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Chat log from R16 of 2022: Gold Coast vs Collingwood

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Collingwood, R16 of 2022

hinsch: Young guy Tsitas gets good reviews see how he goes in game 1 for him could be a good downgrade
Manowar: GC17 should win this one without to many problems!
a1trader: 4 teams on 10 wins if C’Wood win this
Stikman35: Unless a speculative pick or first game please refrain from listing your entire active players. Should be a rule Monty.
Manowar: Tsitas a young guy…lol, he is 27
pjw1234: Agree stikman I did the speculator on Witts miller and Daacos
hinsch: Manowar young yep I have grandkids that age
Stikman35: Boring pjw
pcaman2003: If Crispy and N Daicos can score 250+, my round might be saved 🙂
Yelse: need cameron to get 110+
beerent11: I second that stikman
pjw1234: see hall did his hamstring in the other game
Lynch_MOB: lol ppl still have daicos, how do ppl not have 22 prems yet
beerent11: Wonder how many bought him in for Stewart pjw
Spifflicat: Easy LM, he?s my 23 player, and covering Stewart for 4 weeks
beerent11: Witts and Cameron might cancel each other out
pjw1234: lucky i had Daicos or might have fallen for that trap
Yelse: need darcy cameron to start scoring
Grimes Jr: Suns to win tonight
pcaman2003: Lynch_MOB. 3 game ave 106 and still rising in price. He’s going to be traded up soon,when I need to.
sMiles: Ffs witts. And Cameron… Stop being useless
Yelse: all that talk this week about grundy and cameron has freaked cameron out.. wake up
thommoae: Who are your Premium Rucks, Lynch Mob?
Raspel31: Not thrilled with Cameron so far but thank god I don’t have Witts.
Gotigres: Witts has been on fire all year and now that I got him in he goes back to being a spud
Yelse: peddles no possessions yet
circle52: My Rucks this week Witts and Cameron.
Yelse: @circle52 me too
Ash777: got goldy n ROB for rucks this week
Lynch_MOB: yeah witts averages 118, he’s terrible
Lynch_MOB: he’ll ton up 100%
Ash777: Witts has never been a spud lol
ajconodie: Unpopular opinion – If not for injuries, Jamie Elliott could have been one of the best small forwards seen.
Pies20: Daicos still scoring well and making $
wadaramus: How does Sidebum get negative SC for a soccer kick that ends up in a goal being scored?
Urbs: Found me a dusty old Ballard icon in the closet
Pies20: My team is shower tho
pcaman2003: Lynch_MOB. You must have the luck of the Irish to have 22 players on field Averaging 100+. Amazing!
Grimes Jr: It?s an unpopular opinion because it?s a load of rubbish lol
Yelse: Rosas covering english this is not looking good
Lynch_MOB: i couldnt careless pca about his value lol, this time of the year the team should be finished, unless you’re irrelevant
pcaman2003: Lynch_MOB. I call BS on your fantasy
DrSeuss: Why is Crisp still on the bench. Very low TOG.
MrWalrus: I do easily pca…. Except my English doughnut
Pies20: I’m definitely irrelevant this year lynch mob what’s your team name and what you play sc dt?
Hazza09: Cmon Witts don?t ruin a good week
pcaman2003: MrWalrus. Great. I may have too with the exception of untimely injuries and suspension.
MrWalrus: Should be a full team now, all 100+ guys, I was by second bye round then got every injury, suspension etc, diabolical
Pies20: Rosa has started well yelse have had to play him for 6weeks 36 png that’s his norm😃
Stikman35: Youd be upset still having daicos. Not scoring that well. Should have used trades on ruck carnage instead would B smart
pcaman2003: mrWalrus. I have cash and plenty of trades left for finals where it will count most.
MrWalrus: Just saying that full premo now not difficult by now but luck not skill ultimately defines your season in SC
Pies20: In money leagues pca?
pcaman2003: Stikman. Lol! Hopefully English back next round
MrWalrus: pca if you’re still not premo you ain’t playing finals in a competitive league or you’ve been absolutely kissed on the t
ajconodie: I was a forward and a defender away from full premo a month ago. Since then, I’ve had 13 players go out injured.
ajconodie: If youre full premo this year you ahve been kissed on the deck.
Yelse: ppl with full premium is darcy cameron classified premium?
Stikman35: Yes. Then I may move daicos on. Doubt I will. I like him.
pcaman2003: Piess20. No . Not that interested,just playing for fun.
navy_blues: muppet mihocek
mattmac24: I’m one player off full premo but 1 trade left. Shocking season
TheFlagger: daicos damn near premo
Dogs5416: Had full Premo but now going to be a defender short.
