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Chat log from R15 of 2022: Naarm vs Brisbane

Chat log for Naarm vs Brisbane, R15 of 2022

Cottees: decided to Vice Captain Neale! hope it goes huge.
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
Yelse: Vc and C everyone? thinking macca into laird or oliver into macca
frenzy: neale into macca
Stu7: Evening all
Stu7: VC Ollie baby
Tangent: VC Neale
bhg26: Anyone bring Jackson in this week?
navy_blues: gee cameron handballed it off?? lol
bhg26: Why do we still have goal umpires, missed the post by a foot
Torz: Yep bhg
Baldfrog: No big but brought in Nank am a bit nervous
romeo33: that was quick
Baldfrog: Bhg*
_Wang_: Cmon vc neale
Tangent: Cameron first goalscorer… fuming
navy_blues: greedy fritz tracca was there
Torz: Tracc absolutely burnt
Danstar: Can anyone telll me y Witherden can?t get a game at eagles?
Danstar: Main way fritch scores. Over the top.
DANGERous: get a touch clarry
Valorlonga: @Danstar have you watched eagles, Witho is horrendous
2Ph0nes: lol wtf is hipwood doing
Torz: Has McInerny kicked a footy before? That technique was atrocious
Baldfrog: Top 2 clash and MCG 1/2 empty lol
ajconodie: Somebody open the gate for Brown!
Pavs: bhg I did and put English in the forward line,on the bench
Danstar: Considering half of eagles team out; you?d think he?d get a game
pcaman2003: Okay Ollie,the game has started,so you should too.
Valorlonga: @Danstar nah he was nearly the worst player every time he played, constantly turned the ball over by foot
bhg26: Same Pavs, got him covering and then f7 for rest of the year
duckky: Flowering Rucks this year are worse than the drummers in Spinal Tap
Baldfrog: Dees look in trouble early
bhg26: Good thing Brisbane can?t kick baldy
navy_blues: ollie on bench already geez
Baldfrog: Was thinking that BHG
DrSeuss: If Lions lose this because they can?t kick straight. Ffs
Gotigres: How I regret taking the vc off Neale onto Oliver with 5 seconds to go
Hazza09: How is Neale is 40?
Pavs: Couldn’t put a vc on this game went for Mills with Laird as captain for
Baldfrog: Regretting not VC Neale all ready
Stu7: I?m another one regretting not VC Neale 😩
bhg26: Petracca been a shower pick since I brought him in
Social: Evening scholars
Cottees: onya Neale!
DrSeuss: Jackson getting out rucked by McStay isn?t a good sign
Pavs: Early days Baldfrog they will close him down says someone that doesn’t have a clue
Baldfrog: Tracc does this just about every year is on my never again list
piro: neale blitzin
Catatafish: I have four injured ruckmen and Oliver captain by accident. Fuck haha
Bluebagg11: Who else VC?d Clarry over Neale?? Arrrgghhhhhh
Ash777: go vc neale
pcaman2003: VC on Ollie so now he starts off in the slow lane.
Baldfrog: Lachie has magnets in his boots ball keeps following him
Stu7: Catasfish not helpful buddy
bhg26: McInerney showing his skills
BigChief: Harmes is doing an amazing tagging job so far
Catatafish: @Stu nah not really. The ruck thing was my decision, shit opps. Oliver C was forgetting.
bhg26: There?s petracca
bhg26: Is Max Gawn not playing, not sure the commentators have mentioned it yet
pcaman2003: Oliver killing me already with low DE and clangers. Thanks!
Cottees: wheres the jump to mark that at line lol
DrSeuss: Traded Coleman on his bye – held Zorko. Good job me.
Gelly: first and last gamer now
ajconodie: I love having Rich as a POD
beerent11: Poor bugger
bhg26: He wasn?t getting that anyway, he?s not 15 feet tall lol
poolboybob: Muppet of the year contender
Gelly: an effort to try touch it would of been enough
Ash777: That ball looked like it just decided to drop for that goal lol
Napper: How does petracca get 2 points for the inside 50 kick to weideman
Cottees: @ajconodie shhhh don’t tell anyone
Napper: *0 points
beerent11: 0nly 9% of teams but at least 3 of us on here have rich. Bit of a roller coaster.
beerent11: Only 57%de napper probably cancelled out by one of his changers. Been butcher tracca lately
Social: awesome aerially
wadaramus: Hi Everybody.
