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Chat log from R13 of 2022: Brisbane vs St Kilda

Chat log for Brisbane vs St Kilda, R13 of 2022

BigChief: WTF is Bris thinking with Fort as sub?
navy_blues: hmmmm agree chief
navy_blues: lienert is a tall for saints as well
zadolinnyj: Not sure BigChief. Weird 4 sure
hinsch: Joe back for Brisbane that is at least 4 goals.
navy_blues: lol
Social: Joe makes me laugh
Tangent: Come on Owens!
Social: Who’s minding the rider of tiny imaginary motorcycles?
Social: Jimmy!
pcaman2003: Joe always reminds me of a loping giraffe
pcaman2003: Brought Owens in this week,so sorry in advance if he flops.
Baldfrog: Seems Saints can drop the ball anytime they want
circle52: And hold
Baldfrog: Hinsch that 4 goals might be a stretch
Social: And the Michito Owens is still on the line
pcaman2003: Baldy. The rules are a great mess and need a total overhall.
hinsch: Baldy might be four attempts 1 behind and 3 OOF
Baldfrog: Pca make them full time and 100 % professional bet they get better
pcaman2003: Get ya act together Gresham FGS.
beerent11: Suitcase carrying the lions so far
Hazza09: Who ruined Sinclair?
Baldfrog: Don’t think Gresh needs the bench
Stu7: Seb Ross you muppet
Baldfrog: Pca u have Sinclair? Haha
Stu7: Brisbane goal thanks to Seb Ross turn over d1ck head
hinsch: Big Joe is back
SALAH: First time I’ve noticed that “ponytail” on Mitch Robinson. It’s hideous
pcaman2003: Baldy. No I don’t. Was looking to get him,so hopefully his price will drop for me.
Baldfrog: Game is becoming an embarrassment
a1trader: mitch owens 1 hb + 1 free against = 9sc
Ash777: only first qtr
DANGERous: has a free against a1
hinsch: AFL cannot be paying much nowadays a lot with only half a haircut
pcaman2003: Anyone else have the VC on Neale? Keep going Lachie.
beerent11: Every man and his dog would have the vc on Neale
Baldfrog: Woof woof
DANGERous: i had vc parish into oliver 🙁
pcaman2003: Gresham lowest TOG of all the Saints. Is he okay?
Cottees: I did not beer, completely forgot to change vc and c
gazza39: Was sure Neale would cop a close tag
Tangent: Had VC on Darcy
beerent11: I stand corrected might just be us pcaman
MrWalrus: Neale VC feeling sexier by the minute here
gazza39: Jones v Neale was the matchup
Hazza09: Had the VC on Darcy, Ofcourse I got shafted
Ash777: got the C on neale
Mcswains: Onya Neale
wadaramus: Need 200 from Lachie to make up for the ineptitude elsewhere.
pcaman2003: Anyone with the VC on Daecy would be in gr8 pain.Hope your captain does better.
pcaman2003: I need Neale to go huge to make up for spud Gresham.
Hazza09: Been the story of my year Pcaman
pcaman2003: Hazza. He tests my patience a lot.
DANGERous: vc parish was worse pca
navy_blues: lol gift
pcaman2003: DANGErous . Being injured sucks,especially for SC scores,but what can you do?
Cottees: Go Gresham!
pcaman2003: About time Gresh. Keep going Owens and Neale
DANGERous: indeed pca, had to watch 2021 parish highlights to feel better
Ash777: lol zorks you muppet.
wadaramus: Get off the pine Lachie.
beerent11: Yes Owens nice work
Ash777: This game is very ump happy
wadaramus: Is Neale injured?
pcaman2003: Neale off a long time. Get back on.
beerent11: Settle grettles
duckky: Good lord – have any goals been scored in this game without the umpire’s assistance?
