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Chat log from R18 of 2022: Fremantle vs Sydney

Chat log for Fremantle vs Sydney, R18 of 2022

J.Worrall: Go Swans!
bhg26: Can?t bump players anymore
Ash777: I bought in brayshaw for parish
Stu7: Come on Brayshaw C are all my players going to play 5h1t this round
Ash777: zombie lobb lol
bhg26: Walters is more likely to get the footy if he put his arms down
beerent11: Sorry stu. I?ve got the c on him too. I take full responsibility if it goes bad
Catatafish: My bad beerent, I brought him in haha
pcaman2003: Watching other game. Is Brayshaw tagged?
Wahab_18: Brayshaw really?
Torz: Brayshaw not tagged
Torz: I just brought him in, instead of Laird
pcaman2003: No more clangers please Parker.
bhg26: Can we stop giving away 50s please
Ash777: swans are asleep
Stu7: Beer – tragic round bud
pcaman2003: Thanks Torz. I have Parker but oppo has Brayshaw.. Really need a wide gap in the scores.
Pavs: You went Brayshaw Cata.
hinsch: Buddy needs to start kicking goals if he wants $1m a year
Migz: good game to bring brayshaw in for oliver. xD
Stu7: Should have taken Neale 91 DT points
Hazza09: Ffs Brayshaw, don?t pull this shit this week
Catatafish: Yes I did Pav, how can you tell? Haha
pcaman2003: Migz. You’re taking the power surely,right?
bhg26: zzz
Catatafish: Was him or Zerrett having multiple Carlton players already. Should’ve just gone Walsh!
Pavs: To early mate plenty of time yet.
Migz: no why? oliver out this week.
Ash777: walsh is being tagged
Wahab_18: done nothing and now on the bench ffs brayshaw
beerent11: Migz probably has a high ranking to do that . Or playing dt?
Pavs: Must have trades to burn Migz?
bhg26: Brodie dominating
Migz: i have 5 trades left.
Catatafish: Walsh being tagged and on 35, not 2.
beerent11: Urbs the sites not working. I keep refreshing the page and Brayshaw is still on 2.
bhg26: Don?t know why fyfes whinging about that
Number 8: This is incredible by Brodie
beerent11: Why is Brodie?s tog so high.
Urbs: Must be a bug with the system
m0nty: superpav aww yeah
bhg26: We?re horrible at manning up, so many uncontested marks
amigaman: Brayshaw finally!
Catatafish: Brayshaw!
Hazza09: Seriously wtf Brayshaw
pcaman2003: Get going Parker.
beerent11: Ok. Can you see if you can fix it please mate?
bhg26: There have been about 4 holding the balls for us, none have been paid
Ash777: brayshaw on the board
Catatafish: Lol beerent, it’s slowly updating now
bhg26: That?s 5
Pavs: mmm… Why am I superpav m0nty?
navy_blues: lobb redone his hair lol
MrWalrus: Brodie good TOG
NewFreoFan: Classic Tabs
hinsch: Brodies TOG is normally a bit lower than tonight
pjw1234: Darcy on track for 100 without a touch
wadaramus: Why is Mundy’s TOG so low?
Torz: He?s 46 wada
NewFreoFan: He’s 800 years old Wada
bhg26: And Logue pushes Buddy in the back
YoungSC: I’m not watching the game, what’s Brayshaw doing?
bhg26: How do we hit the post so often?
bhg26: Nothing YoungSC, haven?t even really seen him
Catatafish: Not a lot YoungSC
PAFC4eva: buddy normally gets those bhg
Pavs: At this point YoungSC he is not doing much. Thats ok my opponent has him as Captain.
bhg26: Don?t even get me started on how many of those Dixon gets PAFC
NewFreoFan: Must be a vortex in that pocket
pcaman2003: Slow down Brayshaw, you’re scoring too much.
thesilentl: Umpires have been good this game
PAFC4eva: ha ha just throwing it out there bhg
YoungSC: Just brought him in this week. Pav, happy for him to have a moderate game, as I’m ahead this week.
bhg26: Kicking any of those 3 easy shots would have been handy
Pavs: How about we settle on 100 then YoungSC. I am feeling a bit sorry for Catatafish?
wadaramus: Why is Lobb’s TOG so high?
wadaramus: Sorry guys, watching The Open, go Smith!?
Catatafish: Haha Pavs all good. Par for course although it is usually been defenders this year
Pavs: I suggest you stay on this game Cata. No need to look at the other one
Catatafish: I feel worse for the people who own the players I bring in
Catatafish: I see Walsh is being tagged well!
pcaman2003: Wada. For the opposite reason Brodie’s is so low.:)
Pavs: He’s on the bench mate. All good. Soz
pcaman2003: Wada. Except for today.
bhg26: zzz
bhg26: Huzzah!
bhg26: And cheers paddy for the the Clarry coverage
Stu7: Come on Brayshaw
bhg26: Imagine if we could fucking kick straight!
nbartos: throw
nbartos: good bloody contest fellas
Torz: Brayshaw stuck between contests tonight
bhg26: We will catch up on points at this rate
bhg26: High! What!
beerent11: When does smith tee off wada?
PAFC4eva: all good bhg umps will gift buddy a couple 🙂
nbartos: what was the free for?
beerent11: Brayshaw goes 100 in the second half no worries
bhg26: Walters is an absolute sook
jackhiggo: not watching the match tonight. Can anyone tell me who is tagging Brayshaw? Or is he just spudding it up tonight?
Pavs: Haha Serong pushing Buddy.Chihuahua
original: darcy averaging 28 sc points per disposal
Pavs: Spudding it up jackhiggo.
jackhiggo: Thought so Pavs, cheers mate
