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Chat log from R14 of 2022: Port Adelaide vs Sydney

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Sydney, R14 of 2022

frenzy: go Treakle, quick cash needed
pcaman2003: Be interesting to see how Teakle goes Frenzy. 10k brought him in.
Silz90: Go well test teakle
circle52: I brought Teakle in for Hayes 2 weeks ago to allow DPP swing and happy he is playing now.
circle52: Was to be floating do nut as well so happy both ways.
Silz90: same circle, hoping for a big score today
pcaman2003: Only Mills in this. Also my C so taking a risk.
frenzy: as a sole RUC, he could score well
circle52: Parker, Butters and Teakle in this
original: Get involved amon
Tangent: $100 says that Teakle will get some sort of injury this game
Silz90: Y tangent?
Social: Well butter my heeney?. Nice start!
Tangent: Every first gamer i’ve ever bought in has been injured
bhg26: Nice grab from teakle there
navy_blues: healy says this could be the day heeney fires lol he says that everytime he commentates a syd game
pcaman2003: Tangent. I know the feeling well,especially this year.
pcaman2003: I need you to fire up when you come back on Mills. No slacking allowed
Tangent: I’ve got 2 trades left for the season LOL and most of it is because of injuries.
beerent11: Just need pmac to get his breakeven in his last game for the useful idiots.
bhg26: Heeney grabbing everything
beerent11: That?s wild tangent. Thought I was going bad with 7 left.
Cottees: Heeney trying to bait me into getting him lol
HolyNorf: Go Heeney
pcaman2003: Nice Millsy. That’s much better.
Tangent: I started the year so well, bye rounds killed me traded in 5 players and 4 injured
original: Ffs was loving mills on the bench. Back on and immediate goal ffs. Oppo has him C
Social: Buttery goodness
beerent11: Zakky boy
hinsch: cottees agree not falling for the old Heeney trick again
Hazza09: Make your BE McCartin so you can go next week
Cottees: man, dont have butters, mills or heeney. Gonna get destroyed this week
circle52: Doing it at AO surprise
bhg26: I don?t get in the back. If a player falls forward what are you meant to do?
beerent11: The two Fanfooty whipping boys dominating
MrWalrus: Heeney is a genuine premo, has been for years,the only trap is thinking he’s a trap
bhg26: Lloyd you spanner
navy_blues: lets see at qtr time what heeney score is then see what it is at end of game
Cottees: Walrus, 3 rounds average of about 80-85. Yeah premo mate. Good one
navy_blues: lol at genuine premo very inconsistent
Bluebagg11: Woweeeee port!
beerent11: Never been a genuine premo. Always been promising.
Hazza09: Butters had a chance to goal ffs lol
bhg26: Bloody hell swans can we stop being butchers in defence
Bluebagg11: Lift Parker ffs. Need you to beat Mills
beerent11: 200 watch on 3
Tangent: Heeney, Butters, Rozee and Mills (C) I’m on cloud 9
Cottees: Butters to 200? lol
Ninty: Heeney is a top 6 fwd for all games played. Bank the total points for the year.
navy_blues: lol 3? who?
pcaman2003: Great start Captain Mills. 3 more qtrs like that please.
Tangent: Calm down, not 1 player will get past 170
navy_blues: only 1 capable of 200 from here
Raspel31: Know which side my bread is buttered. Happy so far with Margerine, Mills and Heeney.
MrWalrus: Averaging over 100 cottees, going ok today too, 3rd average over a season is meaningless
Hazza09: Teakle looks promising
circle52: Need Parker to lift even Teakle beating him
pcaman2003: Raspel. Nice trifecta buddy.
duckky: So is Hayes gone for the season?
Hazza09: Does P Mac go if he has a mare today?
MrWalrus: Hazza if you’re not full premo by now then I reckon you’re in trouble regardless
Raspel31: But didn’t cap Mills- sigh pcaman.
bhg26: Aliirs kicks are so slow lol, its like he is kicking a balloon
Cottees: I am 1 off full premo. As I kept 1 open for past byes
Hazza09: Walrus I am full premo other than McCartin at D6
Tangent: Anyone here still got showerfield?
pcaman2003: Raspel. Had the C on Witts and changed just b4 the game.
