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Chat log from R13 of 2022: North Melbourne vs Western Sydney

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Western Sydney, R13 of 2022

a1trader: All I need is Riccardi to outscore Cogs and Greene combined 🙁
pcaman2003: Good luck with! Hope you believe in miracles.
a1trader: confidence is not high
pcaman2003: I’m lucky in that I’m well in front of my opponent and should win easy.
Stu7: Whitefield, Green, Conigilo & Flynn
Stu7: Big call a1
DANGERous: welcome to the aaron hall show
pcaman2003: Kelly,Cogs and Wehr for me Stu7
Stu7: Nice pca – be interesting to see how Werh goes
DEESareSAD: Turner tagging Kelly ffs
pcaman2003: I brought him in this week alo9ng with Gawn traded up from Preuss.
Stu7: I did the opposite pca – traded h8m out the other well to buy a premium mid
sfenda1: need kelly to have a bad one like walsh and parish
pcaman2003: Stu7. Nice start by Wehr so far. Let’s hope he keeps it going.
Silz90: Need a big one from wehr sigh lol and need curtis to stay low
Stu7: * well – week
Stu7: Yes Wehr great start
pcaman2003: DEESareSAD. Looks like Kelly getting a free run. Can’t see a tag on him.Finding space ok.
Silz90: bad crowd numbers today?
hinsch: Silz bad crowd numbers at every game AFL cannot work out why, maybe look at umpires
Silz90: hinsch umpires are shocking but cost of living has gone up too?
Stu7: Good stuff Greeny
Yelse: where whitfield playing today?
BigChief: Marvel Stadium Yelse
BRAZZERS: turner tagging j.kelly muppets
Stu7: Nice Whitfield
Stu7: Pissa chief
hinsch: Silz I know a lot of people that don’t even watch it on TV anymore, cost is a factor they got to recover last years mone
Stu7: Conigilo awesome stuff
BRAZZERS: lol stu
Stu7: Roos to lose by 1000 goals
hinsch: Stu the score board doesn’t have that many numbers on it
BigChief: Norf will struggle to kick 4 goals for game
Social: Horne
Stu7: Conigilo set for a large one
pcaman2003: Feeling for my opponent who has JHF and McDonald.
BigChief: pcaman feeling they don’t have a clue?
pcaman2003: Chief. I think I’m possibly playing a kid or a novice.
duckky: The really sad thing is the Norf players as a group are paid about the same as the Melb or Brisbane players…
BigChief: Or a Norf fan 🙂
pcaman2003: Good point Chief. Lol!
pcaman2003: Go Cogs!
Raspel31: Go Cogs- be a perfect world if Kelly didn’t have the hard tag.
BigChief: Himmelberg on target for 40+ disp LOL
Stu7: Get a move on Flynn
duckky: What chance a goal free game from Norf
pcaman2003: Raspel. Might have to put the Voodoo doll onto Turner 🙂
djtranny: coniglio will beat the record for highest SC of all time
Torz: Where is Whitfield lining up?
Pies20: 2trades this week baz to parish, sdk to perryman both injured I’m flowering shower at this game
Stu7: pca – Wehr has gone cold
BigChief: zero chance of that dj.
Raspel31: Get onto it pcaman
Stu7: Pies20 that?s harsh mate – bad luck
djtranny: Flynn is a hack – should have played preuss
pcaman2003: Stu7. Done nothing since 20 mins of 1st qtr. He may bounce back.
bhg26: Game on
BigChief: Play an injured player dj? You’re not that smart are you.
Stu7: djtranny – for t(e life of me I don?t understand why they didn?t play Preuss
Pies20: What happened to perryman anyway?
djtranny: huh? Preuss was an emergency, didn’t hear anything about an injury
hinsch: On a positive Wehr is outscoring 50% of NM players
Stu7: Chief – he?s not injured he was an emergency
duckky: Perryman? Knee in the back and ribs from Perez
djtranny: I guess the big chief is not as smart as he thinks he is!
BigChief: GWS named him hoping he would pass fitness test and he failed it.
Yelse: geez himmelberg might be a goer if keeps playing like this
Pies20: Cheers duckky
Stu7: Chief – cheers mate
pcaman2003: Hey Chief. What was his injury exactly?
lisapizza7: Preuss played a full vfl game so wasn’t injured
BRAZZERS: if you listen to mcveigh during the week you know he wouldnt play
ado88: Preuss played the last two game in the twos not injured
thommoae: Mummy would’ve been proud of that Xerri tackle on Cogs.
BigChief: Get a clue djmuppet. Or even read the news on players.
BigChief: pcaman back soreness
DANGERous: maybe should get cogs back
Raspel31: Now now, handbags away ladies.
pcaman2003: Thanks. Probably a good thing I traded him today for Max then.
BRAZZERS: it was his first full week of training since he was crook and a had a few niggles to get over. will play next week imo
djtranny: Well bigchief according to the source I just read – coach quoted saying illness for preuss
djtranny: that’s not an injury – I’d put money on he still would have played better than flynn
Baldfrog: Least norf have no downhill skiers just witches hats
don key: think Himma maybe found a spot in back looks good
djtranny: please change your name to bigmuppet now as you should eat your words
