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Chat log from R14 of 2022: Richmond vs Carlton

Chat log for Richmond vs Carlton, R14 of 2022

J.Worrall: GoTiges!
Pavs: Evening all.
frenzy: howdy
bhg26: Tossed up between walsh and cripps vc and ended up with cripps. Walsh to go huge
Tangent: I’ve managed to field 20 here
Stu7: Good choice bhg Cripps been in good form
Baldfrog: Ladies
Pavs: Nank could have a big one tonight. Didn’t pull the trigger though.
CaptainWho: SC keep Gawn and trade in mills or English? Or trade Gawn for witts?
Baldfrog: I traded Max to witts
Stu7: I?m doomed VC left on Clarke accident Ly
blonde0na: geez lynch is a dirty flog
bhg26: Teakle rucking for me this week, trading out gawn next week if teakle showers the bed
Stu7: English Captain
Baldfrog: Macca is due I rekon
MrWalrus: Pickett and Baker, my boys doing their thing early
bhg26: whoever vc’d walsh youre welcome
Baldfrog: Brazzers probably has
bhg26: 10 touches already bloody hell
wadaramus: Is that really a free kick to Lynch?
MrWalrus: It’s in the book wada
blonde0na: that’s a fk to lynch but poking someone in the eye when the ball has bounced away is play on
Baldfrog: Yep Wada special clause #freekickrichmond
wadaramus: But was it a free kick MrWalrus?
wadaramus: Soft as margarine IMO.
Tangent: Tried to be different and VC Short lol… I’m such a loser
bhg26: I think Nank is the reason Richmond have the worst free kick differential in the comp lol
Spifflicat: Lynch till getting Saads eyeball off his thumb
bhg26: Wait that wasnt nank ignore that
MrWalrus: Yep, technically a free missed blond but if you think lynch poked intentionally you need help
bhg26: We have seen worse from lynch walrus
MrWalrus: Yep, soft wada but he did accidentally pull the jumper with his thumb so not “wrong”
Baldfrog: How on earth can the umps run around in yellow and black total stupidity
MrWalrus: Yep bhg, because that was an entirely incidental poke in the eye
bhg26: Sorry i was joking, hard to get that from reading text on a screen sometimes
MrWalrus: Damn straight baldy, stupid, plus we all know they support the pies 🙂
Valorlonga: Doc ever coming back on…
Pavs: Think Nank has had enough rest continue.
Catatafish: My bad @Valorlonga, I brought in him today and my players like to take it easy
Raspel31: At least Docherty didn’t get wet lucky chap.
blonde0na: why am i surprised to see umps giving richmond all the love
bhg26: Not just your fault catatafish, i also ruined the fun for docherty owners this week
wadaramus: I’m turning over to the NRL, free kicks like that one are pathetic.
Valorlonga: Honestly what is happening @Cat, who else you trade in?
MrWalrus: That’s the actual below the knees exactly, why are commentators trying to defend that?!
Catatafish: I think it was a team effott @bhg. Still early days.
Hazza09: Get off the bench Docherty
wadaramus: Below the fucking knees is ridiculous! He got there first!
MrWalrus: blond your Richmond hate boner is ridiculous, 4 tiges frees plumb HTB
DANGERous: that wasnt below the knees lol, should be play on
DANGERous: well it was, but it shouldnt be a below the knees free kick
Catatafish: 13 fucking minutes is ridiculous.
Gotigres: Didn’t realise you were were so pathetic Docharty when I got you in
casey22: What’s up, Doc?
Torz: Docherty having a siesta
MrWalrus: Wada, that is literally the reason it was bought in, sliding in feet first is dangerous, textbook Goodes rule
Hazza09: What?s with Docherty
Napper: Docherty ur fucking shit get off the bench
blonde0na: no hate boner here, richmond are a wicked afl side just generally dirty and favoured by the AFL
bhg26: Did it to walsh last week as well catatafish, apparently takes them to a week to adjust to my system
DEESareSAD: Ngl I was fearing an 80 point qtr from Walsh there.
zadolinnyj: lads
MrWalrus: Blond, we’re one free behind and everything has been there, it’s that or you don’t understand the rules
MrWalrus: Zado
Catatafish: @bhg I chose Parish over Walsh as a line ball call, you fared better!
wadaramus: MrWalrus, there was nothing dangerous, are you serious?
Catatafish: @Walrus thank Lindsay Thomas for that really after his Rohan leg break.
Tangent: WTF Kennedy
Fatbar5tad: Carlton look suss against teams that set up well in defence. Hit and hope I reckon.
