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Chat log from R14 of 2022: Gold Coast vs Adelaide

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Adelaide, R14 of 2022

Cottees: man rolled a dice for who to captain out of Laird, Miller and Witts. Dice say Laird so lock it in!
Social: I’ve been on Miller all week, can’t change it now in case he goes massive
Grimes Jr: Miller or witts captain?
Tangent: Need Dawson to outscore Touk and I win.
pcaman2003: Cottees. Pretyy safe bet I think. Laird usually reliable.
navy_blues: went witts as C
pcaman2003: Have Witts, Miller and Jeffrey in this
circle52: Mine said Miller same 3
circle52: Have Keays as well
Cottees: Have Laird C, Witts, Miller and Jeffrey
Stu7: Keays, Parnell & Jeffrey for me
Stu7: Tangent – good luck mate
frenzy: m0nty sitting on his Butts still
pcaman2003: Stu7. Keays is a nice POD. Haad thought of getting him,but missed the boat.
Tangent: Thanks Stu, you too.
pcaman2003: Tangent. Tough ask,but good luck anyway.
Stu7: Pca yes brought him in this week
MrWalrus: Touk Touk
damoj88: WTF why is Laird on the pine straight up
Tangent: Tempting to whip out a wahab comment about Touk… I’ll restrain
pcaman2003: Walrus. Off to a quick start. Good luck!
Raspel31: Doligo- good boy and here we go Touk.
frenzy: Solido
Cottees: go my Laird! gooo!
Tangent: Fuck you AFL umpires all of you are flogs
pcaman2003: Parnell is on my radar for bringing in this coming week. Looks good!
Hazza09: Cmon Witts
Stu7: Nice start Parnell
m0nty: Berry just handballed to Lemmens, fruity
Stu7: Pca I got him the other week
Torz: Parnell plays like Caleb Daniel
navy_blues: suns giving crows to much room need to man up
Stu7: M0nty lol
Stu7: Just as well Cornes has retired
MrWalrus: Tangent, while I’d prefer the suns to win I confirm that HTB was a terrible call
pcaman2003: Stu7/Torz Will probably trade out SDK for Parnell and free up some cash
Stu7: Pca good call
Cottees: if Laird was Bont, we would be up to 40 🙁
Stu7: Don?t you dare go big Rowell I ditched you this week
Stu7: Dawson in front of Miller so far Tangent
zadolinnyj: great goal
Social: kick the ball Farrar
hinsch: If Dawson stays under 300 I win all leagues, someone tag him.
MrWalrus: Farrer than who?
Tangent: Dawson man please i’ve never been so desperate
pcaman2003: C’mon Witts,you can do much better.
TheLegend6: Witts going backwards for each hitout to advantage?
Social: I hear Butts and Holman are good mates off the field
Stu7: Come on Keays trust me bring h8min this week and he?ll stay low
Tangent: Yeah nice lets just jump on players heads with an unrealistic attempt
frenzy: nah its Butts and Bowes
DANGERous: witts 12 hitouts for 8sc, yikes
MrWalrus: Not so much with doedee around though social
pcaman2003: Laird having a stellar year with great average,yet poor ownership. Why?
Stu7: Social – you idiot lol 😂
Cottees: Dawson looking to be my last premo upgrade to be honest!
Hazza09: Cheers Witts, thanks
Cottees: pca, didnt play first bit of year due to injury. so forgotten
Cottees: Captain Laird saving my week!!!
MrWalrus: Missed early & same bye as mills & the doggies boys pca, was my post bye target
Stu7: Keays breaking my heart
frenzy: MID only pcaman
pcaman2003: But Laird only missed first 2 rounds. Has killed it since. Even as mid only,he’s a winner.
lisapizza7: CD must be blind if they can’t see witts several hit outs to advantage that he has had
pcaman2003: Laird also 9 consecutive tons which is impressive.
frenzy: shhh pcaman, my POD
pcaman2003: Hahaha Frenzy. Maybe mine too soon. Freeing up cash and still 9 trades left,so seriously considering.
