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Chat log from R16 of 2022: Carlton vs St Kilda

Chat log for Carlton vs St Kilda, R16 of 2022

Yelse: off course none of my 3 paid league opponents don’t have L jackson
thommoae: Trying to roll back, guys, with LJ out. Site says I can’t since Dunks played last night.
navy_blues: cmon blues need this 1
thommoae: But none of my subsequent trades has played yet; is that kosher?
Cottees: got heaps of players in this one! Cripps, Docherty, Hewett, Sinclair and Gresham!
Cottees: traded Stewart to Dale last night and worked a treat. But Rich Hamstring hurt 🙁
m0nty: yes thommoae, that is how it works
Baldfrog: C7 barracking for Carlton tonight?
thommoae: Graagh. But … thanks, Monty.
navy_blues: same cottees but walsh instead of gresh
Grimes Jr: Carn sainters
frenzy: RUCs hurting of late
circle52: Only Sinclair, Docherty and Cripps for me.
Social: wonder if that saints will have a go tonight
Gotigres: Went Short to Steele
Social: Relax Jack, I’ll get you in next week
DrSeuss: Had the same issue Thommoae. Now I have Zorko – 6 and Jackson 0 in AF
BigChief: BT you fucking moron. Hewett is not 29, he wears 29.
thommoae: Double Graagh, Dr S.
frenzy: how far off is Pittonet, anyone know
Social: Do you watch with the volume turned up BigChief?
sMiles: Silvagni has sucked
Yelse: need cerra to start accumulating wake uppp
navy_blues: sucked? lol u obviously didnt see his game last week smiles
BigChief: If the Blues mids don’t start doing something this will get ugly.
sMiles: @navy blues – yeah nah – missed it. Bu that inside 50 delivery and miss in front… man that sucked.
Social: 8hb? If you don’t start kicking it Sammy they’l send you back to Geelong
zadolinnyj: saints looking good
sMiles: motlop can play, hey
BigChief: Wouldn’t get a game at Geelong Social. He is too young.
beerent11: As soon as Ryder retires Marshall is a top 3 ruck
DANGERous: time to wake up crippa
Grimes Jr: A pretty average job are the blues.
BigChief: Nice back elbow from Marshall 🙂
Hazza09: Is it safe to say that Cripps is on the never again list?
DrSeuss: Cripps sleeping through another game I see
beerent11: You barely notice Hewitt. Ticks along at about 25 points a qtr game in game out.
navy_blues: grimes with all the outs we have think we doing great plus we are above that average side called the tigers lol
beerent11: Trac hitting cash converters now clarry took all the cash
Grimes Jr: Silvagni a terrible footballer – wouldn?t get a game if his name wasn?t silvagni
Social: He’s a fair bit older than SDK BigChief
navy_blues: go troll somewhere else
Yelse: surprised they haven’t tagged sinclair
beerent11: Grimes throwing a line in. Getting a few bites too
BigChief: True Social, but Walsh is a mid. Need to be 30+ to play mid at Cats 🙂
Grimes Jr: Hahaha, it?s not hard with baggers supporters
DANGERous: lol
Social: Holmes, Stephens, Knevitt, Dempsey all attended CBs this year. BigChief. We can accommodate toddlers.
DrSeuss: Someone tell Cripps he can use his boots – they are actually there for kicking the footy
Grimes Jr: Don?t know why I bought the Cripps hype. Such an overrated hack
Silz90: I wish we had a mute button.
DrSeuss: Perfect. Hill actually plays a good quarter – gets tagged immediately ffs
beerent11: Saad getting the ang christou from the crowd
BigChief: I think Ang asked them to do it beer.
Silz90: Correct chief
DANGERous: cripps this is actually sad, do something useful
Jukes82: lol you have Hill, dont ever ask yourself why your so terrible at fantasy year after year buddy lol
Hazza09: I burnt 2 trades on Cripps
original: traded steele in. sorry everyone
BigChief: How good is Plowman Blues fans? Hahaha
Fatbar5tad: Must win relegation match swapped out Cripps for Walsh.
Bluebagg11: Times to go sorry Newnesy boy. Thanks for your service
Social: Actually you can add Shannon Neale to that list too. He was put in the midfield as a newborn.
Fatbar5tad: evening all go Sinkers
BigChief: And how many of them are playing now Social? None because the old farts are back.
Stu7: Go Sinhair
Yelse: cerra has spent 7 mins on bench
original: cerra shouldnt be playing
Social: Point is Walsh would get a game. And only one.
DANGERous: cripps the handball merchant
Social: We’ve still got Bobby Davis to come back in.
Fatbar5tad: Interesting game. Sainters up for it.
BigChief: You have Sam Newman and Polly as well mate.
Grimes Jr: Not surprised by the score line Rn. Blues not great
pcaman2003: Evening all. What’s happened to Crippa? Is his foot broken?
thommoae: Although it has to be said, Chief, that ‘old fart’ team is one win off top and 5Ws to the good of late.
Social: Bill Goggin and Carji Greeves too, lot of depth there.