Stu7: Come on Oliver fire up like your hair
original: If Jackson was gawn he would have.3 free kicks for this qtr
Stu7: Hey Wada
Valorlonga: i brought in salem this week, hope he comes back on….
Stu7: He?s on Valor
pcaman2003: Stu7. He looks out of sorts. Fumbling,wild disposal and no composure. Being my VC I think I’m in trouble here.
wadaramus: Of course I switched VC from Neale to Oliver at last minute.
Stu7: Same here pca it was a toss up between Neale and Red knob – looks like I may have lucked out
beerent11: Brayshaw heading for another biggie. Was waiting on Stewart for about 530k next week. Maybe worth a rethink.
2Ph0nes: kneel done fuck all for 15 minutes
DANGERous: come on oliver u hack
pcaman2003: Wada. You’re not alone. I’m kicking myself now
Social: May being booed by the MCC members?
DrSeuss: Neale has gone quiet with the tag getting tighter – I wouldn?t be too worried just yet
wadaramus: I keep telling myself to go against what I think is right!
Stu7: True Dr he?s done not much for the last 10 minutes
Stu7: Ollie will come good
Social: man that’s a hot potato
Bluebagg11: Let?s go Clarry boy!!!!! Ginger ninja!!
beerent11: Clarry Will still be 60 at half time no worries
Social: amazing what a couple of soft frees can do for you
pcaman2003: This is shaping up to be a cracker of a game me thinks.
arbel: As a tagger how is arms around a player as ball is bounced any different from blocking for a maek
Stu7: Yeah get going chuck doll Ollie
bhg26: Any chance on Jackson attending a ruck contest?
DrSeuss: Neale on the bench now and hasn?t moved since qtr time. Watch Oliver over take him
arbel: Stopping a player contesting the ball? Legit question
navy_blues: not from bench
bhg26: Ambitious from Fritsch there
beerent11: Just yet another obscure grey area in the great game arbel. You can?t apply logic to afl rules.
Raspel31: Unwanted guests just gone- phew. Now to the footy. Evening all. Step up Oliver.
ajconodie: Lyons copped one in the mummy daddy button I believe.
pcaman2003: Ollie just starting to get a bit more involved. Just needs to hit targets.
Stu7: Ollie on the move
ajconodie: Nope – little bit higher.
Stu7: Ben Brown is hopeless
DrSeuss: FFS Brisbane. Stupid ish from the back half. Also – Neale get back on and do something
Catatafish: If Oliver DE wasn’t 56% he’d be flying. Doing well nonetheless!
wadaramus: Olly is lifting Raspel 🙂
Ash777: Looks like that hit to bowey at training worked 😛
Gotigres: Lyons down in the rooms
Napper: Trac score stupid. DE should be nowhere near there. Some kick are going to contests but are counted as turnover
dipstick: @aj nah, not wearing his balls as earrings, it was a bit higher i reckon
DrSeuss: No Zorko, No Bailey, Lyons gone, Neale tagged out of the game. Not looking good here
wadaramus: Fuck these piss ant 50’s.
Raspel31: Cheers wada- at half time we discuss how we all dealt with the carnage and English out.
ajconodie: @dipstick – I think you’re right. I didn’t see him coughing up any scrotal matter.
beerent11: If you don?t have Neale vc or c you couldn?t care less what he scores. Everyone has him.
Stu7: Neale VC?s would be spewing at his performance
wadaramus: I don’t think players should celebrate when they get a cheap shit 50 that results in a goal.
pcaman2003: Try some tackling Ollie.You used to be good at them once upon a time.
DrSeuss: These 50?s are such a useless rule. No impact on the play.
wadaramus: Teakle to FWD, Jackson to RUCK, English to bench.
Yelse: has neale touched the ball this quarter
Fatbar5tad: Depends what the oppo is doing beer. Vc clarry for me vc neale my oppo.
gazza39: You care when Neale is 49 at HT and your opp has the vc on him, and i have him
wadaramus: No impact DrSeuss?
