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Chat log from R15 of 2022: Sydney vs St Kilda

Chat log for Sydney vs St Kilda, R15 of 2022

Stu7: Evening all
bhg26: I am very nervous
Stu7: Bhg same here – saints in bad form
m0nty: SCG turf looks terrible
BigChief: WB Steele. I have missed you.
pcaman2003: C’mon Gresh Sinclair and Mills.
DANGERous: alloooooooyd
Stu7: Stay low Mills
Baldfrog: Wash your mouth out Stu
Stu7: Sinhair, Lloyd, Heeney
Stu7: Bald – I was waiting for it lol
pcaman2003: Stu7. Stop pushing my buttons pal.
Stu7: On the ground Blakey – oh I got Blakey too
DANGERous: steele starting like he never left
Baldfrog: Stu Mills C is my last hope this week
beerent11: Picked Steele up off the waiver wire two weeks ago. Couldn?t believe he was available.
pcaman2003: Stay low Blakey. Very,very low
Stu7: Pca don?t worry mate he always does
Baldfrog: Pca get ya voodoo doll out
frenzy: is that draft talk beer
pcaman2003: Stu7. You should pick your playing buddies better. lol!
beerent11: That?s draft talk frenzy. More into that these days
pcaman2003: I hear ya Baldy. Will strongly consider my friend.
cmperrfect: Parker off to a flyer.
bhg26: Clarke been superb in the reserves, hope he plays well
Baldfrog: Got the wrong Clarke bugger
frenzy: Ive never played it beer
Stu7: Nice start Lloyd
beerent11: I prefer it frenzy. Still play classic but don?t like how everyone ends up with pretty much the same teams mid season
pcaman2003: Voodoo doll working well on Heeney so far. Sorry Heeney owners. Not really!
bhg26: Unbelievable Buddy
bhg26: Shove that up your alps pcaman
pcaman2003: bhg26. Anyone would think I G’d him up then.:) Make the most of it
beerent11: Think bhg might be up for this one
bhg26: Lmao
Pavs: Lot of energy from bhg tonight.
Baldfrog: Don’t worry Bhg my Jesus doll will sort out Pcas voodoo doll
Napper: Sinclair underscored
Stu7: Nice n low Mills good boy
Stu7: Come on Blakey ya flog
pcaman2003: Flower off Baldy. Don’t interfere with my dolly.
Pies20: Obviously they have sacked the curiator
Pavs: 110 from Mills sorry stu7
Pies20: The cur
Baldfrog: Haha pca don’t think I should continue this
pcaman2003: Pavs. A bare minimum hopefully.
Pies20: The ground looks shocking
Pies20: Who is numbnuts in our league?
beerent11: Buddy?s field kicking has always been underrated
Stu7: Go Heeney you good thing
Pavs: Wow Heeney no don’t do that!
Hazza09: Might bring in Heeney next week
Stu7: Hazza Heeney has been good value
Pies20: Don’t have him but llyod good start
Stu7: Pies20 they?ve got the beach volleyball tomorrow
beerent11: Surely you?re nearly out of trades hazza. You?re rage trading every week. Or do you play dt?
Fatbar5tad: 25,25,17,17…..fucking hell boys need a bit more than that.
Hazza09: Have 6 left Beer, what are you on?
chris7399: is parker ok?
beerent11: Same mate. Team done
mattmac24: I’ve held D.Steohens all season, would love a nice score from him
pjw1234: Jines might be alright fingers crossed, feet slipped prior to hitting parker
Hazza09: Just need to sort out F6 and done too
beerent11: Might be getting hih test Chris
Stu7: Blakey you?re going into the trade pile next week ya flog
amigaman: Surely that wasn’t 15 metres
beerent11: Parker has been off for a while. Wouldn?t be surprised if he subs out.
bhg26: Bending back!
Baldfrog: Wowee Sharman
Raspel31: Somehow I’ve entered this with Heeney, Mills and Parker- poor planning- but I guess go Swans.
Ash777: seagull lloyd is back it seems
bhg26: Why do players double fist? If you can get two fists to the ball, you can open your hands and mark it
beerent11: Clarke is sitting on Sinclair
Baldfrog: Agree Bhg but it’s perceived pressure
bhg26: We are terrible at kicking inside 50
pcaman2003: Ash77. Not just seagulling tonight ,but has 6 cp’s as well.
