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Chat log from R14 of 2022: Western Sydney vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Western Bulldogs, R14 of 2022

Cottees: was thinking of Captaining Macrae but decided Wills. Now Macrae will got 150. You’re welcome
frenzy: howdy
DANGERous: where is himmelberg?
pcaman2003: Have a heap in this. Treloar,English, Macca, Dunks, Kelly and Wehr.
frenzy: lights are on, but nobody home
Gotigres: Didn’t expect such a big crowd.
pcaman2003: Add Cogs to that too.
Raspel31: Having the horror round of all rounds- but this a biggie. 6 in this. Go lads. And good luck all.
beerent11: 6 players in this, 10 including draft leagues.
StuL: The giants have just no fans at all do they?
frenzy: I got 9 in this pcaman
beerent11: Bought in Himmel and English this week. Apologies in advance
zadolinnyj: Lets go macca
pcaman2003: That’s a lot of eggs in the basket Frenzy. Good luck.
frenzy: might explain the season had
beerent11: Social distancing gotigres
beerent11: Captain Jack
beerent11: Anyone else take a chance on Harrison?
circle52: Macrae, English, Dunkley and Cogs in this for me.
Raspel31: Vc Jack to Touk Beer- sheesh Preuss is a big unit. Crap- but big.
damoj88: Yup, sure did brent
Grimes Jr: Lift english
original: AT plz keep up with bont tonight
MrWalrus: Tom Green VC here, something different, just had a feeling.
pcaman2003: Wake up call to J Kelly. Hello!
Wahab_18: Now I can see how Green gets a million touches a game and scores 80 he shanks every touch 🙁
zadolinnyj: Interesting ?MrWalrus
Cottees: Weightman 2 goals no frees. not bad ey
pjw1234: as I the only person to have held whitfield?
Raspel31: Brave call toothy amphibian- but have Green too.
Pies20: 10minutes in and we are asking players to lift classic
DANGERous: lift pies20
frenzy: nup pjw, me too
beerent11: Fanfooty in a nutshell pies20
Pies20: Haha absolutely beer
DANGERous: lift beer
pcaman2003: Lift everybody!
navy_blues: kely 1 kick = 10sc lol
Pies20: I have English c I’ll wait a couple more minutes for those comments
beerent11: Harry?s even got the kick ins
beerent11: Lifting as we speak DANGER
BigChief: L plate for Angwin m0nty
MrWalrus: Zado, what’s more interesting is how damn well you’ve been traveling this season
pcaman2003: Pies20. Pommy is doing nicely
Pies20: I’ve peaked danger down hill from here
Wahab_18: lets go himmelbush
beerent11: How many will go butters to himmelberg this week if he goes big?
m0nty: Himmelbush lol, nice one Wahab
Lynch_MOB: geez you’d be filthy if you have the helmet in your team
zadolinnyj: Let a few games go in bye rounds MrWalrus but will finish strong
MrWalrus: Green is a beast, will dominate in his late 20s injuries permitting
Wahab_18: Where is Green playing? can’t spot him at all
TheLegend6: TOG broken
Ash777: the weightman vs greene show
MrWalrus: Himmelbush has actually become very relevant it seems
zadolinnyj: Daniel has not left bench
st_steve: Got spooked by Himmelberg being named CHF. Sums up my season.
pjw1234: mcneil subed on for duryea
Pies20: .different role yes agree walrus
beerent11: Will be a pod only for this week I fear walrus
MrWalrus: It’s ok wahab, future Green is the one you want to watch but he’ll pop up tonight too
beerent11: I was concerned by Haynes being named st steve. But went with it anyway.
TheLegend6: Can we trust GWS wont through Himmel forward tho?
Wahab_18: hope so MrWalrus
st_steve: Fortune favours the brave Beer!
beerent11: Leon?s gone legend6
MrWalrus: To be fair the illegitimate Hemsworth is a very good footy player
Wahab_18: Only thing McVeigh has done good switching Himmelbush.. Still hate him for dropping preuess and wasting 1 trade of mine
beerent11: I think as long as riccardi hogan and greene are there he?s ok
Pies20: Lift khamis!! Oh shower he’s not playing 🙄 🤣 last lift comment
Torz: Dangerous tackle bs
DANGERous: it was a dangerous tackle, good call
Pies20: Dog’s on tonight early
Wahab_18: Go Green you little rippaaaa
beerent11: See, McRae just needed the bye. Looked very sore two weeks ago.
original: Was a dangerous tackle
Gotigres: Preuss limped to the bench
Grimes Jr: Ffs three weeks of holding preuss and now this
DrSeuss: If Preuss is injured – this round can get fucked
Catatafish: Fuck off cunts, not fucking Preuss as well
beerent11: Set up for English now. Go son!