TheFlagger: great ccover for m9/d7
Stikman35: Passs
DANGERous: not damn near, he is there
pcaman2003: TheFlagger. His last few games have been very good and today showing up again. I have no need to throw him away yet.
simma1978: Muppet for mihocek?
HolyNorf: Witts starting to get moving
pjw1234: Only 7 forwards over 100 ave on the park at the moment so going well if you have 6 of them only 3 or 4 rucks as well
DrSeuss: I swear this is the first week I have ever had Crisp as a unique
Jukesy: Suggesting muppet for Milo = ban
beerent11: Premiums. Ave 100+ in def, 110+ in mids and rucks, 90+ in fwds. What I reckon anyway. I?ve got 22 keepers. Not all premi
Urbs: The system doesn’t allow Mihocek to be muppetted I’m afraid
Stu7: Pretty spot on beer
beerent11: Who was sprouting off earlier about making fun of those with naicos in their team still?
thommoae: I believe Lynch Mob may have some input there, beer.
pcaman2003: beerent. He’s gone quiet now. Was sick of his BS anyway. Lynch_MOB
pjw1234: I just run with 100+ ave is a premium no matter the position
beerent11: Ahh yes I think you may be right thommoae
Stu7: Off the bench fvck witts and crispy strips
thommoae: One or two Cameron critics may put their hands up too …
Ash777: go suns
beerent11: The suns are pretty good to watch these days
DrSeuss: Crisp TOG looking very average
Hazza09: Geez Witts
Silz90: Daicos is class.
Ash777: it’s only 4% below adams n pendles
DrSeuss: Yes but Crisp TOG is normally much higher.
beerent11: Touk now.
Gotigres: Miller under concussion check
Hazza09: What happened to Touk now
DrSeuss: Fuck off. Not Touk as well.
original: Crisp loves the bench what you talking about. LOVES taking himself off when he shouldn?t
Stikman35: Marvellous half daicos boys
original: Touk on the deck and Maynard turns hip into his head. Dunno I guess if it gets looked at will depend on touk concuss y/n
Spifflicat: Why wouldn?t you have NDaicos?
DrSeuss: How did Touk look? Just precautionary?
navy_blues: looked ok to me
CaptainWho: I?m no doctor, but touk prob just sore neck from Maynard hip. Shouldn?t have concussion
user_five: WHo was saying people who still have daicos should be spewing? Serving quite well as bench cover last 2 weeks tyvm
original: Wanted to keep daicos but had to make the trades this week even tho low BE
DrSeuss: Thanks gents – fingers crossed
MrWalrus: Traded Daicos ages ago when cash gen eased up, absolutely no regrets
tor01doc: Mr Walrus has no regrets or trades – hehehe
Stikman35: Anyone still got N Martin over N Daicos?
MrWalrus: True tor though luck with premos rather than rookie cash gen is why I’ve got no trades left, been a brutal season for in
Manowar: Maynard will be getting a holiday next week,
beerent11: Reckon there?s not a lot between them stikman
Pies20: Held daicos due to injuries happy his last month has been huge, got rosa n McDonald still as well that’s how good
Pies20: I’m going daicos surely best rookie this year no question
Stikman35: Yes slightly lower average than daics.
beerent11: Touk s back
Hazza09: Miller out there
MrWalrus: Touk Touk! Thank you good sir, finally I catch a break
Ash777: pies now have 2 moores
Raspel31: No shame- I regret trading young Daicos- though I’d like to shoot young Ginnivan.
DrSeuss: FFS Crisp – stay on the ground – maybe get a touch as well
Stikman35: Cameron done
pcaman2003: Raspel. If Daicos keeps this up,he may yet save me an unnecessary trade.
Catatafish: And back to the bench, you are fucking useless Crisp.
Lynch_MOB: lol
Raspel31: Given how so Premos are going pcaman he’s a hold.
a1trader: Pretty sure he’s not the coach Catatafisf
beerent11: Cameron?s pretty bloody handy. It?s a shame he goes back to 60?s when grundy comes back. Ala Jackson ,Gawn
Stikman35: Cameron might be done for the night
marls: Crisp and Daicos never score well in the same game. This is Daicos? night
DANGERous: crisp wtf is this?
Stikman35: No I woz wrong
TheLegend6: First time in a while I have Crisp and Witts as uniques 🙂
Stikman35: No he?s stuffed
MrWalrus: Kind of hope it’s GC’s night, love a competitive season like this has been so far… Except North Melbourne
pcaman2003: marls. 3round average is Crisp 100 and Daicos 106. Daics is looking good.
