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Chat log from R16 of 2022: Brisbane vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Brisbane vs Western Bulldogs, R16 of 2022

navy_blues: evening all
Grimes Jr: vc on macrae, neale, dunks or bont
Yelse: Vc Macca or Neale
circle52: I have gone Macrae and usually fail if that helps
navy_blues: went macca so neale will go big lol
frenzy: howdy
DEESareSAD: Bont 11 for one handball?
pcaman2003: Same as you navy. VC Macca to Oliver. Tossed up VC Neale,but changed last minute.
navy_blues: go libba go
pcaman2003: C’mon Treloar. Big game from you please.
navy_blues: hunter adds run on wing for dogs
DrSeuss: There goes this week – Zorko injured.
Tangent: Evening all
Tangent: Clarry projected for a mammoth score
JohnHoward: how is zorko still in ur team lol
bhg26: For good reason tangent
damoj88: Zorko going to be a nice cheap D8 if anyone is game enough haha
pcaman2003: I can see Bont going for a massive score. No one paying him attention.
PAFC4eva: glad i didnt bring in zorko
navy_blues: zorko bit injury prone these days
DrSeuss: How TF does Answerth keep getting games. Looks lost
bhg26: One day JUH will do something good
beerent11: Drich bought his own shezza
hinsch: these two teams playing for draft picks tonight ???
beerent11: Looks pretty dewy hinsch
pcaman2003: C’mon Treloar/ Macrae. Get the pill boys
beerent11: 3 teams in one of my leagues projected over 2800. I?m not one of them.
J.Worrall: Go Dees:
navy_blues: keep going libba
JohnHoward: does anyone else think rayner will never be a top 20 player in the comp?
pcaman2003: You’ll have to improve a tad VC Macrae.
circle52: Where was the 50 there.
DrSeuss: That decision to trade Coleman before Zorko on the Lions bye is absolutely killing me
beerent11: Nope John
oc16: agreed JohnHoward, maybe top 50
Raspel31: Evening ladies. Not alone with the Stewart /English dilemna I’m sure. Hmm? Luck all.
beerent11: Not even top 20 in Queensland
pjw1234: Not with his current motor Johb
pcaman2003: Evening Raspel. Have both wasting away on bench. Trying to conserve trades for finals.
frenzy: bugger me, flowered up me VC. oh well go C Neale
pcaman2003: Nice Treloar. More of that please.
wadaramus: Hello FF stalwarts, struggling with the Stewart dilemma, to trade or not to trade?
Raspel31: Kept English but lost Stewart pac- it was a hard farewell.
wadaramus: Still have English too, but only 5 trades!
Fatbar5tad: Fatbar checking in. You can tell ive vcd Jacrae as he’s scoring squat.
DrSeuss: Lions in trouble here. Need to stop Bont.
pcaman2003: Raspel. I bet. I have the luxury of being able to hold on.
beerent11: He?ll come good fatbar
Fatbar5tad: yes i think so beer.
wadaramus: What happened to Zorko?
frenzy: hammy wada
wadaramus: Cheers frenzy, obviously he didn’t last long!
Stu7: Daniher is the shyest kick
StuL: Is the music annoying as f or what? We’re not at the disco
DrSeuss: Zorko?s score and VC on Macca. At least Macca can improve right?
wadaramus: Damn straight StuL, fucks me off every time I go t AO.
wadaramus: But the match day experience has got to match a fucking Big Bash game.
pcaman2003: Oh well! Looks like Ollie will be captain now if Macca keeps this up.
StuL: My attention span isn’t so bad that I need stimulation for the 20 seconds after a goal
wadaramus: Are you sure you don’t need an injection of doof doof StuL? That’s what they think you want?!
Raspel31: Think we all end up going Ollie- so we’ll all
Raspel31: Think we will all end up with Ollie cap- I will after Macca- so we shall all suffer together.
bhg26: vc needs 180 or else i take oliver against adelaide at adelaide oval
pcaman2003: Hopefully Ollie goes 150+ then Raspel. I’d feel a lot better then.
navy_blues: rich in trouble maybe
Danstar: Umps giving nothing to dogs. Thanks SEN for all those stupid FK ladder posts
beerent11: Gonna have no trades soon if rich is gone.
Grimes Jr: brissy get such a free ride at home. love how interstate teams complain about umpires when they get favoured at home
Danstar: Wow. Seriously
pcaman2003: beerent. Didn’t see what happened. is he off?
wadaramus: Toyed with trading Ladhams to K.Coleman, probably should have pulled the trigger!
Danstar: Grimes not sure I get which side your arguing for lol
beerent11: Hamstring test pcaman
Grimes Jr: Arguing for the vics of course. interstate clubs whinge so much
pcaman2003: beerent. Thanks beer!.
beerent11: Been playing sc for a long time. Never had so many injury trades
Danstar: Ok than. Yes bris getting a free run.
wadaramus: Why are we interstate clubs? Is this still the VFL?
vamos77: Stewart to Rich, when will it end.