Stu7: Come on Spewett off the pine and Clarke pull your finger out – you?re my VC😩
DrSeuss: Sorry lads, finally traded in Doch this week.
Stu7: Tangent – I nearly bought Kennedy in
Stu7: Who did you bring in Dr?
MrWalrus: Wada, that slide has done a number of tib fibs, it’s very dangerous, literally why the rule was bought in
wadaramus: Yes, but that instance was not in that category?
wadaramus: Fed up with the over officialdom of the AFL umpires.
Social: yep evening fellas
DrSeuss: Bought in Docherty, was sick of watching him score tons against me, so now he can score 80s for me lol
DrSeuss: Also what is Hewett doing – other than lazing on the pine?
DANGERous: walrus the rule was brought in to stop a player coming in low at the same time as another, not for time delays like that
Stu7: He?ll bounce back Doc
Pavs: Stu7 Clarke v/c?
2Ph0nes: navy you’re quiet tonight nackers
MrWalrus: Danger & wada, you’re both wrong, the action triggers the free, the rule was literally for that exact slide
DANGERous: surprisingly im not wrong, unlucky bud
Social: makes you wonder whether mid-season training blocks are really worth it
DANGERous: ur allowed to come in low, and if a player is late like balta was thats his problem
wadaramus: Soft…as…fuck…MrWalrus.
Stu7: Pavs – yeah it was an accident – I traded Clarke in for the player who had the the VC on and didn?t take off in time
wadaramus: Soft as margarine..AFL free kicks suck arse full stop.
navy_blues: im here phones
Pavs: Might just write the one off Stu7. Better luck with captain
navy_blues: bs took fishers legs out
Catatafish: @DANGERous it was because of Lindsay Thomas, not two low players
MrWalrus: Later all off to bang my head against a wall,
Stu7: Pavs – yeah poor form by me
Tangent: Wtf am I watching
Gotigres: vc Crapps
Catatafish: That muppet was responsible for at least 3 rule changes playing like a gronk
navy_blues: hows the umpiring tonight?
Gotigres: ok Walrus, have fun
yeah_nah: Just want consistency.
2Ph0nes: been fantastic imo
bhg26: Good commentating there
wadaramus: Put some padding on your head MrWalrus 🙂
DANGERous: just because ur wrong walrus, lol
Social: horhay
DrSeuss: Nice come back from Hewett. Now your turn Docherty
bhg26: This carlton performance is usually reserved for the second half
bhg26: As they get another lmao
Social: uh oh
navy_blues: bolton gets half a hour
blonde0na: walrus will say bolton got a kick away so not HTB there 🙂
upweydons: Should have been holding the ball against Bolton
pcaman2003: Evening all. Is HTB still a rule?
Catatafish: Fucks sake Short, do better!
Stu7: Hey pca – yep sure is
upweydons: Different rules for certain players
MrWalrus: He kicked it!
Social: I met 2 ppl who never saw a game of footy and they said Richmond gets ripped off my the umps
DANGERous: missed dangerous tackle smh
MrWalrus: Umps missed a couple but actually been really good tonight I reckon
pcaman2003: Stu7. Said with tongue firmly in cheek. HTB if ever I saw one.
wadaramus: Who fucking knows pcaman? Every week the AFL changes their “interpretations”!
Stu7: Pca lol
navy_blues: curnow gets no free kick richmond fart ump finds a free
wadaramus: The AFL changed the dissent interpretation without telling anyone, they suck!
wadaramus: Sorry for bitching m0nty 🙁
MrWalrus: You want the dissent rule wada? Glad they quietly took that one out back & shot it
Hazza09: Hit a target Short!
SALAH: AFL is too hard to adjudicate properly. Always going to be shite calls. Have to live with it, really.
Chelskiman: We need it to start pouring again!
bhg26: Cripps 55 harsh
Catatafish: @wada the AFL changes every interpretation all the time for no reason.
duckky: Short = fair weather footballer
wadaramus: Of course I hate the fucking dissent rule!
wadaramus: My point is they changed it without telling us.
wadaramus: They fail to acknowledge their errors.
dipstick: sadly thats why AFL is only for aussies. Ive never met an int’l who liked it because they dont get it like most aussies
bhg26: Wow Jack Riewoldt’s complaining again, shock
mattmac24: Did they though Wada? Fairly sure I saw that they made changes to the dissent rule
DrSeuss: FFS Docherty can?t even take an uncontested mark on the siren lol. Good comeback though
wadaramus: Yes Catafish, and they arenever held to account for their decisions,
navy_blues: i noticed that bhg
HolyNorf: Short just charges forward and kicks the ball as far as possible
Catatafish: I just angry when they decide for a week they want to over adjudicate a rule and then stop next week.