Torz: Butters with his weekly injury
navy_blues: butters cooked
bhg26: And butters hurt, good grief
Social: Don?t hurt my butter boy
Hazza09: Butters cooked
pcaman2003: Ouch! for those with Butters and low trades if he’s out a while.
amigaman: Didn’t take CD long to steal points off Butters
beerent11: Classic butters
Napper: No points for butter tackle
Tangent: My SC is done for the year I have no trades left after this week
bhg26: Can Ricciuto clear his throat
Raspel31: Hubris bites back pcaman.
Hazza09: I think butters is done
beerent11: Hey tangent, just checking if you have libba Or Stewart. Was going to bring them in next week.
Cottees: I have 6 trades left after this week
Raspel31: Think so too Hazza-sigh.
pcaman2003: Raspel. With Butters at 60 I would’ve been confident too. Just rotten luck for owners.
bhg26: Lol are there any swans fans at Adelaide oval?
bc__: Put your hand down heeney, you’ve done nothing for weeks
beerent11: Lazarus!
Tangent: Lol no Libba or Stewart for me bringing in Stewart as my last trade though.
bc__: Butters and Zac Williams cut from the same cloth
hinsch: Tipping this week not going so good hopefully Cats can beat WCE
beerent11: Might go doc then
Cottees: Eagles to beat Cats after siren goal by 1 @hinsch
Tangent: I’ve got Doc he’s a genuine gun
Tangent: It’s honestly crazy how he went from fighting cancer to having the season of his life… goes unnoticed
Silz90: Adding butters to the burn book
bhg26: Ricciuto has not said anything about Sydney yet
beerent11: Roo said butters looked ok to come back on
Social: That solves the keep/upgrade butters dilemma
bhg26: They?re the experts beer
Raspel31: Do believe I share your wisdom Social.
Hazza09: Butters on the never again list after this
bhg26: Hayward you fucking idiot
Ninty: Hayward muppet
bhg26: Two hands in back though
DrSeuss: Butters, Zorko, Gawn – ffs. When does it stop
circle52: What is the issue with Teakle AFL site showing injured but nothing in commentary.
navy_blues: teakle gone
bhg26: And now teakle hurt
colin wood: Ac joint for Teakle
Tangent: Sorry boys, I did tell you. Honestly its too fucking predictable at this stage
beerent11: 100 bucks
Hazza09: Teakle done now
Social: omfg
Tangent: Fuck sake
ausgooner: you got next week’s lotto number mate?
pcaman2003: Spot on Tangent with your earlier call.
Raspel31: Had 2 Port players- both gawn- at least Teakle on the bench.
Hazza09: Seriously this is a joke
beerent11: The force is strong with this one
bhg26: What does Ricciuto actually add to the commentary other than his fucking squeaky voice and south Australia bias
navy_blues: doesnt pay to go to early on newbies
Social: only got him for his dpp but still…
navy_blues: parker coming back well
hinsch: Teakle gone well at least I nearly got one hour out of him that must be a win.
bhg26: Preferably would like him to kick that goal though navy
MrWalrus: What happened to Butters?
DEESareSAD: Is butters like done for a few weeks or will he be back?
Hazza09: Seriously who?s next? Can?t believe this
Valorlonga: Who was the fucker who said they would put $100 on Teakle getting injured if they could
colin wood: Lol Parker?s score is laughable..
Fatbar5tad: Port Players are a no go in SC. Why did I select Butters. Absolute fail.
ausgooner: looks like a PCL so minimum 4-6 weeks you’d think
Tangent: Zorko, Bailey Smith, Gawn, Durdin, Teakle, Butters, Owens all for me… stiff run
pcaman2003: Valorlonga. Blame Tangent for putting the moz on him
navy_blues: 60 point qtr for parker
DEESareSAD: Agreed Colin.
