Chat log from R18 of 2022: Adelaide vs Collingwood

bhg26: Did you guys know that Pendlebury has a basketball background? Just a little known fact for his 350th
m0nty: very much looking forward to the matchup of Cox on Butts
Pavs: Afternoon bhg26 m0nty
Gelly: my guess is adelaide will be in front final qtr and collingwood will come from behind and win
bhg26: Afternoon Pavs
Pavs: O’Brien and Laird for the vc. Go big 29
Pavs: Crisp also
Grimes Jr: Crouch, the former swan, thanks Kelly u nuff
Ash777: need a crom win
Yelse: pies slow of the block again ffs
Grimes Jr: Crisp useless as usual
navy_blues: go crows
Grimes Jr: Carn crows
Manowar: looks like the Crom have this one won today!
DrSeuss: Oh good – Crisp taking another week off it seems
Hazza09: Crisp nowhere as usual
MrWalrus: I expect cox will be denied by butts today m0nty
bhg26: Laird for one week can you just go away
MrWalrus: Hi all and a big hello to captain Laird
Mcswains: Lift Crispy FFS
Manowar: Crispy cream, in 2 weeks you will be Stewart! goodbye loser!
bhg26: Nick Daicos cannot do a thing wrong at the moment
pcaman2003: Hi everyone. Who recently scoffed at us owners who still had N Daicos? Lol!
Catatafish: Crisp is a genuine A grade grass-fed spud
Ash777: why did I ever trade out daicos 🙁
bhg26: Crisp taking the absolute power the last few weeks
Raspel31: Why did we all trade out Daicos Ash- pcaman excepted.
bhg26: Crisp got a touch!
frenzy: not me Rasp
bhg26: Laird 37% de but on 37 points
pcaman2003: Raspel. And, why have some of us still have spud Crisp?
Yelse: cox should have made way for henry in this weather like against free cox in wet useless
arbel: @bhg … 7 contested possession would boost a bit
Catatafish: Should’ve gotten Keays in for Parish. Damn
bhg26: True arbel
Grimes Jr: Jeez ginnivan is a flog
Ash777: haha ginnvan
Nurfed: Johnson looks like a bull
pcaman2003: Laird is a machine. 9 cp’s already. I have to get him in somehow.
thesilentl: Jones ducked, free kick
Yelse: @thesilentl and a 50 against too for him pushing gin
Ash777: give it a rest silent.
navy_blues: ginnivan going well lol he is scared of winning hard ball
Hazza09: Ffs Carmichael stop with the Clangers
thesilentl: @yelse its a real bad look for the afl as it looks like they are umpiring different players to different rules
Pavs: Dawson scoring points un-noticed by me
thesilentl: @ash777 calm down pelican you don’t have to be here
beerent11: Naicos has taken a lot of crisp?s role
bhg26: Silent just brings a great vibe to the chat week in week out
Ash777: Ginnivan has been telegraphing his intentions so far this game.
Yelse: carmichael on 4?
JockMcPie: very interesting to see them pay the duck against jones but not ginni, hope they pay them both ways!
Ash777: Umps can see what he’s trying to do.
bhg26: 6 clangers yelse
thesilentl: @bhg26 lol by commenting on someone diving? You read the chat mate
Tangent: Is that cox emoji new? I love it haha
bhg26: Like i said, great vibe
Tangent: This is the worst umpiring ever
Fatbar5tad: Sidebottom with an embarrassing starfish.
Grimes Jr: Aye silent typical pies fan. Annoying
pjw1234: New rules coming, if in possession and shoulders in front of knees then leaning in and no high tackle
thesilentl: Lol @grimes jnr suprised to see you after guarabteeingnirth would win then guaranteeing tigers would win
pjw1234: plus lifting arm when being tackled to force tacklers arm high then no high tackle
bhg26: Sorry, what are you trying to say silent?
Grimes Jr: English first champion
banta: why bother picking schoenberg if you don’t play him? Less than half the game lol
bhg26: Onya Crispy, dropped a chest mark
Dredd: Different week, same old Silent
pcaman2003: Backwards this qtr so far Keays. Go forward now
Raspel31: Think I rather prefer Dawson without the hard tag.
NickyD: Grimes mouthy when Norf led Pies, but disappeared Suns vs Tigers. Fair weather fan.
Tangent: Do your name proud and stay silent
Grimes Jr: Probably because I was watching the game, chieftan
thesilentl: Grimes guaranteed North had won, posted 100 times about it. Then vanished
thesilentl: No you weren’t, you commented a ton until about 5 to go
NickyD: Excuses Grimes champ. The invisible man
bhg26: Because that was when the game was tense silent
thesilentl: Chat eviscerated you as well, was hilarious to watch
Grimes Jr: Good to see u blokes take bait so easily 🙂
Yelse: carmchael getting stooged he was help then HTB
navy_blues: they have a point grimes lol we gonna call u the magician u have a great dissappearing act lololol
NickyD: Bait? lol. At least we front up pal
Tangent: Can you lot stop barking
Grimes Jr: Why would I be on ff when my team is playing?
