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Chat log from R15 of 2022: Port Adelaide vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Gold Coast, R15 of 2022

Stu7: Afternoon all
frenzy: howdy
Pavs: Hi all again Touk in this one.
Social: Stu, frenzy 😉
Baldfrog: Why would port have a ruckman as sub makes no sense
Social: Mayes Hayes schmick schmuck
m0nty: Sam Mayes is a flanker, Sam Hayes is the ruck
Baldfrog: Haha oh yeah cheers m0nty
DrSeuss: FFS Wines – every PA player getting the ball except you – get involved you spud
Social: Wines can Swallow Lemmens Holman
oc16: get on the ground Wines!!!!!!!
Tangent: Go Wines!
Stu7: You idiot Social lol 😂
TheLegend6: Stay low Wines!
Stu7: Fvck Witts
Stu7: Wines is playing as though he is intoxicated
Stu7: Has he been breathalyised ?
Pavs: Lol need to put the breatho on you Stu7
tor01doc: Witts killing me
Jukes82: good boy witts keep it up
vamos77: Wines, you disgust me
Tangent: Suns!
Social: go sunnies
TheLegend6: Where was this when I captained you last week Witts??
Ash777: go captain miller
Jukes82: double ton on the cards for witts
mattmac24: I love that Gold Coast are doing well!
Ash777: ouch
DrSeuss: Nice comeback Ollie – don?t stop now though
m0nty: Touk Touk, all aboard the train
Baldfrog: Does the AFL take bribes on score reviews? Most everything else is compromised
pcaman2003: Should I upgrade Witts?
mattpanag: Upgrade Witts to who? Jesus?
Baldfrog: You could sideways trade to Raspel pca
Jukes82: witts is real, jesus isnt silly
pcaman2003: Teakle!
mattpanag: pca, you mean upgrade TO Witts? If so, totally 😀
sfenda1: jesus is a historical figure jukes
DrSeuss: Wines didn?t take my advice. Stopped dead
pcaman2003: mattmag. Have him .Just taking the!
mattpanag: haha thats the only conclusion i could come to. Must be nice!
colin wood: Wines 49 at half time now cut back to 39.. laughable
DEESareSAD: Can?t believe wines won the brown
DEESareSAD: Can?t believe wines won the Brownlow last year
DrSeuss: Wines didn?t just stop. Now reversing at Half Time
Tangent: Need Wines to get around 125 to win
TheLegend6: @Tangent what’s your team name?
Hazza09: Cmon Captain Witts, I need a 170 from you
Tangent: Crom on
Migz: imagine not captaining the dirty pig laird.
DrSeuss: Wines you lazy flog
TheLegend6: I need Wines to stay under 120 to win… ahh
Tangent: Lol it’s looking good for u, not me
pcaman2003: Currently on 2425 with Witts and Miller. How’s everyone else going so far?
Tangent: Nice Rozee you might win my draft for me
TheLegend6: 2370 with Witts and Miller. I’m ranked 67th overall but expecting to drop a bit this week.
Tangent: I’ll finish on 2200, my season is over for SC I’ve had 10 injures past 2 weeks and no trades left
Daitro: 2401 with Witts and Miller too. The Sydney lads Mills/Parker/Heeney stopped me from going bigger
mattmac24: 2499 with Witts and Miller left
sfenda1: witts having a blinder
pcaman2003: Some nice scoring fellas. Hoping to crack 2500. Score has now jumped to 2448
Tangent: Lol one of my opponents has 2600 with witts, and he put the C on Macrae. wtf
Hazza09: Cmon captain Witts
pcaman2003: Tangent. That’s massive! Wow!
DrSeuss: Witts vs Wines is going to lose me about 3 league matches. Didn?t even need anything massive. Piss poor showing Ollie
pcaman2003: Witts might be on steroids.
pcaman2003: mattmac. You’ve cracked 2500 already. Great scoring mate.
mattmac24: If Witts and Touk can combine for an 80 point quarter, I’ll hit 2600, just happy to pass the 2500
BigChief: Witts to get 200?
Number 8: That had to be a tackle by Miller on Wines, sheesh
arbel: Should have put the C on witts knowing what he was up against today
bhg26: Im only bloody 2289, hobbs and mccartin were cover and heeney, parker and sinclair ruined my week
mattmac24: Cheers Pca. Best round of the season for me
pharace: If you must kick it Witts, kick it to bloody Touk you big Nit!
DrSeuss: Touk has stopped
pcaman2003: Just imagine Witts score if his DE was much higher. Scary!
TheLegend6: Bro Wines stop, CD giving him 10 points per handball
DrSeuss: Piss off Houston
BigChief: Fair grab Burgess. Kick let you down.
Social: garn sunnies
Tangent: More wines more pls
DANGERous: lift touk
Social: That was I was saying last night Tangent!
DrSeuss: Big finish please Touk & Wines – Houston can stop
beerent11: Just tuned in to see that I put the c on the wrong sun. Ah well
DrSeuss: What is Touk doing? 1 handball in 15 minutes
beerent11: Touk hasn?t touched it this qtr if I?m not mistaken
TheLegend6: 2 phones!
pcaman2003: I need Touk and Witts to get me anther 39 to reach 2500.but looking unlikely now.
BigChief: Not sure Miller has earned the gun today.
duckky: I had to choose my last full premo back this week… and I brought in Stewart. Not happy
beerent11: Who?re your rucks pcaman?
pcaman2003: Oops! Make that 24 as my score hadn’t auto updated. C’mon boys and get me there
Hazza09: Witts getting shafted by Cd
pcaman2003: Witts and Jackson beerent
beerent11: Wouldn?t have thought so hazza
beerent11: Nice pca.
pcaman2003: beer. Brought him in this week to cover English on bench.
beerent11: Didn?t have enough trades left to bring in Jackson to trade him back out again so bought in goldy to cover English.
beerent11: Reckon goldy will be top six fwd by years end
Social: me I get the due metro petro
yeah_nah: Amon with the quadruple double!
navy_blues: miller on bench when game needs winning geez
pcaman2003: beerent. He’ll need to get his average up then.
beerent11: Another over thought captaincy call by me. Should?ve taken Macca or gone with Witts.
Grimes Jr: Cmon suns. Stick it up these flogs
pcaman2003: Witts went home this qtr. Must’ve been worn out.
beerent11: A few might drop I reckon. Gresham and heeney at least
Social: Swallow Lemmens Holman!
bhg26: Woohoo! Just cracked 2300?
beerent11: Your team must be shithouse bhg
pcaman2003: I’m 13 short of 2500. Bad time for a clanger Touk. Oh well!
beerent11: Mine is too mate.
TheLegend6: Great game
Social: hoping Touk earns that gun in last few minutes
Grimes Jr: Hahaha typical port home bias. Clear deliberate out of bounds
Social: cock
duckky: Stewart referred to the Tribunal. Minimum of 3 weeks, but possibly more.
bhg26: Yeah mines no good this week beer, started great, then it went to shower
Olli32019: Umps game
Wahab_18: Had Witts C and down by 4 after his shower last quarter hopefully scales up
beerent11: Think the saints swans game killed us both
circle52: Hard luck Suns deliberate not called.
mattmac24: Likely 4 I think Duckky
bhg26: It did beer, had McCartin as cover, plus Heeney Parker and Sinclair. Good game for my swans, awful game for sc
duckky: Yep. And now the AFL is talking up a Red/Yellow card system

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