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Chat log from R17 of 2022: Gold Coast vs Richmond

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Richmond, R17 of 2022

Social: Touk Touk
Pavs: Afternoon all
frenzy: howdy
Raspel31: Touk having a shocker.
pcaman2003: Bad luck for the Roos Frenzy. So,so, close.
Stikman35: Sheet I have touk as vc.
pcaman2003: Raspel. Always slow out of the stalls. lol!
Pavs: Good signs frenzy. They played well
Stikman35: I keep thinking the suns are wearing bum/fannie bags
pcaman2003: Just noticed My opponent has same proj. score as me. Going to be close by the looks of it.
Social: Let’s see if the umps can save the favourites again here
oc16: by favourites you mean the suns yean?
pcaman2003: Touk is my only POD in this so need a huge game from him.
wadaramus: Nank vs Baker in my match up, come on big fella!
HolyNorf: Short my only POD in this game, would have loved to have gotten rid of him but pretty much out of trades
pcaman2003: HolyNorf. I traded him out this week, so he’ll do well for you.
navy_blues: aww shame lynch is out of game!
pcaman2003: navy. He’ll be a big loss for Ninethmond
hinsch: Witts going to let me down again this week
bhg26: Loved bringing in witts last week
mattmac24: It’s the first quarter, Witts doesn’t always start well.
pcaman2003: bhg26. Long way to go yet so hopefully gets much better.
Raspel31: Nank looking good to ton up- sigh.
MrWalrus: Me too bhg, Anderson has really become a genuine gun hasn’t he
DrSeuss: Let?s Go VC Touk, need a big game from you
MrWalrus: Welcome to tigerland kid
Hazza09: Trust short to be a unique this week
pcaman2003: Hazza. I feel relieved I got rid of him this week. Had enough of his poor disposals.
bhg26: The in the back rule is so dumb, a player just has to fall forward when tackled to draw a free
wadaramus: Agree bhg, forward movement does not constitute a push in the back.
MrWalrus: Short & Prestia getting the harsh rub from CD it seems, if they don’t lace it out they’re getting clangered
bhg26: its called push in the back, not fall on the back wada
Crippa9: Walrus there’s more to cd scoring than the perfect kick i.e how far it went, backwards/forwards, scoring chain etc
wadaramus: Roger that! Now it probably has some other stupid name like “extreme force from the rear”!!
Pavs: Stop taking points off Nank please
wadaramus: Everything in my favour is going against me!
MrWalrus: I know Crippa, that’s my point, long ball to contest isn’t a clanger but short gets pinged
Hazza09: Is short playing midfield? Frikin useless
MrWalrus: My favourite is when a player laces out a team mate, he drops it & they ping the kicker for some reason
wadaramus: Nank having a stinker!
wadaramus: I’m gonna watch the cricket and hope Nank lifts!
Wahab_18: Short get going ffs
MrWalrus: LOL wada, extreme force from the rear, stupid umps
Pavs: Lift Nank. Way too many trades on ruckmen this year
frenzy: true Pavs
Raspel31: Nank and Short- hmm, hmm.
bhg26: Flower you short you butcher
wadaramus: Absolutely diabolical Raspel 🙁
pcaman2003: C’mon Touk Touk. You should be over 100 already. Speed it up. Not missing you Short
TheFlagger: had short getting traded this week but parish goes from being named to out for four weeks. ffs
Wahab_18: Finally something good
MrWalrus: Lol, that was shocking umpiring there
pcaman2003: TheFlagger. What happened to Parish?
TheFlagger: calf strain i think.
TheFlagger: not sure if it was seperate from the calf cork he got against the blues
wadaramus: Why is CD treating Nanscrevice so harshly?
duckky: Parish did his calf at training.
duckky: Some say Parish out for 4 weeks
pcaman2003: Thanks! Stiff for his owners
wadaramus: He’s clearly dominating with 7 hotouts, 1 kick and 1 clearance.
MrWalrus: Bolton is a seriously good player
TheFlagger: bolton is so damaging when he has the ball and when he’s accumulating like this its game over
hinsch: Oliver out with a broken finger will cause a few SC problems.
MrWalrus: wada, Soldo sore so things might start looking up for nank
navy_blues: bolton is over rated i think
wadaramus: Fingers and toes crossed MrWalrus, the gap between Baker and Nank is growing.
DrSeuss: Come on Touk Touk
Stu7: Come on Fvck Witts
LuvIt74: how long will oviver be out for?
TheFlagger: a week i think
HolyNorf: Oliver only meant to be out for a week LuvIt
pcaman2003: Luvit. They were suggesting a week only. Fingers vrossed!
MrWalrus: May not miss Luvit but most likely just the one
LuvIt74: cheers guys
Raspel31: Rioli you are somewhat compensating for the scintillating performance from Nanks.
pcaman2003: Short HB straight to GC player,but no clanger. Seriously?
MrWalrus: Nank getting ripped off, should be 20odd at least I’d have thought
wadaramus: How can Nank be so deadset atrocious?
duckky: How does Rosas get more clangers than he does disposals and FA?
wadaramus: Rucks only have to fart to get points these days?
Manowar: Rioli jnr does not cut it at AFL level
pcaman2003: Manowar. A few people may have got sucked in by the name.
ado88: Nank better start farting then
MrWalrus: Manowar, that is your opinion, you’re entitled to have it, just know that you’re wrong
pcaman2003: If Nank tapped to advantage, he’ll score much better. 3 clangers don’t help