DEESareSAD: How Parker got 20 for that last little stint is beyond me
pcaman2003: Nice C Mills. Do the same 2nd half.
Valorlonga: Atleast Teakle is a loop option for the rest of the year
Social: just need parker and heeney to blow their knees now and I can tune out
DrSeuss: Had all those Tangent – except Durdin. Bye weeks have been a nightmare.
circle52: Butters injiry looks like the mdial Meniscus they way knee bent so a few weeks I would sayy.
colin wood: Agreed Dees 20pts for kicking 2 behinds abd 2 more ineffective kicks
bhg26: Wahab type comment there social
Catatafish: Who was the one saying Teakle will get injured because they have him?
Tangent: That would be me
MrWalrus: Pretty sure Parker was 62 before the points
circle52: Parker is the highest Possession player on ground with 15 so would expect a decent score with that.
Social: sorry bhg. Dear me, I’m having a dreadful run with injuries in this jolly game
Valorlonga: Tangent sitting at home laughing and crying at the same time.
bhg26: Same here social byes have been shocking
Tangent: Spot on Valor, except no laughing
MrWalrus: Bont in next week, butters to bench 4 trades left no cash reserves left *sigh*
Catatafish: Ffs Tangent haha
Fatbar5tad: SC can far cough. Can’t take a fucking trick.
bhg26: Cant wait for butters to finish on 40
DrSeuss: Wines score is great, but hasn?t had a touch since about 10 minutes left in the 2nd qtr. get involved.Need Butters cover
bhg26: Lloyd should be dropped, such an average footballer
myteamsuks: I picked up treacle and durdin this week to get money in bank. Ouch
Cottees: Sydney surely should win this right? Port are down a player on bench lol
pcaman2003: bhg26. I never expected Lloyds game to drop off so badly this year.
StuL: Now we just need another ruck injury
banta: How on earth did Lloyd win a BnF a few years ago?
pcaman2003: Okay Millsy,the 2nd half has started
StuL: Lloyd was a gun until this year.
Tangent: Would Mills owners be happy with 130
bhg26: He was always a seagull pcaman. Since Blakey has taken more kickouts its showed how average he really is
Grimes Jr: go port
bhg26: Much rather Campbell playing
arbel: Wish commentators would stop saying 2 players down … they have a sub only 1 player down
bhg26: What the fuck are we doing!
pcaman2003: bhg26. He use to be a much better disposer of the ball than this. He’s just badly out of form.
bhg26: Fucking embarrassing
Tangent: Rampe having a mare
frenzy: Mills extract the digit buddy
Grimes Jr: flag tiges
bhg26: Ive never really been that high on lloyd pcaman
Yelse: got rid of Haeys for teakle and this is what i get 🙁 now hayes will play next week
andychiz: Mils notorious for slow second half starts imo
Tangent: Dude wtf? What is fool doing
bhg26: ladhams what are you doing you dumbarse
bhg26: Absolutely. Fucking. Disgraceful.
Grimes Jr: sydney = pretenders
pcaman2003: It’s a new comedy show:)
Catatafish: Lloyd is a fucking disgrace, he’s out next week now that Ridley is gone.
Baldfrog: What happened to Butters guys can’t watch?
bhg26: We’re not making finals. Dont deserve to after this fucking shitshow
Hazza09: Did his knee Bald
Baldfrog: Thanks Hazza
bhg26: Longmire writing his letter of resignation
poolboybob: Ladhams has to be the worst ruck in the comp
Yelse: this round result have been perfect for the pies so far
Tangent: Didn’t Ladhams get 170 one round? lol
pcaman2003: Looks like Mills down back now.Not a good sign for Swannies
bhg26: Thats the bad sign for the swans pcaman?
bhg26: Havent been able to pick the ball up for 30 minutes
Yelse: mills back is shocking footy
HolyNorf: Parker and Heeney great, Houston not so much
Hazza09: Anymore predictions Tangent?
Fatbar5tad: Port’s tackling immense
frenzy: horse thinks they are in trouble
pcaman2003: bhg26. Putting your best mid into defence to cover inadequacies.
