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Chat log from R15 of 2022: West Coast vs Essendon

Chat log for West Coast vs Essendon, R15 of 2022

DANGERous: no one in here, ooft
Moona: HI Danger
Migz: i actually dont know what is worse. the eagles or the way my supercoach team has turned out
Fatbar5tad: martin 23 Zerrett 6, righto.
duckky: Martin to be BOG to stick it up the WA sides for overlooking him
hinsch: you would think WCE defence would have got better
cmperrfect: Wtf is up with Merrett lately.
Fatbar5tad: Hasnt scored a point since i brought him in the kent!
Ash777: bet merrett is missing those backward handballs from parish
cmperrfect: Lost his waxing buddy Ash.
DANGERous: jjk was 200k, who jumped on
DrSeuss: Where is D?Ambrosio playing tonight?
Ninty: JJK never be this cheap again
arbel: Ridley in rooms. Can’t take a trick with injuries this season. Hope gets back on
Silz90: Omg is rids out. I actually traded hk
Silz90: Is rids out. I actually traded him this week. Desperate times
damoj88: Ridley fine
Hazza09: Ridley injured?
Moona: soft free
DrSeuss: Martin and DAmbrosio in this game – not looking great
bhg26: Please Hobbs youve done well for me this year dont be bad the week i use you as cover
Yelse: merrett ffs lift your game you costing me my league games every week
dipstick: hate when players like Martin get 37 in first qtr and end up on 65
poolboybob: Eagles gonna blow the top draft pick
duckky: Been yelling that for years Yelse
bhg26: Im not liking this hobbs
DrSeuss: Nic Martin with a solitary handball this qtr
bhg26: Bad Hobbs! Bad!
poolboybob: Zach Muppet
cmperrfect: Kermit Zerrett.
Ash777: go eagles
Fatbar5tad: do something zerrett ya blouse
dipstick: see. Nic Martin wont even get 65 after 35 in the first 10mins
dipstick: absolute ratshower
Grimes Jr: Useless spud zerrett
beerent11: Just switched over. Hows zerret going?
DrSeuss: Nic Martin – 2 handballs this qtr. Slightly better than DAmbrosios first qtr.
bigpens: Is Ridley injured?
bhg26: 1 point quarter from hobbs, lovely
arbel: @bigpens… sore shoulder but still out there
beerent11: Yoyo
Ash777: Yeo has gone back to the position he started at in his career.
Social: evnin drunstable
Hazza09: Traded Hobbs for Dawson and wasn?t to sure about it
Social: would you believe I traded in 2m Peter for ruck cover
Social: bcoz I missed Jackson last night
Ninty: I looked at it Social, but couldn?t pull the trigger. Not a bad move so far
Social: just have to take some risks now after bye carnage
bhg26: At least touch the ball Hobbs ffs
Ash777: I have Jamieson as my backup ruck… He’s going to cost me the game.
Hazza09: Merrett out of nowhere
Fatbar5tad: Willie Mayo ha ha
Social: weagles look like 2/3 of a flag team all of a sudden
Raspel31: Just home. 2 rules. If you can’t beat WC or Norff you are truly a muppet. Ridley useless as alwats, sigh.
Ash777: fight out for the spoon
Raspel31: Fancy the Dogs this year Ash777.
Fatbar5tad: Eagles starting to get thier mojo back.
Yelse: no more percentage boost games
Fatbar5tad: have a shot zerrett. Need you to ton up.
Social: Telly’s already retired
Ash777: Why did they give langford a 4 year deal…
Raspel31: Okay – who has made a trade they wanted this week? Coverered English with Cameron but should have gone Jackson. Mayhem.
Wahab_18: 51 point 3rd quarter for Zerrett just quietly
Fatbar5tad: happy fatty with that quarter wahab,
Social: langford
Hazza09: I missed out on Jackson too Raspel
poolboybob: Can?t be a worse ruck combo than B Williams and Jamieson
marls: Gawn said on 7 he might be back next week. I hope not. Jackson needs 2-3 weeks
Fatbar5tad: Hope Gawn comes back as no Jacko for me.
Fatbar5tad: Raise the bat Zerrett! Huzzah!
Raspel31: To lose to Melbourne is a lapse- to lose against WC is unforgivable, sigh.
Social: oh the bomboneiri 🙁
DrSeuss: DAmbro back on the ground please
Ninty: How does the coach of Essendon have a job
Ash777: Malthouse cursed bombers
Fatbar5tad: happy in the west tonight
Social: the chant, such flowerwits
Raspel31: On this form think WC might be sneaky title contenders- cough, splutter.
DrSeuss: Nice 4th qtr from Martin
Fatbar5tad: hang on!
Ninty: What is going on lol
Wahab_18: that was deliberate
Fatbar5tad: Malfoy isxa bit lippy!
poolboybob: Guelfi looks like he?s trying to be Sugar Ray with those stupid frosted tips
happytimes: Suck balls you drug cheats
frenzy: go wet toasters
Social: which team you talkin at ht?

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