Stu7: Grimes and worst still going to lose money on him ffs
Pies20: Not watching is it bad tiges?
Wahab_18: Green and Himmelbush unique loving it
pcaman2003: English should smash this now.
navy_blues: think preuss goneeee
Gotigres: Not sure yet Pies
DrSeuss: Preuss will be done I reckon. Not looking good with Doctors
Pies20: This round seuss your lucky myn have been this and the past thirteen 😆
Gotigres: Boot off and going down to the rooms now
pcaman2003: Preuss won’t come back on now. He’s cooked.
beerent11: Shitload of players 25+ at qtr time
cherry9: Preuss. Seriously, no way. Cmon son
StuL: I said a ruckman will get injured
Wahab_18: Walrus you were right cheers boss green is popping off now
MrWalrus: Not Preuss! Went him to gawn last week! Back again as next best, is he really done!?
original: Needed cogs to have a quiet one..great lol ffs
Catatafish: I have Preuss and Gawn with English as fill in ruck. Fucking cunt
MrWalrus: Wahab, the kid is a beast, will be a top 10 mid for the next 9-10 years if given half a chance
Gotigres: Great qtr Wehr. Keep it up.
pcaman2003: Sorry Mr Walrus,but I’d think so.
CaptainWho: Imagine if English goes down, there will be no rucks left!
beerent11: He?s good gotigres. Very good user.
Stikman35: Might have to use Cameron as ruck for rest of year.
Raspel31: Why oh why did I bench young Wehr. Otherwise all going to plan- cue maniacal laugh.
pcaman2003: Good lad Wehr. Keep that up.
MrWalrus: Whelp I’m peeling the wax off of my Mr Nobody fortified shiraz, seeyas all tomorrow
cherry9: Fair to say my Preuss and Teakle has not been that successful
cherry9: Ruck line
Catatafish: @cherry I have him as well. Three injured rucks.
beerent11: Cogs wehr Himmel green Macca and big tommy all flying. Makes a nice change for the useful idiots.
Tangent: Evening all
Stu7: Cherry bugger that?s harsh
Tangent: Don’t tell me Preuss is gone? I have no rucks what so ever in my team
beerent11: And 440ml coopers green bullets. Happy days.
Stu7: Tangent
Grimes Jr: Need huge score vc English with preuss rubbish
Stu7: Come on Kelly
Wahab_18: Green i am absolutely loving itttttt
Stikman35: Cmon Macrae extract the digit
Tangent: Got English, Macrae, Dunkley, Green, Cogs, Showerfield, Preuss.
Tangent: Yep Preuss gone.
navy_blues: get off pine libba
Wahab_18: Preuss done guys
beerent11: Haha he?s going great stikman. 38 already.
beerent11: Jacket off?
st_steve: This is the round that finishes off my SC team. Time for a beer haha
vamos77: Glad I dodged that Preuss bullet
cherry9: Only held Preuss to ripen the cash gen, but nope. So many first qtr injury subs lately
Stikman35: With all todays injuries he has to do better beer
cammo6556: I had traded preuss… untraded him. Now this. Should never second guess
Stu7: Who?s rucking for gws
Wahab_18: Keefe rucking
pcaman2003: Stu7. Keeffe
beerent11: You won?t be Robinson Crusoe there st Steve. Lots of us getting smashed. Cheers.
pjw1234: Keeffe is doing the majority of rucking
Ash777: if you haven’t bought in english, witts, etc by now you’re done
MrWalrus: Geez this is crazy good fortified wine, C’mon Preussy
Wahab_18: thanks dunkley love u haha
Stikman35: The green machine
Tangent: Preuss wants to come back on COME ON LAD
Stu7: Thanks pjw
Torz: Preuss from the grave?
pjw1234: Press looks like coming back on????
Stu7: Thanks pca
Stu7: Thanks wahab
MrWalrus: que sera sera
Wahab_18: No Preuss lol
beerent11: Hope hogan gets a good run at it. Could be a serious player with a bit of luck.
Stikman35: Elaborate on your wine walrus.
Catatafish: Cheers Preuss, you absolute legend.
MrWalrus: Flower me! This fortified shiraz (port) is magic!
