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Chat log from R17 of 2022: Brisbane vs Essendon

Chat log for Brisbane vs Essendon, R17 of 2022

zadolinnyj: lads
Stu7: Afternoon all
robbieg: weather primed for a neale 150
Pavs: Afternoon all
frenzy: howdy
Stu7: Zado Ferny Pavs Robbieg
Social: hello there
Pavs: On target to lose my second game this week. Need neale to go low. sorry all.
Stu7: Social
thesilentl: @grimes jnr owes me money. Guaranteed north and Richmond games were done at 3/4 time
Social: Can I just mention Grimes Snr dropped chest mark again? It brings a smile to my face
TheFlagger: bombers will win this
DrSeuss: My guys Neale (c) and Martin starting well so far.
thesilentl: Bombers are a good side on paper, not sure why they’ve had the season they’ve had
Social: I think the tig boys will be laying low today
Stikman35: Bombers should win this so all their supporters can get fat heads
frenzy: back into the wood work social
Fatbar5tad: Took the C off Neale cos I like losing SuperCoach games
TheFlagger: need neale and merrett to have a quiet one
DrSeuss: FFS – Caldwell tagging Neale – that should screw his score royally
thesilentl: @frenzy unlucky yesterday. LDU Anderson and 2nd half mckay looked unbeatable live, crazy game by the 3 of them
bhg26: This is an awful game
frenzy: glad you enjoyed it silent
Fatbar5tad: Go Bombers
thesilentl: I think for North fans it shows its not all lost just yet but there is some big issues
sMiles: bullshite
Fatbar5tad: Go away Riddler
Raspel31: Oh dear Mr Neale- reflects my week nicely.
TheFlagger: with the round of footy we’ve had a shit game was due
DrSeuss: Where Tf is Martin? Haven?t even sighted him
frenzy: I just dont wanna be like the blues and turn the coach over every 2 years
Stu7: Loving that Dr
DrSeuss: I am the same Rasp – Martin and Neale (c) – great finish to the weekend
Pavs: Traded Martin a while ago. He seems to play on the switch side a lot
DrSeuss: Yeah had to hold him 1 last week Pavs – looks like it might just kill me
Stu7: Ditched Martin too
Social: Lachie? 🙁
TheFlagger: larkey was giving me some painful flashbacks yesterday
Social: Lucky my oppo has the C on Lachie too
Fatbar5tad: Beer not here but Zerrett turned out good like you said. Finally paying off.
Stu7: Just as well my opponent has Neale as C too
TheFlagger: zerrett killing me
bhg26: Cheers Lachie
Manowar: it’s not a final Neale, why the choke today?
Catatafish: Still early days for Neale
TheFlagger: last second goal assist lucky
DrSeuss: Maybe if the umps called the holding on Neale at every fucking stoppage – might help
TheGoffy: The desperation switch off Neale as (c) to create a POD is looking good so far….
hinsch: Lots of C on Neale todayshould have taken LDU or Boltons score
Stu7: Put the Kelvinator symbol on Martin 😂😂
Stu7: I nearly chose Brayshaw as C spewing now
Stu7: That sucks hinsch
cherry9: Have not been many stoppages yet for Neale to extract from. He will be ok
Pavs: Accidently left the Captain on Oli late trade didn’t change. will cost me a win I reckon was going to go to Laird
Stu7: Pavs damn that?s sh1t
Manowar: rookie error!
Fatbar5tad: Neale will probably ton, but with scores going up we are looking for 140 here.
Pavs: Auditioning for a ruckman as well. Thanks Nank.
Pavs: Dumbass error Manowar
Stu7: Martin nooooo
Stu7: No Rookie error Pavs you have those days
Pavs: Stu7 I have lots of those days.
Stu7: Ha ha same here
Social: Is Charlie even on his tiny imaginary motorcycle?
Social: or just leaning on it like the Fonz
Stu7: Keep it up? or down Martin, whatever you?re doing keep doing nothing
Pavs: Burn’t Martin
Stikman35: I heard recently that keeping Martin was a good move on a par with keeping daicos.