DrSeuss: Death, Taxes and Riewoldt having a whinge to the umps bhg
MrWalrus: True wada, they do not acknowledge errors, also are compulsive fiddler’s
pcaman2003: duckky. His DE kills him especially and if he kicked it further than he does high,would improve.
bhg26: Better than swans v Richmond catatafish, 61 frees that game
Bluebagg11: Absolute w anker Riewoldt
Catatafish: My patience is getting Short with you Jayden
MrWalrus: Lol Seuss, if Riewoldt isn’t complaining something is seriously wrong
bhg26: Just noticed Curnows score lmao
Hazza09: Short horrible disposal
DANGERous: short 11 kicks, 3 contested and still cant over 50% haha wtf
wadaramus: Word the fuck up Catafish, that is the AFL.
Catatafish: @bhg I agree, I’d rather they didn’t over adjudicate some half baked cat shit.
Catatafish: Word the flower up?
pcaman2003: Qantas pilot just reported ball kicked by Short flew past his windscreen.
Catatafish: Lol
MrWalrus: It’s ok cata, wada (rightly) dislikes umps & gets worked up about the tiges not losing due to 2017
beerent11: Think he meant wake not word catatafish
bc__: Cripps underscored for mine
MrWalrus: Combined it’s a recipe for a quiet lay down 😛
Catatafish: I believe so. I understand that’s what the AFL does. Didn’t realise I wasn’t entitled to be frustrated by that shit
wadaramus: 2017 GF has nothing to do with it MrWalrus!
beerent11: Playing someone in a league and all of their players are Geelong players. Would have had a low score last week.
wadaramus: Word up is an acknowledgement of agreement!
frenzy: so is Prestia bc_
wadaramus: Although playing Richmond on the MCG in a GF is wholly unfair is another argument.
Tangent: Stop bringing up 2017 its the only thing you talk about
beerent11: Must we do this every time Richmond play?
Catatafish: That’s good to know @wada didn’t know haha
beerent11: Wish we had more Liam baker types at the Roos. Impresses every time I see him play.
navy_blues: lol bolton show pony
wadaramus: Sorry Catafish that is probably something from the 80’s!
MrWalrus: What’s that beer? All the neutrals hate on tiges while I disagree with them? I think we do
beerent11: Word to the mutha
Tangent: Rachele back in
navy_blues: was that 15m?
wadaramus: Haha, thanks Beer, you all over this shit!
beerent11: Things that make you go mmmmm
MrWalrus: Baker is my favourite,100% effort, does everything well. If 6ft would be a superstar
Catatafish: You’re all good! @wada
wadaramus: Obviously Beer is an 80’s lover too 🙂
Dondeal: Grimes conned the ump. Refused to look at Curnow so couldn’t throw the ball to him. Typical Richmond BS games
Hazza09: Why did they move Short to the midfield?
MrWalrus: Because he plays well in the midfield & makes us a better team Hazza, this is real footy not fantasy
navy_blues: lol bolton gets half a hour not htb blues get 1 sec
2Ph0nes: win a game, then give an opinion
Stu7: Not sure Hazza my ear piece fell out when he was moved 🙂
pcaman2003: Get back on Crippa and get some points matey.
DANGERous: walsh a little quiet this quarter 🙁
Tangent: Kennedy huge 5 mins… wow
Catatafish: Short should’ve hung around at half time to learn to fucking kick with Auskick kids
MrWalrus: Also Bolton kicked, random blues bloke had an arm free & didn’t navy but sure, boo umps
beerent11: Still got my hypercolour t shirt wada
beerent11: And my Reebok pumps
navy_blues: lol coming from u walrus thats funny talk about split personality lolol
frenzy: Dunlop volleys
MrWalrus: Walkman collection beer?
Stu7: Kiak cords for me
wadaramus: Giddy up Beer, that is superb 🙂
beerent11: Yep walrus
yeah_nah: Where’s the fucking consistency umpire
beerent11: Yep walrus, aa batteries.
DrSeuss: Umpires calling ducking this week – ok then.
