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Chat log from R17 of 2022: St Kilda vs Fremantle

Chat log for St Kilda vs Fremantle, R17 of 2022

frenzy: chaps
Social: frenzy
Social: some salty karma for tigs there
Hazza09: What?s with Lobb?s hair?
navy_blues: lol love it
frenzy: what a season
Pavs: Must have lost a bet…Surely
Gotigres: Love you Darcy
navy_blues: think he lsinge it lighting the fire
Pavs: I would appreciate it if B Couch could stay on the bench for most of the game please
Napper: Steele underscored
thesilentl: Welfare check on all tigers fans
Social: Freo get it Gil, the away team wears white not the home team
Stikman35: Bench him
Pavs: I have 3 players against 7 in these 2 games. would be good Monty if we could highlight our players?
banta: Hayden Young wtf why didn’t he step outside of the square for kick in. Stupid.
beerent11: Hope we get another 3 qtrs of this. Cracking game.
Napper: Steele is getting fuck all points. Kicking long to a contest and getting 1 point. getting killed by cd
bhg26: Wtf is with Brodies score?
Gotigres: Brodie ripped off severely
beerent11: Are you going to do that all game napper?
Napper: yeah probably
Catatafish: CD are retarded with Brodie’s score at then 100% de
Social: Irishman
beerent11: Only one contested possession for Brodie
Catatafish: Sounds like Lloyd and Doc though, and at 88-92% DE they break even
beerent11: I think an uncontested possie is worth 2 points
pcaman2003: Same with Gresham’s score. Has CD suddenly changed the scoring system?
Catatafish: Definitely fair an uncontested is worth less, but he was going at 100% with 3 score involvements
Napper: Brodie and steele both good DE but negative DT to SC ratio nice
beerent11: There?s usually an explanation for a players low score. Go to the afl website and see how the possies are classed.
beerent11: You may be more suited to dt if you can?t handle the possession values of sc.
Napper: Cognlio is higher then brodie but going at 37 DE and 4 clangers nice
Social: how was Grimes dropping that chest mark though
beerent11: Coniglio isn?t in this game napper.
banta: Dockers just need to sit Lobb in teh square one out. Saints so undersized.
beerent11: Think someone took the bolt cutters to that padlock on sinclair m0nty
Catatafish: Meh don’t care about my team, just doesn’t add up unless you’re willing to grace me with further insight on the scoring
pcaman2003: Uncontested footy in lots of open space, playing keepings off= Rubbish
banta: marshall pretty overrated? Or just average when Ryder is in?
gazza39: I?m not a free kick type of guy but this is BS!!!!!!
Hazza09: That?s class Sinclair
bhg26: Onya Sinclair
pcaman2003: banta. Marshall just well down on last years form.
beerent11: It?s called google catatafish
Malaka: Not a very good tag on Sinclair.
Social: garna saints
banta: Saints looking good. Freo struggle to travel
bhg26: Come on Brodie get a contested possession or something, youre not scoring any other way apparently
Catatafish: Did realise it was out, fair enough.
Social: no PODS in this one for me
Hazza09: I think Steele is a must get now for a Short or Cripps
navy_blues: freo dont like marvel it seems
beerent11: Jobe your days are numbered. Danger?s coming for your job.
beerent11: Had that done this week for Cripps hazza. Then reversed it.
Social: Is Jobe commentating?
MrWalrus: Catatafish, you’re right, SC scoring is sometimes quite mysterious
Hazza09: It will be a popular trade Beer
beerent11: No, Dangerfield is.
Social: that funny sound when all the saints fans stand at half time – oooo oooo oooo
pcaman2003: Gresh was on 10SC in the first minute, then scored SFA since.
beerent11: Been smashed by injuries hazza, didn?t want to go down to 3 trades.
Hazza09: Same here beer, on 4 trades myself
frenzy: I’m gunna guess its Gresham Social
mattmac24: I’ve got no trades left, had some shocking luck this season. Full premo but screwed if any get injured
pcaman2003: mattmac. Better hold on to that life raft.
