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Chat log from R12 of 2022: Gold Coast vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Gold Coast vs North Melbourne, R12 of 2022

frenzy: how far GCS
Stu7: Jeffrey Witts Rowell fine me
TheFlagger: c on witts les go
Stu7: Jeffrey Witts Rowell for me
bhg26: Go Touk Touk
Baldfrog: Toot toot Touk
original: Cmon touk
Social: Toukie Toukie Toukie
Social: toukie touk
thommoae: When was the last time anyone posted “How far GC”? loly
m0nty: last week probbly
bushranger: Cap Touk for me
thommoae: When was the last time Matt Rowell was in the top half of the leaderboard?
Hazza09: Cmon Touk
original: Cmon Jed Anderson
Social: ah ah ahhh toukie
thommoae: Could be a low scorer today – 32 degrees – which may suit Norf
Pokerface: come on Jarrod you havent done much, that’s enough rest
Social: Take Witts apart Goldy
Pokerface: wouldn’t 32 degrees in humid suit Gold Coast?
DrSeuss: Haha Rowell – once everyone has finally had the chance to get rid of you lol
Pokerface: is Rowell a flat track bully?
_Wang_: Rowell 6weeks to late mate
a1trader: I only need 100 from you Told but no complaints if you want to add a bit to that
Hazza09: Needed what Rowell is doing from Touk
Pokerface: bhg i think you should captain Clarry
bhg26: This is all your fault poker
DrSeuss: Way too long on the bench Touk.
Pokerface: i said Clarry?
LuvIt74: bloody hell imagine the odds of Goldy to kick the first goal
LuvIt74: @Agree Dr
Raspel31: My thoughts exactly DrSeuss- way too long!!
Pokerface: not that long i wouldn’t imagine Luvit. He has lined up as a key fowrard more often than not when Xerri playing
Social: this might be one of norf’s ‘brave’ games
JohnHoward: reality slowly starting to hit the suns again. this is great!
navy_blues: just got home from watching daisy thomas play in carlton draught promo local side won by 2 points!
Social: hehe that’s a funny name
Breezey: What?s the reality. The fact that they had a qtr as bad as Norfs most weeks
JohnHoward: the reality that suns are still poo and need clarko
Breezey: Not as if
Raspel31: There are so many Baileys in the game now-awful name- one wonders if their father’s all received bail at the same time?
Breezey: It?s not as if you lot might need Clarko.
Ash777: look at those clouds
Ash777: GWS is gunning for clarko hard I think
Hazza09: Going to piss down soon
sMiles: just tuning in now – of course the week I get rid of Rowell he goes nuts. Fuck you Rowell
original: Flower off witts
oc16: what is janderson doing?
banta: lol ainsworth, how does he get a game. spud
Baldfrog: Toot toot all aboard the Touk train
Pokerface: bhg you should captain Touk
Raspel31: I believe every sane person got rid of Rowell sMiles. Norff- the end is in sight-they’ve woken up.
Ninty: I have Rowell, thought about chucking the C on him
original: Jed Anderson cmon man. 50% game time ffs
thommoae: I admire your patience with Rowell, sMiles – to have lasted that long.
banta: rowell serious? now he’s finally pulling his finger out, get fd
Pokerface: he hasn’t spent 100% TOG Ninty
Baldfrog: Ninty or Numptie?
Ninty: Yeah FK. gotta trade him out ASAP
Ninty: Why not both?
TheLegend6: Good VC Witts
Baldfrog: More norf fans in NT than in Melbourne
Raspel31: Atta Touk.
Ninty: Rowell TOG going for a ski
sMiles: NT would be a perfect p[lace for north. GC can go to Tassie
Pokerface: the Northern Kangaroos
BRAZZERS: lol dwayne you flog, “chol star of the comp” lmao
Baldfrog: The Skippies
Social: Gi in hard Horne
sMiles: And the Tassie suns
thommoae: Jeffery everywhere v Hawks, somewhere else today.
Pokerface: hmm.. tassie suns doesn’t quite work
Social: Tassie Overcasts
Baldfrog: What about Brisbane Smiles they aren’t a Qld team?
