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Chat log from R15 of 2022: Geelong vs Richmond

Chat log for Geelong vs Richmond, R15 of 2022

missmagic: b.miller out for ralphsmith,soldo sub is that correct?
Silz90: get the voodoo doll for stewart, need a big price drop this week
BigChief: missmagic Soldo was dropped from 22 and is now sub.
wadaramus: No voodoo Silz, he’s a pod for me this week!
Stu7: Stay low Short
tor01doc: Lots waiting for Stewart to bottom out
Social: defenders kicking goals, hmm
Social: lots of premos getting cheap next week or two
Silz90: yeh bad, need to upgrade my final spot in my side
Silz90: hopefully 3 votes judd today, i have shocking bench cover
pcaman2003: Silz90. Can’t put the voodoo doll on Stewart as I have him:)
pcaman2003: I’m hoping Short will actually find targets this week, not the opposition
cherry9: So. I have looped in Maurice over Hobbs 36, and I aint confident. Worth a punt however
Napper: How does rioli get no points for that soccer kick to his teammate?
TheLegend6: They’ve missed a kick and tackle from Maurice already
Napper: CD hate rioli
cherry9: Yep! No points for Maurice. They could be his only points this half
pcaman2003: MRJ you beauty!
bigpens: Hope CD didn’t miss that Rioli goal
Hazza09: Rioli woooo
TheLegend6: Everyone here using MRJ for English? hahah
Hazza09: CD hate Rioli bad
cherry9: Maurice covering Hobbs covering Parish for me
Hazza09: How is Rioli on 8? What a joke
cherry9: Seriously Maurice back to 8 points. They have cocked it up
Gotigres: Soldo as sub is ridiculous
feralmong: Gotigres he kicks goals
cherry9: Brought in Goldstein to try and shore up the English Preuss Teakle Darcy ruck/fwd house of cards.
Ash777: stewart on a holiday
feralmong: Dunno gotigres if he comes on there?s a mismatch. Could go either way.
bhg26: Prestia gone, bloody stop the game you idiots
bhg26: Hes basically unconscious
Gelly: that tom stewart out for the year
cherry9: 5 rucks should give me 2 playing ones most weeks hopefully
Hazza09: How has Dusty fallen off a cliff like he has
TheLegend6: How’s the game not bee stopped here
feralmong: Prestia gone we?re stuffed.
Torz: Long long holiday for Stewart
Social: Schtankle you rippa
Baldfrog: Had heaps of trades left 3 weeks ago now struggling to see season out thanks Stewart
Gelly: 5 weeks minimum
TheLegend6: 3-4 weeks Stewart you’d think. Prestia massive out for us.
pcaman2003: You tool Stewart. Will be another flowering wasted trade.
Ash777: stewart is on report too
BigChief: hahaha Gelly. 2 weeks at most.
Ash777: more than 2 bigchief
TheLegend6: Leave my team with a 150 pls Stewart
Gelly: bigchief you are delusional
zadolinnyj: 2 weeks
feralmong: Was it malicious or just accidental
simma1978: Was going to get Stewart in next week but he will be having a 2 week holiday
StuL: Dusty is 31 or 32 now. That’s how
zoomba23: Why did they not stop the game there
Ash777: ffs martin
BigChief: Take you black and yellow eyes off Gelly.
Ash777: He went straight for prestia feral and got reported for rough conduct
TheLegend6: It’ll be 3 weeks
bhg26: More than 2 weeks, just idiotic
navy_blues: great game at marvel what Stewart do?
hinsch: Need MR jnr to stay below 120 this week
Yelse: prestia can’t possibly be coming back on
ausgooner: KO’d Prestia
bhg26: Like for like substitution
Gelly: he knocked out prestia behind the ball with a shoulder to the head
pcaman2003: split the difference. He’ll get 2.5 weeks
Social: A freshen up will do him good this time of year
Baldfrog: Gotigres can u give Clarke a ring and see if he’s still at the game?
Ash777: He’ll go straight to tribunal for sure.
navy_blues: hmmmm not what I needed
StuL: Stewart an accident
BigChief: And how many weeks did Lynch get for his elbow to the head Gelly? Oh that’s right NONE
_Wang_: So unlike Stewart.. We are gone without prestia
StuL: Stewart was instinctively protecting himself
Ash777: They reported him & the injury was severe bigchief
pcaman2003: With Short underperforming lately, I’ll be in strife soon
Stu7: Hi Rioli
beerent11: Not an accident just very careless stul. Can?t run past the footy and do that these days.