Stu7: Come on Whitfield
Wahab_18: Another good thing from Mcveigh resting Green fwd instead of on the pine
Pav300: Good point Wahab
Social: Well fancy that and deary me, another of my players injured. Bollocks.
beerent11: Pretty good game. Pretty, pretty, pretty good.
MrWalrus: VC TG trying to fix Preuss for this week then the big man will come back saving a trade!
Wahab_18: Okay time to realise GWS aren’t winning anything out of the middle without green there put him back in the guts now
Stu7: Green on the pine
Tangent: I strongly dislike showerfield
Social: But you like Hawkins right?
Stu7: This has been the worst week for tipping, SC and DT
Tangent: I love hawkins i’d kiss him if I saw him
Breezey: Power off Dunkley
pcaman2003: Between the big sticks Treloar,not the short ones.
Wahab_18: Give Himmelbush all the kick in he actually makes things happen
Wahab_18: I agree Breezey power of Donkley
beerent11: No dunks breezey?
DrSeuss: Get off the bench Macrae
Breezey: I like Hawkins. The Jennifer kind
Stu7: Green 18 possessions for 58!
Social: Hehe me too
Stikman35: Either my scoach team is on the pine or injured or theyre immobile with gout
Tangent: “Every man and their dog owns Dunkley”
Stu7: Your wish has been granted Dr
vamos77: Is Angwin Laurence’s brother? Needs a burglar mask icon if so
Wahab_18: As soon as i spoke about the pine Green is stuck there now -_-
Breezey: No Dunks for me. Macrae Treloar. Dale
Grimes Jr: Do something English
cherry9: Captain MacRae ticking along nicely. Cmon, strong finish to half
Stikman35: For me preuss overnight will morph into Dunks. Final upgrade. Thought I?d completed the upgrades..but NO
Tangent: Cogs fell asleep at QT
Wahab_18: goddamn was happy with the HTB and now he gets a shot on goal ffs
vamos77: Jen Hawkins was top notch circa 2005 Breezey, nowadays she’s like a rod of PTFE
original: Cogs does nothing all qtr and wb gift him a goal and sc points ffs
beerent11: Let?s go captain Jack
Stikman35: Haha
Stu7: Coni nice work
pcaman2003: English has got worse since Preuss went off.Bring back Preuss
Searly34: Qtr not done yet Tangent
StuL: The music person needs to be fired.
Stu7: Pca lol
m0nty: what a lovely game for DT, apart from Preuss of course
beerent11: Lucky you didn?t trade him out eh original
vamos77: I think the Unders is fuckef
Tangent: Searly are u ok? Qtr finished 25 mins ago
st_steve: Had Cogs VC and swapped to Dunkley just before game started. A lot of stress for similar scores!
original: Beerent I?m focusing on draft. I never had the chance to trade him out
Breezey: Will there be 17 goals in the second half.
pjw1234: Brahn, Hogan, Peatling all with a limp up
beerent11: Ah
Stikman35: Whitfield floats in and out like a fart
Grimes Jr: Pathetic English u fucking spud
beerent11: We should run a draft league next year. Much more interesting than classic I reckon
pjw1234: Sorry Wehr not Bruhn
Tangent: So glad I traded Whitfield in for 420K, new role he will avg at least 100, 115 odd last round too
pcaman2003: Stikman. A very stinky one at that.
Stu7: P155 off weightman
Catatafish: Why is English only on 42?
Breezey: Huge half of footy from Weightman
pjw1234: or maybe it was Angwin. Someone is limping lol
Stikman35: Weight man is incredible. He must have gone to Bali during his break
beerent11: Been quiet this qtr catatafish
Stu7: Nice counter Greene
cherry9: Bont is quality isnt he, over quantity. Huge SC/DT ratio
Breezey: I?m saying that. What about Toby
pcaman2003: English,Kelly and Treloar underwhelming half. Improve 2nd half guys
CaptainWho: Bont sc giving me a chubby
st_steve: This is insane. Weight man with 5 and Greene with 4 in the first half.
robbieg: ahhhhh preuss why do i do it to myself
Wahab_18: this is a lovely game just need dunkley to power off
pcaman2003: Maybe a tad hard on Kelly as he scored points in the last minute.
MrWalrus: Bont in for Butters
CaptainWho: Bont, macrae, dunks, conigs and wehr. Cheers boys!
MrWalrus: Preuss too be OK (is he ok?)
