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Chat log from R12 of 2022: Hawthorn vs Collingwood

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Collingwood, R12 of 2022

frenzy: Arvo
sfenda1: sicily c or neale ? currently ranked 111
frenzy: nice rank, neale
bushranger: good arvo to all. Sicily and Crisp in this one
JustinS69: sicily. currently ranked 87,921
frenzy: neale
sfenda1: ive gone risky sicily even though its windy haha
bushranger: neale sfenda
bhg26: Darcy Cameron carrying my fantasy so hard
Pav300: still aroused from last nigts win BHG?
bhg26: Very much so pav, was there so it was even better
Pav300: yes we have been all week, so pretty worried about the lions next game
Pav300: Swans win last night was incredible starting 5 goalls down
bhg26: You know how we like our slow starts
Yelse: standar pies can’t finish their dominance like blues last week
HolyNorf: Crisp, Mitchell, Sicily and Macdonald in this one
Pav300: Cameron been a great pick up with Grundy out
frenzy: when is Grundo due back
bhg26: Still 4-6 frenzy
navy_blues: bs decision there 1 ump thinks he makes all the calls
Pav300: wake up Hawks
circle52: Crisp, Sicily, Daico and Cameron for me.
m0nty: hope you all held Naicos
Yelse: they really need to invest in better cameras or technology
thommoae: Naicos still avec moi – mind you, didn’t really have a choice. 😉
DrSeuss: Naicos, Cameron and Crisp carrying Titch and Sicily at the moment
gazza39: I held you for so long pendles and this is how you repay me
jfitty: Sicily waves at the crowd +6 Supercoach
bhg26: Thats why you get him in at all costs jfitty
bhg26: Cameron is everywhere
HolyNorf: Mitchell gone backwards this quarter
Tangent: Jee Pendles slows down time
navy_blues: turnovers eveywhere
Yelse: darcyshould be on more IMO
PAFC4eva: did impey get off last week thought he was reported
bushranger: Grundy who???
BRAZZERS: well if he’s playing the answer is pretty obvious
Baldfrog: Some downhill skiers in this hawks side
Stu7: Off the bench Newcombe
navy_blues: hawks arent pllayin great but pies getting bit lucky with umps
Social: Oh hello!
banta: crisp caught dropping the ball multiple times but no frees. umps love him and the pies
banta: cameron was a great pick if you got him straight after grundy injnury
pjw1234: Cox needs to harden up and breust days are is sagging
pjw1234: if cox was more like hardwick he would be better suited to the woods
pjw1234: ok thats me for the day
Yelse: cmon on nobble get some possessions
Yelse: pies will give dees run for their money next week
Social: bait that rod up yelse
robbieg: pies horrible in the wet
Ash777: lol yelse not with such horrible 2nd half performances
Social: Bramble hucks a loogie on the turf… +6
Yelse: wtf was that call against moore
Stu7: Come on Sicilian
Stu7: Koschitzke Is wearing number 23 rather than 34
Stu7: Great game
Pavs: Being a bit hard on sicily kick to a contest is a muppet?
Ash777: This game is intense as hell
bhg26: Both teams are just absolutely relentless ash, great game
cherry9: N Daicos ton! Great bye cover
thesilentl: These two teams are going to be nightmare match ups in the next few years
bhg26: No fucking way that was holding the ball
don key: free kick score?
thesilentl: Should have been a free for high contact, mihocek had his head knocked off picking it up
Grimes Jr: pies get rub of green as usual
thesilentl: Umps lost the plot on high frees, don’t pay duckers but you can’t pay none of them
bhg26: Happens when you dive head first silent
thesilentl: You are allowed to when picking it up bhh26, that’s not diving
Social: Looking forward to Oli coming home in a couple of years
bc__: Ginnivan got no rub of the green. Think before you type
original: Lipinski almost outscores titch Sicily crisp and noble in the last qtr. ffs. Crisp +8 ffs
Social: 2 frees for, 0 against. That’s rub.

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