Grimes Jr: Someone knock Stewart out. Disgusting
frenzy: finally an injury and suspension that I don’t have
navy_blues: ok guess I’ll see it during the week on replay
_Wang_: He will get a week or 2 bad for supercoach
Gelly: dont be an idiot bigchief, stewart hit was off the play, either way its another trade
Gotigres: He is Baldy. I know cause he kicked it out on the full.
bhg26: He was running beside him and his shoulder out stuL, they werent even running into each other
Gelly: only thing he has got going for him is a good record
Baldfrog: Cheers m8
feralmong: Smart play by cats choosing Prestia to take out.
TheLegend6: Reckless, High and Head Contact is 3 weeks using the points system
Number 8: Steward isn’t a dirty player but that’s one of the worst things I’ve seen on a footy field for years
Fatbar5tad: Cant defend that. Silly stuff Stu. Will ger 2-3 i think.
Social: might be right feral, clubs deny talking about that stuff but some players do get targeted
pcaman2003: TheLegend. Can he apply for parole like DeGoey with his indiscretions?
Number 8: Why was play not stopped? Not surprising a Cats goal resulted, 17 vs 18 for at least a minute
mattmac24: Just watched the Stewart incident, definitely 3 at least
TheLegend6: Social. Clubs target specific players to go harder at, but don’t think they target to hurt like that.
feralmong: Can?t say tigers are cleanskins either but that extra effort to angle the shoulder looks nasty
beerent11: It?s a shame for sc – Stewart will be sub 550k next week. But more importantly hopefully Prestia is not too crook.
Social: I’ve got tourets, can’t help it
original: Cmon nank ffs
Baldfrog: Tigers missing the sniper today
pcaman2003: Will Stewart go off the boil now after that? Wanted a mnimum 120,but doubting now.
feralmong: Meatball has a solid head. Week off hopefully.
mattmac24: I’ll need to hold Stewart and hope Wehr continues to play
Social: yeah that’s exactly what I meant Legend. You know Stewart didn’t intend for that outcome either.
beerent11: So far Clarke filling in for English is going great.
Social: That’s what I was thinking too Baldy
Gotigres: I’m playing you this week Baldy
Yelse: whats wrong with short lately
Baldfrog: Really Gotigres? Enjoy your win my week aint going to well
TheLegend6: Harsh free kick
Yelse: tigers get pumped its good for the pies percentage wise
Baldfrog: You hillbillies Gotigres?
Stu7: Yes Short is doing a Brayshaw 🙏
thommoae: Tracca still on yer ‘never again’ list, Bald? Looked back with a bang Thursday.
Yelse: if you have two emergencies who comes in
beerent11: Had a bit of a role change yelse. Playing further up the ground. Not getting the easy kicks out of the backline.
beerent11: Lowest score I think yelse
Baldfrog: Yeah thommoae have all my mids sorted
mattmac24: Richmond have been shocking by foot today
Ash777: someone needs to target stewart
TheLegend6: This is not a good watch. At least my multi’s looking good.
mattmac24: For supercoach Yelse? The lowest score
pcaman2003: Regret getting Short a while back. Should’ve got Doc when he was cheaper.
Social: That’s not unusual Ash
Baldfrog: Has Cameron been reported M0nty?
RuffLeader: Disgusting from you Ash
Ooost: Judson Clarke 😀
Ninty: Pathetic Ash777
DANGERous: go stewart
yeah_nah: i had both Short and vlastuin and got rid of vlastuin. bad call by me.
Gotigres: Yes Baldfrog
Gotigres: I’m Hillbillies
Social: I’m starting a gofundme page to get Cotchin’s lawyer
Yelse: ffs clarke you covering english what is this
MrWalrus: Glad the cats got to bring their home umps even if the game was moved
Baldfrog: Cheers Gotigres
Fatbar5tad: Like we ever get a home ground against you mongrels
Ninty: We should get the umpires since we have to play our home game at our opponents home ground. You love to see it
Baldfrog: Clarke is a dirty word atm Yelse
hinsch: At least Judson Clarke has gone past him BE good swap for English
beerent11: Short might get a few more cba?s without meatball.
Baldfrog: I feel so much better thanks Hinsch
mattmac24: Don’t understand why Geelong brought Henry back in just to sit him in the forward line
Social: Maybe coz back 6 is pretty settled mattmac
Silz90: back from a nap, what did i miss? is tom getting weeks?