MrWalrus: True navy, bad umpiring really gets me fired up, lucky been good tonight
wadaramus: I still have my Sony Walkman I use it to listen to the cricket at AO.
beerent11: With a graphic equaliser
wadaramus: Stop looking for that which is not there yeah_nah.
beerent11: 1988 Chrissy prez
Tangent: Nice tackle Cotchin you soft bastard
bhg26: how has cripps had 6 clangers?
beerent11: Yeahnahs was the name of my team last year.
Stikman35: Im looking for junior Rioli to get on and score 9 more.
Chelskiman: It’s so annoying watch a lead slowly but surely slip away.
yeah_nah: It’s not much to ask for is it tho wada?
MrWalrus: Nice beer! Had an early 80s one dad got from hong kong, got stolen
beerent11: Yet another crap vc score
Stikman35: Boring week of footy
pcaman2003: bhg26. Thinking the same. Don’t understand his last clanger at all. Weird!
Torz: Docherty has absolutely killed it after having 12% TOG in the first
Stu7: Who?s your VC beer?
bhg26: Now has 8. What?
Stikman35: Should have booted it into his mid drift crippman.
Ash777: got walsh as VC this round
DrSeuss: Docherty with a 47 pt qtr in DT.
pcaman2003: Crap! Now Cripps has 2 more in less than a minute. FGS!
Tangent: These are the times where I wish Barry Hall was still wearing a jumper
blonde0na: imagine thinking flogmond aren’t dirty after watching prestia do that
MrWalrus: Cripps been very untidy but done good too, id have him equal with af or thereabouts
Bluebagg11: Go back to jail Pickett you crook.
Stikman35: I?m picking Carlton to win.
beerent11: Looking good ash
2Ph0nes: lol cripps weak as piss going after the smallest bloke on the ground. Sums him up
RuffLeader: Pickett joining the fight late, doesn’t have a track history of brawling at all.
beerent11: Crippa stu7
Number 8: Heheh, Silvagni fights like he has a blouse on
pcaman2003: beerent. Same here. Let down badly!
Pavs: Silvagni.. he has to be kidding right… limps off every week what a poser!
beerent11: Just turned it on at half time and I didn?t see Cripps get an effective disposal. All rushed kicks and handballs forward
Stu7: Beer – bugger however not as bad as my stuff up Clarke VC
MrWalrus: Also Silvagni was late in on Pickett who was trying to calm it down
beerent11: Hewitt is bloody metronomic. 110-120 every week
pcaman2003: My opponent has Nank, Baker, D Rioli and Bolton. Lift Crippa ….please!
navy_blues: no deliberate there of course
MrWalrus: Tried to go Balta earlier too, trying to raise his street cred tonight?
Tangent: I instantly like Bolton now… Love the shithousery
Chelskiman: That is definitely coming back to bite Bolton…
2Ph0nes: game over
Stu7: Rioli finishing strong
Pavs: Don’t like that
beerent11: What?s going on with Bolton?s salad?
Gotigres: Would have liked Bolton to have missed then.
MrWalrus: Bolton, I love ya but pack that away I reckon
DrSeuss: Why do you need to review that?
Tangent: Game is evolving get used to it
pcaman2003: Whenever you’re ready Cripps. At leaast get near the ball and look like you’re trying.
MrWalrus: Riewoldt is a goose but he’s our goose and I love him
navy_blues: that bs ump def favouring tigers
bhg26: Oh my word how is that holding the ball
Ash777: jnr coming on 🙁
Chelskiman: Possible Balta hammy.
Hazza09: Rioli on
MrWalrus: What do you mean Tangent? Players should take pointless risks with the game on the line?
DANGERous: walsh couldnt have any less prior
Catatafish: Maurice to chime in with a gentleman’s 8 points.
Gotigres: Short needs to be traded to Sinclair I think
Stu7: Doc owners must be happy
MrWalrus: I believe they pinged him for diving on it, which he did even if unintended
Tangent: It spices things up and gives us A-grade comedy
yeah_nah: Mckay is a unit.
Tangent: *entertainment not comedy
Stu7: Come on Hewett and Clarke
navy_blues: now your ump decision explainner warus lol to funny id rather the other walrus
MrWalrus: If spicy comedy got premiership points I’d agree, but untill then park it I reckon
Chelskiman: Here we go again
Gotigres: Usual Richmond fadeout
Stu7: Game on
MrWalrus: I blame Bolton
dipstick: have a gander at the goose. has it got sour face
TheFlagger: fuck yes
Hazza09: Short has to be traded
pcaman2003: My opponents non premium players are killing me.
Chelskiman: Knew the Bolton antics would come back to bite us. We just can’t stop run ons.
