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Chat log from R13 of 2022: Richmond vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Richmond vs Port Adelaide, R13 of 2022

navy_blues: hi all
Gotigres: Only 14 on field at the moment 🙁
Baldfrog: Considering we beat both these lemons i’ll go for tiges by 40
Stu7: Hey navy
Stu7: Gotigres – I hate the bye rounds
navy_blues: brought baker in walrus will be happy
bhg26: Absolute carnage this week
Baldfrog: I’m unable to field 18 this week to gotigres
Stu7: Bought in Boak this week – good value
bhg26: If wehr doesn?t play I?m 1 short
zadolinnyj: gents
navy_blues: got 15
Baldfrog: I’m sweating on Wehr to play to make 17 lol
navy_blues: was thinking wehr but no certainty to play
Gotigres: I had Boak in but reversed trades Stu after teams were named. Good luck Stu
sfenda1: might have to trade in someone like boyd (carlton) in this week if no wehr
StuL: Need a few extended bench players to get to.16, lucky my op has about 11
navy_blues: port was tempting at 2.55
DrSeuss: Good to see Butters wasted forward again
Tangent: Shit I have Wines as C
PAFC4eva: evening all both teams need win this week go the pear
Gotigres: Looking at Boyd’s sc scores sfenda, that is a depressing thought
beerent11: Evening lads and ladys hope all are well.
Baldfrog: Can’t wait till Clarke gets on the ground
Stu7: Gotigres – cheers mate. How come you took him out?
Tangent: Is Wines okay
beerent11: Nearly took boak to complete my mids but managed to get to zerret for 40k more.
Torz: Brought in Zerrett and Amon this week
beerent11: Sorry 30k more.
Ash777: dont bring me in I’m out with covid protocols
Stu7: Torz – Amon off to a flyer
Dogs5416: Free kick count broken? Richmond had more than 3
navy_blues: port getting plenty of the ball just turning it over alot
beerent11: There you go baldy
Baldfrog: Clarke drops the knees to win a free the Richmond way
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Judson Clarke to draw a free on Drew for his first senior goal.
DrSeuss: Well done first kick in afl from ducking into a tackle – great skill
Stu7: Off the bench Boak
Stu7: I bought in Clarke as well – having a nice start
bhg26: He?s a true small forward already
beerent11: Never heard Judson before.
Gotigres: Carroll and MacDonald and Hayes all not named made me change things Stu
Stu7: Get ya f@t ar5e off the pine Boak
Stu7: Gotigres – cheers mate
Raspel31: Young Clarke may yet prove a good stop gap.
Hazza09: How did Rioli Jnr go in the VFL?
navy_blues: amon everywhere
bhg26: Well port looked good for 5 minutes
PAFC4eva: what goose doesnt pick a ruck against nank and soldo sheez
Hazza09: Wow Clarke
Gotigres: omg Clarke
navy_blues: grrr had clarke in but changed at last minute
BigChief: Hinkley trying to get sack @PAFC?
m0nty: Judson kicks like Hudson
MrWalrus: Liking Judson, Vlas destroying Gray so far
PAFC4eva: not before time chief
thommoae: Mystified here, PAF; no-brainer tip Tigers on paper.
Raspel31: Hmm. Judson surpassed his predicted 22. Good work lad..
Gotigres: Same navy
thommoae: Bitter memories of watching Soldo/Nank destroy my lot in the GF coupla years ago.
Social: Judson flowering Clarke you little rippa
PAFC4eva: get a petition going thommoae please no hinkley
Tangent: Cotchin such a foul player
BRAZZERS: still salty huh lol
duckky: Who the fark is Judson Clarke?
TheFlagger: good start butters
thommoae: Done! Attn: Port supporters – sign the ‘Hinkley is a Finkley’ petition today.
wadaramus: Butters is toast!
