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Chat log from R15 of 2022: North Melbourne vs Adelaide

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Adelaide, R15 of 2022

Stu7: Afternoon all
BigChief: McKay forward today.
Pavs: Afternoon Stu7, afternoon all.
navy_blues: hi all
DANGERous: go hall
TheLegend6: Anyone here having issues with kayo streaming this game?
Stu7: Pavs
Valorlonga: Nah all good on my Kayo
snake_p: no legend
Stu7: Yes TheLegend6
TheLegend6: My game says it’s starting at 1:29, won’t let me click to watch it haha. No idea.
circle52: Yes Legends I am – Game has not started as yet on Kayo for me, Showing 1.29start
Stu7: Kayo says it?s starting soon
original: Go Jed Anderson go
banta: missed hately tackle
kano: kayo cooked
Pavs: Off the pine Laird. Learnt that from Stu
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Aaron Hall, butter fingers.
Stu7: Don?t know if I need to say this but I?ll say it anyway – Soligo stay low
Valorlonga: I had Tex in my AF team the whole week as a trade in, didnt have the guts to do it and went Salem for 61….
Stu7: RO & Keays for me
Valorlonga: Not keen watching Tex dominate early
Stu7: Come on Reilly
banta: wtf LDU not even getting near it.
navy_blues: harry marks lol
circle52: For those with Kayo not starting go right down the bottom and select Fox sports 504 and it works
Stu7: Come on Keays DT points please
banta: what has happened to taryn thomas this week. amazing drop off
TheLegend6: Circle thanks mate! Game was going live in a minute anyway haha.
Stu7: You muppet RO
MrWalrus: Let’s go Captain Laird, help plaster over some of the damage champ
Stu7: Lairds hav8ng a blinder this year Walrus
DrSeuss: Come on Parnell – the one week I actually need you for cover.
Stu7: Where bhg still partying for last nights win?
Valorlonga: Fk me, i knew i should have got Tex
TheLegend6: Powell injured? TOG super low
Pavs: Good news got Curtis covering English this week
Pavs: Bad news played Parnell instead of SDK
spdysaint: how good does it feel for your rookie to be on track for 160!
Stu7: Who?s that spdysaint?
Stu7: Bugger Pavs
spdysaint: paul curtis stu
original: Go Jed go
Stu7: Cheers sodysaint
Stu7: Whoops spydsiant
Pavs: The red leather thing Lairdy. Get it
Stu7: Typo spdysaint
Stu7: Sh1t game last night hey spdysaint
Stu7: Go Keays you good thang
Pavs: That protected area sht has to go.
DrSeuss: WTF is Parnell doing? He was on 65 or something at HT last week. Get a touch please
TheFlagger: temptation to get hall if stewart’s suspension is long enough
Stu7: Off the pine Keays
Pavs: mmm… Keays on Laird off.
sfenda1: cant believe i went mills over laird
pharace: Say that again and again and again please DrSuess
Stu7: Come on ROB 14 more before half time
Ash777: damn I missed grabbing hall
arbel: @flagger I suspect it’ll be minimum 3
Torz: Tarryn Thomas will be 190k next year
Stu7: Keays 17 for 58 not a good return
original: Don?t stop Anderson
Stu7: Shit qrt a Keays you spud
Torz: They didn?t pay that as a tackle to Jed? Wow
Pavs: Greenwood taking Norths money for a holiday.
Ash777: I got keays, Mcdonald, Dawson in this
Pavs: Not being greedy but half time score x2 please Lairdy.
MrWalrus: Wow, thank you Mr Laird, captain duty nearly executed by half time
MrWalrus: I just need 18 more to match VC Neale but yeah, double up would be nice
Pavs: Not getting a lot of the ball Mr Walrus but tackling the guys that have it
MrWalrus: His workrate is why I picked him, always get maximum effort
Ash777: everyone in the media 4 weeks minimum for Stewart
circle52: Bailey Scott subbed fand Perez on