Grimes Jr: What did Jones do – as bad as Stewart?!
Raspel31: Hmm- Stewart going to be gone for weeks- do you cahnce it on The Seagull?
bhg26: Good job swans, absolutely killed them so far and now only 2 goals up
Pavs: That’s crap never 50 metre penalty.
beerent11: Shocking call
Ash777: I think because McInerny is out that Lloyd is playing better
thommoae: ‘Encroachment’ = what?
Wahab_18: adv always paid when my player has a free and downfield or adv paid when my player has the ball 🙁 ffs
LuvIt74: do i take rioi’s 65 or roll with Rosas?
beerent11: Smokey Dawson if you don?t have him raspel. Straight swap
DANGERous: keep stewart field wehr
DrSeuss: Better not be a regular thing this Sinclair tag.
beerent11: Or Adam Saad
Pavs: Yep I will be going Dawson to finish off my team.
bhg26: Stop kicking it to them ffs!
beerent11: Was my last upgrade pavs. Did it today after Stewart got done.
pcaman2003: Danger. I was thinking of trading Stewart out, but might put Wehr on field and conserve trades.
Raspel31: Hmm- perhaps Dawson indeed but wait till the tribunal.
DANGERous: oh right pca, kinda came in halfway thru the discussion. im hoping fielding wehr will be an option
beerent11: Was planning on bringing in Stewart next week for cheap
Pavs: Same here,Beer.
Yelse: i know sinclair getting tagged but is steele also affecting his score
Raspel31: And I brought in Parker this week for Jeffreys- my fault, sorry.
bhg26: Why Raspel, why did you do that to us
Pavs: Don’t think so Yelse. Saints can’t get any ball.
Yelse: stewart off the ball, high contact high impact three weeks
beerent11: The young guys at Sydney all have great kicking skills. Warner, Campbell and gulden
pcaman2003: bhg26. Did you say earlier you had Heeney?
Pies20: Are you numbnuts rasp,
Raspel31: bhg26 have rolled out the tatami mat and have the seppuku blade prepared. Apologies.
MrWalrus: Yelse, I was wondering wondering if maybe clark was impacting Sinclair
LuvIt74: Heeney get your butt off the pine, cmon man.
bhg26: Maybe pcaman
MrWalrus: Heeney and Parker to have huge second halves please
pcaman2003: bhg26. Looks like Voodoo doll doing it’s job. My opponent has him so no choice. Go Gresh!
LuvIt74: deplorable Sinclair shake tha tag in the 2nd half
Pies20: Z jones 1week at least hi impact
Social: This Lloyd kid could be alright
Catatafish: Ah Lloyd, fuck you and your rat shit moustache. You cunt.
Pies20: Agree with social bhg?😃
hinsch: Got Parker in for SDK this week looking OK at the moment.
bhg26: He hasnt actually been awful tonight pies, got more contested possessions this game than he has in his entire career
bhg26: So cant fault that
pjw1234: Finally traded out Mccartin today and debated Parker or Heeney but finally went to cogs so fingers crossed.
pcaman2003: pjw1234. Fortune favours the brave so good luck. Tough choice to make.
DANGERous: parker wakey wakey?
st_steve: I was so happy with my team and trade plans before Preuss took English and himself out.
DrSeuss: Sinclair moved forward it seems – I guess it can’t be worse?
frenzy: same here st steve
pcaman2003: Stu7. You still here?
Hazza09: Where was this Steele earlier in the season
Social: Gotta love the swans ultra defensive low scoring game plan… not
beerent11: Sinclair and Parker got a good ht score if you add them together
pcaman2003: Social. The same plan horse introduced many years ago.
Catatafish: Can someone bring Stewart into this game to take care of Clarke
Social: And he inherited from Roos pcaman. Look, it wins games but it’s shower football.
pcaman2003: Social. Quite right! Roos brought it in and horse continued the trend.
DrSeuss: Agreed Catata – my only player in this game. Opponents have Lloyd, Marshall, Mills
pcaman2003: I suppose Heeney has to get his score from somewhere.