BigChief: Richmond player duckky
Baldfrog: Thommoae he is linked to GWS wouldn’t be so excited m8
BigChief: Hicnkley to coach GWS next year @thommoae
Stu7: duckky – first gamer
Pavs: showing your age mOnty
PAFC4eva: never tear us apart never sign hinkley
thommoae: Say it ain’t so, Baldfrog! Yer havin’ a lend, surely.
duckky: Thanks @BigChief and Stu
bhg26: Houston dt to sc is crazy
Baldfrog: Nope m8 i am not
PAFC4eva: thats the rumor hear thommoae
PAFC4eva: thats why you need petion dont sign hinkley
Social: He’s actually a decent coach, just doesn’t have much to work with, the opposite of Cameron
Baldfrog: Or a go fund me page to hire Clarkson
BigChief: Thommoae he is great mates with Jimmy Bartel.
Baldfrog: Lol Social he picked these players
DrSeuss: Why Hinkley continues to play Butters forward is unfathomable, great ball winner, not a great chaser
TheFlagger: how many scoring players for everyone this week? 19 at most for me, looking like 18
thommoae: Whar you hear dis, guys?
Stu7: 18 Flagger
pjw1234: cant have butters and rozee in the middle at the same time
DANGERous: i have 14 lmao, gonna go from top 5k to outside 10k
PAFC4eva: hinkley 10 years no return out coached in finals on few occasions we made it
BigChief: da intanet thingy Thom
MrWalrus: Been everywhere in media thom
Oddsy5: 18 for me with preuss daicos n wehr lol could be 15
PAFC4eva: except geelong:)
DrSeuss: Rozee is better on a wing and forward – much quicker and puts on more tackle pressure
Social: Pull ya finger out Judson, done nothing this quarter
MrWalrus: Love Pickett & Baker, just so good with their work around the ground
bhg26: there he is social
Stu7: Lift Boak
Social: hehe
Hazza09: Anyone trading Greg Clark?
Baldfrog: I did for owens Hazza Clarks be is 34 getting to that trade stage anyway
MrWalrus: Always applying pressure, filling holes or making space intercepting & hard as nails
duckky: Yep. Clarke out. Need to make money and cover 2 holes.
TheFlagger: any north fans in here think xerri will get dropped?
wadaramus: Maybe Hazza, still trying to work out my trades!
Stu7: Hazza. – yes mate for Judson Clarke
DANGERous: isnt greg clarks be 18 Bald?
wadaramus: Damn this quarter is a total snoozefest.
frenzy: just signed his contract, so yeah off to the magoos
bhg26: Port forwards have butter fingers
pjw1234: clarke for marchbank who should get a good run with weitering out for 4-5
Baldfrog: Youre right Danger sorry must have been another rookie i was thinking of
duckky: Marchbank never scored bigly and IMO at $200K is not much value
Social: more Butters puns please
Baldfrog: Cant believe it’s not Butters?
pjw1234: marchbank ave around 70 which should see him go up to around 380. maybe some upside with Weitering out
TheFlagger: marchbank is rory thompson 2.0
Stu7: Burton on fire but having little effect
bigpens: Everyone knows it’s Butters… That’s me
Social: Fair dinkum Judson, get off your aaaaarse
Breezey: Butters father was a good player in his day. Ya could say he?s well bread
sfenda1: march should play the rest of the year if he stays fit tho
romeo33: We shouldn’t spread Butters puns too much
Baldfrog: Richmond supporters booing the Arc footage haha
Social: oooh ouch
wadaramus: Butter My Arse With A Pigeon.
Social: I should be careful, m0nty banned me last time there was match featuring Butters and Dixon
Gotigres: Short needs to go back to defence for cheap points
Breezey: Houston looks like he?s going to go enormous tonight
pjw1234: owens for stk is also a good option based on last game but job security???