Social: You can go to Bali for a while Parish, Zerrett’s got this
sMiles: jesus umps on fire
Stu7: That?s it Martin have a rest on the bench good boy
Dredd: Umpires having another blinder against us
Stu7: Bad intel that Stikman35
Malaka: In RDT, I’ve got Martin on the field and Jed Anderson on the bench.
sMiles: “:where’s teh pressure Brisbane Lions” Can this commentry witch shut up?
sMiles: I am gonna keep shush now
DrSeuss: Damn that?s rough Malaka
pcaman2003: Afternoon all! I see C Neale is having a good one. sigh!
Stikman35: Stu. May have been walrus
pcaman2003: Is Neale being tagged?
Stu7: Stikman35 hmm
navy_blues: yes caldwell pca
pcaman2003: Thanks navy. Damn it!
Pavs: He is pcaman2003
navy_blues: wish some1 would tag underwood out of the commentary box
Social: bears can’t afford to lose this
pcaman2003: Thanhks Pavs. This round is now looking decidedly shaky.
DrSeuss: Neale (c) and Martin on field vs Opponent has Shiel. And I am a Lions fan. Not a great Sunday
TheFlagger: need an m8 to replace cripps. should i get mills, steele, kelly, brayshaw or merrett.
frenzy: Dons worked out Mcluggage
Stu7: Brayshaw every day
Pavs: Brayshaw for consistency I reckon
Raspel31: Caldwell certainly stitched up Neale a treat, sigh.
Number 8: Almost looks like the Lions are on the take here. Unbelievably poor.
DrSeuss: COVID and Caldwell can power right off thanks.
bhg26: Flower you Neale
Stu7: Someone put Caldwell on Martin please
frenzy: turned him into McPassenger
Pavs: Nice Caldwell. same again please. Keeping me in this.
navy_blues: caldwell doing good job
Stu7: Number 8 they have a few players out
Fatbar5tad: Good boy Caldwell
Number 8: Fair Stu, maybe COVID has snagged a few others
Social: Charlkie’s giving his pee wee 50 an oil change
zadolinnyj: steele flagger
zadolinnyj: lions have 9 out. makes a big difference
Social: they made 9 changes but brought in 6 senior players
DrSeuss: Lions should have played Matho – need to win at stoppages –
DrSeuss: 6 senior players that wouldn?t normally get picked Social.
Catatafish: Steele for mine Flagger, tough call though with such a list
circle52: Can Daniher get a holding free in the forward 50 held every time but no free.
zadolinnyj: correct DrSeuss. Matho the self claimed barometer should stay on the bench though
circle52: Si=ocial tell me which of the out players would still be out.
circle52: If we had our best 22
Social: there were 4 injuries for a start which is not unusual for any club
Social: look through this week’s teams, most had 3 or 4 forced changes
Stu7: Martin time for the bench brother
TheFlagger: barometer is averaging like 40 touches and a few goals in the vfl deserves a run
TheFlagger: well in the 2s
Dredd: You absolute muppet social.. someone give this guy the spud. 3 of those 9 are ball movers off half back..
Social: then of the 5 H&S, Prior and Coleman are less regular senior players than some ins.
Social: Point is, it’s not as dire as 9 changes might suggest.
Dredd: Social? did you not watch Coleman last week? oml this guy has caught stupid
TheFlagger: social has had a mare here
Social: And don’t be rude Dredd.
Dredd: Then try having 3 umpires against us..
Pavs: Not sure we need name calling Dredd. You can make a point without that.
Dredd: Then don?t be dumb social.. lmfao.. no one is with you on this one
Social: Is that really you Walrus?
navy_blues: bottom line is bris should still be able to beat ess with their outs
Social: right navy
Dredd: Try plus 3 umpires.. like what these free kicks.. no doubt we should still win by 4 goals but umps are killing us rn
navy_blues: omg he ducked
Number 8: Social is spot on. This is effort related. Lions need to pull their fingers out
Pavs: You look a bit Covidy Neale have a rest mate. A long rest
Dredd: Spot on.. take 4 blokes out of any backline and it?s going to be a mess..
Stu7: Bench to Martin – over here please
pcaman2003: You have a rest Pavs and leave my C Neale alone. 🙂
Pavs: Soz pca.
Number 8: Backline not the problem for Lions. Midfield ball movement by Essendon never under pressure
navy_blues: martin doing fine since he didnt play 1st qtr
sMiles: watching sharp cough it up there was horrific… kids aren’t ready…
Manowar: C’mon injectors!
