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Chat log from R14 of 2022: West Coast vs Geelong

Chat log for West Coast vs Geelong, R14 of 2022

Yelse: any still to use VC? and who are you putting it on?
Cottees: With how my tipping has gone this week, Eagles will win by 1
Wahab_18: Praying for no injuries at WCE gonna ruin Clarks average
bhg26: Yeah imma give this game a pass
Grimes Jr: west coast to win
m0nty: don’t be so sad bhg, Swans will be right
navy_blues: go eagles might as well follow the trend
hinsch: with you there navy 0-3 at the moment
bhg26: i hope youre right m0nty, tight race for the 8
navy_blues: if i was doing tipping id be on 0 this round lol
Lynch_MOB: can you put the c on a bye round player to loophole a vc player?
Grimes Jr: im 2 from 3
Cottees: yeah no way anyones over 1 tip this round so far
Cottees: How are you tipping Essendon over Saints and Port over Sydney?
Grimes Jr: port over sydney was always a chance
Tangent: Is Geelong really tagging?
pcaman2003: 0/3 for me on ESPN tipping.Pooh!
pcaman2003: Only Stewart and SDK for me here.
navy_blues: rioli the idiot
Fatbar5tad: Fuck you Rioli
frenzy: yep Lynch mob
Lynch_MOB: cheers frenzy
mattmac24: That was very dumb by Rioli
pcaman2003: WC fans booind SDK for getting a gut punch. Real classy!
StuL: Have another toke Willie
StuL: We’re a chance to blow it. I remember our 4 goals v Fitzroy in about 1987
Fatbar5tad: ah the non tackling Geelong are playing today.
pcaman2003: SDK got a free for gut punch,so where is his free and points?
Baldfrog: Keep going Hough
m0nty: how is Hough still in my team
navy_blues: geelong keep playing miers? why?
Fatbar5tad: cos we have no one better in the magoos
Fatbar5tad: welcome back Sammy
pcaman2003: C’mon Stewart! Expecting big things from you today.
Manowar: when is that flog Dangerfield back?
yeah_nah: Isaac Smith is a running machine
m0nty: Hough going ough
Tangent: 2 weeks id say
duckky: That should count as a goal assist for Hough
navy_blues: surely gee could try a young player in his place fatbar
Baldfrog: No need to cough when u have a hough
Fatbar5tad: Evans behind him at this stage.
mattmac24: Evans really the only other player to replace Miers and he has been worse than Miers
navy_blues: he couldnt do any worse
bhg26: Reckon Shueys having fun?
m0nty: what a shame we never got Bazzo playing on Buzza
Tangent: Anyone here heard of playworpel
Fatbar5tad: Miers has just started hitting the scoreboard. Evans hasnt had much of a year unfortunately
bhg26: yes Tangent i am insane at worpel
Tangent: Past 2 days I’ve guessed it first try. Quite happy and wanted to share lol
bhg26: If you guessed todays one first go then youre taking the power
RuffLeader: You can’t use the silhouettes, that’s cheating
Tangent: No bullshit I got it first go, I recognized the head tilt anyday of the week took me 10 secs
bhg26: Agreed Ruff
navy_blues: nearly brought c guthrie in this week but went libba instead so of course he will score well gonna
Tangent: I’ll give no silhouette a go tommorow
mattmac24: I wouldn’t have even recognised the silhouette for today!
bhg26: I just always guess worpel first, ill get it right eventually
pcaman2003: WTF! SDK just went from 16 to 6 for what?
Social: what are these so called silhouettes?
Pavs: Pcaman Zach Guthrie took a mark and kick and they gave it to SDK
Stikman35: Enter Greg Clark
DANGERous: get off the pine tommy
Social: bit stiff there
Cottees: here come the eagles! lol
vamos77: Tom Stewart – worst pick ever
_Wang_: Vamos lol he’s been a legend all year
pcaman2003: vamos. Yeah ,terrible pick with only a 113 average.