Baldfrog: Looks like King stole Charlie’s handlebars
Tangent: Websters SC is crazy
navy_blues: berry finding some form lately
wadaramus: That’s why the AFL make their rule changes duckky, so the umps can increase the goal socring!
duckky: I know Wada, but this is ridiculous
bc__: Glove Neale ffs
wadaramus: Coaches are to blame too, 4 interchange and high rotations, chipping it sideways to maintain possession.
wadaramus: The game is a whole lot of nothing right now, getting hard to watch, if it wasn’t for SC would we be following?!
duckky: That’s why it is getting better to watch the game on TV than IRL
Ooost: Complaining about Neale?
Hazza09: Lol my opponent has B Crouch
beerent11: Reckon it?s ok wada, doesn?t have to a shootout
Yelse: SC and betting make the game more enjoyable
Baldfrog: Really Beer think it’s rubbish atm
pcaman2003: Hazza. My oppo has Crouch as C.
Ooost: Crouch average of 105 this year, very viable pick
a1trader: thats the end of Owens for the night
Yelse: ffs owens
gazza39: Why do I do this every year fml
Baldfrog: There goes the Owens experiment
beerent11: Turn it off
navy_blues: lol joe
pcaman2003: And I brought him in this week. I did apologise in advance though.
wadaramus: Not asking for 20 goals a piece, just saying the game is monotonous and lacks spontaneity.
Yelse: umpire goal
Baldfrog: Can’t how will I correct you if I don’t know what’s going on
beerent11: Might be the end of him for a while a1.
Baldfrog: It’s ok pca so did I
Hazza09: Ffs Owens, stuff this
Ash777: nothing better than booing lions fans at the gabba lol
Silz90: Hit on Owens look bad. Very unfortunate
wadaramus: Send him back on, Butters and Jonas went back on.
beerent11: Will be difficult to get back into this side if you miss a week with hih
beerent11: Only a game. Calm the farm.
duckky: Me too, I hate byes.
BigChief: Hazza why do whinge all the time? Never a positive comment from you.
wadaramus: The AFL said that was OK.
beerent11: They would say that wada
duckky: You try following Essendon this year BigChief and try being positive 😀
pcaman2003: Baldy. That’s I think 3 players I’ve brought in and gone first game I have them. Pooh!
Tangent: Get him back on he’s fine
BigChief: duckky try following Fitzroy and you will find it harder than following Ess
duckky: Fitzroy is in the Ammo B’s aren’t they?
navy_blues: fitzroy hasnt lost in years lol
duckky: Still play at the Edinborough Gardens
pcaman2003: Chief. Lol! Didn’t yhey die out with Pompei?
BigChief: Yes duckky and we still suck.
st_steve: Owens officially subbed out
Silz90: Fitzroy won a flag a few years back.
Hazza09: Relax BigChief, I have 5 dead rookies now, just fuming
Ash777: ppl would pay for fitzroy to come back to the VFL
BRAZZERS: youve been fuming for 13 rounds lol, you were like this last season too
BigChief: Yep in Ammo C in 2018 Silz. Huge day that was 🙂
Social: Yes Ash, loved the Roys
BigChief: Great to see lots of people love my Roy Boys 🙂
wadaramus: I think I remember Jamo kicking a goal after the siren in the early 90’s 🙂
pcaman2003: Chief. Always loved seeing Quinlan kick a big sausage roll.
navy_blues: mick conlan and doug hawkins my fav fitzroy players
beerent11: Doc
beerent11: Will never forget doc
BigChief: Paul Roos and Alastair Lynch my 2 favs
duckky: At least Fitzroy gets a mention in each Jack Irish Ep. Bernie Quinlan was great.
frenzy: marty pyke
beerent11: Was great for us too frenzy
duckky: Chicken Smallhorn on WoS every Sunday
frenzy: yep and brissy
gazza39: Fitzroy page lol
Stu7: Saints turn over yet again
Baldfrog: Back on the game please no point talking about hasbeens
wadaramus: Is that really touched?