Dredd: When ball is in our forward, our defenders are meant to push up the ground to make the ground smaller.. big problem
circle52: Fair comment Number 8 and agree more pressure needed
Stikman35: Ridley v Merrett is pivotal for me today. Then laird v docherty
DrSeuss: Lions backline is a massive issue. Too many young guys and all the quality ball users out this week.
Stu7: Navy yes I know spewing
pcaman2003: Off the bench Neale. You haven’t tonned up yet.
Manowar: enough of the lame excuses, Brisbane are playing a bottom team!
Dredd: Even 1 of Rich, Zorko or Coleman makes a huge difference.. getting railed from bad turnovers
Dredd: Exhibit A right there.. Madden and Sharp losses to 1.. Coleman and Rich don?t lose that
Dredd: I mean you lost to the saints who lost to the bombers so good one @manowar
pcaman2003: When Guelfi is in line for a ton, things are grim for Lions.
Stikman35: Nice snap
DrSeuss: Exactly Dredd – young guys just bomb it out under pressure – therefore mids and forwards don?t get marks or clean ball
thesilentl: Brisbane fans sounding a lot like my fellow pies fans at 3/4 time yesterday
sMiles: Manowar – Troll away, mate. Lol
Manowar: I will use your lame excuses, we had Weitering out…stop your sooking!
Dredd: 1 defender lmfao.. try 4 you muppet
thesilentl: @manowar if any club can claim injuries as an excuse this year its def the blues
Stu7: Yesss Martin on the pine
Manowar: now another Brisbane sook here!
frenzy: is Darcy Fort best 22
thesilentl: @dredd maybe check the blues injury list…more out today than brisbane
sMiles: I was impressed with Madden then though
Stu7: Come on fellas focus on the important things like Martin is on the bench 😂😂
Dredd: @silent get any blues fan name how many actually make the 22..
Pavs: He looks a bit Covidy as well Stu
Stikman35: Charlie Camerons non shepherd sums up lions. They don?t seem to be playing as a team.
navy_blues: yes we have biggest inj list this year
DrSeuss: Lions also have a massive over-reliance on Neale
mattmac24: C’mon Dredd. Your lot lost to Hawthorn who lost to Essendon. You barely have an argument there
sMiles: Robbo!
Stu7: Hope so Pavs
Dredd: I can name 8 that makes our 23, including sub, for the blues I count 3 for sure.. maybe 4-5
Stikman35: Robbo should always be in team
Dredd: We lost to your blokes for the same season mattmac.. umpires. Hawkins has been able to get away with stuff since
sMiles: jesus Payne – lol – missing some key outs today… I think it’s when they all happen bang like this… hard to cover
navy_blues: 3? lol who?
Dredd: Gardiner and Andrews key backs out. Zorko, Rich and Coleman hb ball movers
thesilentl: @dredd come on now, its clearly more than 3.
Dredd: I mean the fact you say 3? Says clearly you don?t have many starting 22 out.. idiot
Dredd: Name the players that make the 22 then @silent
navy_blues: dredd mate u been smokin something?
sMiles: tunstil is not yet ready – lol – also that commentator is shocking
Dredd: Name the players then navy that make the 22
navy_blues: i want to know the 3 u count as out
pcaman2003: If any team could complain about injury and HS (early season), then WC has you all beat
sMiles: Can y’all please stop Dredd fishing?
Number 8: Lions problem today is sub-par effort from Daniher, Neale, Hipwood, Lyons, Cameron and Bailey
Dredd: Name. The. Bloody. Players. Navy. Clearly you reckon there is more than 3 out from the 22
Stikman35: Pies lost Buckley ? who is equivalent to 4 players?, and we still won that final against port with licuria going off
mattpanag: sMiles – which commentator? Surely not Hudson!
BigChief: Cuningham, Pittonet, Weitering (before this week), McGovern, E. Curnow, Marchbank, Martin, Williams
Stikman35: Just need someone to step up
sMiles: Ih yeah – this is a little WC like, but not the same for sure. I think importantly we can all agree a Lions win
DrSeuss: True PCA – but no one expected WC to win. Lions lose 9 players and people are surprised we play rubbish
sMiles: @mattpanag – you know the one. *would be good for out tips
Dredd: I can make the 8. Andrews, Rich, Zorko, Coleman, J.Berry, Gardiner, McStay, Ah Chee,
BigChief: Is that enough for you Dredd you FLOG
navy_blues: weitering mcgovern owies pittonet just off the top of my head oh marchbank if fit
sMiles: Actually, I am surprised we are still in it. Will need some ump help in the last and a 75 point Qrt form Neil
pcaman2003: WC lost about 13. Shower happens every year so let’s move on and get over it.