Pavs: So if you give away a free kick is it points off for the free and points off for the clanger?
ado88: The free is counted as a clanger so just the -3 or so
Pavs: Thanks ado88 I thought that but it sometimes seems harsher
Social: Nank the rank crank
gazza39: Traded Bolton in a few weeks back in SC due to lack of cash, dodging the bullet so far
Raspel31: Nank now on fire.
pcaman2003: Rowell very quiet today. And so many clangers for few possessions
Stikman35: Whos better. Rioli jnr or Ginnivan? I know the answer. Send responses to the person adding digits to accumulikickers
Yelse: Just logged on wtf rosas -8 gotta be kidding me
Social: ya been celebrating the percentage booster yelse?
wadaramus: Nanks SC has got to be total BS!
pcaman2003: Stikman. A clear winner there.
Pavs: 3 taps no score increase wada
pcaman2003: Onya Touk Touk. Keep going fella.
MrWalrus: LOL, not dissent from Rioli, rather it was useful feedback judging from the replay
navy_blues: soldo drop that
hinsch: a few rookies this week could be a possible down grade
MrWalrus: Agree navy, just like the GCS player before the last goal, stoopid umps
Wahab_18: Nank keeping my matchup alive thanks nank keep this up
navy_blues: see we do agree sometimes walrus lol
pcaman2003: I’d give $10k for a week where umps aren’t criticised. Fortunately my money would be safe.
wadaramus: How on earth can Nank be this bad?
pcaman2003: Wada. Maybe someone should check his pulse.
Pavs: I don’t criticize the umpires I save my energy for CD
MrWalrus: True pca, they really are that bad
Catatafish: Lol Rosas’ final score
Raspel31: Slow down Nanks- I’m getting excited by dreaming of 30.
Pavs: Nank tackle please
DrSeuss: Go large Touk – real large please
pcaman2003: Catafish. My opponent has the E on him. Hopefully he gets on the ground. Lol!
navy_blues: nank needs the bench been on a scoring spree last few mins
Social: easy Nank, you’ll get vertigo
Yelse: how much will rosas lose i was keeping him till a good rookie came along
Pies20: Traded Rosa’s this week lucky
Social: about 40k Yelse
Yelse: thats upsetting @social
navy_blues: what is with all the minus scoring?
Social: going by the TooSerious salary prediction tool…
frenzy: corrections navy
Manowar: is Nank having a wank tonight?
navy_blues: twice ive seen 4 or 5 players from both sides get negative scores must be glitch somewhere
Fatbar5tad: Evening all
Social: Most likley Mano, they’ll be staying in a hotel so…
Fatbar5tad: Question: Neale or Walsh skipper?
Wahab_18: -1 for the last rebound 50 kick from short before the siren?
navy_blues: most will go neale so if your down go walsh id say
MrWalrus: Long to a 50:50 too Wahab and tiges player got the crumb, classic CD
pcaman2003: Touk was 102 but dropped to 99 since the break. What!
Wahab_18: I think CD hates his new role he looks not bad every week and score shower
MrWalrus: Gained a good 80-90m too
pcaman2003: It seems CD is having glitches with its scoring at times.
Wahab_18: pcaman it’s not affecting sc scores tho its the actual stats of the game thats glitching
Rebuild: Go suns!
Hazza09: I don?t care if short goes 200 in the pre season games next season I won?t be touching him
hinsch: hazza agree and put Heeney in that group
wadaramus: For fuck sake Nankervis, fucking do something you fucking hack!
Hazza09: Heeney only shows up when my opponents have him Hinsch
Raspel31: Well Nanks- in living history this is the worst score I’ve had from a ‘fit’ ruck.
wadaramus: Witts has tonned up, pay good attention to this Nank!
MrWalrus: Heeny & Short both 8th highest scorers in their respective positions, I hate it when my players are good too guys…
wadaramus: Witts is still on the ground, get your fat arse off the pinr!
pcaman2003: Walrus. Does that include dual position players too?
MrWalrus: We deserve to lose this, been terrible this quarter
TheFlagger: ton up shorty
Wahab_18: wtf short
Hazza09: Ffs short
wadaramus: So fukn happy I traded Nank in last week.
MrWalrus: Yep, sure does pca
wadaramus: Only 3 trades left, luxury to punt his arse.
TheFlagger: no way
frenzy: come up Short again
damoj88: Dumb Short. Does it once a game.
TheFlagger: shocking ainsworth
banta: wtf why isn’t short taking kick ins!
navy_blues: can suns do it
pcaman2003: Game on! Wowee!
bhg26: Tried your best to flower that up chol lol
banta: why was that short kick not ounted? coz it was partially smothered? wtf
bhg26: Awesome stuff there foxfooty
navy_blues: yesssssssssssss
TheFlagger: love that great call
blonde0na: where’s walrus
navy_blues: wd suns
bhg26: Noah Anderson!
Rebuild: What a win!
TheFlagger: for dew!
bhg26: First Karmichael Hunt now Noah Anderson you flowering beauty!
SydneyRox: what a finish!!!
Fangman: Yes!
MrWalrus: Some questionable calls late but 100% deserved to lose that, packed up at 3/4 time
pcaman2003: The biggest hearts won.
Catatafish: Crazy finish
Pies20: Tiges flogs grimes great game mate what you think?
Breezey: Not many of those mouthy Tigers here.
MrWalrus: Lol, look at all the neutrals creaming their jocks
bhg26: Very good for the Swannies Walrus, puts us a game ahead
Pies20: Yeah we are walrus twice today in 3hours 🤣

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