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Chat log from R17 of 2022: Port Adelaide vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Western Sydney, R17 of 2022

bhg26: Took Paddys score over Butters so Butters to go huge
frenzy: howdy
Wahab_18: Cogs has turned over every touch and still on more than Green. Come on CD
Raspel31: Well, Houston for Stewart perhaps not my wisest trade this year. Carn England in the Rugby.
duckky: Could have been worse Rasp – I went Stewart to Whitfield
frenzy: oh Houston got a kick, missed it
wadaramus: Houston, we have a problem.
wadaramus: Houston, you are the problem.
Wahab_18: that was not a high tackle for flower sake
Wahab_18: flower off houston the one time u do something is when tom green kicks the ball
Raspel31: True duckky- I will cherish that Houston kick.
beerent11: Ah Houston, the heeney of the backline.
Breezey: Himmelberg is going to go enormous.
pcaman2003: Need Kelly to go big.
frenzy: always when you need them, they turn pear shaped
beerent11: Like Tom green frenzy.
Wahab_18: how the hell is cogs on 39
frenzy: a green pear
beerent11: Like it.
bc__: Whitfield my god
beerent11: Go Himmel you bad defender but great sc scorer.
beerent11: And cogs you east Fremantle star
Gotigres: Houston on 24 is bs
Social: Callum M Brown, get off the gear ta hippie
Pavs: How can 1 kick 2 handballs be 35 SC
Pavs: Disregard that been updated. should probably watch it before i type
frenzy: your right go tiges, hes on 40 Lol
Social: surely you can beat this mob giants, far out
DrSeuss: Houston seagulling early in the 2nd it would seem. Ollie doing sweet FA
banta: Omg literally last I looked Houston was on 3!! How?
zadolinnyj: is wines cooked
Malaka: Whitfield is playing an outside game alright. He might as well be in the crowd.
beerent11: The cogs renaissance continues
Raspel31: Okay- I take it back Houston- keep going.
frenzy: Wehr fore art thou
Breezey: Come on Timmy T. Keep it going
Stu7: Off the bench Boak
Social: Callum M flowering Brown, get a kick!
Breezey: Big night from Rozee
sMiles: Thought Giants might sneak in a win here – no chance!!!
DrSeuss: Of course this is the week most of my league opponents have Rozee.
pcaman2003: Thought GWS would be better than this.
Social: Gonnas watch those last 2 mins again at H/T
Social: That Grimes chest mark cracks me up every time
Hazza09: It?s always the way Seuss, I?ve been copping that all year, bring the best out of my opponents
Social: too true pca
Social: they’ve still got thoroughbreds on every line
hinsch: Wehr lets get moving need at least 70 from you
Wahab_18: Green seriously mate
Stu7: Wtf is is going on with Whitefield anybody ?
Stu7: Stay on the bench Houston
DrSeuss: Wtf is going on with GWS?
Stu7: Sfa by the looks my good Dr
DrSeuss: GWS doing about as much as my ‘Premium’ Ollie Wines..
cmperrfect: FFS Houston. Get a touch.
Stu7: Good boy Boak
pcaman2003: Okay Kelly. One big final effort last qtr.
Wahab_18: Come on Tom Green hit your Proj atleast of 79
DrSeuss: Wines? Himmelberg? Going to turn up for this quarter?
pcaman2003: Big score please Kelly to make up for lazy, useless Gresham.
bhg26: Whose pecker did Houston kiss to get that score?
Ash777: wines & whitfield 🙁
pcaman2003: Disappointing 2nd half Kelly.35 pt 2nd half below par.
beerent11: Focus on the positives lads. Cogs, ??
pcaman2003: Quite a few points still up for grabs.
Dredd: 70% for 20 touches gives you 45? 11 cp and 4 clr also.. righto
pcaman2003: Dredd. Don’t forget the 9 clangers

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