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Chat log from R13 of 2022: Collingwood vs Naarm

Chat log for Collingwood vs Naarm, R13 of 2022

Cottees: go huge Gawn and Cameron!
DANGERous: stay down gawn, go clarry
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
pcaman2003: What could be agreat game, then to find out BT is commentating. 🙁
Stu7: Ollie & Crispy strips ✅
The Ogre: Fully agree PCA. He’s already ruined the Slide for me.
frenzy: Sparrow slept in
pcaman2003: The Ogre. Maybe we sgould start a petition to have his lips stitched shut.
Raspel31: Atta boy cap Clarry- keep it up.
The Ogre: Certainly no shortage of numbers there
Tangent: I only win if Crisp and Clarry combine for 275, happy with the start.
Torz: Tracc seems to be sitting forward
The Ogre: I have never understood why 7 think he is popular
pcaman2003: You could be in for a big one Raspel.
pcaman2003: Gawn, Ollie, Crispy keep going boys.
Bluebagg11: Clarry for the disposals record today?
Raspel31: Wish pcaman- some great scores but 2 players short. How you going?
navy_blues: kicks to inside 50 hurting dees
pcaman2003: I’ll win mine pretty easy this week which is a relief.
Stu7: Petracca hasn?t been himself l
pcaman2003: They should rename Olie The Extractor. He just gets everything.
Stu7: The last few games
The Ogre: And the Academy Award goes to…
Napper: Gawn hasn?t done anything. Getting points for nothing
cherry9: Like what Petracca is doing here. Working hard
StuL: Carry isn5 going to get 64 touches.
BRAZZERS: didnt duck there tho, thats a free 100% of the time
thesilentl: @the ogre clear high tackle you sheep
Raspel31: Need Clarry to get 200- on target.
The Ogre: Pies have a tagger anymore?
navy_blues: ginnivan was showibg team mates how to drop the knees this week
cherry9: Cap Oliver playing beautifully
SwaggyP: Ginni is so good for footy. Love him.
cmperrfect: Gawn C, Clarry, Trac, Cameron.. nice start lads
navy_blues: so its a habit he has umps will wake up to him
amigaman: @Napper I agree
thesilentl: @navy_blues you must be new to footy if you think its not a legit technique. Been going on for decades
Manowar: knob
thesilentl: Need more ginnivans to distract us from the umpiring
Silz90: Hats off to anyone that brought in DC, one of the best picks up this year
navy_blues: all i will say silent is see if he stands the test of time or his bubble bursts
Silz90: ginnivan – would love to play with him but hate to come against him. bit of a figjam
Napper: Oliver has to be higher then 50 for what he has done
gazza39: I knew putting the C on Langdon would bite me in the alps
Danstar: Gr8 move swapping C from Oliver to gawn
Stu7: Ouch Gazza
The Ogre: I could watch Pendles play all day except v Dees
Stu7: Langdon over Ollie Gazza????
SwaggyP: Ginnnniiiiiiii
thesilentl: Based on what @silz90, outside of celebrating goals he does nothing to suggest hes figjam. Another baseless claim
Silz90: just the way he spoke in the media this week, just annoyed me ngl
gazza39: Soz just playin Stul, Ollie is locked in and so are a couple of league wins because of the champ
Silz90: its an opinion silent, am i allowed to give my opinion lol
Dredd: 17 poss at 88 percent for 56 sc? wtf
DANGERous: quarter has started clarry
thesilentl: And I’m allowed to put for being awful
gazza39: Langdon must still be feeling the effects of that big hit a few weeks back
Silz90: i gave you my reasons, dont take it so personal, he is a handy player
Tangent: Oliver so good
BRAZZERS: why is cameron destroying gawn in hitouts lol
SwaggyP: Oh God help us. Silent is here to ruin the chat with awful takes.
StuL: Capt oli for oppo is gonna kill me. I have him too but took neale
StuL: Pies have to get flogged here. Order restored
thesilentl: @swaggyp grow up idiot. Only awful take are people piling on a 19 year old
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Isaac Quaynor, what were you thinking?
cmperrfect: same StuL. But I have Gawn as C. Hope he gets moving around the ground
navy_blues: lol ccollingwood throwing the toys out of the cot already
pcaman2003: Stul. I took Neale’s VC, but did ponder Ollie. Oh well!
SwaggyP: Learn to read the silent you fool. Ginni is great for footy. Shame the pies refuse to back him up
SwaggyP: But the pies will back up a sexual assaulter in degoey
Silz90: keep going clarry and gawn
fruity: l took the C off Neale and gave it to Oliver at the last minute..l’m haapy..
navy_blues: good call ump
Stu7: StuL I took Neale too
thesilentl: @swaggyp peptides ruined your memory champ?