Fatbar5tad: Dogs fans complaining about umpires ha ha
wadaramus: Bad luck vamos 🙁
Danstar: Hahaha another free. They?ve got about 5 goals cos of fks
Danstar: Frees aren?t a given. Dogs aren?t a rough team
bhg26: bulldogs on the other side of the free kick count for the first time ever and dont know how to react
pcaman2003: Great first half Treloar. Same again in 2nd half lad
Dondeal: At least two missed tackles for Macrae already
Raspel31: Vamos- that is cruelty incarnate. Houston for me- could’t afford Dawson.
Fatbar5tad: Yep go Treloar
Danstar: Bevo knows the umpires are the reason y lions in front
Fatbar5tad: what about the Gull? Is he back?
pcaman2003: CD missed a Treloar tackle. Hope they add it in.
pcaman2003: Sorry! Not tackle,meant HB.
Tangent: I haven’t been watching what’s going on with rich? I have him 20+ should I be concerned?
LuvIt74: Libba looking such a great sc forward…
LuvIt74: @Tangent id be concerned thats for sure…
pcaman2003: Rich might be missing 2nd half with that dodgy hammy.
Jukes82: he pinged his string, they have finals ahead. He won’t be risked either way
wadaramus: Green/Carey doing a good job in Galle 🙂
wadaramus: Carey reverse sweeping everything!
circle52: At the ground and confirmed Rich probably will not return.
beerent11: Rich out
beerent11: At some point you just gotta laugh. Ha. Ha.
wadaramus: RIP King Knuckles Kerley 🙁
DrSeuss: Interesting to see that Big O?s goal shouldn?t have been overturned.
Dogs5416: Cross for rich?
beerent11: Having already used their sub they wouldn?t have taken rich out unless it was a bit more than precautionary
PAFC4eva: agreed wada rip king kerls
wadaramus: SA footy has lost another legend PAFC 🙁
MrWalrus: Suess it was a terrible review, unfortunately so many are
DrSeuss: Tunstill looking a lot better this week
wadaramus: The Great Man, and the King 🙁
PAFC4eva: hope the crows send him out in style wada
wadaramus: Hadn’t thought of that, but considering where the Crows came from, they owe him a win 😉
StuL: At least play something aussie and not the same song over and over.
wadaramus: Just fucking can the stupid interval tunes StuL, it’s 100% unnecessary!
beerent11: Charles in charge. What a flashback.
StuL: Ffs. Country road Virginia is insulting. This our game. Nothing to do with merica
original: Mcluggage cmon man
mattmac24: My opponent put Macrae as a captain on a Thursday night.. rookie move
pcaman2003: Move along Treloar. 2 points for the qtr ain’t cutting it.
StuL: As a former music facilitator this is showerful music selection by any level too
BigChief: Country Road IS Cameron’s choice of song StuL.
MrWalrus: Don’t the players choose their tunes?
beerent11: The players choose their song for when they kick a goal. Cameron, country roads. Daniher, let it go from frozen.
Crave: almost time for witches hats on Anthony Scott
BigChief: Every Brisbane player has their own song of choice.
StuL: He’s not the only player is he. It’s way off!
pcaman2003: mattmac. Lol! Lucky bugger!
DrSeuss: How do they pay 50 for that? Absolute BS
StuL: I see. It’s still stupid
pcaman2003: When they play Like a Virgin, I wonder who will own up to that?
yeah_nah: i’m looking pretty silly for trading Coleman for Short 5 weeks ago!
DrSeuss: Macrae any chance to get back on soon and have some involvement?
Tangent: Should of held Berry
Dogs5416: No HTB on wing. Free kick lions, goal. Umpires giving them this
StuL: You should still pick songs to be the atmosphere or moment. Charlie can’t have his stupid song on that case. Tnt is a go
DrSeuss: Yeah nah – I traded Coleman and kept Zorko – worst decision ever made
wadaramus: Dammit should have traded Ladhams to Coleman!
yeah_nah: Dr it sucks, but you’ve gotta be wrapped with how coleman is coming along.
Malaka: Go new recruit Libba, you little beauty.
Raspel31: Crazy as it sounds I’m leaning towards Ollie for the C.
DrSeuss: Yeah – developing well – will be used even more without Rich
original: Liiift mcluggage
LuvIt74: lmao @ you guys hindsight is a wonderful thing guys… Shouda coud wouda
BigChief: Is Gardner in trouble for that hit on ump?
bhg26: Preposterous Raspel
st_steve: Raspel, that?s borderline reckless
pcaman2003: Okay Macca. Only 80 to go now champ. Put your best foot forward.
Danstar: New tactic. Push oppo into umpire. Get a goal
Fatbar5tad: Cameron running rings around the Dogs.