Breezey: Can anyone tell me when the Brodie TOG discussion starts. Can?t wait.
hinsch: What is with Brodies TOG
pcaman2003: Breezy. Right after the TOG for Mundy.
Breezey: Yeah but Mundys old. Understandable
pcaman2003: Get going Gresham. need more points per possession from you
LuvIt74: Will some Brodie wake up Brodie
pcaman2003: Gee! How was Darcy left on his own for an easy goal? Slack Saints!
Hazza09: Well done Shrek!
DrSeuss: Damn St Kilda fading fast here
hinsch: pca he is not that big so easy missed by a defender.
pcaman2003: hinsch. Lol! So it seems.
Breezey: Lucky Brodie was on the field or he wouldn?t of kicked that goal. All about TOG
Fatbar5tad: Good quarter this by the Docks
bhg26: How is Brayshaw on so much more than Brodie?
pcaman2003: You waste of space Gresh. Stop being so lazy.
Ninty: Unlucky Brodie was on ground still, wouldn?t HAVE given that FKA
Wahab_18: Gresham come on man
Breezey: Always a downside for being on the field Ninty
navy_blues: lol ninty
Fatbar5tad: Punished
pcaman2003: Saints are the new Keystone Cops. What a joke
DrSeuss: Steele has done sweet fa this quarter – 1 touch
pcaman2003: Brayshaw has scored 51 points to Gresh 6 since half time.
Fatbar5tad: Come on Sinkers. Wakey wakey.
pcaman2003: Sorry! meant 41 points, not 51
Stu7: Pca true that bro
pcaman2003: Stu7. The part about the Saints, or Gresh or both?
DrSeuss: Terrible umpiring.
Stu7: Both pca
Hazza09: Lol Butler with the spray
poolboybob: Nice one Butler you idiot
Wahab_18: Gresham you’re a piece of shower like Tom Green in the other game
DrSeuss: Dumb by Butler. Worse by the Ump. You can’t miss one – then call the exact same thing for the other team
Fatbar5tad: Jeez Sainters stiff there
pcaman2003: Weak as pee effort tonight Gresham. At least put some heart into the last qtr.
poolboybob: Umpire obviously thought the Freo player grazed the ball on the kick. The HTB against Hill was very obvious
Stu7: 140 Brayshaw
navy_blues: ppl coming here and abusing the players is so funny guess who is the idiot who chose them in their team?
Stu7: Yore on the trade table next week Gresham
Stu7: It?s part of the fun navy chill brother
Stu7: Nice work Brayshaw
Hazza09: Brayshaw is so elite
pcaman2003: navy. Do we take it you have a top class team?
Stu7: Not wrong Hazza
poolboybob: Walters is cactus
navy_blues: no not at all pca far from it
DrSeuss: Brayshaw gets paid tackles for laying a hand on people – some BS
Wahab_18: hate u gresham
pcaman2003: wahab. Hates a harsh word. Maybe detest is better.
Beaza18: Ben Long must be doing some impressive bench warming. Amassed 4 Supercoach points
navy_blues: lol
mattmac24: Someone at CD pressed a wrong button
Cottees: Broooooodie!
Catatafish: Still baffling GC didn’t play Brodie, gun player
Breezey: DT Draft I have Brayshaw C. Doing Ok. Then check and my opponent has Noah Anderson C with 141/282. Seriously
Fatbar5tad: Smashing them now
nbartos: Brodies TOG?
DrSeuss: Another BS Brayshaw tackle. Mundy tackles – Brayshaw jumps on = +4
nbartos: Bin for King
DrSeuss: Sinclair and Steele have done very little in the 2nd half
pcaman2003: When Gresham was on 41, Brayshaw was on 44. What a stark contrast now. Brayshaw all quality.
stocko12: Who was the galoot that said the Dockers don’t travel in the first quarter?
Catatafish: Saints have done very little 2nd half
stocko12: Who was the galoot that said the Dockers don’t travel in the first quarter? They’ve beaten the Crows, Cats, Dees away.
beerent11: Brayshaw is a different beast than Gresham pcaman.
Stu7: Saints = losers
pcaman2003: beerent. By a long way for sure. But doesn’t excuse Greshams heartless effort tonight.
Tangent: Lobb is leaving freo, that surprised me
Stu7: Come on Gresham get to 53 lol
nbartos: dont think so Tang
Hazza09: Brayshaw should be on 150 easy
Tangent: What do you mean don’t think so it’s basically confirmed
pcaman2003: Disgusting Gresham! Hang your head in shame.
nbartos: hill feels like an idiot
Fatbar5tad: Sinkers 3 kickscand a handball for 2 points 🤔

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