DrSeuss: What is Hill doing? Not watching the game – grabbed him quickly for DT as a spare but OMG what is he doing?
duckky: Better than talking about the umpires … who have been busy
beerent11: Good umpiring. Gave the players time to adjust
Yelse: hip wood not the same player he was before reco
beerent11: Baldy self appointed admin
navy_blues: honestly dont know why hipwood gets a game
Baldfrog: Or haircut Yelse
duckky: He must be at least 5Kg heavier Yelse
Baldfrog: Cheers Beers
pcaman2003: You can start now Gresh. Don’t be another passenger
beerent11: Matthew Liptak
Baldfrog: No way these 2 can win a prem skills are shocking
wadaramus: Knee Doctor?
Baldfrog: Pca talk to Gresh again plz
Social: Michito you flowering egg roll
pcaman2003: Go VC Lachie. You may salvage my crappy day yet.
BigChief: Zorko is done. Hammy.
pcaman2003: More carnage with Zorko gone now.
AlsoGmax: Off goes Zorko. Great four weeks owning him.
beerent11: Shane Ellen
circle52: Zorko fone
DrSeuss: What a week – Owens, Zorko, Hill – ffs
pcaman2003: Baldy. I’ve tried, but don’t think he is a good listener.
wadaramus: The AFL holding the ball rule has lost all connection to the origin of the rule.
BigChief: Can Fort do the same roll as Zorko? Very dumb Bris.
wadaramus: But so has many of the ALF rule interpretations.
Ash777: This is just a weird game
Tangent: I have no trades left for the rest of the season after this, 3 injured players so far this round
wadaramus: Why are you dropping Adelaide Crows fan favourites names beer?
beerent11: Simon Tregenza
gazza39: Neale has my total confidence now?..gets burned next week
Wahab_18: Go the GreshhhhH!!
beerent11: Trying to get baldfrog to talk about has beens. Not working.
Baldfrog: Cause norf don’t have any Wada?
BigChief: No trades left at rd 13? Delete your team Tangent.
Ash777: I’ve learnt never to vc/c neale the week after he goes big
Baldfrog: Nope not as silly as you think
BigChief: beer Greg Anderson?
beerent11: Craig Sholl
wadaramus: LOL, come on Baldfrog, how good was Trigger?!
frenzy: jon blakey
pcaman2003: Does King look like Daniel Day Lewis in Gangs Of New York?
beerent11: Jim/Phil surname not required
Baldfrog: Gregs hair held him back Chief
beerent11: Ian fairly
duckky: Wasn’t Trigger Roy Rodger’s horse?
wadaramus: David Brown.
beerent11: Sscchhhwwwaatttaaaaa
wadaramus: Wayne Wiedemann.
Pies20: Romanoe negri enough said
Stu7: Ash777 Neale looking good still
Baldfrog: Duckky is old
BigChief: best of all though Mr Tambling as mentioned last night 🙂
duckky: No – just listened to Elton John
Baldfrog: Yeah can’t disagree Chief
navy_blues: scores gone backwards?
BRAZZERS: Ian Downsborough was a gun
duckky: Pass me the Zimmer Frame please Bald
wadaramus: Brett Allison and Craig Sholl.
Baldfrog: Big unit that one Brazzers
Baldfrog: I have an electric wheelchair duckky that do.?
navy_blues: craig sholl was my father in laws apprentice
beerent11: Jose Romero
wadaramus: Graham Cornes & Russell Ebert.
BRAZZERS: David Gallagher
Social: I guess that’s why they call it the blues
Napper: Scaling needs fixing. Parish gained 5 points after injury and hall with 12 when he did his hammy but Owens loses points
frenzy: Digby Morrell
Baldfrog: I can actually picture that bloke beer
beerent11: Ahhh digby
beerent11: Being a father in law is a trade? Didn?t know that
Baldfrog: No one mentions Mods the God?
beerent11: The hair baldy, the hair
pcaman2003: 4 players subbed out with a qtr still to go. Yikes!
Social: carnage
wadaramus: He ain’t no has been Baldfrog, he is a legend!
wadaramus: Malcolm Blight.
Gotigres: Big qtr please capt Neale
beerent11: Doesn?t need mentioning baldy
Baldfrog: And Andos hair isn’t Wada?
navy_blues: hill needs to retire
beerent11: Aha. Got you talking about has beens baldfrog.
wadaramus: Not in the same class mate, I know Ando’s mullet was good, but not that good.