Pies20: Butters out for preuss upgrade that’s how good I’m going walrus
pcaman2003: MrWalrus.. Not to bad. Amputation of the lower leg only.
navy_blues: wahab happy??? cant be true
MrWalrus: Poor pies, this season had been pretty smooth up to the byes now it’s injuries everywhere
pcaman2003: I’ve been lucky with no injuries this round…..yet!
MrWalrus: So might miss a week 🤔
Ash777: what did butters do
pcaman2003: Walrus. Lol! His leg will grow back within7 days.
Stikman35: Thatll be right. Take points off Macrae after the siren. Typical.
Pies20: I did better last year in my rookie season of sc walrus, injuries every where parish perryman gawn dusty preuss and the
StuL: Nan did not play I’m the 50s. Unless you mean bowls
frenzy: rookie season of SC, wow cant remember mine
st_steve: Cumming and Short had been great defence PODs but when they both trash up in the same round is yuck.
Social: Ugle-Hagan do a very nice rum n raisin
MrWalrus: Been many years for me, it really is the meanest game you can play
beerent11: It appears it?s easy being green? Kermit!
st_steve: Turns out, it?s my team?s shortcumming.
beerent11: Should not be forgotten walrus. It is just a game.
frenzy: your doctor can give you something for that steve
hinsch: Mr English can you move it along a bit quicker TIA
st_steve: Cheers frenzy, always good to get some advice via experience haha
MrWalrus: Sure is and I’m straight swapping the bont for Butters now, geez he’s good
Social: Tobias aflame
Breezey: You?re right there Frenzy. He needs someone for longcumming
pcaman2003: Kelly off to the bench after only 3 and1/2 mins. I need points, not pine blisters.
beerent11: Hope you?ve got 120k in the bank walrus
Social: Baz’s gear might help
MrWalrus: Of course I do beer, what a silly question
MrWalrus: Fixing Preuss if he is stuffed will be the problem
beerent11: Back in my box
Breezey: Do something Treelaw
beerent11: Jack?s mutha ucking back.
TheLegend6: Where is Kelly
MrWalrus: No beer! beers should be free and liberally dispersed among the masses!
beerent11: I?ll drink to that
pcaman2003: TheLegends6. When you find him,let me know.He might be with Treloar.
Catatafish: If McCunt could do something that might help my fucking situation
beerent11: That?s about 5 holding the ball frees for Macca. Gun.
Wahab_18: Go HimmelBushhhhhh
Ash777: Macrae going monster
Breezey: I?ve just learnt that Himmelberg is German for Green/Greene
Raspel31: Macca- I feel you’ve earned the nod.
beerent11: Surely you don?t mean McRae catatafish. Mccomb?
cherry9: Very nice work Macrae, hard work and everything quality
Ash777: also careful with himmelberg. key defenders can go big against dogs
Social: That’s the thing about Kelly :/
pcaman2003: Kelly has disappeared off the planet. Not sighted.
Catatafish: Macrae would be “Maccunt” so yeah
_Wang_: Captain macrae keep going
StuL: Himmel is Sky or heaven. I think it’s just a name
Raspel31: I know pcaman-wtf?
beerent11: Gone big 3 weeks in a row ash. Lowest score of 80 since going back 4 weeks ago. -61 breakeven was worth it by itself.
Catatafish: Macrae is my vice, basically the only useful thing in two weeks of this shit
Social: I jumped on for a quick $70k
Stu7: Regret going Kelly as C
pcaman2003: Raspel. Hard to believe he has a 113 average when watching this. Deflating!
beerent11: He?s on 109 before 3qtr time. You definitely belong on Fanfooty.
StuL: Damn not sticking with c macca
beerent11: Got him as c after crippa sucked balls on Thursday night.
pcaman2003: Stu7. Commiserations!
Stu7: GWS cooked
Stu7: Pca thanks mate
beerent11: Himmel goes up about 60k with an 80.
pcaman2003: Unreal! Kelly rocketed from 48 to half a ton. So exciting!
Catatafish: Macca single-handedly trying to save me from Preuss, go son
_Wang_: Macca you star
Gotigres: So happy I took the C off Macrae
navy_blues: well stu maybe u will listen to me next time lol
Bluebagg11: If I hear these wa nker commentators talk about the high scoring one more time?.
Gotigres: You deserve this qtr off Macrae.
beerent11: Nice spacebar positioning bluebagg11
Yelse: can kelly get in possessions this quarter i wonder
beerent11: 3 bags full
pcaman2003: If Wehr outscores Kelly, Kelly won’t make my best 18 to this point.