NickyD: Grimes can’t do 2 things at once. Hardly surprising.
pcaman2003: Damn Keays! -1 for the qtr. Do something, anything!
thesilentl: Okay Houdini
DrSeuss: Come on Keats – you were doing so well?this is not the time to stop
Pavs: Berry 11 tackles wow
Yelse: cox u useless ffs
NickyD: Nick Daicos a lock next year, and every year after that. GUN
MrWalrus: I’m just going to have to defend Grimes here, he wasn’t commenting last week, I was basically the only tiges fan on
MrWalrus: Disclaimer, he showers me as much as anyone too, no allegiances, now shush and focus your one eye on the game
banta: wtf has happened to crisp?
Ash777: crisp is going ok banta
MrWalrus: Perhaps that’s what he means ash?
mattmac24: Gee the pies supporters are a bit yappy today.
Ash777: probably walrus
MrWalrus: Ginnivan burnt q team mate inside then, another reason to dislike him
Ash777: good think daicos will win the rising star not ginnivan
MrWalrus: I do however like Pendlebury getting plenty of mid time, suits his basketball background
Yelse: omg umps ridiculous
beerent11: Does Pendles have a basketball background? Haven?t heard that before walrus.
beerent11: I do know he finds time where there is none though.
Yelse: Carmichael still getting no SC love
MrWalrus: Apparently beer, think I heard it somewhere
Pavs: I think time stands still doesn’t it?
MrWalrus: Haha, in all seriousness though, very solid player over a very long time,
pcaman2003: Trading Short to Dawson last week paying off this week so far.
feralmong: i still haven’t traded out daicos. is he not premo now?
Hazza09: How is Carmichael on 10
feralmong: nick that is
Pavs: Was one of the first picked in my side for a lot of years.
hinsch: Hazza Carmicheal has been 10 three times have a look at CL, Muppets and DE
Ash777: many essendon fans disagree with pendles being a great player 😛
Pavs: 9,700 people traded out Oliver. Desperate for a win.
zadolinnyj: good to see Hately dropped but wonder why scholl is out of favour.
navy_blues: hope north can play like last week and get over line with new coach
frenzy: Crouch is where?
navy_blues: sanfl
Stu7: Laird is unstoppable
frenzy: please stay Crouch, sanfl you go
MrWalrus: That’s “Captain” Laird Stu, perhaps no vcing bont won’t matter
Stu7: Walrus I reckon it?s going to be hard to beat Bono?s score
Stu7: Bonts
Stu7: Go Keays
pcaman2003: Yes Keays! Get going this qtr
MrWalrus: True Stu but 160+ will make everything feel OK
MrWalrus: Nice umpires goal there, not seeing any complaining suddenly from pies supporters
original: cmon crisp ffs
Stu7: Walrus sorry mate I miss read your text – yes Laird is on Track for a big on e
Stu7: Stop fvck8ng around Keays
Yelse: laird to much bench time
pcaman2003: Stu7. Exactly! He wasc 42 points at qtr time, so hasn’t added much since.
Pavs: Laird get on
pcaman2003: Hope Dawson and Daics ton up by 3tr time.
Pavs: Gone down 6 sc points sitting on the bench
banta: Flog Ginnivan needs a good kick in the face
feralmong: dawson/ndaicos, yess. my uniques this round
Yelse: laird been on bench for half this quarter
MrWalrus: I feel he may have got hurt earlier in a friendly collision early in the 1/4 pavs
bc__: Laird
pcaman2003: Unfortunately Keays has given up trying. Sigh!
Pavs: Did see that Mr Walrus but the ball been on the wrong side as well.
MrWalrus: Right, back on, looks fresh, bring it home strong Laird you underrated little champion
The Ogre: C it’s easy Nicks. Put Laird on the ground and U get a goal!
navy_blues: cmon crows
ado88: So many Pies ducking obviously training for it.
Yelse: disgraceful umpiring
pcaman2003: Just noticed Keays last 3 touches clangers. FGS!
Social: Lol Yelse
The Ogre: Duckwood the Geelong on the 20’s?
Social: Don?t tell me Gil?s gonna have to get in the phone at 3/4 time again?