Baldfrog: Ahh $hit so u did
beerent11: Back on the game please baldy
Baldfrog: Lol Wada can’t believe we talkin about hair when I ain’t got none
duckky: Hill is a dud
Torz: Windhager is stapled to the bench
bhg26: Just dropped in to say both Zorko and Mitchito subbed out, flower me
beerent11: Thanks for that bhg
Social: Vinnie Cattogio
duckky: Rene Kink
BigChief: Baldy hair is a myth.
Baldfrog: Brian Taylor
Bluebagg11: Neale should be 120+ literally gone up 5 points for his last 8 touches
Social: Nice one duckky, he could cut hair too
BRAZZERS: this would be an amazing win for the saints if they pull it of with all the injuries
beerent11: Crackers Keenan
pcaman2003: Baldy. Wash your mouth out.
wadaramus: Bruce Abernethy.
Social: Ronnie Wearmouth
Baldfrog: Haha sorry Pca
wadaramus: Why is Neale’s SC so unimpressive?
Baldfrog: Loved Crackers
pcaman2003: The galloping gasometer Mick Nolan
BigChief: Mark Jackson
Baldfrog: I’m an individual
frenzy: Im an individual ya cant fool me
navy_blues: mad dog muir
BigChief: You can’t touch me
beerent11: What happened to d rich?
duckky: Dermie
wadaramus: Boomer Harvey.
Social: Big Carl
Baldfrog: Hammy getting checked beer
frenzy: yep Lol
wadaramus: SO obvious that was touched…NOT!
Ash777: lol booing a goal review
beerent11: Cheers bald
pcaman2003: C’mon Lachie and go big. Get cracking!
BigChief: What is the review guy sniffing?
wadaramus: Sorry Paddy, you tackled him too hard mate, FFS!
DrSeuss: Get off the bench Coleman ffs
pcaman2003: Only 4 pts this qtr Gresh,so hurry up.
pcaman2003: FGS Gresh….I didn’t mean to go backwards this qtr. Sigh!
Baldfrog: Gardiner gone to m0nty
beerent11: Rich?s hammy is gonna go for sure.
DrSeuss: Coleman only like 12 pts in the half – was looking great at half time
pcaman2003: Looks like Neale VC is another fizzer. Can’t take a trick.
navy_blues: players going down everywhere lol
Stu7: Brisbane everywhere
Baldfrog: Clarry or Gawn for C now
Stu7: Saints no game plan
beerent11: Neale 67%de 18 uncontested possies
pcaman2003: Baldy. I’m looking at Clarry,but may go Kelly against Norf.
Baldfrog: Maybe why the skills are bad navy, hard surface
Baldfrog: Good luck m8 Don’t have Kelly
Dredd: Money league opponent has 4 of the top 5 scores here? ffs
Ash777: the gabba surface looks bad
beerent11: No clarry here. Will go big max to the max.
BigChief: Margin does not reflect the game. Saints been good.
Hazza09: Was anyone relying on Owens for next week?
Baldfrog: I probably was hazza
thommoae: Me too.
pcaman2003: Hazza. I have enough on the field but he could’ve been handy still.
J.Worrall: No Hazza, I wanted this week’s score …
navy_blues: think its stupid having a bye round on a long weekend
duckky: Thank god that’s over
beerent11: Not a long weekend here navy
frenzy: not enough Mr Neale
Social: I like Max for C
beerent11: What was your minimum frenzy?
navy_blues: in vic it is plus a thurs game not very bright planning
Dogs5416: Ah VC Jelly into Gawn if needed
J.Worrall: m)nty, your comments beside the plaayers continues to be spot on!
J.Worrall: Max or Clarrie for C?
navy_blues: can still take cripps 126?
navy_blues: or go max or ollie
J.Worrall: *m0nty*
frenzy: probably gonna take Mr Neale, beer
J.Worrall: I’d take Cripps.
J.Worrall: So my line is around 20.

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