DrSeuss: Remember when Cripps would get marks and tackles as well. Good times
beerent11: Sorry, I put the moz on Hewitt by saying how consistent he is
DANGERous: pca left his foot at home
Fatbar5tad: Great goal Motlop. Tackling not so much.
BigChief: OMG we missed Billy Social. How did that happen?
Yelse: relax boys cripps will tone up. sinclair needs to be tagged, need blues to win
pcaman2003: DANGER. Doesn’t help our scores much. He and Gresh are my POD’s in this.
gazza39: GOTY contender
Social: He’ll need to earn to his spot. 13 Hbs now, the Carlton administration will not be happy.
Social: Looks like they’re all thinking about oranges now.
blashtroko: Doc getting a straight up tag the week I captain him this year can sock me
sMiles: Walsh, Cripps, Hewett … and Durdin if Jackson doesn’t play for Melbourne
sMiles: Sinclair not being tagged this week, hey
Cottees: yeah Sinclair needs a tag. But Hill showed quarter 1 what he can do without being watched
Grimes Jr: Thinks this is my last week of cripps
vamos77: Which spud said Hewett’s good for 25 a quarter, sheesh🙄
Cottees: @smiles, I do not think Jackson went on the plane from what I have heard
Yelse: AFL can’t get a good VAR style and in soccer they getting the automated VAR extremely accurate and quick for WC
BigChief: Jackson is out with Brown taking his spot.
bhg26: theyre just taking the power now bigchief, its getting ridiculous
dipstick: yep, big luke jackson out helps alot
DANGERous: who broke hewett
beerent11: He got stuck on pine in the 1st qtr danger. That?s why the low tog
pcaman2003: Jackson was my cover for English. Will be tough this week now.
beerent11: Rucks have been fun this year. Thank the lord for goldy.
pcaman2003: What happened to Jackson Chief/Dipstick?
wadaramus: WTF, why is Jackson out?!
beerent11: Knee I think
dipstick: @pca knee injury…suspected..inocent until proven guilty but he’s out this week
dipstick: gawn is back next week it seems so jackson may get a few weeks off
beerent11: Ahh remember all those gawndy years. Set and forget. I like this better. More variety in teams.
PAFC4eva: traded jackson in this week just hit undo button worked a treat
wadaramus: Just fucken once, I would like to have the full strength team on fie;d!
dipstick: Copwaan In Danuzz
pcaman2003: Wada. Getting more difficult each week with diminishing trades.
pcaman2003: Thanks for the info Dipstick. Cheers!
pcaman2003: Have 4 rucks and only one playing. What a year.
cherry9: The trick is to have 5 rucks to get 2 playing like I do. Still no Preuss
Social: oooh that’s good sensimilla… alright I’m back
beerent11: Crippa heading for another solid 75
Grimes Jr: Carn sainters. Beat these flogs
Yelse: next year they should should have eveyry pinch hitting ruck as dpp
original: lift steele ffs
Number 8: Memo to Hewett: it’s called FOOTball
wadaramus: Cripps 20 touches at 80 DE with 10 contested for 58SC, WTF?
beerent11: This year I?ve had grundy Gawn pruess Hayes Hayes rob and now have Witts goldy and English.
Yelse: @wada he also has score involvements
Wahab_18: Wada CD gave up on Cripps since i got him
pcaman2003: Great qtr Gresh. From 55 to 56. Congratulations!
beerent11: And strandica on the pine
wadaramus: CD is way too subjective!!!
sMiles: ummps have been on saints this quarter in my opinion. That not 15 call…
TheLegend6: Gresh been better than his score suggests IMO
wadaramus: Maybe DT is better…wash my mouth out with kerosine!!!
dipstick: @pca same with sinclair. from 95 to 96
beerent11: Stop the smoking amd play dt if you can?t hack it
Fatbar5tad: Beer goes bang!
dipstick: AF is more fun and interactive than SC coz you get trades every week. too many ghost SC teams
wadaramus: Haven’ smoked for 20 years beer!!!
pcaman2003: dipstick. Fortunately Sinclair has a decent score, unlike Gresh,Crippa and Hewett
beerent11: *smoking not smoking
Social: hehehehe
Yelse: blues mids all having their first crappy week
Fatbar5tad: What have you been snoking beer ha ha
beerent11: Soo king
cherry9: Mmm, been through Witts, Preuss, Darcy, Goldy, J Hayes, S Hayes, Teakle, English, Gawn. Almost a midfield worth a rucks
Number 8: AF all day, every day. Fuck Rupert Murdoch!
frenzy: Grundy was the start of the RUC shit show, since then poo
Social: they’ll all peak at 30+
dipstick: @beer cvipps not cvipps
gazza39: gotta say im glad to see Cerra not dominate since leaving Freo
Grimes Jr: Lift Steele.
pcaman2003: Maybe next year they can add an extra Ruck bench after this debacle.
navy_blues: carlton playing for saints here gifting them goals
BigChief: Blues are kicking themselves out of this.