MrWalrus: Buck is so biased, can’t stand him commentating pies games
banta: yep can’t stand bucks
Stu7: Off the bench Keays
MrWalrus: That can’t be advantage, play stopped
MrWalrus: Umps shredding the crom this quarter
Dredd: Come on Cameron.. dont stop now
Pavs: Crap Qtr Lairdy no more rests for you.
MrWalrus: Good game though, crows have really come along, those kids starting to become men and competing now
ado88: Even Pendlebury duck twice the quarter, don?t do it you are a star of the comp
frenzy: Nice Naicos
Gelly: apparently the most tackles in 1 game in 155, we are already on 172
pcaman2003: At least Crisp has fought back to a respectable score. Just need Keays to pull out the finger.
feralmong: carn Henry and Rowe you’ve done stuff all.
MrWalrus: As much use as a turd in a urinal the pair of them feral
pcaman2003: feral. Too much bench time, just like Brodie.:)
bhg26: Whats this about brodies TOG pcaman?
banta: daicos is a freak
pcaman2003: Happy that Daicos is making up for spud Keays who refuses to get involved.
Stu7: Keays 40 last quarter
feralmong: i was gonna do a sneak C on NDaicos but didn’t have the guts
Stu7: Pca amazing score from Daicos
pcaman2003: bhg26. Small observation that no one seems to notice.:)
Stu7: feral – would have been a long bow to draw mate but in hindsight
pcaman2003: Stu7. Need Dawson to keep up with Daics.
Stu7: Laird just keeps com8ng
banta: keays even on the ground?
pcaman2003: F me! Keays score is on a fast downhill slide. What’s happening here?
Pavs: Coming off the ground Stu7
MrWalrus: Commentary: “Butts breathes a sigh of relief” lol, that’s a perfect fart description!
Stu7: banta he is but you wouldn?t think so hey
banta: nup can’t see him anywhere
bhg26: Nick Daicos is ridiculous
pcaman2003: Daics for VC/C next week.
Nurfed: Give him the rising star now
SwaggyP: Daicos is already a HOFer
Stu7: Pull your shorts up any higher Keays
Danstar: Time to trade keays out
thesilentl: Thats now the worst free kick of the year
zadolinnyj: not even slightly holding the ball. If the player does not have a hand on it it should not be called
feralmong: daicos accounting for my oppo having bont
romeo33: What a shizen free kick
bhg26: Good thing i have carmichael in fantasy and not supercoach
DEESareSAD: Give it a couple years and Daicos will be perma C in our midfields
Hazza09: Ofcourse all my opponents have Daicos
Napper: 2 points for 50 meter inside 50 kick for Carmichael
pcaman2003: With Keays dropping back rapidly, he’s scored 18 pts since qtr time. SPUD!
Stu7: Keays and Green hard rubbish next week – thanks for losing me money too ya spuds
Stikman35: So glad I didnt trade out daicos.
pcaman2003: C’mon Dawson! You’ve almost stopped too.
mattmac24: I traded Daicos for Stewart in R11. Daicos has averaged 112 since and got 3 games out of Stew 🙁
Gotigres: Crisp is crap
Ash777: umps will pay holding even if they just pull it towards them.
Napper: Laird getting points for nothing. If it was any other player they wouldn?t be getting the same treatment by CD
banta: keays a ghost this quarter
Ash777: any other player? there’s plenty that get points for nothing.
mattmac24: Napper, Laird is scoring well due to 15 tackles. Berry getting the same “treatment”
djtranny: Pies wasting space in the top 8 atm, barely beating bottom of the ladder teams
Napper: Carmichael lost 5 points for nothing?
The Ogre: I don’t think she’s singing yet…
Stu7: Go on Keays get on the bench you seem to score more there
Hazza09: Wtf Dawson, MIA this Qtr
pcaman2003: Geez Dawson and Keays shocking qtrs. Thanks lads for nothing.
feralmong: no supercoach points left.
Catatafish: Taking Macca’s score over Laird was a bad idea
Stu7: Laird is killing me
frenzy: think I goT ROBbed today
Torz: Probably should?ve gone Laird over Brayshaw this week. Oops.
circle52: @feralmong do not forget SC scores are all +1 so there will be some
pcaman2003: Wow! Keays total of 22 points over 3 qtrs of footy. Disgraceful effort. Should be dropped. Dawson 1 point this qtr.
feralmong: 20 pts maybe
feralmong: dawson tanked back to 91
The Ogre: C’mon Crows!
pcaman2003: Haha! Dawson minus 2 for the qtr now
banta: lol daicos running over to take that free on the full. wanker
feralmong: new record most tackles in a game. Laird.
Catatafish: 20 tackles is fucking mental
feralmong: everyone tackled today. Except Moore. He was combing his hair.
Pavs: Great work Lairdy
bhg26: Laird 1 tackle short of my 21 tackle game in under 15s

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