MrWalrus: If Laird & Touk get projected i crack 1900, pretty handy this week I think
zadolinnyj: good MrWalrus
Cottees: I have potential 2k+ depending on my players in this game. 1950 is pretty gettable as long as no injuries
pcaman2003: Nice Walrus. I’m looking at 1975,but Witts may alter that unless big improvement.
Stu7: Kick,it to Keays kick it to Keays
Cottees: not a great start to the 2nd Laird. 2 Frees against come on
TheLegend6: I’m looking at 2.1k but need Witts to hit around 130
Stu7: Witts is having a Barry Crocker
MrWalrus: About the only round I may have you covered Zado, you’re smashing it
Stu7: Keays touc(Ed the ball
Stu7: Keays touched the ball woo hooo
pcaman2003: Anyone still got Rowell?
m0nty: Butts getting a kicking from Mabior
Social: Crikey, Doedee’s going hard
Stu7: Pca sold Rowell for Keays – looking like a mistake for this round
Napper: There is no way Dawson got 15 points for the inside 50 kick. Touk did the same and got 6 absurd
Raspel31: Think Laird for me- but Butters and Yeakle a bummer.
Stu7: Anyone wathc8ng the footy who can tell me what Keays is not doing?
navy_blues: im at my witts end here geez
Stu7: Apart from not getting the ball
vamos77: Witts – Worst pick ever
Stu7: Tangent Dawson looking great
pcaman2003: Stu7. Can’t win em’ all mate. I’m sure Keays will improve
Stu7: Cheers. Pca
Social: Not mnay rucks to choose from anymore, even Blitz is starting to look like an option
pcaman2003: Tangent. It was Dawson to beat Miller wasn’t it?
Napper: CD own Dawson
Raspel31: Anyone capping Witts is a Wi- a half Witts.
Stu7: Hopefully Witt?s will drop,heaps in price so I can trade Preuss for him –
Stu7: Very impressed by Parnell
MrWalrus: Preuss may come up or miss just the week, fingers crossed we get something
Hazza09: What?s with Witts today? Geez the curse continues
bhg26: Must have been a good goal from jeffrey, went up nearly 30 points lol
TheLegend6: I capped Witts 🙂
Tangent: Yes Dawson to beat Witts, very happy so far.
Stu7: I was going to C Witts but chose Kelly that backfired too
Stu7: Keays on the pine you?ve done SFA
pcaman2003: bhg26. I’ll take every point Jeffrey’s makes. Happy so far. Just need Witts to get going.
Raspel31: Yeah, Kelly strangely quiet Stu- I wnt with Macrae vc.
Manowar: F Witts what’s ur problem? O’Brien’s a donkey!
original: 1 touch this qtr swallow ffs cmon
Stu7: Rasp good choice mate
Cottees: ffs Laird has gone to shit. 3 free against this quarter
pcaman2003: Raspel. Kelly was such crap yesterday. Don’t understand why with no tag too.
MrWalrus: Umps not helping the crows today
pcaman2003: Made my mind up now that SDK becomes Parnell. Very impressed.
Manowar: Umps not helping the crows, this is a first!
navy_blues: shoulda been htb against dawson
MrWalrus: Just tried then, didn’t help, hope Dawson droos 10+ for that
Tangent: Absolute shitshow
Manowar: miller going backwards
Stu7: Keays your a nightmare
pcaman2003: Witts,Miller and Jeffrey and Jeffrey my best performer. lol!
Stu7: Leah?s touched it you pill
Stu7: Keays
Raspel31: Yep, my bench in play pcaman- Jeffrey and Sologo- no complaints tho expected more from Touk.
pcaman2003: Raspel. Thank God for some decent bench players.
Social: touk touk go bang bang in q3
DrSeuss: Touk getting tagged or just not involved?
