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Chat log from R16 of 2022: Richmond vs West Coast

Chat log for Richmond vs West Coast, R16 of 2022

frenzy: howdy
navy_blues: go eagles lol
pcaman2003: Hi people! I hope Short gers plenty of mid time and scores well.
Jukes82: navy you spud
navy_blues: lol jukes
damoj88: Get a move on Baker FFS
Raspel31: Hough already beating his average score- on the bench of course but hmm?
pcaman2003: Pity Short still hasn’t improved his disposal.
Silz90: Go eagles
navy_blues: weak effort gibcus
Hazza09: Let?s go Dusty
vamos77: Vlastuin havin one of his stinkers again
DrSeuss: League opponent has Hough – lol
CaptainWho: Baker suck anyone in?
pcaman2003: Lol! Short gets a clanger for fisting the ball away. What BS!
navy_blues: no prior there umps gift another goal to tigers
MrWalrus: Yeah short gets a rough deal from CD these days
Hazza09: Short butchering it
Jukes82: rubbish took posession and just dropped it, best decison of the season imo
MrWalrus: Navy, that was a free kick for the last hundred years, your trolling is odious
navy_blues: had no prior imo
Dredd: Free kick Richmond
Jukes82: he tried to kick the ball but missed, otb every day
navy_blues: long as they pay it both was
MrWalrus: No prior doesn’t matter when you straight up drop the ball, learn the rules
Tangent: Free kick Richmond
Hazza09: Get to 30 atleast Rioli ffs
damoj88: Baker you spud. Dimma a spud for playing him HF.
pcaman2003: Hazza. Think he must’ve heard you.Goal!
navy_blues: yeah baker not earning his dough
pcaman2003: Short will be aiming for his usual high clanger count. Plonker!
Hazza09: Lol pcaman
MrWalrus: Hehe, hasn’t risen to the occasion
vamos77: Lynch you bige dopey cow, need 4 goals from you
pcaman2003: Hazza. His last 5 round average is a concern. Starting to regret having him
arbel: Yeo hammy it seems. Juat another eagles setback. Worst of luck
navy_blues: dusty gone
Gotigres: Dusty off
pcaman2003: You need to pull ya finger out Short.
Stu7: Back on Rioli
Manowar: Martin gone, Richmond’s season over!
sfenda1: kelly sc ratio seems low given his impact
bc__: Wake up Short
Stu7: Richmond amazing kicking 13 from 14 shots
pcaman2003: Short started the season well with 4 tons and has now gone to crap. What happened?
TheOnyas: onya broady
frenzy: went pear shaped when I hit the trade button Pcaman
Gotigres: So far happy I traded Short to Steele this week. Short not getting as many sc points in the midfield.
Gelly: the human tampon throwing abuse at the umps on the bench lol
arbel: Umps looking even to the bench for free kicks. Richmond lucky Eagles aren’t kicking straight
pcaman2003: frenzy. Can you trade him back out mate?
arbel: Short plays better when the other rich mids are in. Then he’s not the focal point
frenzy: sure, thats the plan
navy_blues: soldo started that!
navy_blues: umps on tigers side today for sure
pcaman2003: Short is indicative of my round. Total shower! Don’t have enough trades for a rage trade or two.
Dredd: Yikes and tigs fans cry about umpiring.. Free. Kick. Richmond.
MrWalrus: Navy, NicNat the fat tool literally threw soldo to the ground off the ball
arbel: Wow what a soft free that is. Eagles all on top. 2 players wrestling … Richmond get a free
navy_blues: lol soldo went to nic nat after nicnat bumped rich player
navy_blues: watch the game walrus
MrWalrus: No one crying about umpiring today, been pretty good actually
arbel: Nic nat fair bump on player. Soldo goes to him. They wrestle nut they pay that
pcaman2003: I thought MR jnr would do better today. Very quiet game considering 83%TOG.
MrWalrus: Nic Nat threw him to the ground off the ball! How could that not be a free against?
arbel: Threw? More likely wrestle to ground. Was soft
MrWalrus: You can’t do that either
arbel: But seldom can go over and smash into nic nat after a fair bump? So nic nat supposed to just take it?
arbel: Soldo*
MrWalrus: Yes he can so long as he doesn’t fling him to the ground
MrWalrus: It’s like a bunch of you blokes only come on here to hate on Richmond
pcaman2003: Geez Short, you’ve become an embarrassment.
navy_blues: lol walrus and richmond supporters are all saints right? rich supporters talk most hate/crap on here
Hazza09: If you have a spare trade Short is the one to go, beyond useless
navy_blues: where grimes jnr lynch_mob jukes just to name a few
circle52: Wish I did have some trades. Short has been below par last 3 games.
pcaman2003: Hazza. Problem is I’ll need several trades to clear the rubbish.
Raspel31: I’ll keep Short- trades at a premium now- but Hough might prove a good bench back-up.
circle52: Think we all need about 10 more trades to clear rubbish.
Raspel31: Set Nankervis free!
hinsch: Sad to see Short to doing so good, my opponent has him
bhg26: Boo Short! Boo!
pcaman2003: My current overall ranking is 3025 and I don’t know how I’m doing it. Feel like should be 50k
MrWalrus: Navy I think you’re confusing “talking hate/crap” with telling you to shut up with your endless unwarranted garbage
Raspel31: Now now gents- all pals here.
navy_blues: walrus i didntvinclude u cos we werent talking bout umpire crying we were talkin bout hating on richmond
navy_blues: was just pointing out your clubs supporters are not angels in that area
Hazza09: Go for goal Short you spud
pcaman2003: Has MR Jnr touched the ball this half? I’m not sure he has.
Stikman35: Other than English, short is my worst performing fake premo.
Raspel31: Nank benched again after 5 mins on ground??
Hazza09: MR Jnr can go this week
pcaman2003: Bit harsh on English Stikman. Apart from injury, he’s averaging 119. Not too shabby
MrWalrus: Short averaging over 100, been down the last few though, English is number 1 fwd & ruck, bit stiff stik
Raspel31: Indeed pcaman- those faithful will welcome Mr English back next week with open arms..
Stikman35: English cant even get on the ground. Short lately has been pathetic
Stikman35: Definitely going to field daicos over short.
pcaman2003: Be nice to have English back Raspel. I’ve missed him. Had my first donut this week…out of rucks.

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