Silz90: clark good one mate, this is bad news f or me
Social: Could go either way Silz, will be interesting to watch
Grimes Jr: Hope stewart gets at least a month
Daitro: he’ll be out for a few
Ninty: Henry only forward with Rohan a late out. Should replace Kolo but will replace Stewart now next week
Silz90: just saw the footage hmm i think around 2 or 3
Social: That would really freshen him up Grimes 🙂
feralmong: This Stewart stuff fires me up though. I wanna go do some damage lol.
MrWalrus: Just saw the Stewart hit, absolute dog act, 2 minimum, should be at least 3 imo
Yelse: maybe they need to do a soccer type red card
MrWalrus: Obviously high hard and intentional but was late & a blindside too, really poor form
cmperrfect: That’s sin bin stuff from Stewart. 70s type act.
Crippa9: Wouldn’t surprise me in stewart goes straight to tribunal
Hazza09: Stewart will score a 140 just to thank everyone
LuvIt74: i missed what stewart did can it be viewd anyways?
MrWalrus: At least I can afford to trade him but will leave me with just the 3, been a tough few weeks
DANGERous: 3-4 for stewart. really disappointed that he did that. has to go
Social: I was still waiting for price to drop, might have to choose between Houston or Daily Bale now
TheLegend6: MJR should get SC points from pressure. That turnover for the goal was all him.
frenzy: AFL webby LuvIt
Catatafish: Thanks Stewart, just saw that muppet move. Another player out.
HolyNorf: Go Short
MrWalrus: Have you seen him live Legend? He puts on enough pressure pressure for 2 people
TheLegend6: Last game I was at was vs Collingwood and he was immense that day.
original: Haven?t seen Cameron incident. Likely how many weeks?
MrWalrus: I was at the hawks one where he got around 10SC, thought he was pretty good that day
TheLegend6: 3-4 Original
TheLegend6: Oh sorry nah probably not any, thought I read Stewart
LuvIt74: @FRENZY cheers mate
Social: not really feeling like a home game, funny that
sfenda1: cmon rioli get me a 50
feralmong: It?s about money social. Get tigers supporters to G = cash.
LuvIt74: boody hell just seen what Stewart did at least 3 weeks
original: Get nank back on
Social: Yep, that’s Gil’s priority feral. Fairness be damned.
Baldfrog: Social your guys will need their walkers at 3/4 time
feralmong: For some clubs tigers or pies at the G is profit or loss for the year.
TheLegend6: AFL will never be fair.
DANGERous: need them now bald
MrWalrus: Fair? Having your own home ground feels like an advantage more than anything
Manowar: 4 weeks Stewart, hope your proud of yourself!
Stu7: Geelong choking
Manowar: 3 weeks Cameron, nice eye gouge!
Social: Know that we make more at KP than at the G feral, regardless of crowd #
feralmong: How are we in front.
TheLegend6: Earth to Short
MrWalrus: I don’t think that’s true social
hinsch: If Ricmond win this they can thank J Clarke
Social: We’ve been thru this before. We pay no fees at KP, it’s rent free. G we must pay AFL and MCC. They profit, we don’t.
frenzy: how many can they get at GMHBA
arbel: Had to play Clarke cos English out. Rip my game
MrWalrus: Less than 30k atm isn’t it?
Silz90: Bring back optus oval
mattmac24: Geelong don’t make more money at the MCG, the AFL do though
original: LIFT nank. No bench
feralmong: Cats get 90% of gate at home. Tigers get 41% I think.
original: Live Scaling whack? Was imagining overall points were high given the drop off rate
MrWalrus: Because you have to pay the umps soo much, geez they’ve been average this arvo
feralmong: So they almost never lose. But Marvel clubs gain big playing tigers or pies at G.
Fatbar5tad: Never seen this happen before LOL
Baldfrog: Clarke doubled his score that qtr
amigaman: Doesn’t pay to get concussed. Baker lost 5 points in a minute Hahaha
Stu7: Clarke is a fridge magnet
Cottees: I was 1 off from finishing my team this week. English concussion and now Stewart gonna be suspended! no full team 🙁
Catatafish: Come on Short get a fucking ton
mattmac24: Stewart going out swinging at least
zadolinnyj: Lynch had his head taken off
Ash777: 2020 gf rematch
Baldfrog: Clarke deserves 50 points for that goal
Raspel31: So Judson Clarke covering English was a tour de force.
Fatbar5tad: Replay more like Ash.
_Wang_: Clarke exists
Raspel31: And as I type..
Ash777: that’s what I mean
Fatbar5tad: Handbags out this half lads.