Fatbar5tad: Fuck the 92 Eagles
vamos77: Bought him in the other week when he got concussed, been poo today. Stand by my comment
MrWalrus: The recency bias on this chat is astounding sometimes
_Wang_: lolol
circle52: Clark subbed on
Pavs: Agree Walrus. Crazy.
MrWalrus: Stewart to ton anyway
Stikman35: Told ya
zadolinnyj: Wc getting better. Considering Kelly out
duckky: Regency bias? I think you’ve been watching too much Bridgerton
pcaman2003: I think SDK will become Doc next week.
mattmac24: WC getting better because they finally have a team not filled with WAFL players.
vamos77: Only way Stewart tons is if West Coke win
mattmac24: If West Coast win.. it means Stewart hasn’t played well…
Stikman35: Recency bias is based on favouring recent events and not considering the full entirety of events
MrWalrus: Correct Stik
navy_blues: go eagles lol
MontyJnr: Stop making excuses mattmac24, no Kelly and most of the senior West Coast have been playing anyway
Cottees: im really going to be 0/4 for tips arent I
vamos77: Weight of numbers means they’ve had plenty of F50 ball which inevitably will lead to Tommy Possies
frenzy: above my pay grade Stikman
StuL: Where were you on that day in 92? I was there.
Stikman35: Clark only needs to progress 14 points to achieve success
mattmac24: What excuses am I making? Lol
pcaman2003: What a cluster flower SDK and Stewart are in this game.
Stikman35: Unrelated.. but I was there two years before 92. Wonderful
vamos77: Stewart – Like paying for a Waygu and getting a Topside
Tangent: So reactionary oh my god calm down, geelong by 30+
Catatafish: Ahh Stewart… sigh
MrWalrus: Eagles really are still good I think, really got done over by COVID & injuries
MrWalrus: Didn’t Stewart have a 30pt first half & still go 120 odd a few weeks back? Will be fine i reckon
mattmac24: I agree Walrus WC definitely still have a good list and they’ve given plenty of experience to young kids.
vamos77: I heard that they’ve run out of blonde hair dye and black electrical tape down Corio way
frenzy: Haha Mr Walrus, tigers got the cats next week
Social: Plenty of flag players out there for them. I was there in 2018 😉
MrWalrus: Well I know the tiger’s are still good frenzy, your lot might be in 3-4 years if you can hold everyone
frenzy: straight bat this week Mrwalrus, don’t upset the cats.Lol
MrWalrus: LDU been particularly impressive a few times, Judd like almost
frenzy: yep, I want phillips out there getting a kick, needs to get over his illness
Hazza09: Anyone else having a week from hell?
MrWalrus: Not great Hazza but last week was my shocker, after that this is mildly annoying
Stu7: Few upset games this round
Stu7: Hazza yep me
MrWalrus: Hopefully Stu, to be fair the competition is actually quite good at the moment
MrWalrus: Any team is a chance against another
Stu7: True Walrus
HolyNorf: Wouldn?t say any team Walrus
MrWalrus: We need 3 more teams then have everyone play everyone else once with a rolling bye
Stu7: Making it interesting
MrWalrus: Would make it fair then
HolyNorf: Rolling bye would be SC hell
MrWalrus: Yep holy norf even your lot if they have a good one.
MrWalrus: Rolling bye for just 1 team a week would be easy compared to what we have now
Stu7: Witts or Kelly for C lads?
MrWalrus: Anyway, go eagles! Eww, feels so wrong even v the chats
frenzy: vote kelly C
mattmac24: Tough choice Stu. Kelly just for me
navy_blues: im going witts
MrWalrus: I’d go Kelly, ROB can do good defence, any other choices? Touk?
Stu7: Best if 5 – 2 more votes?