Tangent: Crom will get up against Gold Coast, you heard it here first.
bhg26: At least he is competent at footy, cant say that for anyone else on field
Grimes Jr: Do something heeney
bhg26: But yeah not great
Tangent: Crows paying $5 to win lol
Yelse: ppl using Kayo how is the game vs stat update on fanfooty
Hazza09: And Rachelle to kick 5?
pcaman2003: bhg26. You may be right that perhaps a new coach is in order. Been there a long time.
bhg26: any chance to man up
HolyNorf: Game slightly faster generally
bhg26: Yeah slow thats how we come back
HolyNorf: Meant Kayo slightly faster
Tangent: Rachele paying $51 for 4 goals
bhg26: I need a mute button on Ricciuto
pcaman2003: Longmuir making sure C Mills is going to fail me. After such a great 1st half too. Bummer!
navy_blues: longmuir??? nlolol
mattmac24: He’s on 105 with a quarter to.. how is that bad?
frenzy: Longmuir? Lol
pcaman2003: Bad because he’s now down back out of the main play. Was on target for 160+
bhg26: Longmire needs to give them the biggest spray of their careers
bhg26: And then apologise to the media for hurting their feelings
Stu7: Any idea on what Llyod is doing a part from nothing?
bhg26: Gifting Port goals
Stu7: And Blakey by the way
Stu7: Bhg seems that way – not watching the game
JohnHoward: lloyd has never been a good football player. his literally just a seagull that benefited of a specific gamestyle
bhg26: Been directly responsible for 3 stu… so far
bhg26: amen johnhoward
Stu7: Nice job Heeney
Catatafish: And Lloyd can’t even seagull anymore so he’s useless
Stu7: Bhg that?s shit
Stu7: Lloyd 14 possessions for 29 says it all
Raspel31: Yep Catatafish- Lloyd used to be a must have. Days of yore.
Stu7: What?s Margarines injury?
m0nty: good game by Butters+Duursma added together
Stu7: Rasp yep I?m sucked in this year
navy_blues: butters gone from 55 to 63 and not even on field that bs
bhg26: Ladhams losing to finlayson, good grief
bhg26: Get Luke Parker on the fucking ground!
yeah_nah: monty maybe SC should give the sub points to the player who comes off. Yes I have butters.
Stu7: What is Butters injury?
Grimes Jr: get a fucking touch heeney u nuff
bhg26: How has that hit him on the chest
circle52: Looks like a medial ligament Stu.
Pavs: Stu 7 medial injury guessing 3 weeks
Stu7: On ya Pavs
bhg26: Poor Mills and Heeney, its just them take on today
Tangent: Good boy Heeney
navy_blues: lol buddy
Hazza09: Medial is 4-5 weeks easy
m0nty: I need a new icon for the reverse X-factor, the player who lost the game for his side, Ladhams is it today
bhg26: fair m0nty
Tangent: L – Factor
pcaman2003: Ladhams or Lloyd. Flip a coin.
hinsch: Butter score still going up he could ton up at this rate
sfenda1: what about an anchor monty?
bhg26: If you bounce the ball while tackled thats just holding the ball
MrWalrus: Hand brake
bhg26: Give the reverse x factor to lloyd as well m0nty
navy_blues: toilet
berch: Mills has played as the extra defender all last quarter
bhg26: In fact give it to everyone but mills and heeney
Torz: Yin Yang for Amon
pcaman2003: Well done Millsy,you did your best.
Stu7: Lloyd and Blakey ya chumps
Stu7: Lloyd and Blakey you?d get a game for St Kilda
bhg26: I want my 2 and a half hours back
pcaman2003: Lots of points still to come. Give them to C Mills CD.
Manowar: well done Shitney!
Catatafish: Lloyd’s price gonna drop faster than the ASX
2Ph0nes: catafish who cares? he’s made 4 tons all year he’s garbage this season lol
pcaman2003: Catafish. Lol! You’re not wrong.
Catatafish: Just wanted to drop that line haha he’s gone next week anyway

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