Gotigres: I’d upgrade Crisp to Daicos if I had another trade
Gelly: i know why your out of trades now Gotigres
Gotigres: Not quite Gelly. I mean an extra trade than what I have left.
beerent11: Who was the pies fwd who played in the 90?s, much like Levi could take great marks but couldn?t kick? Tip of my tongue.
beerent11: Mason something or something mason?
Stikman35: Manson. Played 120 games 109 goals. 1985-92. Then went to Brisbane.
wadaramus: Mark Fraser, Mark Richardson?
Hazza09: Geez what is this Crisp & Witts
wadaramus: James Manson.
beerent11: That?s him James mason. Great mark. Shocking kicking action from memory.
Stikman35: More accurate kick for goal than casboult. Just very awkward. Effective player.
DrSeuss: Crisp starting on the bench? Surely he has a niggle or something? Doing sweet FA
beerent11: Dropped the ball from his hip
TheFlagger: what a freak
Ash777: Rankine is a freak goal kicker
pcaman2003: Is Crisp playing with a broom up his ring gear? He stinks!
Gelly: goal of the year? thoughts?
AlbySmedtz: Rankine = Akermanis
beerent11: Casboult has improved though.
Stu7: Thanks Crisp Witts Heeney Blakey and Llyod for fvcking my score up
Ash777: looks a little like him too
damoj88: Why is Witts score so low, watching Stranger Thing finale haha
Ash777: needs to dye his hair and facial hair different colours
damoj88: Crisp also! What the fk
beerent11: No way aker even let?s rankine clean his boots. Aker for all his faults was 1 of 1
Yelse: ffs pies what the hell just get the ball past half way
original: Crisp wtfff
original: Imagine giving someone less than 40% game time wow
mattpanag: Rankine still young and starting to shine doing the little things. Can’t wait to see him grow.
Lynch_MOB: degoey needs a spell in bali
Spifflicat: Has a player ever had 40 possies as rookie before?
Ash777: lol de goey shouldn’t of played
beerent11: Might be carrying something original
Yelse: pies can get their running game going in these conditions
Ash777: Barlow maybe spifficat
DrSeuss: Exactly original – why give a guy a game then play him less than 40% TOG.
TheFlagger: this suns team is seriously exciting. really dynamic forward line
bc__: Crisp? Pls explain
Spifflicat: Thanks Ash, good call
beerent11: Agree mattpanag, but a long way from aker level
mattpanag: Yes true beerent… if it’s possible Aker is underrated! His antics remembered more than his genius.
Gelly: daicos went to the school of ginnivan i see
Napper: Wow CD crisp 2 marks and 2 effective kicks metres gained but goes from 38 to 36 embarassing
Hazza09: Terrible crisp
mattpanag: Come on Suns get it done!
Catatafish: Cannot convey how much I hate Crisp. Actual rage trade material from that nong
pcaman2003: Fortunately Daicos softening the blow of having Crisp.
beerent11: What a kick from naicos
DrSeuss: Come on Touk big finish please
beerent11: Just a game that?s not real catatafish
Catatafish: The hatred is real haha. I think I’m done with SC now, not worth it.
beerent11: Just don?t take it so seriously mate
Stikman35: I want the squirrel shorts
Catatafish: I know, the last three weeks have been a joke. No cure.
Gelly: crisp has better stats than what mills had
TheFlagger: super sub time
beerent11: Players have bad games. Most of my limited country career was bad games.
navy_blues: moore down
TheFlagger: jesus the carnage
pcaman2003: Gelly. Don’t remind me. It still burns
Gelly: thats bad news billy bears
Ash777: there goes pies season
Catatafish: Ha I didn’t have one so can’t talk. I meant injuries and suspensions.
Gotigres: Be ashamed Witts. Be very ashamed.
Yelse: ffs he got for the season too
HolyNorf: Crisp making his score look slightly respectable
Gelly: dbl super sub time
TheLegend6: Crisp 9 touches this qtr though I’m literally every touch has missed the target. Good comeback!
MrWalrus: Beer, after you retire they were all good ones
pcaman2003: Where was this earlier Crisp. Too little too late
TheLegend6: God I hate collingwood
Gelly: stewart looks filthy
TheFlagger: great win pied
Grimes Jr: Jeez the pies are a scum club
Hazza09: Poor game Witts
sMiles: yeeah – I have to say – Premier league how it locks you out at the start of game week, is better than rolling lockout
DrSeuss: Maybe you could have played your rookie for more than 35% TOG Stewart Dew. Why play him for that?
beerent11: Tell my aching bones that walrus. Wouldn?t trade it though.
pcaman2003: Phenomenal game Nick. Thanks!
Pies20: Go you pies thank flower better team all night
MrWalrus: I hear you beer
a1trader: Crisp was good in the last few minutes

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