DrSeuss: Although he is Suns highest possession getter – hmmm
pcaman2003: Seuss. Just horrible DE and not getting many touches.
itsduftime: Been watching Touk all game and if he doesnt get the contested ball hes not getting it.
itsduftime: Every time the suns get it they kick it forward. no easy hanballs
itsduftime: 43 handballs to 97 kicks. they arent sharing it around
DrSeuss: Cheers pca – Suns are 50+ disposals behind Adelaide so obviously just not possessing the ball enough as well
itsduftime: 104 kick sorry
DrSeuss: Good info gents – next question – is Parnell going to be subbed 🙁
Social: probly, not a good look
blashtroko: Parnell ready to go back on 🙂
MrWalrus: Well it seems Touk is being minded by Laird, could result in points galore or sadness
DrSeuss: Why is Jeffery?s ToG so low? He seems to be doing well when he gets it?
pcaman2003: I agree Seuss. His TOG is very low, Wsiah he ha a bit more,but maybe has a poor tank?
StuL: Capt took was a stupid idea but it ensured the win. So I’m torn. Did have c macca
pcaman2003: wish,not Wsiah. lol!
vamos77: Forgetting the E on Maurice will cost me the win I reckon. Touk + 30 vs Keays and Parnell
StuL: I don’t see Touk raising the bat today. Prove me wrong
Hazza09: Forget about Touk today Stul
damoj88: Get back onfield Laird lad!
Cottees: well theres goes my 2k+ projected 🙁 lucky to get 1950 now
pcaman2003: Witts V O’brien points hard to figure. I must be missing something
damoj88: Broken leg!
Hazza09: Wow that?s horrific
damoj88: That aint a knee dislocation, it’s a broken leg close to ankle
Tangent: Such a shame… Injuries can get lost
pcaman2003: Another devastating injury.Damn!
StuL: A team mate had the same injury in regional footy and the ambulance took 40 mins. No pain relief
damoj88: Broken leg Stu? Sickening!
damoj88: Upside to 2 down on bench means Jeffrey might actually get some decent TOG
StuL: Broken and dislocated ankle. Similar I imagine in agony
Raspel31: As painful as it comes StuL.
pcaman2003: Okay Miller, Witts and Jeffrey, it’s time to shine and bung on some valuable points.
Hazza09: ROB giving Witts a bath today
navy_blues: that green whistle is magic stuff
Social: Remember when Jason Snell did that at the G, only his sock holding his lower leg together
Stu7: Keays 18 possessions for 47 what a joke
pcaman2003: Hazza09. Go figure! Very hard to believe Witts is this scheissenhausen
DANGERous: come on touk turn up
Tangent: Just want to throw my remote at the TV and smash it
DrSeuss: Touk and Parnell off the bench please ffs
Napper: Get on the field touk play stopped for /0 minutes you should be rested fine
MrWalrus: C’mon and do your thing Touk
MrWalrus: Nathan Brown’s was bad too
Social: Hawking, Whitfield and now the TV Tangent?
pcaman2003: Might be time to bring Rowell back in .LOL!
Raspel31: Touk has actually had a 3 course dinner and is ready to return.
Tangent: And umpires.
pcaman2003: Raspel. More like a 10 course degustation dinner.
Social: I hear ya
DrSeuss: Umpires starting to take over here
Stu7: Parnell gone to sleep
Social: Is Silsorpe done too?
Raspel31: Lol pcaman.
Tangent: Yep Murphy on now
vamos77: Witts, you make me want to spew up, ya big dope.
TheLegend6: ffs Witts do something
Hazza09: Horrendous Witts, absolute rubbish
Tangent: Hand on heart I truly believe Taylor Walker is the best key forward in the comp
Raspel31: Touk seems to be dropping into areas where he he won’t get the ball- disinterested?
pcaman2003: My confidence in Rucks is shot. So few good rucks available and Witts having a giant poo.
hinsch: I laughed when my opponent left the C on Cripps I have Touk not happy
Raspel31: Yep hinsch- Cripps, Kelly and now Touk no shows. Thank god for a few big scores.