SwaggyP: Carn the dees. Dig the knife in.
Stu7: Good call fruity – unless he suddenly does a hammy
BRAZZERS: i had to C on oliver but i took coniglio’s vc score 🙁
Silz90: lol swaggy
StuL: You can’t complain about taking cogs brazzer
StuL: Oli really is going to get 60 and 200
BRAZZERS: yea im not, but ollie on pace for 200 plus
cmperrfect: surely Craig has to send someone to Clarry now.
Silz90: anyone trading petracca during his bye? 2 bad scores when he had the flu 🙁
thesilentl: @cmperrfect pies rarely tag players outside of stoppages. Pendles or Adams might go to him there
frenzy: yeah when his price drops Silz
Raspel31: Clarry you lazy bugger- get off the pine.
Dogs5416: Makes no sense for Dees to have M.Brown over Weidemann
navy_blues: hands in back
thesilentl: Lever for best actor
navy_blues: silent are u new to footy?? read the rules lol
thesilentl: @navy allowed to protect the ball drop. Lever flopped like hed been shot
navy_blues: cox needs the lights on cant see the goals lol,
BRAZZERS: gawn pcl
poolboybob: thesilentl has more problems with his eyes than Cox does
thesilentl: Gawn having a sook about a marking contest
DANGERous: scale oliver to his 120 please
bhg26: Silent is literally the average collingwood supporter
The Ogre: Certainly up and about today
pcaman2003: bhg. Nah! Above average as he has extra salt
SwaggyP: Collingwood giving it their best shot and losing. How sweet it is.
SwaggyP: Silent is the type you keep you children away front. Parasite.
SwaggyP: From your** good England swaggy.
a1trader: great game this and not being over umpired
Silz90: keep going daicos, need to squeeze every last cent of you
Silz90: Laird is a must trade in? I am going to wait for walsh or parish to drop in cash for final upgrade
MrWalrus: Seems I nailed the wrong captain yet again, should have stick stuck with Clarry
frenzy: Lol, peeps on the turps today. wtf is stick stuck
dipstick: who’s throwing around the word stick?
BRAZZERS: geez max looks he’ll be subbbed out
DANGERous: so whats olivers actual score?
Silz90: is brazzers trolling? pls dont ruin my day
BRAZZERS: no, vision in the rooms his leg or foot iced up
BRAZZERS: oh he’s back! lol
DropCox: Thinking Nick Daicos could stay at D6 for a while
BRAZZERS: looked goneski, but he’s ok apparantly
The Ogre: Have to call U Scoop Brazz
Silz90: lol ogre i love scoops
dipstick: sounds like max has been fitted with a new hip, reco’d shoulder muscle and possibly 2nd hand ankle in the break
frenzy: usually its a holiday, well for some of us.
thesilentl: You ok @swaggyp? A lot of self projection going on from you
The Ogre: Footsteps Trac?
pcaman2003: Brought Gawn in this week. Sorry everyone! My faul!
The Ogre: Can U trade him back out next week then pls PCA
hinsch: You would think Cameron spot is safe even when Grundy is back into the team.
amigaman: Prior? you must be kidding
pcaman2003: The Ogre. Sure! right after I trade out the other bums in my side.
The Ogre: Oh. 29 others first like my team?
Hazza09: Gawn looks done
pcaman2003: The Ogre. Pretty much!
Stikman35: N Daicos will be worth 500 thou soon
amigaman: Nearly brought Gawn in this week. Bullet dodged.
Yelse: C gawn you just cost me my games
Stu7: Old Ollie has slowed down
pcaman2003: I’m certain my Voodoo doll has a vendetta against me.
Silz90: im cursed too, brought in darcy this week, and english last week
The Ogre: WTF R these 50 entries!
Fatbar5tad: A fend! Must be news to Dusty if that’s a fend
2Ph0nes: lol
StuL: Good game no.2 for Cox?
dipstick: time to wrap big max is some mothball
Raspel31: Clarry old chap- step up eh what.
StuL: Petty always looked like he is in the royal British artillery
sfenda1: cox having the game of his career
2Ph0nes: dees cooked
DANGERous: get movin clarry
pcaman2003: Clarry ice cold and Cox on fire.
piro: cox turned into stewy dew
StuL: Melbourne were a shining success until they realised they are Melbourne
Silz90: cox > clarry
a1trader: Cox on fire
pcaman2003: All us N Daicos owners should be very happy. 113 last week and ton already this week.
SydneyRox: can pies keep playing like this is the question!
Silz90: yep pcaman super happy because i traded cogs like an idiot
m0nty: 61 point quarter from Brayshaw so far
pcaman2003: Silz90. Oh damn! So,so painful.
thesilentl: Bradshaw single handedly keeping demons in this, what a qtr
nbartos: the hells wrong with Langdon?
feralmong: hoping maxy can battle on.