Pokerface: lol social
Breezey: And bring in a new Brisbane team and send the Lions back to the Gold Coast where they began
Pokerface: richmond need to move there
Torz: Get on the bloody ground Jed
Pokerface: Brisbane are a powerhouse, not a basket case
sMiles: er – Yes – Baldfrog good idea. Amelgmate the suns and Lions. Qld Sunny Lions
Ninty: Still have Rosas but tog pathetic
sMiles: Tassie can get a new team, and You have the NT Kangarooos – solved!
sfenda1: need a big score from rosas today. looking good
Baldfrog: I like the ring of that Smiley
DrSeuss: OMG – Ball was out, Jeffrey with a pull of the jersey, head hit on McKay. Nothing called – oMG umps
Pokerface: but we still then have gold coast snorting their way around the competition
Social: Horny-Frank’s very flaccid today
Stu7: Come on Jeffrey finger out please
Baldfrog: Free vitamins at Tullamarine apparently poker
bhg26: Never in doubt poker, cheers
Ash777: nth problems are only on the field.
Pokerface: i shouldnt have been so conservative taking Laird. If any day was Touk day it was today
Fatbar5tad: Thanks Jeffrey. Another spud in my spud factory this week.
Baldfrog: Rosas goin alright tho fatty
Baldfrog: Should’ve been jeffs goal
Breezey: Is their anyone more annoying than Dwayne Russell.
Stu7: 136 is still a good score Poker – well done
DrSeuss: Damnit Swallow that was Jeffrey?s goal
Social: Love the Dwayno, second only to Sandy Roberts
Baldfrog: Gee Breezey I could name a few
Hazza09: Wow I went away for 20 minutes and Touk huge
Amare: I’ve been doing shots everytime Dwayne says ‘Amazing’ i’m plastered
Dogs5416: Breezy, Dermie, BT, Ginnivan
TheFlagger: add weightman to that list
Dogs5416: Dermie cade and point. ” Any incoming air, ahh incoming air ball”
BRAZZERS: thought about the VC on touk, but glad i went with macca :l
circle52: Bazlenka 2 weeks
Dogs5416: What a joke. Tuohy’s headbutt first de
Dogs5416: Joke. Tuohy 1k for his headbutt first
pharace: 2 was lucky
Baldfrog: Weightman should’ve got 2 for diving
Breezey: Sorry he has got BT and Dermie covered and what has Ginnivan got too much personality for ya
pharace: Or a medal Baldy – it’s an Olympic sport isn’t it?
Baldfrog: Only if he was good at it Pharace
pharace: Must have been good – it was memorable
Baldfrog: That’s cause you guys had Rance doing it for years so u notice
BigChief: Ainsworth in trouble with McKay subbed out.
Fatbar5tad: Jeff has woken up!
StuL: Trying to no trade when I don’t need to but probably xerri should go for a bag of chips
Hazza09: Keep going Touk, think I need to go away for another 30
a1trader: how bad was Bailey Smith headbutt? Worth 2 weeks? I didn’t see it
pharace: haha.. envy is a beautiful thing to watch Baldy
BRAZZERS: players do what works for them, like the power stance in the granny
pharace: I recall a time when a headbut was considered heinous and worth 6-8 weeks guaranteed
zadolinnyj: Jeffrey looks a player
BRAZZERS: the headbutt not much in it, but its more about being a bad look on the game
Baldfrog: I remember when a dive brought the game into disrepute
Baldfrog: Lindsay Thomas got done once I rekon
BRAZZERS: papley and joe daniher been fined too
pharace: You are probs right Baldy – fine line milking the umps and diving – Manchester kiss is another thing again
BigChief: Didn’t Harry McKay get fined for staging earlier this year?
Pies20: Was that in the 60’s baldy?
original: Go jed go
Baldfrog: Pharace headbutting is unAustralian
Baldfrog: Haha feck off pies
Hazza09: Keep going Touk!
thommoae: Er … Liverpool Kiss, Pharace? (Although I’m sure Mancunians would hate to cede exclusive rights to it, I’m sure.)
pharace: We agree on that one – yeah could be right there @thommo – one of those working class UK cities
Breezey: Love ya work Touk a Louk.
pharace: Nice day out Touk – just a walkin the dog…er Roo
cherry9: VC JMac. Decided if I was ever going to C Touk, which I prob wasnt, it was this week. Go Touk!
sMiles: How bad was that holding decision against Jed?
Hazza09: Regret trading Rosas 3 weeks ago
Baldfrog: Pies u have Touk?
bushranger: Two weeks for Baz
Bluebagg11: Where was this two weeks ago when I captnd ya Touk!?! Grrrrr
Yelse: just need cool 1 more goal for 3.9k can i get it
mattmac24: Just realised I have the C on Witts.. need a huge last QTR to get a win
bushranger: Finish it off Touk , huge last qtr
Pies20: You know i do bald v me this week 🤪, crow’s win your going to beat me why the aggressive comments 🤣
Fatbar5tad: 175 Toukkie
Catatafish: Must get Witts soon, even when he scores crap he kills it.
pharace: Good battle of the Ando’s
Fatbar5tad: Good luck Yel$e
Baldfrog: What? I dont look at others teams have enough problems with my own. Why be a numptie?