MrWalrus: Why is Brodie’s TOG so low? Did beer drink it?
beerent11: I drink IPA?s not tog?s
beerent11: And neipa?s
MrWalrus: IPA’s are my favourite, love the flavour kick
beerent11: Brunettes not fighter jets!
nbartos: awesome beerent love those too – nice and high alc %
bhg26: Seriously Paddy, game started an hour and a half ago
beerent11: The local brewery in my town makes a cracker neipa nbartos.
Pavs: Brayshaw on fire
DrSeuss: Paddy only plays well when my opponent has him bhg. No opponents have him this week. Don?t expect much
pcaman2003: My round looked promising until today. Now Parker failing along with English, Keays, Kelly etc. Bloody horrible!
bhg26: Flower me kick it through the fucking big sticks
bigpens: Brodie TOG low
bhg26: Yeah what?s the deal with that bigpens?
pcaman2003: Yeh! What is it with Brodie and low TOG, Anyone? Anyone at all!?
bhg26: If Amartey had 10 touches he?d have 10 goals
beerent11: Not getting involved in this one bhg/ pcaman
pcaman2003: beerent. You usually bite well. Must be wrong bait this time:)
MrWalrus: C’mon beer, imagine if the idiot coach gave him more TOG?
nbartos: whats with banfields low TOG?
bhg26: Chad Warner is a star
DANGERous: darcy r u doing anything this quarter?? lol
Pavs: Heeneys a good overhead mark so long as there is no contact at all not even a little bit.
nbartos: Beautiful Perm on that Warne
Hazza09: Nice 5 Qtr Darcy
bhg26: Holding the ball but you can?t push him two hands in the back afterwards
beerent11: Another 40 point qtr from Brayshaw will do
bhg26: Darcy just moves in slow motion lmao
nbartos: again tackles are the diff – almost every game
DANGERous: warner instead of cripps would have been nice
MrWalrus: Nevermind Brodie’s TOG, how about the Heeney trap? Am I right? beer?…
MrWalrus: Never again… Anyone?
Pavs: Never again Walrus!
PAFC4eva: never again walrus
bhg26: Went to ground Walters you cheat
Pavs: Unless he starts off with 2 games over 140 disclaimer
DANGERous: how is brayshaw so high??
bhg26: No idea dangerous
PAFC4eva: unless horse says more midfield time 🙂
MrWalrus: PAFC if that’s the word I’m in! 🙂
pcaman2003: Danger. H e smoked a pipe at half time.. Been fired up since.
DrSeuss: We always talk about Brodie’s TOG – but he really hasn’t played much of this 2nd half.
bhg26: He was on 69 fantasy at ht Seuss
Pavs: CD is definetly Brayshaw fans
mattmac24: A goal to Parker to seal it would be real nice both for SC and for the cats!
bhg26: Is the 360 spin not a rule anymore? That?s twice that hasn?t been paid for us
beerent11: Aren?t we all pavs?
beerent11: Brayshaw was on about 12 at qtr time
pcaman2003: How can you let Heinous go past you so easily Parker?
MrWalrus: True Suess, or any other game this year for that matter, weird.
Pavs: No not me tried to get him a few times but never pulled the trigger beer.
nbartos: Brayshaw to goal to win it would be nice too
MrWalrus: Never has been bhg
bhg26: Buddy absolutely hopeless today
Pavs: Not sooking I have lots that are CD fans.
PAFC4eva: no luv from umps
MrWalrus: Brayshaw looks a starting lock for the next 5 years I reckon, him and Clarry
beerent11: Errol can bloody play
beerent11: Few flags coming your way with your young crew bhg.
MrWalrus: Also Naicos if he’s going to be the halfback scab/kick in plunderer
bhg26: We have some young stars beer, Errol, Chad, Logan, Buddy, we?re set for a few years
bhg26: In fact for more than a few years
nbartos: Fyfe a passenger again
Pies20: People forget we finished 16th last year
beerent11: Yeah that buddy looks a promising youngster
penguins00: bhg26 you’ve got some more good young players that aren’t playing too
Ash777: you finished 17th pies20. so you got a favourable draw
beerent11: Campbells a gun too
MrWalrus: Thanks Pies, great insight
beerent11: Gould
bhg26: Campbell, Amartey, Heeney and Tom McCartin are still young, Blakey, Hayward, florent, rowbottom
beerent11: Really good win
bhg26: Stephens, McInerney and Gould
Pies20: What’s favourable in the afl these days especially this year tight competition
bhg26: Chad is so strong my god. Making me feel some kind of way
Pies20: Don’t be sour walrus
DrSeuss: Lloyd back to his seagulling ways lately
beerent11: And that?s ok bhg. Go with it.
pcaman2003: My round sucks big time. Predicted to win, now losing badly. Sigh!
beerent11: Nobody loves their team like bhg loves his team
bhg26: Can?t kick a set shot but kicks that power off
MrWalrus: Sour? Just confused why you had to randomly start talking about Collingwood pies, was kinda weird & awkward
Catatafish: I give you a three star google review, Brayshaw12
Pies20: Was it? Sorry just amused about the Sydney potential talk
bhg26: This is absolutely massive for us
Catatafish: Brayshaw*
MrWalrus: Biblically beer? I dunno there’s a few
nbartos: got away with a good win bhg – not freos nite
Yelse: brodiegotta go too
Pavs: Good win bhg26
Yelse: can’t carry players low TOG
nbartos: horse master
PAFC4eva: how did loyd get 12 points from the bench?

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