Stu7: Come on Keays you giant Cole?s spud
Number 8: If Stewart’s act isn’t graded as severe (min. 4 week suspension), it’s hard to know what act on a footy field would be
Pavs: Off the pine Laird. soz Stu wont do it again
Jukes82: ya 4 weeks min, 6 weeks max.
Number 8: * in-play act, accepting that the Gaff and Hall incidents were obviously severe, but not in-play
Number 8: Implications here for the AFL, too. Must be seen to take concussion more seriously than it has to date
Stu7: Pavs lol
DrSeuss: FFS Parnell – the 1 week I need you on file
DrSeuss: FFS Parnell – the one week I actually need you on field
Stu7: Off the bench Keays ya done fvck all on field
original: Don?t slack now jed
Stu7: Keep up the good work ROB
Number 8: I tossed up taking D’Ambrosio’s 52 (AF) instead of relying on Milera to do something useful. Not going well!
Stu7: Seems to be a common theme for me trade in premium players and They then go cold
Stu7: Okay ROB off the wood
Ash777: Hamill KO’d himself
mattpanag: Good boy Curtis!
Pavs: C’mon Chase make an impact
Tommy_C: Archer the turnover king
Stu7: Max King could take a leaf out of Texs book for kicking straight
circle52: Keays done SFA for 2 quarters
Stu7: Circle spot on
cherry9: Very happy with new recruit Goldstein.
Stu7: ROB coming hom strong good boy
zadolinnyj: Draft pick vs winning. Where is the value at this stage of season
Cr1cketeer: I imagine it’s pretty difficult to lose to North zado
Jukes82: is hall back? stewart for hall?
original: 11 points since half time Anderson?? Cmon bro
Pavs: Think I will be going Dawson Jukes. Bit more cosistent
TheLegend6: Probably Dawson if you haven’t got him, but Hall is a tasty POD
Ash777: Hall is consistent just injury prone
TheLegend6: If Stewart somehow only gets 2 weeks, are people holding?
Tangent: Afternoon all, looking good with Dawson and Laird so far.
amigaman: What is with the commentators and Larkey
Stu7: Tangent
tor01doc: Stewart will be 4 – maybe 3 because he is not a dirty player
Jukes82: lol he aint getting 2 weeks, thats how many games prestia basically will miss lmao
Pavs: Very happy with the progress Laird but please go onto the playing field
zadolinnyj: True Cr1cketeer
Torz: Crom have completely ignored Parnell all day
Tangent: G’day Stu appreciate the warm welcome everytime
TheLegend6: Speaking hypothetical, and also because I don’t have enough trades left haha. He’ll get 4.
Jukes82: ya dawson or hall
Stu7: Tangent – cheers mate you must be happy with Laird and Dawson and the win 😊
Pavs: Fine only for Stewart says the Geelong
Tangent: Couldn’t be happier! Hope your SC team is going well as the saints are just shambles
Stu7: Jukes Dawson better average and more game time and as mentioned Hall injury prone
Stu7: Saints are pretenders
Pavs: Calm the excitement Stu. ROB
Tangent: Wish Saints could find some consistency, fans have been through alot.
Stu7: ROB possessed
Stu7: Good stuff ROB Roy
Stu7: Good come back Keays
Stu7: Yeah good come back Pavs
original: Get a goal or something Anderson ffs
Social: Afternoon all
Pavs: Cmon Parnell only need 84 to keep up with SDK
Stu7: Social
Social: what’s happening with Parnelli today?
Pavs: Been crap all day Social. Aware I am stating the obvious
DrSeuss: Only hope that Parnell can keep his spot after his showing today. Had to have him on field this week
Pavs: At least you had to Dr Zeuss I chose him over SDK.I’m an idiot
tor01doc: Soligongoals and goes backwards?
Social: owies
DrSeuss: Yeah that?s rough Pavs – wonder if he was still slow from his head knock last week.

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