_Wang_: Anyone have love form
_Wang_: Macrae
Stu7: 1 more?
arbel: Gees the umpires love Hawkins. Push out no free then soft high tackle.
m0nty: on brand for Hawkins to get 700 from a dodgy free
Stu7: Kelly it is – thanks Walrus,navy, frenzy & matt – 3-1 Kelly it is
Gotigres: Go Clark. I really need you to catch Hough
Stikman35: Butters going down sucked today. Treakle was looking handy but made me cry. Still useful to move darce Cameron around
Social: bit salty there m0nty
Tangent: What is Stewarts BE?
frenzy: uny 137 tangent
Tangent: Perfect, hopefully he stays low so I can afford him this week, was 4k short
Tangent: I think he’s worth being my last trade
penguins00: It’ll be higher the week after with the 170 dropping out of his scores
Tangent: What?
mattmac24: That goal ump needs some new glasses I think
vamos77: Stewart is garbage, only a 40pt qtr
MrWalrus: Stewart looking like he may go 100+, he really is a good player & SC gun to go with
_Wang_: Lol vamos well played
vamos77: Reckon you have his poster on your wall Walrus, even go as far as a Tommy quilt cover
mattmac24: Hopefully he has another ‘garbage’ 40 point quarter
vamos77: You’re welcome MM24
MrWalrus: Not quite vamos but he is a player I really rate, honest and hard at it.
vamos77: In all seriousness so do I walrus, Geelong tend to struggle without him. It’s all about the rocket to get em going
pcaman2003: SDK at least get your 60 BE. It’d not that hard with some effort/
Lynch_MOB: glad i traded clark, sdk, hobbs. Into Laird and Mills
mattmac24: That was a rough 50m
pcaman2003: Lynch. Nice upgrades there. SDK only player with 100% TOG and isn’t even 40 yet.
Lynch_MOB: cheers mate
Tangent: Good game from Clark with 41% TOG
DEESareSAD: Why is coop stephens dt to sc ratio so trash
Gotigres: Go Eagles
TheLegend6: Lets go Weagles!
DANGERous: get stewart back on, they are scoring again
MrWalrus: Wet Toast let’s go, do it for the Tiges
pcaman2003: Ton up Tommy boy.
mattmac24: Good to see Weagles having a good game, rough to see them getting smashed every week
TheLegend6: One more touch guthrie
DEESareSAD: Bazzo just doubled his score in like 5 minutes? What did he do
Tangent: How is that holding lol
Manowar: win Eagles!
navy_blues: thats bs with selwood
Tangent: Okay this is the worst umpiring ever wtf
pcaman2003: Start scoring SDK you stick figure.
TheLegend6: Will take 60 from Stephens, great effort
mattmac24: Some kick to kick between SDK and Stewart would be nice
Social: That’s the Hawkins brand m0nty
arbel: Good to see the umps make sure of it. Just a couple soft frees to put it to bed
Catatafish: Come on Stewart, a couple more touches
pcaman2003: mattmac. Unfortunately ignoring each other today
Tangent: Well done cats you just beat West Coast hope you guys get pummeled in finals
mattmac24: Pca, the whole of Geelong’s defence has been ignoring one another today, horrible performance
Social: peace tangent
thommoae: You’re kidding mattmac – couldn’t happen to a nicer supporter bunch.
Manowar: umpires, get Geelong another win!
Lynch_MOB: why doesnt stevens get more tog? smh
Social: Que?
mattmac24: Cry some more Manowar.
Social: Umps got em back in it!
Tangent: I’d love to uppercut hawkins
mattmac24: Na Thommaoe. I have no issues with Weagles supporters
Wahab_18: flower off jezza stewart was about to take an intercept
Amare: #freekickwestcoast
Fatbar5tad: Lmfao manowhine
Social: I’m sure he’d love it too Tangent 😉
Lynch_MOB: who cares, they’ll lose every final as usual.
Fatbar5tad: my money is on Tom Tangent.
thommoae: They define ‘feral’ for mine, mattmac
beerent11: Yes Tom drop that cash
Sam_R01: 3 goals and 15 touches for BOG?

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