Dredd: @bigchief so that?s 7? E.Curnow is past it, watched him last night VFL.. Dow much better
Urbs: Alright everyone, let’s settle down now
navy_blues: there is a lot tho
Stikman35: One good player there navy
Dredd: Weitering is back.. McGovern wasn?t great for you blokes start of season.. owies avg fwd.. agree with pittonet
sMiles: man – I hate that commentator
BigChief: None of them have played much and Carlton can still win, Brisbane miss players for 1 week and are useless.
mattpanag: If you mean Underwood? I do wish she would put on a more ‘natural’ voice… but I dunno, she goes OK
Manowar: Gardiner, Coleman, Ah Chee…lol and Zorko is about 50
navy_blues: um mcgov was on fire b4 injury lol
Pavs: Peter Wright plays a little like Paul Salmon. Hard to believe they werent playing him on the GC
mattpanag: Lift please captain Neale!
Dredd: Gardiner has been our second best def for a number of years.. key player.. and you laugh about Coleman?????
Stikman35: Bloody Merretts score grew over the quarter break. Damn it
Pavs: Not Everyone Urbs.
navy_blues: anyway cmon dons keep going
Dredd: Below avg spoils, avg intercepts, avg 1v1.. was on fire aye??
BigChief: Coleman has had 1 or 2 good games.
thesilentl: We get it @dredd, every Brisbane player is Gary ablest jnr reincarnated, every blues player is Nathan
Dredd: Come on navy.. our outs are much bigger than yours this week.. idk why you gotta try to deny it
Number 8: If the Lions can’t deal with a bottom 3 team without Zorko, Andrews, Rich and McStay, pack it up and go home
navy_blues: yes was leading intercepts im sure
Dredd: Clearly didn?t watch the finals series last year @bigchief.. missed half of the year this year.. been good longer than 2
DrSeuss: What happened to D?Ambrosio?
Pantsman: Give McGrath some kind of icon that indicates my displeasure with him!
Stikman35: Game over
pcaman2003: You have work to do Neale. Pull ya finger out this qtr.
Dredd: On avgs, he is an avg player at intercepts
sMiles: Bombers too good today
Manowar: Yeh, c’mon Essendon! smash these losers!
nbartos: bailey disappointing
BigChief: We have players out, our depth sucks, we are getting flogged by Ess on our home turf. Any more excuses Dredd?
navy_blues: im just pointing out some teams have more out than bris they have to deal with it but bris cant by the looks
Dredd: Bailey has been very disappointing
Pavs: Maybe a middle finger icon Pantsman?
Dredd: More out doesn?t mean big outs.. fk me dead. A team could have 20 players out who are all 2?s players.. stupid argument
nbartos: west coast should win today
LuvIt74: Neale wth get a move on
navy_blues: prob is dredd neale gets tagged bris are stuffed!
Pantsman: @Pavs I like it. Great suggestion.
sMiles: heart beat still there – but no way should we be in this
navy_blues: caldwell is playing well
Dredd: Neales been tagged most of the year and gets votes half of the time.. 8 starting 22 players out makes the difference..
Pavs: Why did Neale score points in that passage of play?
Dredd: Not denying we?ve been so poor today.. getting smashed in contest very badly
BigChief: Oh please Dredd you can’t blame outs on the putrid effort from your mids today.
Dredd: But the 8 players out make a huge difference.. a game result difference
sMiles: Dredd – go easy – you’re being baited. ha ha – go easy son.
Oddsy5: been all over brissy but not on the scoreboard, we arent good enuf to put teams away, 8 out hurts
sMiles: I’m almost even gonna start fishing ya soon. ;-p
sMiles: Nice first goal!!!
Dredd: Daniher summed up the day there
navy_blues: maybe bris might do a collingwood yet
Dredd: Well, first highlight of the day, what a beautiful goal from the debutant.. actually been a decent player today
sMiles: nah – Bombers have this one and deservedly so.