Stu7: Yelse only twice I thin?
cherry9: VC Oliver, hes a beast. Liking his game
Stu7: Think
bhg26: Should be 25m Seuss, 50s should be reserved for king hits off play
Breezey: Tire right Wada. If they celebrate then 50mts against
pcaman2003: Yelse. Yes! He touched the left one earlier.
Stu7: pca lol
DrSeuss: Rayner was nowhere near the player running back to his mark – had no impact on the play
Breezey: Sorry You?re right Wada
Stu7: Ollie you good thang
ajconodie: Lyons coming back on. Might have been badly winded.
Pavs: 10.5million tackle right there.
wadaramus: Not sure if it is 50m the other way, but they should have some humility.
Raspel31: Hmm- went Cameron ahead of Jackson to keep English safe on the bench- interesting toss of the dice.
wadaramus: Go Jacko!
dipstick: anyone else reckon english will miss 3-4 weeks?
beerent11: Anyone else not vc Neale or Oliver? I?m sitting at McRae into Witts
wadaramus: I fucken hope not dipstick!
Napper: what for dip
pcaman2003: Nice work Ollie and gr8 comeback.
robbieg: english’s history makes it a good chance to miss 3
mattmac24: Will definitely miss 2 Dipstick, 3 wouldn’t surprise me
Tangent: English 3 weeks is what I thought
BigChief: no dipstick 2 weeks only. He is out for concussion only.
Fatbar5tad: Coliver motors by Neale
wadaramus: Ain’t it always the way, when you thin you have a full team…you don’t!
beerent11: You don?t toss a dice raspel, you roll one. You do however toss a coin.
Raspel31: Agree BigChief- 2 weeks at most and a faint chance at a return next Thursday. Why we covered our precious butts.
ajconodie: beerent11 – Macrae into Laird for me.
Gotigres: Very profound beer
vamos77: Suddenly I See KT Tunstill
dipstick: 12 day protocol for conc ends on same day as english next game so he’s unlikely
dipstick: but english missed multiple weeks for concussion last time and bevause this was delayed conc i reckon hes down for 4 wks
Raspel31: Pardon my mixes metaphors Beer- oh, The Shame.
sMiles: this sucks … can’t even complain about the umpires… FFS
mattpanag: but what is required: 12 days from diagnosis, or 12 days from last match?
ajconodie: How good is Rich. 17 possies at 100%
DrSeuss: Younger Brisbane players folding under the pressure. Also tag Oliver??
frenzy: he got the flu and then a hammy
mattmac24: It is 12 days from when the incident occured so it would be from the match
DANGERous: dont tag clarry
Yelse: berry should really be tagging oliver
mattmac24: His 12 days ends the day they’re meant to play so he is allowed to play, don’t think he will though
Stu7: MyLuggage DT points insane
BigChief: Didn’t expect a 30 point Dees lead after 1st qtr.
Social: alright this tip aint on track
sMiles: I will be happy not to see Tunstill again for a while… Turnstile
Raspel31: Alright- spill the beans lads- how did you cover the carnage of last week?
beerent11: Pretty, pretty, pretty good aj.
happytimes: Can’t believe I VC Neale over oliver
pcaman2003: Raspel. Brought Jackson in
Pavs: mmm… Beer I reckon you toss a dice in craps. what do you reckon Raspel?
frenzy: taken donuts raspel
dipstick: english missed for games with concussion last time even though it was minor.
dipstick: *4 games
DrSeuss: SMiles bit rough on Tunstill – all the Brissy young guys have been bad.
pcaman2003: I have English resting on my FWD bench. Will reassess after this week.
Raspel31: On your side Pavs. Thank god English and Cameron both forwards- so brought in Cameron for Jeffreys and juggled ruck/forw
LuvIt74: All this talk about English, who really knows it coud be 2 but coud also be 4/5 weeks…
Pies20: Preuss-Jackson butters- Rob my team is so shower still have parish sidelined with English
Raspel31: Ditto pcaman
MrWalrus: I’ll have a ruck doughnut this week o abrasive one
Pies20: Second year sc player did so much better rookie year,won’t complete a team and sorry for bringing the ff league ranking
Raspel31: Say it isn’t so Mr Long Tooth.