The Ogre: It’s the whole lot of them after 1/2 time the last 3 weeks Bartos
feralmong: he musta had a might angus burger at half time monty!
cmperrfect: lets go Max. 60pt last qtr coming up.
wadaramus: Switched teh C from Oliver to Gawn last minute 🙁
feralmong: mighty even
MrWalrus: Me too wada, me too. Locked him in this morning after all week on Clarry
wadaramus: Dammit!!
Hazza09: Clarry 8 pt Qtr
Yelse: cmonnn pies finish them off
nbartos: cheers Ogre
Raspel31: Not the monster score we hoped for Clarry but keep going and hang in there Demons.
Silz90: crisp and daicos pls go 120+
dipstick: n fckn bartos. where ya been?
StuL: OK come on Chelsea ffs
The Ogre: Dees playing like they used to years ago. Maybe chasing another No1 draft pick?
StuL: Neville Bartos?
nbartos: too old for this shit dip LOL
The Ogre: Time to wax the ski’s I am thinking
Yelse: cmonnnn ffs pies comnnnn
StuL: Great mark Bucks
pcaman2003: What a week to bring in Gawn and Owens.
Hazza09: First Darcy now Gawn
StuL: Melbourne will be I the granny. They have to be
Raspel31: Tell me that aint true pcaman.
nbartos: restaurant scuffle LOL
StuL: Did Knox Eagles used to be Ferntree gully or is it the other way around?
The Ogre: So who were the other 6 Bartos?
pcaman2003: Unfortunately so Raspel. I did apoligise earlier to his owners.:(
Raspel31: Game on. Go Demons!!!
Stu7: Crispy has been a solid all year
Dredd: Imagine having Daicos? I can?t hehehe
Dredd: Trading* auto correct ruined that 🙁
MrWalrus: That was 2 of my ins too pca, 4 trades, will have 17 & some real shockers
StuL: Big Max like the hamburger
Raspel31: Clarry hits the magical 40 and oodles to go.
MrWalrus: Traded Daicos for sicdawg way back, been most pleased
StuL: OK. Melbourne in trouble
StuL: Brisbane are premier’s
bhg26: good week to have zorko, owens and gawn
Silz90: Pies might play finals this year
dipstick: Its Ollie On-ree. Why do they keep calling henry?
navy_blues: oliver on bench with game to be won hmmmm
Stu7: Bhg not helpful mate
Raspel31: Set Clayton Oliver free!!
bhg26: dont worry stu im in the same boat
a1trader: might bring Cox in
Stu7: Cracks in the Melbourne ship
MrWalrus: Owens, Callow & Gawn C here, won’t make 200 between em
Social: man, dees have fallen in a big hole
Stu7: a1 he still only averages 49
DropCox: Need to change my name.
cherry9: Brown fade.
Raspel31: I take 2 pieces of happiness from this sad game- having Clarry and not Gawn.
Tangent: Wheels are off!
Silz90: May Is a huge cog in this team . Dees will bounce back
hinsch: I think Naarm had better go back to being call Melbourne after their bye.
nbartos: can thank Freo for showing how to beat them
bhg26: Did BT just say Gawn and Jackson are the two best rucks in the comp?
pcaman2003: Gr8 game from Ollie in a losing side.
Stikman35: Brown soiled shorts
Gotigres: Wow, well done Pies
blashtroko: mihocek or cox?
SwaggyP: Geez flea has this pies team playing exciting footy
Tangent: Come on! I need exactly 271 combined from Oliver and Crisp to win
Stu7: hinsch – too true
cherry9: Good point hinsch – have Naarm won a game?
bhg26: Melbourne still undefeated
Yelse: THE BYE gonna stuff the pies momentum
hinsch: Don’t know but Naarm are not doing so good
bhg26: But Naarm down there with North and Wet Toast
mattmac24: Are they still going as Naarm? Though they were only doing that for the 2 indigenous rounds
Social: Lions on top now
Raspel31: Whoopsy.
Yelse: still can’t believe pies lost to eagles, percentage shot
Fangman: Excellent
colin wood: Well done boys
thesilentl: You all good swaggyp? You must be very embarrassed right now
MrWalrus: Urgh, lift lockout, I need to give my team a spray, glad this week is done
Dredd: Back on top on the ladder! Let?s go Lions
Manowar: Pathetic Gawn u loser!
bhg26: Can imagine you will be using a couple trades walrus?
pcaman2003: Good win Pies. Deserved it!
Tangent: “Shame on anyone who boos a champ”
thesilentl: Oliver went missing 2nd half when they needed him
Social: Dare to beat the Bear!
MrWalrus: Yeah then reversing, laird in for full premo from here
MrWalrus: This bye was always going to be rough for me

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