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Chat log from R16 of 2022: Geelong vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Geelong vs North Melbourne, R16 of 2022

frenzy: this will be fun filled
AuroraBore: How are you feeling about the future of North frenzy? Are you #NobleOut?
DANGERous: dangerrrrrrrrr
navy_blues: be a slaughter
thommoae: Well so much for that hammie upgrade …
navy_blues: hall gone alreadty gee he is inj prone
hinsch: Hall owners got to be happy with
DEESareSAD: If I only I could afford Dawson rather than this Hall Donny
StuL: People were getting strings Hall in
Silz90: Jords was right lol
preki1: I got him as a replacement for stewart
TheFlagger: was always going to happen
Hazza09: Wow Hall already done?
pcaman2003: Just turned over to find Hall gone already? Lol!. I know I shouldn’t laugh. but geez
StuL: Dawson was the correct answer. I got it right for once
Baldfrog: Thommoae you need a never again list Hall was on mine
pcaman2003: Onya Stul. Good choice!
bc__: Wow reversed trade on hall
Rilian: This colour clash is painful to watch when zoomed out.
Baldfrog: Dunno why teams don’t have proper away strips
TheFlagger: paul curtis is very decent
mattmac24: North to somehow win by a point
Dogs5416: Tossed up between rich and hall. Somehow made the “right” choice
simma1978: What injury did Hall do? Was it a hammy?
StuL: North should wear red stripes or something. Premier league style.
StuL: Yea simma. Strings Hall. Seems to be a bad one
MrWalrus: Bahahaha of course Hall is done! Hahahaha
MrWalrus: I could have gone Dawson and everything but nah, went for potential ceiling
StuL: Whose going to win this season? City or Liverpool? I just hope Chelsea don’t die.
MrWalrus: 1 trade left now, brutal 4-5 weeks
beerent11: Gotta love goldy. 2 touches, 4 hit outs. 26 points.
StuL: I’m sure they said string b4. Maybe quad. But that’s worse
bhg26: Haaland up front stuL, it?s over, Southampton for the prem
Wahab_18: Go Blicavs save me
TheFlagger: putting b.mckay forward is full tank mode.
StuL: As a Bundesliga fan I knew Haaland was a gun b4 now but EPL is a step up
bhg26: He?s no Che Adams StuL
pcaman2003: MrWalrus. You had a full team of premiums at end of the byes. How many trades you got left?
StuL: He wouldn’t be the first expensive bust bhg. We’ll see.
m0nty: back on the game please
StuL: Go Tommy!
StuL: Dees next week. We could be top!
navy_blues: think theres some tall stories being told pca
MrWalrus: Had 8 or 9 pca, anyway Blics is looking like a handy stopgap ruck for those that went that way
Baldfrog: Why don’t they fold Norf and bring in tassie just putting off the inevitable
MrWalrus: Got 2 left now + Hall to sort, been an absolutely brutal few weeks for my team
pcaman2003: navy. I think you’re right. The word embellishment comes to mind
pcaman2003: MrWalrus. Running it tight with 3 rnds and finals to come. Good luck!
StuL: Although I hate Best Coasts team I respect his top shelf. I’m drinking the “best” blends.
MrWalrus: Sorry but I think you’ll find pca & navy that most teams are complete by this stage, like I said had 5+ forces trades
MrWalrus: Cheers to BC
pcaman2003: Mr Walrus. I would be premium with the exception of Daics. Have 2 premos on bench.
Lynch_MOB: simpkin must be leading norths b&f
pcaman2003: And Gresham
pjw1234: Think the issue is definition of premium, If you think Simpkin is a premiun with ave mid 80
navy_blues: yes by this stage i agreewalrus but u said by 2nd bye round? did u not?
beerent11: Goldy would be up there too lynch
beerent11: And Ben McKay
MrWalrus: Indeed pjw, but look at the top teams, and yes,navy that’s correct
Lynch_MOB: yea fair call beer
navy_blues: thats where i think the story is stretched so after 13 weeks your full premo
navy_blues: first 3 weeks not many trades done so in 10 weeks your done lol i dont believe that
MrWalrus: Navy, you’re wrong, are you in the FF leagues? Lots of blokes doing it
MrWalrus: Top teams were complted by byes, the best this year have killed it, I’m nowhere near that
MrWalrus: Zado though for one I know had been killing it
navy_blues: ok im wrong just cant see how upgrades/inj can be done that quick
thommoae: Roos sure know how to uglify a game they’re not expected to win. Credit to them … I guess.
navy_blues: yes ive seen u mention him
Lynch_MOB: not that difficult, if you managed your team well and made good decisions. dont forget about those boosts we get
Ninty: One of the easiest years to get to full premo status if you landed the cheapies in Cogs, Brodie etc and with the boosts
Wahab_18: Blicavs tackle and HTB effective kick 1 point? wtf
MrWalrus: Plus luck Lynch, you 100% need luck too
MrWalrus: Totally agree Ninty, excellent crop of rooks & cut price premos
pjw1234: given a full premo team on my definition is worth around $15m then not sure how you get there in only 10wks
pcaman2003: pjw1234. Safe to say you can take some things on this chat with a grain of salt.
MrWalrus: pjw, that would be $610k ave on field with $200k ave bench, not even possible
MrWalrus: Honestly full premo is easy, dodging the carnage is the real trick
pjw1234: agree not possible
Wahab_18: why’d u give it off blicavs 🙁
Rilian: 2 scoring shots for Norf since 1/4 time. LOL
MrWalrus: In that the top 22 players average well less than $610k in value, you literally can not field a team worth that much
Wahab_18: Surely give Blicavs 20 points for setting up Duncan after the siren
Wahab_18: wow -1 for the 2 handballs 1 mark and 1 kick all effective.. better get scaled

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