Pies20: Down
Stu7: I lost English and a Preuss so going to bring in Reilly O and Fvck Witts
Raspel31: Whoo- Witts dangerous Stu?
Manowar: Pressure on, L. Neale goes bye bye!
Catatafish: I lost Gawn, English, Preuss and Teakle.
beerent11: Traded butters for goldy to cover English. Love goldy. Like a trip down memory lane.
Stu7: Rasp – I figure Port don?t really have a ruck so might be a chance to go big. Any suggestions ?
Stu7: Beer – old school mate
Pavs: Went Nankervis and Jackson with ruck just love the way they play
hinsch: I have had English out once and in twice since Rd 1 very annoying at the moment hopfully plays soon
Raspel31: Lol Cata.
Catatafish: Fuck, no Parish didn’t realise. What a cunt period
beerent11: Witts will go huge stu. Got him as c.
Catatafish: Goldy is tempting actually
Pies20: Was going to go goldy beer been burnt before on my never again list enjoy the memories 🙃
Stu7: Cheers beer
hinsch: This could be Naarms first win
Manowar: push the T button, ya Donkeys!
Catatafish: Yes, Raspel, yes. Good two weeks haha. I have excess ruckmen and none playing.
beerent11: One of my all time favourite Roos stu
Raspel31: Stu I’d say Cameron- both dual position so swing em when u need em.
Stu7: Going Goldie is like pulling the HR out for a Sunday spin lol
pjw1234: Did Pruess get 1 week or 2?
st_steve: Went English, Butters and Green to Goldy, Nanak and Gresham. Not enough money to get Witts. Benched Preuss, Bont on hold
Stu7: Cheers Rasp – I was just riding with a ruck until Engrish is back
dipstick: nah, cameron gonna be useless when grundy returns soon
wadaramus: Fair dinkum, I fucken hate all these mind numbing gambling ads.
Stu7: Really glad I went VC on Chucky Doll instead of Neale now
Raspel31: Cool dipstick- but averaged 88 last year and more now as lone ruck- and handy fill in.
wadaramus: Bet with mates! Get your multi on! Fuck off!!
DrSeuss: Someone smash Harmes please.
dipstick: ohh yes, handy fill in i have him. but getting him nows late imo
oc16: i guess teakle to jackson was a good trade
bhg26: Jackson going absolutely berserk this quarter
Stikman35: Keeping preuss 4 1 more week. Have to field Curtis. Swapped butters for Dunkley and switched daics to mid for Parnell
pjw1234: looks like robertson has gone to Oliver
Torz: Huge start to this Q by Jacko
duckky: Why do they kick directly to the opposition ruck?
st_steve: Immediately regret my Jackson concerns.
robbieg: 24 dt points in 3 mins
gazza39: May is acting like a fool
Stikman35: Can?t have Jackson. Not if I?m trading him out in a few weeks
Stu7: Going good Chucky
bhg26: Thats why hes going to end as my f7/r3 stikman
beerent11: Viney having a blinder
Stikman35: Jeffrey, butters, English, preuss, makes getting last upgrades awkward
pcaman2003: Hopefully Jackson will make some good coin next few weeks.
Yelse: neale why did i take you over oliver for VC 🙁 break this tag
DrSeuss: Has Answerth hit a target in his life – also Harmes is a flog
Stu7: 100 by 3/4 time please Chucky
Raspel31: Okay- I was wrong. Cameron instead of Jackman. But we are all human, sheesh.
damoj88: Jackman? Am I in the ruck now? 😀
pcaman2003: Stu7. I’d much rather have 130+ to be sure.:)
BigChief: I bet Melb wish Wolverine was playing.
DrSeuss: Brisbane defense is weak as piss – just disorganised and lacklustre
sMiles: Jesus we suck
LuvIt74: Neale hasn’t done much sinse 1st quarter
Fatbar5tad: Coliver extraction insane.