Hazza09: Come on Rioli get a 50
Gotigres: 20 points for a goal is bs
TheLegend6: Stewart to Baker anyone?
hinsch: Clarke bringing home for me
Baldfrog: He is undervalued gotigs should’ve been more
Baldfrog: Na Leg Sinclair probably
Social: our umps don’t understand the plan
Social: refund
Stu7: Come on Rioli
Stu7: Rioli 21 possession s for 59 poor
TheLegend6: Some game this
pcaman2003: Will miss Stewart’s scoring ability for the near future. Pooh!
feralmong: i can see the $50’s dropping out the umpires shorts
pcaman2003: Have SDK on bench as E for English. Very nice thank you.
Social: no score review?
Social: that was through
Raspel31: Just seen we all lose Stewart for weeks- the pain continues- aargh!
DANGERous: theyll review the easy stuff social, but not that lol
pcaman2003: Off the bench Shorty. I want you to ton up
Baldfrog: Good boy wanky Nanky
TheLegend6: We look cooked. Should’ve won this game unfortunately.
Stu7: Stay on the bench short
feralmong: nank for gawn has gone ok. and given me $$
Ash777: it was a clear behind
feralmong: just got daicos and N martin to upgrade.
Stu7: Keep going Rioli
Social: I was thinking the same thing in Q3 Legend
MrWalrus: Rioli mega muppet
feralmong: carn tiges goal ffs.
Stu7: FERA I was going to go Nank but went Witts
Raspel31: Ditto feral.
LuvIt74: so far kickin butt, owest scorer was Macdonad on 67 about time i get a decent score
Hazza09: Trading in Dusty a month ago was the biggest mistake ever, has ruined my season
pcaman2003: SDK i wuv you.
feralmong: i got witts already.
LuvIt74: @Stu7 same butt Witts much more consistant mate
Baldfrog: Nank was for English Gawn, Hayes etc feral
original: Good boy nank
TheLegend6: That is very deliberate
Catatafish: Off the bench and get a ton ffs Short
feralmong: cmon jnr
sfenda1: kick the winner maurice
Stu7: LuvIt74 cheers that?s why I went him in the end
feralmong: Yes jnr
MrWalrus: Been full premo since second bye
Ash777: yay jnr
pcaman2003: Give Rioli 30pts for that goal.
Baldfrog: Hazza dusty hasn’t been SC relevant for 3 years now
feralmong: Nank is usually 20+ possession player so good for a base score.
beerent11: Damn it fielded Clarke over Rioli. Big goal nerves of steel
feralmong: miss it henry
pcaman2003: Game on!
feralmong: damn
Hazza09: Took a risk Bald, he goes next week
TheLegend6: “Why play Henry just to sit him up forward?” was something I saw someone say earlier…
hinsch: FFS traded SDK for Parker hopefully a good move
Tangent: Evening all! What a game
Stu7: Good stuff Henry
mattmac24: Stengle has been an unbelievable recruit this season
Ash777: Boooooo
Baldfrog: Fair enough Hazza
TheLegend6: what a game.
LuvIt74: how ong to go
Stu7: Good stuff Rioli
pcaman2003: Good tough win Cats. Great game!
feralmong: ahh well well done Stewart. you got the 4pts.
Catatafish: That better not finish as 85 otherwise Short will be a luxury trade
feralmong: don’t get on the Geelong bus. might have a few bricks dropped on it from bridges.
zadolinnyj: Great game
Fangman: Woohoo!
Raspel31: Now that was a game.
amigaman: You have to wonder what CD is doing. Baker drops from 127 to 114 without doing anything wrong. Then goes up to 126 for 1
bhg26: Good for the swans, thanks Geelong
Fatbar5tad: Have a cry. Go the Cats.
mattmac24: Yeah that was me Legend, I’ll admit I was definitely wrong with that
pcaman2003: Don’t like that Short just suddenly went from 92pts to 8. One helluva drop
RuffLeader: Jeez people getting on Stewart for bumping like he is the first bloke to do it, get over yourself feralmong, numpty
MrWalrus: The real winner was football because the cats can get stuffed
DANGERous: up the catters
feralmong: see you in R1 next year Stewart
Tangent: Stewart such a bastard my opponent had him VC
Ninty: Stengle should have the star, what a pick up he has been
MrWalrus: Also how’s that umpiring, right moving on now
feralmong: go bite a pillow ruff
mattmac24: Too many points allocated for SC so they’re taking away points from players to give to others
Ninty: feral by name, feral by nature. You mong
RuffLeader: feralmong, whinging about Stewart when you?ve got a convicted felon in your 22. Nice one
pcaman2003: Stewart and SDK should secure a win for me after looking a bit shaky last game.

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