DrSeuss: Danstar – you got a goal from a dodgy 50m penalty and a dodgy review on Big O goal.
bhg26: Jamarra is just no good
JohnHoward: bale dale is the best kick the afl has ever seen, change my mind
Danstar: And bris have got about 8 goals from dodgy calls. Gg Flat trackers
sfenda1: ever? johnhoward
BigChief: John guessing you never saw Darren Jarman play. Dale not even close to Jars
Fatbar5tad: Bernie Quinlan boys. Superboot.
lock98: Give Scott the mare
MrWalrus: JohnHoward you’re drunk, go home
Raspel31: Rather selfish of Daniher I thought eh what?
pcaman2003: You beat me to it Chief. He was great both sides and pinpoint accuracy.
wadaramus: Mr Magic, Darren Jarman, best kick ever 🙂
MrWalrus: Bailey Dale probably not top 100
hinsch: Projected score 2750 not to sure I will make it at the moment.
StuL: Not going vc neale in Brisbane? Pretty lame Milhouse
BigChief: Probably not even top 1000 Walrus
Danstar: Push player into umpire. Play on ?
MrWalrus: Jarman was very good, certainly in the conversation
Stu7: Tunstill doing okay for a second gamer
st_steve: More recently, Sam Mitchell should be in that discussion.
MrWalrus: Agree Chief & Steve, Stevie J was pretty handy as I recall, Dusty goes OK
MrWalrus: Tex Walker, now there’s a bloke that can really kick a footy
BigChief: Maurice Rioli Snr was a handy kick, so were the Krakouer brothers.
Raspel31: Does Bailey Smith and English back resurrect The Dogs?
MrWalrus: Aker, took a set shot on his non preferred, straight through the middle, Matthews dragged him
LuvIt74: Great question Raspe
DrSeuss: Dale is a good kick when not under pressure. Often sprays with a bit of pressure
LuvIt74: Aslo daniels is a key for their defence, all 3 in Dale, Danieles and smith add a lot off speed to the dogs
mattmac24: Caleb Daniel is the best kick I’ve seen in recent years
DrSeuss: English is the biggest difference maker – better taps and follow ups in the centre, better target and forward. Huge loss
Social: Evening scholars, have we seen any tiny imaginary motorcycle action tonight?
Raspel31: Yep, forgot Daniel- 3 key players that add speed of movement.
JohnHoward: caleb daneil dosnet count, his just a couople inches taller then the grass.
pcaman2003: Stop doing clangers Treloar. Learn to tackle right FGS
DrSeuss: A couple Social
MrWalrus: JohnHoward, your licence for having footy related opinions is hereby revoked
BigChief: John you need to quit while you are behind.
Stu7: Neale VC 120 or Ollie or Brayshaw C
pcaman2003: I swear Treloar does some ripper throws.
BigChief: Boooo Cam Green out for 77.
cmperrfect: Starc
st_steve: JohnHoward, I like your name. Your ?sledges? are similar to your namesake bowling on that pitch in Pakistan
BigChief: I did type boo i swear LOL
cmperrfect: will tee off now.
Stu7: Neale VC 120 or Ollie or Brayshaw C
BigChief: It’s your team Stu7, so you pick.
beerent11: Clarry will have that at 3 qtr time
Raspel31: Well, I just might have picked this one wrongly-hmm. If you go Neale you will be alone Stu7 but who knows?
beerent11: Doggone
Stu7: Cheers Rasp
Gelly: is charlie revving his peewee 50 bike? im not watching
Stu7: Cheers beer
Stu7: Gee Chief harsh
JohnHoward: big O has the biggest shlong in the afl, change my mind
_Wang_: Neale vc here, taking it
Stu7: Neale might have just sealed the C for me
Raspel31: Stu7- Neale looking good- went Macca as vc- a bird in hand.
BigChief: Harsh but true Stu7. We can’t pick your team.
Malaka: JohnHoward, He’s lucky I’m not in the AFL.
JohnHoward: honoruble mention to the nank
frenzy: yep, Neale C taking Lol
Fatbar5tad: Passes my vc standard but Clarry could go massive
Social: nin ninin nin nin nin
Stu7: It?s just a bit of fun BC. Asking for peoples opinion brings a good feel tot he board – chill
Stu7: True that Raspel
Stu7: Good stuff frenzy
DEESareSAD: Neale vc I think I?ll take?. Although Clarry is my favourite player?.
DrSeuss: What happened to Treloar? Another Hammy? Surely not
frenzy: great Treloar dead now
pcaman2003: Treloar now injured. Hammy! I give up.
MrWalrus: JohnHoward, Longmire was called horse for a reason, you should know that, so sorry wrong again
simma1978: What happened to Treloar? Got the Red Cross
Seb78: Dunkley only 3 SC points for mark, effective kick and goal assist?
Social: They call Caleb Daniel tripod

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