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Chat log from R18 of 2022: Carlton vs Geelong

Chat log for Carlton vs Geelong, R18 of 2022

navy_blues: now lets see if carlton can play 4 qtrs of footy tonight
PAFC4eva: tough one tonight navy at least not at gmbh for a change
hinsch: Need Cripps, Hewett Walsh and Docherty to go huge
bhg26: Wouldn?t mind that either hinsch
MrWalrus: We know that’s not happening navy but you may play 1 & win
beerent11: Lesgo danger
Pavs: Any chance Rhys Stanley could give English some catching lessons
navy_blues: i dont want to play 1 and win cos that wont hold up in finals just 4 consistent qtrs but every game we havent done that
The Ogre: Is this for the DeKoning Cup?
Beaza18: Did someone shrink DeKoning’s jumper ?
navy_blues: omg durdin
zadolinnyj: DK Cup. Formerly played for in mario cart
beerent11: Swapped crippa to danger at 438k. We?ll see how it goes.
circle52: Rich to Hewett not looking to great atm.
beerent11: Think danger might have a shoulder.
navy_blues: omg
thesilentl: Selwood still the master of the shrug
beerent11: Not well so far
bc__: Both frees against crippa are BS
MrWalrus: Danger signs for Carlton, now they’ll need to win 2 quarters
beerent11: Walrus comes in swinging
beerent11: Still feeling the afterglow from the Roos win here walrus.
navy_blues: dusty signs with norf
BigChief: So many soft frees to Cats so far.
thesilentl: Lol selwood another ‘shrug’ high free kick
happytimes: Free kick Geelong
MrWalrus: You’re certainly due for it beer, secretly hope cats lose still, don’t tell anyone
MrWalrus: Selwood is fine, trying to break a tackle totally different to the flop brigade
BigChief: Did the umpire point the right way for that free against Duckwood?
mattmac24: Need about 130 from Cam Guthrie.. not looking great so far
Hazza09: Get moving Hewitt!
beerent11: Why are all of my beers empty? Something funny going on.
beerent11: Ah no. Found a full one.
BigChief: Okay who stole beer’s beer?
MrWalrus: How Hawkins is allowed to just grad the ball from the ruck is beyond me
MrWalrus: It’s like the opposition tries to make it happen
mattmac24: Geez there’s a lot rubbish out on the field
beerent11: It?s weird bigchief. Every time I get one out of the fridge, there?s less in there.
beerent11: Fridge might be broken
BigChief: Oh no beer. You have those fridge thieves as well.
MrWalrus: Same bugger is drinking my wine beer, stinkin’ outrageous it is
Ash777: I hear the man u fans trashed the stadium last night
beerent11: It?s looking that way bc
DANGERous: wouldnt surprise me Ash, soccer fans always go over the top
MrWalrus: Also CCurnow must be the luckiest player in the comp, he’s like Labuschagne
Ash777: There was a shot of seats smashed
MrWalrus: Good but constantly kissed on the tip
thesilentl: Another selwood dive
BigChief: OMG Kolodjasnij bounce the ball and was tackled? WTF umpire
navy_blues: i saw chief
navy_blues: well we already know the result of this game
mattmac24: I have no idea how that free was given to Selwood.. Kolo trying to be a hero should have given away a free for that boun
navy_blues: dont think we will see grimes jnr rest of weekend after losing to the bottom side
beerent11: North are pretty good navy
DrSeuss: FFs Cripps – Promise so much early – deliver so little
navy_blues: last 2 weeks beer for sure but grimes likes calling everyone elses side “average” funny how he is MIA now
frenzy: havin fun I see beer, enjoy
MrWalrus: Hey beer who’d you end up giving the C?
Pavs: Congrats frenzy good win mate.
beerent11: I don?t want to talk about it. He wears number 8 for freo. Neales 121 looks pretty good right now
frenzy: long time between drinks thanks Pavs
beerent11: We gotta make the most of it this season frenzy
Pavs: Looked good last week frenzy only a matter of time.
navy_blues: hooray
MrWalrus: Kinda glad to hear it beer, reckon he’ll have a big 2nd half though, well hoping at least
BigChief: navy you guys are getting royally shafted.
navy_blues: i know im tryin g very hard not to say anything