Pies20: Don’t you check who you are versing? League 2 ff hot pies you know that’s me 2many Chardonnay today?
wadaramus: Ooh, the chardonnay sledge, got to be worth a toothless reply baldfrog!
Baldfrog: No I don’t only reason I knew I was playing you was to look at the round games in the app your match ups come up first
banta: rowell being awarded so many tackles that he doesn’t even stick. don’t get that
Pies20: Wada shoosh got banned for for 2weeks for not talking footy not getting into a squable with you crow’s boys no point
Raspel31: Touk, you might just save my bacon though I doubt you eat it.
m0nty: back on the game please
wadaramus: Come on LMac!
Fatbar5tad: An almost day for Jeff today. Keep cracking in son.
banta: What’s happened to Taryn Thomas this year? Had him last year and was so good
wadaramus: Mmmm, bacon…
wadaramus: Insert image of Homer drooling.
Pies20: Happy with Rosa’s last 2weeks keep going 💪
Fatbar5tad: Jeff might be done!
Fatbar5tad: Weller knee!
BigChief: Oh no Weller done knee by the looks of it
Ash777: pies you cursed him!
Raspel31: Whoops- believe you right Fatbum.
Ash777: oh it wasn’t rosas phew
BRAZZERS: poor bastard, he’s in agony
Grimes Jr: passed on touk and laird for oliver C. Guarantee that he will score poorly. 4th week straight ive chosen wrong captain
Fatbar5tad: Sunnies can’t take a trick with injury.
Baldfrog: M0nty quick with the tombstone
Manowar: What will Port have to hand over to North for Horne-Francis in the trade period?
Fatbar5tad: Cheers Grimes my oppo has COliver
bhg26: According to 7afls Insta, butters and a first and second round pick manowar
wadaramus: I want him at the Crows Manowar.
Baldfrog: You sure he wants to go to Port Manowar?
mattmac24: C’mon Witts, off the bench please
original: Cmon jed Anderson finish strong
Breezey: I don?t reckon Horne Francis would of even heard of INXS
andychiz: c on touk tfc
PAFC4eva: tell them their dreaming
Baldfrog: Lol breezey
CaptainWho: HF to port would require 2nd rounder this year + future 1st, probably mid tier player with upside like drew I reckon
hinsch: Miller has not made his BE yet get him back on the field
BigChief: Norf should be asking for 2 1st round picks + a player.JHF is still contracted after all.
original: BE only relevant if you are trading in or out
original: North knocked back 3 first round picks did they not?
navy_blues: no one would want to go to norf tho
Yelse: where is cool haven’t sen him in a while
Breezey: How is Jaidyn Stephenson not getting a game. Must be something wrong there.
Wahab_18: Touk C is the only good thing happening in this shower week
Fatbar5tad: 21 contested possies for touk touk
Yelse: get of the bench CHOL ffs
BRAZZERS: you have a shit week every week, at least your consistant mate
BigChief: You can’t seriously have Chol in your team Yelse?
CaptainWho: Yelse ripped
LuvIt74: Great to come back and see Touk’s score after my VS Dunkly putin a shocker
Breezey: I was just thinking that Brazzers
CaptainWho: Yelse needs a chol goal for big $$
Fatbar5tad: 1 week for Ando cleaning up his skipper.
Yelse: @ bigchief need cool for two goals to win 3.9k last leg left with touk most disposals
Pies20: Who said touk would go huge at tio earlier? great call
andychiz: pies my mate said to get him
Fatbar5tad: Whoever said it thanks. I was going to go COliver VC.
Yelse: omg can’t even get a kick into the 50 for chol to compete with all these frees
Hazza09: Wow thank you Touk
Fatbar5tad: Still got a couple of minutes left Yelse
Yelse: oliver or neale for C? VC failed
sfenda1: im going sicily c
CaptainWho: Yelse Neale
Pies20: Thinking the same sfenda, did you get him Andy?
BigChief: Take a risk and C Brodie 🙂
Breezey: Where JohnHoward the Roos supporter. Bagged the GC at qtr time. Been 99 to 20 since then
pharace: I worried about the tag on Neal by Aish tbh Yelse
Grimes Jr: oliver sicily negle?
Pav300: shaving his eyebrows Breezey
cherry9: Amazingly Neale has not scored under 100 this year
BigChief: Breezey he might be like his name sake and vanishes when it gets tough
Breezey: And rightly so.
andychiz: yep all year but today the C!

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