TheFlagger: js very sketchy pjw but at this point in the season we dont need his cash. just need him to play this week
Baldfrog: Who knows Pjw but rookies very thin on the ground
The Hawker: How is Boak not on 80+pts
Social: Butters slips through another tackle
Breezey: Is it true Butters Mums name is Marg
dipstick: I remember when Hercules use to say “I cant believe its not Butters”
PAFC4eva: did you see that bhg
Baldfrog: I’ll pay that one Breezey
Chelskiman: We just can’t keep a lead. We seem to get to 4 goals up every week and just stop.
colin wood: Wines TOG starting to become annoying
PAFC4eva: funkley strikes again colin wood
MrWalrus: I grabbed Owens, will be full team 8 trades left after byes
Pies20: Dipstick you mean fabio?
pjw1234: just noticed i still had carrol so swith to marchbank easy and can hang onto clarke for next week.
MrWalrus: Being fair to Ken Finlayson stepped up that quarter, is surprisingly handy
Pies20: Wouldn’t mind dusty to get to get involved next half
Baldfrog: I need dusty to go below Clarke for my match up Pies
Pies20: Working in your favour at the moment baldy 2weeks in a row 🙄
J.Worrall: each way bet – dusty to get involved AND stay below Clarke. How much you want on dusty?
Pies20: 100 on duty to get involved and beat clarke worral accoun
Pies20: Dusty
DrSeuss: Be Nice if Wines and Butters could get involved, maybe a couple of touches, tackles
MrWalrus: How good when Balta starts getting a run in the mids 😉
Stu7: Come on Boak ya dudd
DANGERous: or a goal seuss, lol
DrSeuss: Needs about 3 more Danger – Butters just needs to be on ball
Stu7: Trading Boak in backfired
beerent11: Can?t tell if you?re being serious stu7
Torz: Pretty happy with the Amon trade in as a value POD
beerent11: If you?re being serious you?re an idiot.
DrSeuss: Pretty sure Stu is playing DT / AF beer
frenzy: didnt Amon get dropped a week or two back
PAFC4eva: dropped but late in
Stu7: Thanks DrSeuss
Pies20: Dusty i Change my bet worrall fkme showerhouse tonight,
Stu7: I play SC as well but have Boak in DT
Stu7: Beer – yeah DT
DANGERous: havent noticed short for a while
original: Balta rucking? Where are u nank?
gazza39: Trust me, Amon will burn you in S.C
DrSeuss: Sick of watching Butters run into space, gets ignored, Port kick to P-Pepper with 2 defenders – idiots
beerent11: Ahh makes sense then
PAFC4eva: good kick that farrell
Stu7: Clarke fizzled out
wadaramus: What was the 50 for?
Pies20: Surley dusty goes mid next quarter not seen this quarter wtf hardwick?
beerent11: Patrick Beverly warming up
MrWalrus: Ken to Dumont “how’s ya ankle?”
beerent11: What are our vc/c choices this week. I?m going Neale into Gawn.
dipstick: gough uckyaself gibcus
Baldfrog: Neale/Oliver Beer?
DANGERous: Parish into Oliver here beer
Gotigres: The usual Richmond fade out
TheFlagger: beautiful sc to dt ratio butters
beerent11: No clarry bald
MrWalrus: Neale Oliver
TheFlagger: butters is winning so many 50 50 contests love watching him
Baldfrog: Then ur stuffed Beer
beerent11: Just a hard mutter ucker flagger. Gun.
yeah_nah: These mullet haircuts are getting out of control. I blame dusty.
beerent11: Yeah true. But if everybody looked the same, we?d be tired of looking at each other.
