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Chat log from R16 of 2022: Adelaide vs Naarm

Chat log for Adelaide vs Naarm, R16 of 2022

frenzy: howdy
Rebuild: Go Dees!
Gelly: interested too see how naarm go today without a recognized ruckman
Tangent: Wait wtf happened to Jackson?
zadolinnyj: Go crows. But dont go enough to destroy a good draft pick
Gelly: he was out as of yesterday tangent
Gelly: knee soreness i think
Raspel31: Need 250 from Clarrie after the debacle of my so called Swans guns.
Tangent: I have Preuss and Jackson as my 2 RUC, and Teakle as reserve. 0 trades, season done.
pcaman2003: Raspel. I need about 400 after Gresh and Mills
Grimes Jr: How does one have 0 trades left. I?ve got 7 with a full premo side
pcaman2003: Tangent. That’s a tough pill to swallow. I have a donut ruck this week and will most likely lose.
Crowls: Christ what a year. Par myself for stringer f7 trade upgrade from eosaa. Go to movies. Come out and Jackson missing
Tangent: I’ve got a full Premo squad basically, I’ve just had the worst luck in terms of injuries
Tangent: And a couple of rage trades…
Raspel31: Wouldn’t call it full Premo with Preuss in ruck- but bad luck Tangent.
pcaman2003: Tangent. Ah yes!,the rage trades. Been a few.
Gelly: battle of the browns
Hazza09: Is Clarry getting tagged?
zadolinnyj: Did Jackson hurt his finger sticking it up at Oliver after the contract signing. Hurt is wrist waving bye
Tangent: I have English as RUC i’m holding onto him at FWD 7
Yelse: brought in dawson this week for stewart not looking good already
zadolinnyj: By the football @hazza. Ball following him everywhere
pcaman2003: Hazza. I don’t think so.
Crowls: Jacko not going to hurt for money.
frenzy: probably close zado
Grimes Jr: Great start clary. Go crows
pcaman2003: Stay low Laird.
bc__: Clarry back on please. Get him a brownlow
Gelly: shit free kick
bc__: Wake up Laird
wadaramus: For goodness sake, this umpiring is utterly diabolical.
Stikman35: Sheeez I thought laird wasn?t playing. Put the C on him to take Neales score. Oops
Raspel31: That Crows come back all happened with Clarry benched.
Tangent: Go Crows!
ajconodie: Looks like the week for upsets.
zadolinnyj: Berry becoming a player
Stikman35: That?s good ajc seeing suns are favoured
Danstar: Damn being 15k short for obrien!
Yelse: is laird getting tagged?
Grimes Jr: Laird Dawson do something
pcaman2003: Well on the way to 400 Ollie,so keep it up.
zadolinnyj: Wish we would stop the hately experiment. He?s our paddy Dow. Get scholl in
DEESareSAD: Clary hasn?t even started that awesome and he is already on 43?.. shouldn?t have taken Neale 135 by the looks
frenzy: I wasn’t Danstar 😉
Stikman35: Harmes on laird
sfenda1: you’re a jet clarry
pcaman2003: Oliver is the perfect extractor and makes something out of nothing. I’m in awe.
Tangent: Oliver wow
Raspel31: So Clarry on target for that 195 and 4 mins to go. Unlikely but you never know?
Tangent: Who where the blokes talking about Dawson 10 minutes in?
HappyDEZ: Xerri maybe an option Danstar if you can afford to keep him as FWD/RUC cover.
Hazza09: Nice work Clarry & Trac
oc16: surprised neither clarry or trac are being tagged
Grimes Jr: Don?t jinx it oc
MrWalrus: Neale 135vc was always a keep if Clarry goes 160 you only lose 25pts
oc16: maybe i want them both to be tagged grimes
zadolinnyj: But if clarry goes 220?
m0nty: Berry on Viney, that’s a fruity matchup
Raspel31: Just keep Sparrow away m0nty.
MrWalrus: If Clarry goes 220 that’s just one of those things, like if he pings his hammy now
Dogs5416: Solid mOnty
Dogs5416: Walrus don’t jinx it. Clarrie = burgertown
Tangent: Put it in the fritsch before the sparrow comes
pcaman2003: That’s it Laird…rest up lad
sMiles: lol – loving the laird rest.
feralmong: Captain Oliver, outstanding. Where?s the tissue box.
Grimes Jr: Cmon lairdy and Dawson. Ur turn now
wadaramus: Crows kicking into the 50 severely lacks quality.
Dogs5416: Wada that’s what dees do to teams. Or having the youngest list as well
m0nty: not sure why Hately still in the 22 playing outside mid when Sholl is sub
wadaramus: If only the coach could teach them to play smarter.
Tangent: Go crows
zadolinnyj: Correct Monty
Dogs5416: What happened to Brown?
Ash777: weideman is a shower player
frenzy: not sure a all aust best and fairest mid cant get a game
zadolinnyj: Rochelle needs to really work on his defence
zadolinnyj: Should be in frenzy. Would think he is trade bait. Nicks keeps job if team young
Dogs5416: Wow Clarrie and Tracca. Insane
Hazza09: What a week to have Trac and Clarry
wadaramus: Can Oliver notch a double ton?!
wadaramus: Wow, Petracca on track too!
Raspel31: Hazza- green with envy- just Clarry. Imagine you put C on Clarry?
StuL: Bought in Dawson and c Ili.
navy_blues: u mean your happy this week hazza? 1 out of 16 not bad lol
Hazza09: I have the VC on Clarry Raspel
thommoae: Tracca still still still on ya ‘never again’ list, Wada? 😉
Dogs5416: Who was knocking Dawson earlier haha
Hazza09: Lol Navy, it?s taken 16 weeks
wadaramus: He’s still in my team thommoae 🙂
navy_blues: now we only gotta get seuss happy and we r set
beerent11: Shit . Pretty happy with my only two in this game. Trac and Smokey
