back Graham Cornes!

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