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Chat log from R15 of 2022: Carlton vs Fremantle

Chat log for Carlton vs Fremantle, R15 of 2022

J.Worrall: Go Blues
frenzy: howdy
Yelse: goooooooooo my SC team
Napper: Darcy underscored
StuL: Go Cripps and Brodie
HolyNorf: Walsh, Brayshaw, Brodie, Cripps, Hewett and C Darcy in this one
pcaman2003: Like how Ryan got 4 pts for his ineffective kick.
pcaman2003: My only POD is Brodie V Brayshaw, Docherty and Ryan
Yelse: with fyfe back is brodie done I’ve said this before low TOG plus fyfe is a crap recipe
Ninty: Anyone ever notice how low Brodies TOG is?? 59%! Hope he can push 65% by the end of the game.
Ash777: Freo’s defense is just too good.
pcaman2003: Yelse. I think so. His TOG is going to hinder his scoring. Thinking of upgrading him next week.
yeah_nah: Brodie’s still in the middle though and taggers should go to fyfe first off?
Yelse: brodie never gets tagged @yeah_nah
bigpens: Brodies TOG has been low all season
Ninty: I haven?t noticed that bigpens
bigpens: Yep, his TOG has been around the 70% mark all year, even when he was going 120+
pcaman2003: Brodie needs to stop those clangers. He’s killing me
NewFreoFan: all our mids have low tog, it’s how we rotate
yeah_nah: yeah, freo do have a lot who can go through the middle
Ash777: what newfreo said
pcaman2003: Brayshaw TOG is usually ok.
nbartos: gotta stick ya tackles
Ash777: Also Fyfe will spend long stints in the forward line
pcaman2003: F me. Is Brodie going for a clanger record?
Stu7: Stay low Brayshaw good boy
original: Cripps doesn?t deserve 37 sc
Mcswains: Cripps score is crap
sfenda1: i reckon cripps has been good?
NewFreoFan: lot of contested clearances for Cripps
nbartos: nasty kick into Darcy
NewFreoFan: Blues killing us around stoppages
nbartos: does newnes only show up for Froe games?
original: How isn?t that a free to H
nbartos: blues are killing em
arbel: @newfreo. Carlton dominating everything. Freo back to playing flood the area again and making it low score
sfenda1: walsh back to his best today
nbartos: blue moon newnes
Hazza09: Ofcourse Walsh going 150+ today when my opponent has him
SwaggyP: blues are flying
pcaman2003: If Brodie gets 51 possies, he may get to 120 yet.
Pavs: Afternoon all. Very confused, when you kick to a contested contest is that a clanger?
Stu7: Off the pine Brodie
Stu7: Pca hope so mate
Mcswains: Please Ryan. When you get the ball don?t stuff it up. Thank
nbartos: HTB?? gone out the game?
pcaman2003: Pavs. EWith CD it seems to be subjective. Seems to me that it’s a grey area.
pcaman2003: Another clanger Brodie. Congrats!
Pavs: Thanks pca if the ball goes to ground it should’t be.
bhg26: Absolutely unreal walshy
bc__: What happened to cripps that qrt? Rubbish
pcaman2003: Pavs. I go along with that. I disagree with a lot of CD’s scoring system.
pcaman2003: bhg26. I wonder if he’ll give Brodie some tips.
Fatbar5tad: Why doesn’t Ryan ever score in the first half. Hope he comes good like last week.
Fatbar5tad: So glad I have Zerrett and Cripps in my mids and not Walsh.
bhg26: walsh lost 8 points lol
bhg26: 9 now
Fatbar5tad: Keep going CD take another ten.
pcaman2003: This is better from you Brodie. Keep it up now please.
Torz: Hughes has gone to Walsh
amigaman: Serious question for Freo fans. Has Serong got a fitness problem. Way too much time on the bench.
Ash777: It’s just the way freo rotates their mids
Stu7: Off the pine Brodie
pcaman2003: Amigaman. Similar TOG to Fyfe and Brodie.
Fatbar5tad: Freo had to do that. Clark on Walsh a big worry.
arbel: @torz … not very well. Still just doing what he wants
pcaman2003: He heard you Stu7. Do it again next time too.:)
nbartos: rub of the green swapping sides
amigaman: @pcaman Fyfe not a good comarison. Coming back from multiple injuries
Raspel31: I find Sam Walsh an especially annoying player- as I don’t have him.
Stu7: Ha ha pca
pcaman2003: Amigaman. He’s still playing and needs to gain match fitness.