thommoae: You’re a commentary enigma, Wada!
wadaramus: Never been called enigmatic thommoae, I’ll take that as a compliment 🙂
st_steve: Preuss out ruined my plans to bring Dawson in. Hope Short scores well and it doesn?t hurt too much.
Yelse: short should play in middle with prestia out
st_steve: Yelse, that would be great and what I was hoping
Ash777: Short has been playing in the midfield for awhile now.
Yelse: geez oliver has slowed down haha
Raspel31: Clarry’s TOG is deplorable -need 100%
zadolinnyj: How many times Murray dropped mark and goes over the back for goal
Raspel31: Wish I could have afforded Dawson for Stewart – earth to Houston.
pcaman2003: And how many times can Laird tackle in the back without a FA?
Manowar: that’s what u get for wasting trades!
Torz: Dawson is elite
frenzy: Houstons a rocket
pcaman2003: Dawson will be over 600K after this game.
wadaramus: Way to kick it over Dawson’s head Laird.
hinsch: I was 10K short to trade in Dawson this week looks like I will be 50K short next week, was hopeing for a quite game from
Social: I reckon Katie Holmes would love this Dawson
Catatafish: I really thought Dawson would have drawn opposition attention by now. Crazy.
Yelse: dawson moved fwd disaster was hoping for a huge score
MrWalrus: I went Hall over Dawson for Stewart, watch those wet toilet paper hammies go ping
zadolinnyj: Nobody tagging crows players really. Teams looking for percentage Not to stop crows
zadolinnyj: Risky MrWalrus
Raspel31: My fear exactly oh toothy amphibian.
beerent11: Yelse he scored 37 points that qtr
pcaman2003: I reckon these umps are too scared to ping Laird for anything.
thommoae: As did I Mr W. I hear he’s upgraded his hammies to ‘dry bacterial wipe’ status, so there’s hope.
beerent11: I sensing your being sarcastic
Raspel31: Anyone got Clarry, Dawson and Tracca- laughing all the way to the bank?
MrWalrus: Yeah Zado but I figured I’m due some luck, lol thom, what could possibly go wrong then?!
pcaman2003: Only in my dreams Raspel.
thommoae: If they stay sound, at least we can be assured he’ll see plenty of the ball in his areas.
Dogs5416: Berry would be huge without 8 turnovers
Social: Those things half life of about 500 years, I?m bringing him in
Pavs: SDK out tonights game. Do something Parnell
MrWalrus: Clarry, Tracc & Laird here, not sad
pcaman2003: Have another rest Laird .
MrWalrus: That was my thinking exactly thom hard not getting touches in North’s backline just on weight of numbers
pcaman2003: Pavs. I hope you’re kidding
Dogs5416: Considering contested ball, tackles etc. How is Dawson on par with clarrie
Dogs5416: Raspel by oppo has clarrie c, Dawson and Tracca. Also Jackson donut and rookie cover for Stewart. Lucky
pcaman2003: Damn! With SDK out as well, I’m cooked this week. What a shocker.
Daitro: Dawson has +400 metres gained and way more kicks
hinsch: with Tracca, Oliver, and Laird projection score now 2750 happy days
Yelse: dawson score struggling since he went fwd
MrWalrus: I’m ok if Clarry would like to ease up and let the crows win
Raspel31: Whoops Dogs5416- Clarry looking a tad spent.
Wahab_18: bling ump oliver had his eye balls ripped out no free
hinsch: Naarm is not really working for Melbourne maybe time to change back
Wahab_18: blind*
Hazza09: Lol Wahab out of nowhere
Grimes Jr: Dawson, laird, Oliver C
bhg26: Oliver only 150, shocking
DEESareSAD: Dawson slowed down thank the lord. Same with Clarry slowing thank the lord.
DEESareSAD: I couldn?t afford Dawson so had to go for hall😳. Also took Neale 135 rather than Clarry
beerent11: Love hearing who has what players. So interesting.
Wahab_18: Berry Handballed that u putrid umpire
bigpens: Got Dawson, Laird, Petracca and Oliver C 🙂
frenzy: finally bumped Preuss, ROB thankyou
st_steve: Langdon 100% game time is insane!
Wahab_18: yepp trac no go to the bench get ur knee checked
MrWalrus: beer, you’re sarcasm didn’t seem to translate to well
Wahab_18: Petracca has ruined this week would’ve stayed top spot gonna go 2nd now ffs
navy_blues: your in a league of your own wahab lol
Jukes82: lol you aint second you’re a spud. one of the worst sc players of all time
Wahab_18: Jukes i love how u think my personality on this chat reflects what type of supercoacher i am. smart
Jukes82: i love how you think that you’re not a spud in every aspect of your life
beerent11: Don?t why wahab cops so much shit for basically saying the same things most on the forum say.
Manowar: Oliver u Donkey SC score going backwards!
beerent11: Settle jukes. Keyboard warrior.
Wahab_18: brayshaw now being able to pick up that lose ball just cost me $650
st_steve: It?s funny that the chat standards only seem to matter, based upon who says it and who it?s said to.
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
bhg26: Lol Oliver, couldn?t even get his projection. Spud
Collywoble: IMO MrWalrus is the most toxic and should be banned
ado88: Wahab why do you stay here, they give you a spud and give you shit all the time. Lots of other sites to post in
ado88: BigFooty, SuperCoachScores will welcome you
beerent11: Live and let live ado888

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