TheFlagger: no way
banta: Blues very cocky at the moment
MrWalrus: Oh Hello blues supporters
beerent11: Be just about your last trade hey hazza?
banta: I thought Collingwood fans were the worst but Blues are close
Tangent: Bolton is a beast
DANGERous: nice push bolton
JohnHoward: why would rioli pass that off for. makes zero sense
bhg26: Why on earth did maurice just pass that off?
Stikman35: Tiger fans are by far the worst
Hazza09: Yeah Beer, if I have a spare trade he can go
Gotigres: 14 points for a scrubby kick is a joke
beerent11: Confidence or lack there of bhg
Tangent: He passed it off and it resulted to a goal
bhg26: All he had to do was run and bounce lmao
gazza39: Rioli passes his B.E lol
beerent11: Hope no one went early of durdin Sam
JohnHoward: sub rule is so stupid. why should a team recieve an advantage for losing a player. dumbest rule in afl history
Catatafish: Short just needs to hit a fucki ng target
bhg26: Not denying the result tangent
Stikman35: Put cash sign on junior.
bhg26: One day saad will use his right foot
beerent11: All of crippa possies have been like that last one
mattmac24: Why should a team be disadvantaged for losing a player?
Bluebagg11: Did that really look touched? I didn?t see a finger move?
JohnHoward: mattmac because thats footy mate, injuries happen
Gotigres: And 5 sc points for a behind
bhg26: If youre talking about newnes’ then 100 percent it was touched
Hazza09: Another Clanger Short
MrWalrus: Both hands bluebagg
2Ph0nes: clearly touched unless you have vision issues
JohnHoward: imagine a fresh set of legs coming on the field with 15minutes left and altering the result of a game. AHAHAHA
pcaman2003: And another clanger for Cripps. If Cripps struggle,the Blues follow.
beerent11: Super sub
dipstick: @mattmac what a stupid comment. why should a car drive slower with a blown tyre? or a dog slower with 3 legs?
Stikman35: Better side appears to close to losing on the night.
frenzy: yes Doc Yes
Napper: Docherty has to be at least 130 after what he has done in the last quarter
Bluebagg11: I missed have vision issues haha. Or too many beers
2Ph0nes: lol
mattmac24: And if a team loses a player 5 minutes into the game? They’re disadvantaged for the whole game.
MrWalrus: In English stik?
mattmac24: The sub rule is fine but it needs to be more strict in terms of what injuries allow it to be activated
Tangent: The rule was made for concussions lol
BigChief: matt it was never an issue for over 100 years. Subs are bullshit.
frenzy: tactical sub
MrWalrus: It’s ok matt, dipstick just upset because he chimed in cocky prematurely
frenzy: Clarko sooked and got the sub changed
beerent11: The sub is indicative of every one gets a ribbon culture.
Bluebagg11: Hope to see you Richmond flogs in September when we have a full team. We?ll wipe the floor with ya. You?re washed up
Pavs: Game on the line.. where has Silvagni been this quarter? Massive pretender!
beerent11: Was only fair when it was for concussion only. Should have stayed that way.
MrWalrus: Sub was legit, Balta hammy again
2Ph0nes: lol kermit
bhg26: No! You called touched! You dont need to fucking review it for fucks sake!
banta: Umpire said touched off the boot. Why the need to score review?
Stikman35: Blues played bad, tigers played bad. Bad game all in all.
RuffLeader: Get rid of the sub, injuries happen, tough shower. You’ve got bloody four blokes on the bench, make it work
Pavs: Agree Ruff.
TheFlagger: see ya in september
2Ph0nes: shitty condiitons, tiges wouldve won by 60 if dry. Blues lucky it rained
DrSeuss: Blues with too many turnovers down back – many of them unforced.
MrWalrus: You may not get there yet bagg, wrong stik, good high pressure game in pouring rain
pcaman2003: LOL! 33 touches for 79.Cripps. 10 clangers!That’s a shocker.
Pavs: Bolton not happy apologised to Doc straight away
Catatafish: Someone explain to me why the fuck Walsh is on 110
MrWalrus: If not for concussion protocols I’d agree no sub
bc__: How many clangers for cripps my gosh
Stikman35: Game lacked excitement. Crap
Pavs: Cata 55% efficency
pcaman2003: Young Rioli jnr did well to get to 25 in a short time.
MrWalrus: I disagree stik, from a fan’s POV got very exciting with 10 minutes to go
Catatafish: I meant so high
robbieg: so is championdata going to pay that handball to hewrtt early in the 4th lmao

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