Pavs: Don’t tell everyone bhg thats our secret
DrSeuss: Neale 5 possessions since 1st qtr. Oliver with 22+ since.
pjw1234: rich limping
beerent11: Old man rich looks a bit preppy
sMiles: umpires have been good tonight
beerent11: *proppy
MrWalrus: Anyone else VC Neale over Oliver?
Baldfrog: Wow just turned it back on to see Lyons back he looked sick after that hit
Raspel31: You never cap Neale- so susceptible to the tag the wee feller- god bloss. But we all have him.
Gotigres: So far I’m very happy I took Oliver vc over Neale with 5 seconds to go
wadaramus: I switched to VC Oliver at last minute MrWalrus.
st_steve: To be fair beer, he also looks very preppy
gazza39: Took VC Oliver, was not looking good early on, you think i would trust him by now lol
sMiles: positives: I no longer own bowey. I now own Jackson
wadaramus: Neale should ton up, hoping Olly goes big from here.
gazza39: Nice Wad, i changed my tips back to Melb last minute too
Yelse: harmed stuck on bench neale gets 2 disposals in a min with a goal assist
sMiles: also, it isn’t over yet… but is that a positive?
DrSeuss: If only luggage could kick straight near goals
Fatbar5tad: Not a great kick but Suitcase has been good tonight’s.
Torz: McCluggage is a butcher by foot
Hazza09: Regret trading in Trac 5 weeks ago
wadaramus: Hey you lot, my nickname is Wadaramus, but you call me Wada.
wadaramus: My name is Wade, so you can call me Wade if you want to .
beerent11: Wonder if Jimmy tunstall is any relation to Arthur
Social: just don’t call him late for dinner
st_steve: All good Ramus
dipstick: @wada they call me dippenschtick in germny
Raspel31: wadaramamus- lose your ego. Not about you. About us. And more particularly me!
Breezey: If Jimmy?s name was spelt the same as Arthur?s maybe.
wadaramus: St_Steve, that’s another variation!
wadaramus: Wado, Wadey, whatever people.
Pavs: always about you Rasp sorry
beerent11: They call me bruce
beerent11: Fair point breezey. Lack of research on my part.
pcaman2003: Will Ollie get points for that lovely tap on to Fritsch?
wadaramus: I think he should pcaman!
Pavs: The great man Ronald Dale Barassi
Hazza09: Ffs Trac
wadaramus: Neale crawling to a flat 100.
pcaman2003: Wada. Should be worth at least 15pts for my satisfaction.
Social: thought the bears would have brought more tonight
hinsch: Ollie get a 150 would be very handy
Raspel31: a Qtr to go -and no hooddoo- but I think most of us who put the VC on Clarry are breathing easily.
mattmac24: Rather happy so far with Oliver VC and bringing Jackson in for Preuss
wadaramus: I understand that CD appreciate these efforts, where’s the proof?
pcaman2003: Have a nice rest Trac and lay down for 4th qtr. There’s a good lad.
Stu7: Rasp I would have liked Chucky to be on 100 at 3/4 but still looking good
wadaramus: They started string Social, Melbourne have muscled up well.
Ash777: why bring in jackson when Gawn will come back for final rounds and tank his scores
Stu7: Ash I think cause he?s a dual position player
mattmac24: Only need him to cover a donut and he’ll be handy for 3-4 weeks
Social: wait what
wadaramus: I traded Jackson in R5, would have traded him this week if not for Gawn/English out.
wadaramus: Come on Olly, get to 140 man.
DrSeuss: Neale moved forward – that should help him score
Stu7: Come on Chucky
Raspel31: Hmm- lost by 2 points last week. How much does Clarry need?
Stu7: Go Chucky you good red headed thing
DrSeuss: Brisbane really missing run and good ball use from Zorko and Bailey
Stu7: True Dr that?s why I tipped Melbourne tonight
Fatbar5tad: My vc cut off is 130 Rasp.
Social: I really hope Charlie gets to have a ride on his tiny motorised bicycle before bedtime
Stu7: Rasp that?s harsh mate
Fatbar5tad: Hate insufficient intent.
Stu7: Gee Fatbar5stad that?s a high standard
Cottees: yeah what can Rich do in that spot?? any option is bad unless you’re lucky
beerent11: 20 behinds. Rich is loving this shit.
wadaramus: Jacko yeah!
