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Chat log from R12 of 2022: Naarm vs Sydney

Chat log for Naarm vs Sydney, R12 of 2022

ReggieOz: Go Dees!
CaptainWho: Ok dees, had your loss last week. No need to lose again for another 12months now
bushranger: Good evening all
Baldfrog: Didn’t even give m0nty enough time to change games
The Ogre: Go Naarm Bunyips!
Wahab_18: paddy getting 3 points from the pine how good is that
Gelly: i hope sydney get absolutely pumped tonight
Gotigres: Good start McCartin from the bench
Baldfrog: What’s the Dees name next week? The tree huggers
Gotigres: Heeney to go 150 tonight
The Ogre: Counting Crows?
Baldfrog: Cheese and Crackers better Ogre
The Ogre: Oh good! Does that mean skiing again?
pharace: Big dump of snow thisa week – and Demons fans turn up to the game?
Baldfrog: Haven’t you had enough of skiing?
The Ogre: Just so used to hiding in winter. Old habits die hard
Baldfrog: Lol
sMiles: Rowbottom ever going to stop holding Oliver? The umps going to do something?
Fatbar5tad: Fuck off mcinnerney
BRAZZERS: sparrow swooped on the footy there
sMiles: Is that a slight role change for Bowey today?
arbel: @smiles … I know I hate taggers so much … grabbing and pulling ball a mile away
BRAZZERS: how has oliver had 5 contested possessions but only 3 disposals?
BigChief: You should know that BRAZZERS.
Breezey: Nice return so far from Sale
Wahab_18: He may have had 2 frees that were paid advantage
Breezey: Salem
SadBlueBoi: How can Oliver have 5 contested possessions but only 3 disposals?
sMiles: I dont’ mind clanger kick getting penalised like that – I like it – sorry duck
arbel: Ball gets balled up and rowbottom 2 hands around Oliver’s arms … pay attention umps
SadBlueBoi: Whoops just saw brazzers had posted the same
ado88: Why does Wahab have a spud when he knows more about football than 1/2 in here
frenzy: now look what you have done BRAZZER, Lol
Fatbar5tad: Finger out Max!
Baldfrog: Brazzers has a 2nd account
Fatbar5tad: and he does!
original: Jeez so many getting on gawns case
Raspel31: Under the tag Clarry doing just fine.
BRAZZERS: thats not me you muppets!
BigChief: SadBlueBoi you should know that as well. Pretty simple.
Stu7: The old Heeney is back
BigChief: It is you BRAZZERS you muppet
BRAZZERS: Chief you must be the life of the party
wadaramus: It is time to pull four finger out a
wadaramus: Heeney!
ado88: It is the old Horse, Heeney not getting any CBAs
BigChief: At least I go to parties, unlike the couch potato you are.
Raspel31: Settle down ladies- all pals.
sfenda1: gawn 150+ today. been a minute
original: Jackson 50% game time. Man
Baldfrog: *Grabs Popcorn *
Fatbar5tad: Thanks to my loving care, Max now on fire!
Baldfrog: Thanks fatty
wadaramus: Why does Jacko get time abused by the coach?
Breezey: Good start Parker and Max
Pies20: First week for 3weeks haven’t vc or c gawn hmm 🤔
wadaramus: Will horsehead realise tagging Oliver is futile?
sMiles: seems I am making decions that seem good, but end up poor. Of course Paddy (outed) will outscore Heeney
Breezey: Well he?s only had 5 possies mate. They?ll take 5 a qtr
Raspel31: Hmm, might look at Gawn next week. Showing promise.
Baldfrog: 200 from many coming up
Baldfrog: Maxy *
The Ogre: A week late Rasp. Won’t get him any cheaper I don’t reckon.
Tangent: I would like to see how Brodie performs with Fyfe back
navy_blues: wouldnt expect to much from fyfe missed a lot of footy
The Ogre: How’d he go in the waffle today?
sMiles: Lift Gawn ;-p and you too c Oliver
Tangent: Game high 24 touches and got the win
Pav300: Fyfe starred of course 🙂
Tangent: He got swarmed after the game and was signing jumpers mid game it was shambles
The Ogre: Gawd. Welcome back heh
PAFC4eva: cmon swannys