Baldfrog: #freekickrichmond
TheFlagger: how is that a free kick what the fuck
DANGERous: geez thats soft af
dipstick: anyone seen the movie Avatar? the blue dudw looks like Dusty
beerent11: Don?t know if many people saw that movie dipstick
bhg26: no a lot of people did beer, the highest grossing film of all time yet no one can remember the main characters name
LuvIt74: im not even going to bother this week even if i use 3 trades i can only field 16
Torz: Butters struggles to get through a game without hurting himself
MrWalrus: Baker my man just killed those 2 port boys
Gotigres: Butters down
LuvIt74: Avitar – Best 3D movie of all time…
Chelskiman: Is that two concussions?
bhg26: Can Butters stop trying to unalive himself every game
TheFlagger: way ahead of its time
thommoae: Be fair, Torz -it was courage not carelesness
piro: dusty was busy filming avatar 2, thats why he missed a month
DrSeuss: Butters has the highest contested possessions for Port yet Hinkley continues to play him at half forward – unbelievable.
Tangent: Rozee is a liability when he has ball in hand
beerent11: Short a cleaver candidate
MrWalrus: Good game
Gotigres: Ralphsmith looks like Richard Langly
Olli32019: Really want port too win. Wish robbie Gray and motflop would do something. They suck
TheFlagger: the voldemort look
Rilian: Mare icon for Bolton?
LuvIt74: Is butters out ok?
Fatbar5tad: Surely these guys are concusaed.
LuvIt74: Clarke looks like a good rookie
Stu7: Off the pine Boak
BRAZZERS: lol they not getting tested purely beacuse the sub i sused already and the game is on the line, comical
beerent11: A very Motlop game from Motlop
MrWalrus: Not tonight fat
original: Cmon nank 80+ plz
Social: eyez not conkust drunstable
Tangent: Can the umps help Richmond out a bit more
Rilian: @monty Mare icon for Bolton now surely? Had a stinker every time he’s been near it.
MrWalrus: Dipstick I think you owe Gibcus an apology
TheFlagger: top 10 player in the cop ay
wadaramus: 23 frees to 21 Tangent?
TheFlagger: class
beerent11: Gil?s brother trying to help a brother out
BigChief: Bolton using the Hungry Barlett jumper to perfection.
Social: well Butter my Gibcus
Tangent: Mentioning the free kick count is a pointless argument
m0nty: the thing about Motlop is that he can do one thing and win the game from here
wadaramus: But you asked for umpire assistance?
dipstick: @wada good memory you have. Gibcus accepted the challenge of my rocket
sfenda1: ton up short
PAFC4eva: hope your right monty
dipstick: *@walrus i meant
Olli32019: Motlop isa lazy c u@$
DANGERous: that was a missed free for butters :/
Gotigres: Butters lost points for intercepting a handball from the opp
beerent11: Got him on field in draft m0nty so hope he does.
Tangent: I’m saying the umps have gifted Richmond multiple goals, and the caliber of the free kicks given
wadaramus: Sorry, didn’t sense your sarcasm.
Rilian: #mareforbolton Told you!
Gotigres: Hahaha Bolton
BigChief: Bolton really needs the mare icon now m0nty
DANGERous: lol Bolton
TheFlagger: bolton paying tribute to lynch on that one
Social: All part of the AFL revenue model Tangent
DrSeuss: Port have been horrendous tonight – how TF are Richmond only 11 in front
Stu7: Bolton what sh1t kicking
wadaramus: Bolton you spud, learn how to kick a simple drop punt you turkey!
st_steve: There are calibres of free kicks?
yeah_nah: HTB in a shambles
blonde0na: port real poor tonight but umpiring has been fairly average
Baldfrog: Totally agree social it’s not about football but the bank balance
gazza39: Houston…I don’t have as much of a problem now thanks to your second half
Chelskiman: Phew!
TheFlagger: dixon has to do better to crash packs. its the only thing hes good at.
Rilian: 5 behinds, 3 FA, 60% accuracy = mare
PAFC4eva: to good tiges season over if it wasnt already
beerent11: The soon to be retired Abigail for questioning the hih interpretation
BRAZZERS: chelsk you spud
BigChief: 11 goals 11 to 10 goals 5 Seuss says it all.
frenzy: yin yang Houston
Rilian: x factor for kicking 2 goals in q1? lol

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