blonde0na: interesting 50m penalty call there
navy_blues: bit hard to give ball back when geelong player stopping u
blonde0na: hayes been a bit wasteful by foot tonight, would rather LOB there
mattmac24: Na, let it all out Navy, umps have been garbage for your lot
MrWalrus: Well I think the standard oof adjudication has been superlative tonight
MrWalrus: Not watching mind you, but Carlton have been umpire’s pets this year
Bluebagg11: Selwood is a rat. Thats how he plays, like a dirty filthy rat.
original: newnes is horrendous
original: hayes should not be playing
Bluebagg11: When hes 40 and doesnt know his own name. I will laugh and say its your fault, you played every game like a rat
BigChief: Are you joking original? Hayes has been pretty solid.
duckky: That was a goal and a half
PAFC4eva: whats hewett on big quarter
Hazza09: Huge Qtr Hewitt
mattmac24: Bluebagg, holding a bit of a grudge there? I see a lot of people being salty about Jelwood but that’s poor.
Yelse: need mckay for 2 goals to win multi ffs
beerent11: Why would the afl double schedule two great games at the same time?
DANGERous: just jealous they dont have a champion like selwood matt
BigChief: Duckwood a champion? Ducking champ at best.
Dredd: Only watched the last 10 min and I?m glad it?s been that way.. shocking umpiring
StuL: Could care less about my Carlton sc players. looks good
thommoae: Perhaps time for beddy byes, Bluebagg?
Amare: Sook it up chief
original: bigchief man please tell me youre joking. hayes is putrid by foot
beerent11: Nah he?s a champion big chief. Undeniable.
MrWalrus: Selwood is an absolute champion,all time great and well deserved
pcaman2003: Because they’re plonkers Beer.
blonde0na: blues getting taught a good lesson to learn before finals tbh
BigChief: agree to disagree beer. built a career on ducking.
MrWalrus: Selwood doesn’t duck, never has, why do people insist that he does?
pcaman2003: Just because he goes quack, doesn’t make him a DUCKer
MrWalrus: He lifts his arms to break already high tackles and is amazing at it because he is so explosive
Pavs: Probably done a little bit more during his career as well as ducking. Just saying.
mattmac24: Every supporter would be more than happy to have Selwood on their team, if you don’t think so, you’re clueless
MrWalrus: Half the time it doesn’t even matter because he has burst free and done something great
MrWalrus: I’d have him in a heartbeat matt, him & Cotch would have maimed a generation
beerent11: Fair enough bc, I agree to agree to disagreeing
mattmac24: What are the crowd saying everytime Saad disposes of the ball?
Ash777: There is a reason his nickname is duckwood
BigChief: Now that is funny Walrus. I doubt he has ever busrt free. Broken free maybe LOL
beerent11: Whoooo
BigChief: matt they a saying Woof as he was Christou’s neighbour as a kid
mattmac24: Thanks Chief
Fangman: Reminds me of Val Perovic
Yelse: finally just got home, what do we do with cripps
BigChief: Cripps went onto never again list a few weeks ago.
Yelse: fisher gets the ducking frees I see but ginivan nothing
Hazza09: Cripps has to go Yelse, he?s going
DrSeuss: Cripps has been tagged – don’t understand why teams tag him, but let Walsh run free
DANGERous: cripps went onto never again list a few years ago, how he keeps ending up in my team idk
PAFC4eva: cripps never again last year yet he snuck into my team
Yelse: @hazza09 i still got short to get rid off and cripps and potentially cameron when grundy back
mattmac24: Atkins was tagging Walsh for a bit. But he’s harder to tag but does less if left alone compared to Cripps
BigChief: Yelse Grundy will play fwd when he comes back. Pies better with Cameron rucking.
pcaman2003: Silvagni didn’t control that mark. What a joke!
BigChief: Arm chop pcaman.
Hazza09: Cripps needs a permanent icon or something
DrSeuss: Thanks for nothing Crippa.
DANGERous: the green + for cripps should be permanently removed

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