DANGERous: touk ur the C after stewart vc, turn up and get to 100 at least
Social: Casboult TOG and DE is Elite
navy_blues: b4 this game proj 2078 be lucky to make 1850 now
TheLegend6: No marks or tackle from Witts is why he’s so low
Wahab_18: Touk ruining a good week
Catatafish: Having Macrae VC saved my week, the rest has been uninspiring stuff
Social: Ladies and Gentlemen, Wahab!
pcaman2003: Disappointed that Jeffrey only has 58% TOG.
beerent11: Just tuned in. Touk tagged or just quiet?
Dredd: How tf Heath Shaw ended up with Rowell VC and not changing Neale from C is in-frustrating
Social: Typo, touk touk bang bang should read q4
Dredd: Infuriating*
pcaman2003: Beerent. Touk and Witts RIP. Shocking today!
beerent11: Ah well. Witts was due for a quiet one.
Raspel31: Especially given they’re 2 interchange down pcaman?
damoj88: Get the F off the bench, Laird. Campaigner coach.
DrSeuss: What is with Jeffrey?s TOG. Why play him if he is only getting half a game?
Cottees: beer. and his quiet game comes as I go from Gawn to him. classic
beerent11: Rob is a good negating ruckman.
frenzy: sum1 said Laird following Touk, Beer
Hazza09: That kick from Witts just sums it up
damoj88: Frustrating DrSeuss. Limits his scoring ceiling.
TheLegend6: Push out an 80 Witts please, better than nothing
beerent11: Cheers frenzy.
Tangent: Dawson is such a spaz
pcaman2003: Tangent. Have you lost this now with Dawson killing Touk?
Raspel31: Surely Choi was a mile offside?
Tangent: I’ve won, I needed Dawson to outscore by 2. But he needs to grow a right foot
pcaman2003: Tangent. Cool!
pcaman2003: Looks like Jeffrey will stay on my bench. Is very handy.
Tangent: Would of really liked to see crom win though
navy_blues: still might way suns are playing lol
Social: this is turning into a ding dong battle
damoj88: Laird tackle on Rowell clear HTB
zadolinnyj: in what world was that 50
Raspel31: Last man standing.
beerent11: Touk to ton maybe
Tangent: Go fuck yourself
Yelse: just got in today why witts so low, ffs these rucks
zadolinnyj: wtf
beerent11: Settle tangeant
Social: the moon’s in Capricorn Yelse
pcaman2003: Tangent. Is that a Tony Soprano quote?
Yelse: is the make it last person touches it FA as a rule ruckman will struggle
crowman83: What was the 50 for? The umps have lost the plot in this last quarter!
sfenda1: good boy dawson
DrSeuss: FFS Jeffrey injured now as well? Did it look bad?
zadolinnyj: berry becoming a player
Tangent: Thanks Dawson
pcaman2003: Dawson = Superman. Unreal game!
Raspel31: Oh whoops- Jeffrey gone- that makes 3 this week- but good work Soligo.
beerent11: Parnell looks a good one
Thomas1234: what’s everyone scoring this week
sMiles: Is thilthorpe out good for Hinge next week?
pcaman2003: beerent. SDK to Parnell for me this week.
Social: might just scrape over 2000
sMiles: 1.8k for me – yuk
sMiles: in SC that is
bhg26: 1942, captain jack saved my alps this week
bhg26: Just get over the ton touk, it looks better
Raspel31: Ditto bhg- a very mixed round.
beerent11: Sitting on 1868 right now
Tangent: Oh no, good mate of mine put a large sum of money on Gold Coast 1-39
Social: garna sunnies
beerent11: Most of us had issues. Time to build some bridges
beerent11: Done his cash
Hazza09: Horrible week
circle52: Miller raises the bat after all.
StuL: My score is way worse than all yours. I never plan for byes. Just get the best team. Tookna donut and had crap rooks.
Social: Thank you and goodnight
pcaman2003: Was looking at over 2000,but finished at 1878 b4 scaling
StuL: Good batting Miller. Time to play the real thing on PS
original: Any chance miller got a secret 25th touch? Ffs
bhg26: Now 15th in fanfooty league, good lord
pcaman2003: Goodnight all. Back on Thursday. Cheers!

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