Stu7: Fatbar5stad who?s your other option for C?
pcaman2003: And this is why we have Jacko this week. Good boy!
Pavs: Jacko!!!
DrSeuss: How is Harris Andrews score so high? He has been terrible down back
Fatbar5tad: only the best for my boys Stu 😉
Stu7: Fatbar5stad who�s your other option for C?
Fatbar5tad: Jacrae probably
Stu7: Brayshaw I?m guessing
wadaramus: Come on Olly, just a little bit more please mate, or a lot more if you want to.
Raspel31: Well, I think a point proved after a 3 week losing streak.
sMiles: Jesus – we suck
Social: dear oh dear bears
Stu7: Mc Stay is useless
Stu7: Ollie had died in the a55
Pavs: what a stat lions not won at MCG since 2014
Fatbar5tad: zork and Bailey needed Smiley.
pcaman2003: At last Neale got his ton up.
wadaramus: Get off the pine and finish the job Olly!
Raspel31: To those who brought in Jackman- and I sweated and went Cameron- you now have oodles to spend. Good call.
pcaman2003: Just need Ollie to come back on for another quick 20 to get to 150. Easy peasy!
DrSeuss: Zork and Bailey are sorely missed. Hipwood is average and small defenders have been useless.
sMiles: ok – C Macrae for his regulation 80 odd after 150 odd.
wadaramus: I’ve suffered through having Jacko since round 5, this is vindication 🙂
Fatbar5tad: Working on his moon tan wadar
Stu7: They won?t bring Ollie back on seeing they are so far in front
Pavs: Raspel that trade to Jacko gets me Stewart next week to finish off my team
Stu7: Whoops I was wrong
Fatbar5tad: hes on!
Hazza09: Get back on the ground Clarry
Social: it’s a shellacking
wadaramus: Stop it Stu7!
Fatbar5tad: got 2 points for tying hisclaces too.
DrSeuss: HTB doesn?t exist anymore? Just dropped the ball in the tackle. Melb don?t need more help
Gelly: brisbane back in the pack now percentage wise
Stu7: Ollie do something
sMiles: Sorry Dr Seuss – umpires wer fine tonight. Is us that were terrible. I mean when Rainer hit the post from thirty out…
Stu7: Very dissapointing DT points Ollie
Raspel31: On ya Pav- good call- I just waddled like a sand crab this week. Not waht I’d hoped.
sMiles: ….. at the start, we knew. We knew
sMiles: Whatever Lions did over the break… they did it wrong
wadaramus: Waddle like a sand crab?
DrSeuss: Haha I pointed out one possession smiles. I agree Lions have been thoroughly outplayed.
Yelse: how many kicking rich ffs opponent has you
wadaramus: Waddle like a duck, scurry sideways like a sand crab?
beerent11: About 45 points worth yelse. Beautiful thing.
pcaman2003: Time to get the ball again Ollie.
wadaramus: Just finishing a nice Bellevue Estate shiraz after a schnitzel and chips at the Silver Sands Beach Club.
Stu7: You got you 130 Fatbar5tad
wadaramus: Goodnight all 🙂
Wahab_18: Once Again Neale gonna give me a shower 110-119 VC ffs
Raspel31: It seems Clarry thinks the game is done- no effort. Fair enough. But enough to cap?
Stu7: Done nothing in this quarter Ollie
Social: yes cap that
mattmac24: Taking Oliver’s score. Anything 135 and over for me
Fatbar5tad: Cap
Stu7: Got to be joking Oliver
sMiles: @raspel – yes – 140 he will end up at – that is plenty good for a c
st_steve: 100% taking Oliver?s score
Hazza09: Oliver went home
pcaman2003: I’ll take Ollie’s score for C. Has done enough.
beerent11: Trac 31 touches no ton. Cleaver worthy m0nty?
Social: who said that Joey was the missing puzzle piece?
Raspel31: Of course we take Ollie’s score- as 95 percent will. So, it all starts again tomorrow
Pavs: huge Jacko would have been happy with 80. Easily pleased me
Social: disappointing bears

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