original: Heeney LOL. Every year I say never again
zadolinnyj: Heeney always a tease
Hazza09: Ffs Trac, not again!
The Ogre: Blondes. What do U expect…
Grimes Jr: Do something oliver
banta: When will
banta: Teams need to start tagging mills
navy_blues: stay low plz ollie
Hazza09: And I thought Touk was the C of the round, can see Gawn going 200
Raspel31: Anyone looking for a cheap Heeney? psm me now.
CaptainWho: Lloyd wow
Catatafish: Lloyd you cunt
Ash777: lloyd needs the icicle
Foursuits: Rage trading Lloyd
Ash777: Is ronke even playin? lol
Ash777: there he is lol
Foursuits: Lloyd jumped 30+
frenzy: Lloyd making his move
Torz: Can someone tell Darcy that it?s Sam, not Ben Reid playing. That?s like the third time.
sMiles: Loyd better than Heeney now
Raspel31: Horse- set P McCartin free. He is innocent I swear.
Wahab_18: Parker loves going backwards in the 2nd half after a good start
Foursuits: Hee ey
Foursuits: Heeney to kick the winning goal 50+ SC points
sMiles: Giddy-up Oliver
Gotigres: Parker you bastard. Even Heeney is more than you
sMiles: Giddy-up Heeney, Parker, Gawn… but might get the shotgun out for you Bowey
Stu7: Off the pine Lloyd
Wahab_18: come on parker what is this
Raspel31: Steady on Gotigres old chap.
Hazza09: Ffs Trac
sMiles: Good tackle Parker – even though it was in the back…
Gotigres: Sorry sMiles
Gotigres: Nice move up Paddy
sMiles: I’m with you Gotigres – I want Parker doing well
original: That was a special third term LJackson ffs
Raspel31: A rather good game of football eh what?
Pav300: yes Rasp – a cracker! Well done on getting Paddy going that q
Wahab_18: sydney’s coach learn.. paddy on field sydney play better you dud
Catatafish: You were just on the fucking bench Parker
m0nty: Hunt out for Rivers next game I think
Gotigres: You can get 150 from here Capt Ollie
Grimes Jr: come on clayton
Stu7: Good recovery Heeney
Wahab_18: I’m hoping parker resting well so he can smash out the rest of the game
Ash777: gawn marking everything
Tangent: Wtf Sparrow!
Pav300: Clarrys getting tagged every week now that its worked this week and last
Raspel31: Will Gawn get dpp as a midfielder?
Social: Well look at that, you step away for a crab salad and crisp sauv blanc and you return to a good ol’ ding dong battle
Fatbar5tad: Great game!
original: Just get to 75 Jackson ffs
Fatbar5tad: Ding dong? Rings a bell!
Fatbar5tad: Maxxy!
Hazza09: Gawn going 200
poolboybob: 3 votes for Gawn regardless of who wins
zadolinnyj: Gawn clinic
Raspel31: I would have gone a good riesling with the crab salad Social.
Hazza09: Pull a finger out Trac, 2 weeks in a row ffs
Ash777: petracca is playing recovering from a illness
Dredd: Knew I should have made Oliver C 😐
Olli32019: What a bloody match
Social: Wa wa weewah!
Grimes Jr: up the swannies
poolboybob: Ladhams is a bum, gets absolutely rinsed by any decent opposing ruck
Social: Do appreciate a riesling too Rasp 😉
Tangent: 2 umpire goals just like that
BRAZZERS: lol lloyd 72sc second half
Breezey: That?s in the back all day.
zadolinnyj: 2nd was there
TheFlagger: lol tracca pick is dead.
pcaman2003: What’s happened to Mills? He was 71 at half time and done stuff all since.
TheFlagger: unreal effort from reid 10 tackles is ridiculous
Pav300: The Seagull says shove that up ya Catfish you flog
cmperrfect: Bye bye Trac. You will be Parish next week.
poolboybob: Giving Reid the star really is taking the piss
DrSeuss: Great game
poolboybob: Star for Reid surely is taking the piss
pcaman2003: poolboybob. Big Maxi is asking the same thing.
Social: That’s terrific. This calls for a thick slice of Apostle brie and a nice All Saints muscat.
Catatafish: Lol Pav, still a shithouse year and better options if he keeps his average up

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