Grimes Jr: Carlton to finish 8th
gazza39: My unique this game was Sinclair v’s Walsh, thankyou SC god
Social: Chill Jack, you’re not in my team til next week man
Fatbar5tad: Richmond to finish 9th
beerent11: I like windhager
DANGERous: keep up with steele crippa
Wahab_18: good job with your -2 quarter gresham
Grimes Jr: Don?t worry fatbar, u will lose 2 of the next 4 without Stewart
pcaman2003: You spud Gresham. 1 point qtr. Poo!
Yelse: @pcaman extra ruck bench this year wouldn’t have made a diff
dipstick: really fucken disapponted in yiur gresh. you guaranteed me tons at marvel
a1trader: Carltons best is incredibly good but they can still throw in a game like this
BigChief: 1-6 Blues is pathetic. You don’t deserve to win.
Social: hehehe
beerent11: At least Sinclair is making up for the Hewitt and Cripps
beerent11: Steele in equals greshit
pjw1234: Carlton needs to do something this year or 2023 as all their stars come out of contract at the end of next year
Yelse: how did still jump from 50s to 82 with two disposals
Fatbar5tad: Maybe Grimesy.
beerent11: Ffs. SuperCoach scoring isn?t instantaneous. It takes time for possies to be weighted and scored.
beerent11: Especially later in games.
Social: A real humdinger of a quarter coming up here
Social: I was meant to be watching the cricket after this
Social: Stoopid Sri Lankans
dipstick: goals blues. not points. goals fa fuck sake
Wahab_18: can carlton wheel and go to Mckay when he’s 1 on 1 they take so long ffs
pcaman2003: One day Gresham might actually hit a target and not the opposition all the time.
dipstick: @social watch out for Shewez Ahmed
Wahab_18: finally mckayyy
Grimes Jr: Lift Steele
Social: this technology is so embarrassing
original: haha social bad ay. watch nfl then this and its like yikes
Fatbar5tad: Come on Walsh! Get a move on buddy boy!
original: wtf
BigChief: Wow no 50 against Harry?
Yelse: why wasn’t that 50
Grimes Jr: Carn saints
original: umpire went to call play on. gave both players a second chance
pcaman2003: Even the umps don’t know the rules. Oh dear!
Catatafish: Gresh to Libba on the cards eventually for me.
BigChief: This goal ump has no clue. 2 waste of time reviews.
Social: wowee
Social: yep same catatata
pcaman2003: Gresh is embarrassing tonight. Done nothing since half time and 2 SC points only
Fatbar5tad: Fuck sake goale. The only cunt that didnt see it.
Gotigres: Marshall out
Grimes Jr: Lift Steele. Touch the footy
dipstick: roof may be closed but marshll is seeing the stars
Social: Daisy knows more than BT hehe
beerent11: Saad?s a gun
Social: how tf does this bloke have a job
Grimes Jr: Get on the fucking ground Steele
beerent11: If the blue football team had kicked more goals instead of kicking behinds, they would be winning this game I think.
st_steve: Highmore as sub and 43% game time is going to outscore Gresham. I was up and about an hour ago haha
Social: right on brother
mattmac24: That was a nasty looking head clash
Gelly: could be some facial fractures there
Gotigres: Clark lots of blood
DrSeuss: Damn that was horrific – head on head
Yelse: highmore a great player dunno why he has’t been playing
BigChief: Clark def out and Butler not well.
mattmac24: Neither of them will be back on, rough for the saints
Gelly: commentators talking about 2nd down to one on bench but effectively everyone is getting a rest atm
Social: peek-a-boo b’DANG
Social: not funny
Hazza09: Get off the bench Docherty
Wahab_18: that long of a delay and docherty still on the pine wtf/
Grimes Jr: Cmon Steele
BigChief: Game over. Well played Saints
DrSeuss: Docherty has had a rough night – TOG pretty low for him
beerent11: Nice ton crippa. Wasn?t sure he?d get there. He?s on hazzas never again list.
Social: That was pretty good from Gresham
a1trader: thats all she wrote
Gelly: good win saints, thought you were gona get pumped tonight but proved me wrong
Hazza09: Hahaha beer
Social: don’t mind the saints now without Milne
frenzy: some sore boys
Grimes Jr: Fuck u Steele
beerent11: The Gehrig days were the days social.
Wahab_18: Worst game of the year this
pcaman2003: Good win Saints. F U Gresham you weak tool.
dipstick: calvvins captains Doch #1 ouch!!!
Social: yep beer, loved the G-Train
Wahab_18: whoever made docherty sit on the bench for that long i hope u burn
Gelly: Mckay the butcher tonight
DANGERous: geez relax wahab
beerent11: Too angry pcaman. It?s just game mate
Jukes82: with a name like wahab that doesnt surpise me
beerent11: Some blokes whole weekend depends on their SuperCoach side.
Hazza09: Cripps didn?t ton Beer lol
beerent11: That?s not welcome here jukes82
beerent11: I saw that haz. He?s on my never again list now too
Social: no no nanette

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