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Chat log from R12 of 2022: Fremantle vs Brisbane

Chat log for Fremantle vs Brisbane, R12 of 2022

DANGERous: Sean Darcy time
robbieg: agree
frenzy: Brodie didnt get through the banner, straight to bench
DrSeuss: Zorko?s move forward hasn?t been ideal
BRAZZERS: hopefully fyfe won’t effect brodie’s scoring when he’s back
Baldfrog: I’d still hold brodie brazzers fyfe gets injured way too much
TheFlagger: is aish tagging neale or no
Baldfrog: No flagger brodie running with Neale
Pav300: Not yet Flagger
DANGERous: no tag on Neale @Flagger, brodie v neale in a head to head
TheFlagger: ok that is good to hear. go massive shrek darcy
bhg26: Zorko tackling ferociously
Pav300: Zorks back!
bhg26: About time pav, was giving me the shits after the last 2 weeks
Tangent: Zorko already higher score than last week
Pav300: not sure he is 100% bhg
Social: LOL that tiny motorcycle
navy_blues: no good brodie running with neale brodie always on bench lol
Raspel31: Not quite the game we needed so far Mr Neale
DANGERous: lift shrek
Social: I winder if Charlie makes idling sounds when the ball’s down the other end
Social: rum ba dum dum dum
Pav300: i think he sings Country Roads Social?
Social: Bag it up Charlie! nin nin nin neeee
amigaman: How on Earth is McInerny on more points than Darcy?
Baldfrog: What u smokin Social?
Raspel31: Good call- bring Will Brodie back on with 2 mins to go.
Social: A grown man riding a tiny imaginary motorcycle just cracks me up
wadaramus: It looks like the motorbike has two throttles too? He rev’s with both hands?! No brakes!
wadaramus: Well, I guess there’s still the foot brake.
banta: They keep missing Aish points
banta: Zac Bailey been a spud this year. So much hype but overrated
bhg26: get off the fucking pine zorko
Baldfrog: $Richy Rich$
DrSeuss: Lions l
Tangent: Zorko went to bed
DrSeuss: Looks like another terrible week to have Zorko – lift you spud
Social: Exhaust fumes got the better of him
MrWalrus: Zado, your SC team is handy, hating having to play you twice this week
Baldfrog: Good to see melees back
Baldfrog: Zado beat me last week Walrus
DrSeuss: He dropped the mark you muppet umpire
Number 8: About the only good thing about having Zorko is the pleasure of firing the potato
wadaramus: Zorko damaged hand.
Hazza09: Get off the pine Darcy ffs
BigChief: Zorko’s hand doesn’t look good.
bhg26: Oh fucking hell zorko you meatball
DrSeuss: Zorko done I reckon.
DANGERous: darcy just doesnt wanna score this week, bad decision getting him over gawn
Baldfrog: Charlies motorcycle is outa juice
DANGERous: get berry onto brayshaw, gotta stop him
DrSeuss: How TF was that not a free kick? McCarthy just grabbed out of a marking contest
Social: definitely let the clutch out too fast on that shot baldy
BRAZZERS: all you do is complain game after game, week after week lol
MrWalrus: The FF leagues are very competitive, ranked 70 something
wadaramus: Do we know what happened to Zorko, it looked nasty.
Social: I’d like to see someone like Eric Hipwood ride pillion when Charlie next leathers up
Hazza09: Darcy not up to it today
DrSeuss: I think he had his hand stood on Wada – was ripped up a bit
BigChief: wada looked like his hand was stood on accidently.
wadaramus: Ouch, thanks BC.
Baldfrog: Those modern day rubber studs must be sharp
wadaramus: Not subbed yet so possibly patchuppable.
Baldfrog: Do they even have screw ins anymore or all moulded soles?
wadaramus: Surely they can mould studs and remove the burrs from the tool, smooths studs should be easy to make!
wadaramus: Moulded or screw in!
BigChief: Screw ins are illegal now.
TheFlagger: darcy camping up forward
Baldfrog: Cheers Chief
TheFlagger: whats everyone on track for
Baldfrog: Wet and windy weekend Flagger
wadaramus: If Brodie & Neale make par, 1940.
TheFlagger: meek is pretty good. lots of teams will go after him
Baldfrog: Was Charlie over the line then.
pharace: Just notice Darcy the Gardiner has been subbed out – guess Zorko the Great is back to it then?
BigChief: Logue that was dumb.
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Brennan Cox just turned into a muppet.
Jukesy: Kermit can I have an autograph please
Tangent: Was projected for 2010 start of the round, now looking at 1600.
DANGERous: get angry and want the pill Sarcy