Dredd: And this is why Andrews has been a big out
Pavs: Paul Salmon I tell ya
sMiles: might even be good for the lions to experience this now … lot of learning today
DrSeuss: So Martin only plays 2nd and 3rd quarters. Good to know.
Dredd: Langford and Wright with 9.. Fullarton isn?t a defender and Payne is a 3rd tall player.. Adams no support
navy_blues: macluggage dive
Dredd: Finally a soft free our way
sMiles: lol McCluggage – man he sucks at goal
LuvIt74: lions will win
navy_blues: another free
navy_blues: umps trying to give u a chance dredd
Dredd: Deserve to lose regardless of it all.. ressies are 3rd and should be good enough.. shocking turnovers and poor contest
Fatbar5tad: bwahahahaha
Dredd: Navy, your trash at baiting.. umps have bombers a lot in the first half
Dredd: GG.. can?t miss those
sfenda1: neale needs the winning goal to save his score
Fatbar5tad: Brions was robbed…what an ongoing narrative…
navy_blues: macluggage and michaels frees werent there
bhg26: He needs three in a row sfenda
sMiles: yeah Neal – kick a winner please! @sfenda1
Dredd: Come on Eric.. your moment
navy_blues: still in it lol
Fatbar5tad: Essendon looking like North late….
Number 8: Cameron, Neale, Bailey and Daniher should hand back their pay cheques. Embarrassing
navy_blues: go caldwell beauty
sMiles: good response Bombers
Fatbar5tad: All’s well that’s Caldwell….
navy_blues: who is on caldwell??
sMiles: The SC scores say it all.
sMiles: those last two centre bounces though – good I can still whine about the umpires
Dredd: 6 goals from CB.. that?s realllly bad
Fatbar5tad: Free kick Brisbane
Dredd: 100% miles.. strac and big o top 2.. very disappointing
LuvIt74: how long to go
sMiles: lol – Rayner will miss
Dredd: Not Rayner..
sMiles: We do not deserve to be in this
Oddsy5: man its tough being an essendon supporter! scared
frenzy: proud of your efforts today Neale
Social: Rayner!
Dredd: CB the problem all day.. big one now
mattpanag: can’t wait for brisbane to win this with half a team
Dredd: Oh boy.. Jimmy Madden
BigChief: That was poor from Madden.
Fatbar5tad: Nealey did it!
sMiles: Neale!!! lol
sfenda1: nearly lachie!!
Dredd: That was Lachie?s comment haha
LuvIt74: how longg to go?
Fatbar5tad: Booing a massive shove ha ha
sMiles: ok – gg Bombers
Dredd: Madden should have tried to move the ball on before.. that hurts
Fatbar5tad: Umpy goal to the Bombers! Brions robbed!
Dredd: And the umps have done it
Fatbar5tad: If that was against Geelong we’d be hearing about it for weeks.
sMiles: Well played Bombers… Lions might go a bit better next week I dare say
bhg26: Well Neale, you tried and failed stuff ya
Social: Lol
Dredd: Classic of a fan of the protected species to rock up and start talking about umps.. piss off fatbar
Fatbar5tad: lmao@Dredd
Ninty: Lol complaining about umps. That?s usually reserved for the Bombers
Pantsman: Team lose, blame umps. A footy tradition@
pcaman2003: I dream of the day when Neale can shake a tag.
bhg26: You will be dreaming for the rest of your days pcaman
sMiles: go look t the damage on my matchups now – not pretty
frenzy: yep pcaman, ya cant rely on him
Jukesy: Umps tried their best in the last quarter to drag Brisbane but they’re just not good enough, straight sets again
bhg26: Im not going to look sMiles
Dredd: @jukesy.. not watch the first half.. umps did all they could to give you a lead.. enjoy the bottom 4 still though..
Dredd: 9 100?s to 1? we?ll be lucky to make the 4 losing at home like that
Jukesy: You’d know about bottom four, Brisbane tanked down there for 15 years
Fatbar5tad: Check out the free kick differential Dredd. Bullies are kings and it was the Eagles before them.
kano: brisbane pretenders
Dredd: 15 years? Pretty sure we won a couple of finals in the past 15 years, you? @jukesy.. tried drugs and still couldnt
Dredd: Check out free kicks that lead to goals Fatbar.. big difference
Fatbar5tad: ha ha haha that old line. No worries Mr Analyst

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