Social: *munches popcorn*
pcaman2003: Good stuff Jacob…keep going!
rooboypete: If Flynn has only 4 hitouts, why isn’t Preuss playing?
Gotigres: omg Coniglio. I never expected you to be a keeper, let alone this.
djtranny: here we go – kangas on the comeback
Social: North’s hitouts are not really going to advantage
Gotigres: Great stuff
djtranny: Preuss had an illness a few days ago apparently – prob partied too hard with mummy
Stu7: Lol raspel
cherry9: Tag on Kelly seems a bit redundant
don key: Norf coach looks lost ziebell in mids?
banta: Pretty gutless coaching to keep tagging when down by almost 10 goals. So negative
Baldfrog: To be fair banta they are being flogged no matter what they try
pcaman2003: Let’s face it gang. North are just a basket case
robbieg: this tag is so shameless
Raspel31: You’d think Norff would need every man on the ball rather than wasting a useless tag.
Baldfrog: Robbieg get out there and show em hows it done
Dogs5416: Wow cogs
pcaman2003: Maybe they should’ve tagged Cogs. lol!
pcaman2003: Even Clarko would struggle coaching this rabble.
Baldfrog: They are on DT keeping him quite low Pca
PAFC4eva: pruess played magoos before this game
Dogs5416: Don’t see the point of a tag today
banta: Any explanation about Stephenson’s drop off this year?
Baldfrog: Banta was he the norf player unwilling to get vaxxed?
boges11: Should Turner have a witches hat? He’s obviously doing something if Kelly is so low.
Dogs5416: Stephenson thought he was too good early. Didn’t put work in, wasted career
PAFC4eva: think that was ando baldy bad reaction to first jab
pjw1234: Perryman in emergancy at Hospital but still outscoring all but 6 Nth Players
don key: last year hall was a gun roles changed?
sfenda1: cogs could double ton today
Hazza09: Wow cogs
don key: havent seen stephenson go in for hard ball
Hazza09: Will Wehr keep his spot next week?
Baldfrog: Thanks for that Pafc
PAFC4eva: hopefully dont change winning side hazza maybe haynes ?
pcaman2003: Do something Cogs. You haven’t touched it in 38 seconds. How lazy!
Baldfrog: If both owens and wehr out next week I’ll be stuffed so hope wehr gets another gig
pcaman2003: Young Wehr is doing okay and should be safe I hope.
Raspel31: Yep, think he’s done enough pcaman.
Baldfrog: Well if he has Rasps seal of approval he must be fine
Breezey: What the hell is Ziebells role. Not to touch the ball
pcaman2003: The Kelly tag has failed really. 14 uncontested possies out of 17
Raspel31: Laughing- Kelly is doing everything possible to shake Turner.
Gotigres: Just started watching the game and noticed the huge crowd
Crave: Turner been holding him every stoppage no idea how he isn’t getting called for holding the man
Stu7: Flynn muppet
Baldfrog: Will teams start chasing Larkey wasted in this team
Raspel31: Agreed Crave- grabbing him long before he gets the ball. Almost funny to watch.
MrWalrus: Banked Gibcus as “safe” points over Bruhn, SC loves a low blow
pcaman2003: Gotigres. Pity Taylor took a great grab and only 40 people there to watch it.
Gotigres: Yes pcaman
MrWalrus: Oh wait it was Wehr, all good now
pcaman2003: With Cogs, Kelly and Wehr, I’m a happy man from Hawthorn.
frenzy: haha Bald
Tangent: Evening all… Cogs I’m shocked
Stu7: Tangent
Raspel31: Ditto pcaman- andGreen for me too.
pcaman2003: Evening Tangent. If not for 5 muppets, Cogs was heading for well over double ton.
pcaman2003: Very nice Raspel. If only it was always this easy
MrWalrus: C on Max or Clarry?
MrWalrus: I’m leaning towards Max
Tangent: I don’t think I’ve seen Cogs once this quarter. I’ve cursed him
thommoae: Turner getting away with assault and battery on Kelly.
Stu7: Flynn was an experiment that went terribly wrong
Hazza09: Hoping Wehr holds his spot next week has looked good
pcaman2003: Hazza. Would be very surprised if dropped. He’s had a good game.
PAFC4eva: thinking max walrus i took dochertys vc
BRAZZERS: glad i put the vc on conigs, happy days
Baldfrog: Is Brazzers actually GOD?
pcaman2003: Not even a clanger from Himmelberg. Top effort!
Hazza09: Really Brazzers? You put the C on him?
BRAZZERS: lol, playing against nth and wce are always good options
BRAZZERS: vc i have, but im taking it
banta: lol hogan
DEESareSAD: Kelly grabbed at his hammy back there
pcaman2003: BRAZZERS. Whats your overall rank again?
Tangent: What’s everyones highest rank they’ve got for an individual round (all time)
pcaman2003: Tangent. I can’t think back that far
MrWalrus: For a round, 23rd I think, been top 50 a few times
SALAH: 10 players over 100 for GWS in SC. Has that happened before?
MrWalrus: Always in poor seasons with a bit of a unique (ie poo) team
SALAH: Tangent, 2nd.
Stu7: Wehr will be safe pca
cherry9: Cog, Wehr, Tom Green, Kelly. Thank you Betsy

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