MrWalrus: Captain touk touk I’m thinking
navy_blues: or witts not sure walrus
cammo6556: Kelly will be lucky to survive my trades this week… but he will
Social: yup touk touk bang bang
beerent11: Neck and neck pcaman. Go Jacob
Stu7: Navy – yeah should have hey
Pavs: How many trades do we all have left 13 for me?
beerent11: Might get a tag walrus. That?s why I went McRae.
Social: SDK’s job on Naughton looking even better this week
beerent11: Witts might be safer if you have him
Gotigres: Get to 70 please Wehr
pcaman2003: beerent. Just didn’t anticipate Kelly being pathetic tonight.
spdysaint: what happens if your captain isnt best 18?
navy_blues: just joking stu u make your own choices and have fun
cammo6556: Adelaide don’t have a tagger. Not a competent one, anyway
beerent11: 8 left one to upgrade and waiting on butters diagnosis pavs.
Stu7: Cheers Navy
Gotigres: I think you might get the captain’s score spdysaint if the score is doubled
beerent11: Jackson hately, the berry kid. Both done good jobs in the past.
Stu7: Engrish coming home strong
Raspel31: Kelly gone a missing tonight pcaman- simply not there.
MrWalrus: Touk locked, no witts but maybe next week
Social: bang bang
pcaman2003: How does Macca have 20 more touches than Kelly. You lazy flower Kelly
Stikman35: Bonus
Yelse: 14 left one midfielder to upgrade
beerent11: On track for 6 tons and wehr in this one. Needed it too.
cherry9: Bonus Mac!
Breezey: Yes Jack. Take that 50
beerent11: With captain Jack.
cammo6556: No they haven’t… not at all. High tackle count does not equal a good tagger.
Silz90: Macca
Pavs: What midfielder you looking for Yelse?
beerent11: Uhhh because he?s better pcaman?
gazza39: Of course I play the guy that has Toby ffs
Danstar: 5g multi bet gonna fail cos peatling no goals and is off now 🙁
MrWalrus: 8 left, Butters & Preuss to fix, 200k banked, just holding on
Silz90: Keep going bont and english
Ash777: anyone kept whitfield?
Yelse: thinking laird or today was put off jelly
pcaman2003: beerent. By a fair margin tonight. Kelly not even tagged and has 18 pts for 2nd half. Disgrace!
Social: Kelly’s a lazy thoroughbred
beerent11: Few cheapies Himmel, get that ton!
gazza39: West looks like Toby lol
Silz90: have a rest cogs
MrWalrus: Only in fantasy Ash, seems to have lost his DE
beerent11: They all have bad games pcaman. Still a gun player and good pick.
Stu7: Ash777 I kept him
Yelse: @ash777 i still got whitfield
MrWalrus: Actually very much still game on here
Lynch_MOB: man if preuss gone dont know who to get. Got witts and English is in my forward line :/
Social: Make it interesting GWDSFCK
Lynch_MOB: ROB or Darcy lol, both been terrible in some games
Pavs: Nankervis? Lynch
oc16: gotta go Cameron!
Lynch_MOB: yea maybe, he’s been a more constiant scorer than the other 2
Breezey: Anyone ever considered the Big O
beerent11: Darcy off the bye
Silz90: Not with fort in the team
Wahab_18: shower call
Yelse: english to go in the ruck and get a fwd
Yelse: cameron good to give you DPP cover if rock injured
Breezey: Fort wasn?t in the team last week
Stikman35: Opponent has Touk as capt. Think I?ll make Brayshaw capt.
beerent11: Himmel gone fwd. might be a quick cash grab after all.
Silz90: i know but if he comes in, then he will the score poorly imo
Social: Bitz is actually pretty good value and resilient
arbel: Kelly complete nothing today. Probably cost my league 🙁
Breezey: Toby is deadset unreal
TheLegend6: Wehr actually going to beat Kelly
Social: Hate Toby as an opponent, love to have him with us
pcaman2003: TheLegend6. Which means Kelly may not be in my best 18. Unimaginable!
Silz90: darcy is so annoying, take him of the dogs games
cmperrfect: Go Capt Macca.
Breezey: Decent enough finish from Treelaw
Danstar: Maybe it is worth have the dogs 5 lol
Social: Yep got em all Danstar, ‘cept for the one on the nose beers

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