Stu7: Neale gone cold
Pav300: Brodies PPM must bring a tear to Fantasy Freako’s eye
DrSeuss: Lions gone cold. Looking lost – no link up play. Rushing under pressure.
Stu7: No Neale no Brisbane maybe
Baldfrog: How Brodie couldn’t get a game at GC amazes me
DANGERous: get off the bench darcy
Stu7: Neale hasn?t touched it thus quarter
Fatbar5tad: Brilliant move bringing Hodor in 🙁
Hazza09: Ffs Darcy, absolute joke
Tangent: Dockers are hot!
cherry9: I also brought in Darcy over Gawn. So far he hasnt made it into my top 18 scores. Not good
Pav300: Lay off Shrek – Meek was always gunna halve his score
Stu7: Neale finally touched it
DANGERous: had the bare 18 this week, stewart and darcy rn be like :/
MrWalrus: Stu speaking New Zealand ish 🙂
duckky: 10.4, 10.4 big buddy – Looks like we got us a convoy.
Tangent: Purple superman?
duckky: 10.5 – convoy over
Fatbar5tad: Ryan can gagf as well.
Stu7: Walrus- lol
Stu7: Fat fingers
DANGERous: darcy always on the bench whenever i look, lol
DrSeuss: How can Brisbane keep leaving Brayshaw open – tag him and make someone else beat you
Hazza09: Expected more from Darcy
beerent11: I?m guessing your opponent has Brayshaw Seuss
frenzy: Meek sharing his points Hazza
DANGERous: meek not sharing the points, hes stealing the points
cherry9: Is the Meek situation going to continue?
frenzy: Lol the Darcy owners are livid
beerent11: The Will Brodie top two fwd thing is amazing. Nice work again Suns.
TheFlagger: meek only came in because of tabener out. he
DrSeuss: Haha Beer – no opponent with Brayshaw – would just like the Lions to be accountable
MrWalrus: Sad I traded Brodie, the only upside is it was almost straight for Parker
Social: One more pretend ride on that pee wee 50 please Charlie
BRAZZERS: lol thats a down side
TheFlagger: a drop cunt lol
duckky: The Meek will inherit the Perth
MrWalrus: Parker’s been more than handy, just Brodie has gone nuts, obviously there is no real upside
Fatbar5tad: Hodor ya fucken killin me!
Tangent: Frederick!
DrSeuss: So that’s not high contact on Adams?
DANGERous: adams ducked lol
Fatbar5tad: nic nat levels of bench sitting. Fuck you Meek,
DrSeuss: Fremantle forwards are the difference – playing unreal inside 50
DANGERous: darcy on the bench again, typical
frenzy: maybe Darcy out for Fyfe, LAMO
pharace: 4 x FA now for Zorko Cranky pants
pharace: Nearly at 50% of DT BE Zorks – keep it going
DrSeuss: Hipwood and Andrews have both been terrible all game. No impact at all
Fatbar5tad: Junk it up Ryno!
Dredd: We?re crap.. need Daniher and need the to
Manowar: Brisbane are shit!
Dredd: And the bye*
Yelse: please schultz one goal for the love of the game
Yelse: free could well possibly with it this year beating melb and lions and cats
Gotigres: This week I brought in Stewart, Darcy and Jeffrey. Jeffrey the best score.
DrSeuss: Thats the difference – Brisbane forwards no impact – Freo forwards taking contested marks and kicking well
DANGERous: brodie with more tog than darcy, lol
Social: Perhaps it would help if Charlie offered imaginary mini-bike lessons at training?
Hazza09: Frikin joke Darcy
Dredd: We miss Daniher big time @DrSeuss
Fatbar5tad: Darcy you stud. Fucked us all.
TheFlagger: barely seen andrews
Ninty: I Fort Darcy Fort was the final piece in the puzzle
DrSeuss: True @Dredd – Daniher to Hipwood is a big drop off.
BRAZZERS: darcy is a spud, probably injured. you should know better
BigChief: Hipwood is at best the 5th fwd. Daniher, McStay, Cameron and McCarthy all better options.
frenzy: Lol, Ninty
Social: Nah that would be Cockatoo Ninty
Dredd: Bit hard when the only players going down are key talls @ninty.. you?d be nothing if Hawkins and Cameron didn?t carry
Ninty: We only had one key defender in SDK on Friday, keep making excuses
Ninty: I love Cocky, Social. If only we could stay on the park.
DANGERous: get lohmann back
Dredd: @ninty against 1 key forward for the dogs hahahahahahahaha. Muppet comment that
RenoMan: who in their right mind was saying Darcy Fort was the missing piece lol
Social: He was too fast for his own body
NewFreoFan: Lid’s off
BigChief: Brisbane need Matt Eagles back.
Ninty: Against one of the best young key forwards in the game, have him a bath.
Social: Naughton vs SDK, who would have backed before Friday night?

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