Hazza09: Lol heeney doing anything to score
pcaman2003: Where are you Gresh? You’ve gone horribly quiet this qtr.
beerent11: I know he copped a hit too but Parker always has a couple of sixties in every season
pcaman2003: Hazza. I reckon he’d torch his own Nanna for points.
Jukes82: lads should i upgrade dusty as a fwd to bont? or as a mid to walsh?
Stu7: Saints are just a bad side
Stu7: No game plan
Stu7: Jukes Walsh
Social: Would you say they’re choking Stu?
Stu7: Gresham, Sinclair and Heeney are going to cause me to lose – thanks guys
pcaman2003: Hey Stu. How’s Heeney going for you?Lol! Good thing Blakey firing.
Stu7: Soacial they never get close to choking theyre just sh1t
Stu7: Pca Heeney gone to sleep
beerent11: Gee Errols a gun
DrSeuss: Hopefully this means Ownens comes straight back in next week
pcaman2003: Stu7. Heeney not asleep,but doesn’t like the needles I stick in his butt.
frenzy: talk about over inflated these ruckmen
Hazza09: Jukes Dusty has to go, I have him too and he?s a liability, trade him
Ash777: Heeney found the wrong ball that time lol
bhg26: Balls Ash, he crushed them both
Social: I’d like that Suess
Jukes82: lol i know, bont and walsh the best 2 i dont have. Both good picks to be fair
pcaman2003: Shower qtr Gresham. Fire up you pillock
DrSeuss: I have Gawn, Zorko, Owens and Brad Hill waiting on my bench this week. Need some back
Yelse: mills liftttt
beerent11: Can?t go wrong with either jukes. I guess Bont gives more flexibility with dpp.
Jukes82: zorko and hill lol
pcaman2003: This is looking really bad for the Saints.
Hazza09: What about Jackson @jukes?
Stu7: Saints couldn?t beat Seaford 2nds
bhg26: It?s so much better having hickey as ruck
Jukes82: are you taking the piss? lamo. why would i want a guy whos scored i ton in 8 games or so?
Yelse: seriously whats mills doing today pretty poor effort
Stu7: Come on Gresham
Ash777: I need atleast 2 of parker, sinclair, heeney to get to 80 🙁
beerent11: And he?ll go back to 70?s when the main man comes back jukes.
Stu7: Ash good luck with that mate
pcaman2003: I’m so glad I didn’t fall for the Heeney trap this year
beerent11: Much like Gresham will now
Tangent: Not happy Mills.
bhg26: God I love Nick Blakey
Jukes82: i’ll get bont i reakon, the dpp convinced me
Stu7: Pca Heeney has actually been doing well this year
Tangent: Heeney trap he says… He’s averaging 100+ this season
Ash777: the lizard slitherin
DrSeuss: Sinclair with 1 handball for the quarter – hasn’t lost the tag
Jukes82: lmao muppets thinking players like heeney averaging 102 is a “trap” lmao
Ash777: I forgot last season heeney dropped away after the bye
Gotigres: Who was complaining about Blakey before?
TheLegend6: Finish strong Gresh
beerent11: Good boy. Can?t ever question Parker?s effort.
Stu7: Gotigres I was – whoops take it back now
pcaman2003: Tangent. He only has 6 tons for the year. I want someone more consistent
DrSeuss: I assume pca talking about AF / DT – Not SC
runners47: Time to return to the fray, Lloyd,, and keep racking up the points…
Ninty: Heeney still sitting 6th in total points as a forward. Trap lol
Social: Show some spunk Saints – pretend you’re playing the Cats
bhg26: Boo
Gotigres: lol Stu
frenzy: atleast youll be fresh next week Mills
Fatbar5tad: Mills, Sinclair, Heeney, Parker as PODs I’m cooked
Social: He’ll still be 460 next week – value!
Catatafish: Marshall with no Ryder around will be a treat
Malaka: Glad I didn’t trade Lloyd. I would’ve if it hadn’t needed ruckmen.
Yelse: next year no ryder prob so marshall will be great
Stu7: Malaya dodged a bullet mate
pcaman2003: Lloyd the seagull is alive again.
Social: Max King unsighted tonight
Social: Alright, off to watch the last 2m of our ‘home’ game a few more times
Jukes82: max queen
Jukes82: enjoy it social, watch the 2020 grand final instead mate

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