amigaman: @pcaman so what is your point. Serong isn’t coming back from injury
Fatbar5tad: fuck you Ryan. Useless cunt.
Fatbar5tad: insufficient intent. Exactly why its a shit rule.
pcaman2003: amigaman. My point is the workload still has to be shared around. At 75%TOG ,I’m not sure why you’re questioning it.
Stu7: Come on Brodie do something
Fatbar5tad: too far lol. Go home home umps youre drunk.
amigaman: Oh well! sensible question. Totally useless answer and you’re not a Freo fan.
Fatbar5tad: Ryan zero points this half.
DrSeuss: Crippa taking the 2nd half off I see
Stu7: That?s a boy Brodie good stuff
m0nty: Brodie 78% TOG is something wrong with him
bhg26: Walsh score way to low, 31 touches at 87% efficiency and only 3 clangers for 100 is criminal
pcaman2003: Go Brodie,go! Great stuff this qtr.
nbartos: Brodie CPs wow
frenzy: Fyfe was not the issue ?
nbartos: jeez the bounce has been all Carltons
Catatafish: Yes Monty, way too high today!
Hazza09: What happened to Docherty that Qtr?
Fatbar5tad: Yeah thanks Ryan. Prick.
Ooost: People were complaining about Brodie earlier ? 😀
Hazza09: Standard my opponent has Walsh
Pavs: Take Macrae’s 123 or laird against North Melb?
Raspel31: So didn’t go Jackson- and he nailed it. Didn’t go Darcy and he nailing it. Cameron- you had better nail it- so to speak.
Ooost: Took Clarry 140. Good times.
circle52: Cripps and Doc need to lift this last quarter
Raspel31: Ditto Ooost- but not alone I fear.
HolyNorf: Where are the people saying Brodie was done with Fyfe in the team
Stu7: Off the pine Brodie
runners47: Newman off the pine too
Stu7: Pavs MaCrae – money in the bank
yeah_nah: yeah shouldnt have got rid of Brodie. Replaced him with Bont though
bushranger: Are the Blues the real deal this year??
Stu7: Nice work Brayshaw nice and low
bhg26: Insufficient evidence? Clear as day
TheLegend6: If by real deal you mean contenders? If so, no.
pcaman2003: Stu7. Lol! I want the same ,but with Ryan and Doc as well.
runners47: yeah_nah good move long term, I reckon
DrSeuss: Cripps and Hewett both deciding the 2nd half wasn?t worth their involvement?
TheLegend6: Get to the ton Doc
Hazza09: So no tag on Walsh today?
nbartos: LOL crip
bhg26: Almost got it Cripps
Fatbar5tad: Insufficient intent on a spoil now. Piss this rule off!
nbartos: no that I could do any better
Pavs: Its your time Doc junk it up
Stu7: Carlton playing great footy
Silz90: slow it down boys, need doch and walsh to junk it up
Stu7: Pca my opponent has Brayshaw as C happy days
Stu7: So far
Stu7: What have you decided Pavs?
Silz90: fyfe laughing at fisher literally made my day lol
Stu7: Nice Brayshaw taste the wood for a while
pcaman2003: Stu7. And now Brayshaw back on the bench. Big smile coming
Stu7: Woooo hoooo awesome
Stu7: Doc get on the bench with Brayshaw
yeah_nah: brayshaw has a high ceiling, but he puts in some stinkers as well.
pcaman2003: Get to 140 Brodie. Ton up Cripps and Hewett
Ninty: Cripps never again. Traded in twice. Injuries. Poor games. Should?ve had Walsh.
Silz90: 18 handballs for brayshaw today
Stu7: Damn back on the bench Brodie
DrSeuss: Geez Cripps just fades out of games at times
wadaramus: Brodie has done his job, again!
Pavs: Still thinking Stu7 Had a bad year with Captains but have nothing to lose as I will win my game anyway.
Hazza09: Thanks Doch, just great
Ooost: Laird imo
pcaman2003: Wada. He sure has. Looked off 1st qtr, but bounced back big time.
Stu7: Pavs – good position to be in
Ooost: I had no bench cover for English, Motlop late in.. 40 points is 40 points 😀
Pavs: Yep not quite life changing but going Laird. Balls to the wall.
Mcswains: Ryan you twat
Silz90: love it doch, good finish
cherry9: Nice work Darcy. Thats a relief
Fatbar5tad: Ryan you useless twat
Stu7: Freo really faded out bad
pcaman2003: Take a bow Brodie. Special thanks to Brayshaw,Doc and Ryan for staying low. Cheers!
thommoae: What happened to ‘backs to the wall’?

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