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Chat log from R12 of 2022: Adelaide vs West Coast

Chat log for Adelaide vs West Coast, R12 of 2022

Social: Go stupid massive Laird
Social: XXL please Mr Laird
Stu7: Go Parnell
FLAG: larid will go huge like KK
bushranger: Only Clark in this one, still reeling from last nights nightmare.
HolyNorf: Clark and Soligo for me, was a great week to bring in English and Dunkley
DrSeuss: Only Clark and Parnell for me. See if they can both beat Baz
_Wang_: Afternoon all, laird and Clark here for me
pjw1234: got the bench warmers going around. Hately, williams, clark and bought in Parnell to free up some cash
TheFlagger: Projected went from 2100 to 1800 after last nights game lol
m0nty: Hough HODLers celebrating
Raspel31: Not alone TheFlagger. SC being a tad harsh on young Hough.
Torz: Too soon for the witches hats?
Hazza09: How?s everyone feeling about Clark?
hinsch: WCE looking good again this week
pjw1234: keays grabbing his hammy
circle52: Laird and Greg Clark for me only, Toyed with C on ;aird after English fail as VC
circle52: Went Oliver in the emnd
pjw1234: vc on touk then prob neale
2Ph0nes: cheers mate, we all relieved knowing who you have in this game. We all been waiting for that news! boy oh boy wow wee!
DrSeuss: Clark is going fine – would do better played closer to the ball – not great being on a wing for West Coast atm
DEESareSAD: Projected went from 2130 to 1930 after last night for me lol. Stupid.
circle52: A lot of projected scores went down after last night
Social: Were they tiny cacti next to the weagles?
frenzy: correct social
Migz: ffs man. i honestly dont mind losing but when they can’t even kick the ball under now pressure whats the point
Hazza09: What?s Murray done to get 28 of 1 touch?
original: Be very happy for Laird to stay under 120
DrSeuss: Jamieson has Clark open for a short kick. Ignores and Kicks it straight to Adelaide which leads to a goal. WC soooo bad
TheFlagger: laird’s breakeven is still 148 so lets hope its under that
Baldfrog: This deliberate stuff is becoming a last touch rule
Migz: i almost hope they eventually change the rule to who ever kicked it last and goes out of bounds = oppo kick.
Migz: off hands or spoil = throw in like now. Removes more 50/50 ump calls
Baldfrog: They do that in the SANFL now migz
TheFlagger: hately m8
Migz: does it work well?
bushranger: Clark is on a tackle frenzy. Thank goodness
Raspel31: Thank god you can tackle Clark and touch the frigging pill Soligo.
Baldfrog: Yep check out a game on 7+ migz
Baldfrog: Hingey is not cringey
BRAZZERS: is gaff back?
Social: Rowe’s a bit slow
TheFlagger: dawson lift
frenzy: Rowe’s a boat
bushranger: Hey Frenzy, I can rowe a boat, canoe?
Pokerface: afternoon
Pokerface: is anyone going to have the laird/keays double after their bye? im seriously considering
circle52: Looking at KeaysRd 15. Already have Laird. Probably Keays v Merrett
Pokerface: same boat circle. have laird as vc, that 8th spot is either keays/merrett/parish
Pokerface: unless fyfe blows me away with his return
sMiles: can’t see the diving icon in the icon list. Is thatwhat Fogarty and McAdam are? Divers?
Pokerface: downhill skiing smiles
frenzy: without a paddle, bushranger
Malaka: There’s nothing like a bye round to bring out the tanking in all your premos.
sMiles: @pokerface – got it.
Pokerface: bj had so much premium potential. just doesnt get hold of the ball any more
bushranger: Thanks Frenzy, made me laugh
Torz: Dawson racking up this Q
frenzy: Greg needs to lift
Hazza09: Cmon Clark ffs
Pokerface: time to lock Rory in i think
frenzy: going the early crow poker
BRAZZERS: whos the better 2 for Mid out of laird, mills, parish?
Pokerface: nice work frenzy
Pokerface: laird and mills
original: Enough now laird
Pokerface: not enough now laird
Migz: put the VC on laird cause i missed putting the VC on macca last night. could be a slam dunk choice
Pokerface: if you vc/c prems against west coast, north and essendon you don’t go wrong migz
BRAZZERS: all pretty similar averages, but thinking them too
Pokerface: i remember the days when Clark was supposed to be the best mid rook you could have going into round 1.
Migz: thats droppable waterman you knob
Dredd: What?s with Laird?s TOG though? wtf
Social: next gear Laird
bushranger: Capt on Gawn or Clarry guys?
Migz: its cause west coast are dumb and dont play rookies in their positions. Gaff plays more inside than clark. horrible
Pokerface: gold coast at TIO against north bush. in a touk milestone game. If you have Touk or Witts, i’d go them.
Ninty: I only select players with 100% TOG for maximum points. Keep it up Murray and Darling 💪
Baldfrog: My cover with Clark and Hough isn’t going so well
Pokerface: lol ninty
bhg26: Do I captain Touk against Norf or Clarry against swans?
Pokerface: Touk. he loves TIO, its his milestone, and its Norf
Torz: Clark been on the bench for an age
bhg26: Hate captaining players against swans anyway, but if touk fails it?s your fault poker
Pokerface: don’t blame me!!
bhg26: Nah I had it on touk already anyway
original: Touk so up and down
original: No more points thanks laird
DrSeuss: Clark TOG seems really low today
TheFlagger: pretty low tog for laird. scary scoring power need him in after the bye
Social: Fill your boots Laird
Migz: clark spent like the first half of the 2nd qtr on the bench really killed his points
BRAZZERS: because he’s played like garbage doc
Social: hmmm not really happening is it
BRAZZERS: gaff zombie
TheLegend6: Clark not great but 10 tackles for only 54 seems low
DrSeuss: Cheers Brazzers – haven?t watched other than a little of the 2nd qtr. Although garbage is standard for WCE
Pokerface: hmm ok laird fell in a heap and good wood splinters in his backside. touk or witts…
Migz: not wrong. 40 points from tackles. 14 points from 11 touches 2 marks and 4 of those contested. bit light
original: Flower off Laird back to the bench pls
Social: Rory ma man
Pokerface: and in the blink of an eye
Pokerface: m0nty, that was not the sealing goal.
mattmac24: Whoops.. should have kept Tex
Breezey: 149 for Tex. That will deadset do me
Breezey: Now 150. What a lot of crap
BRAZZERS: lol muppets who got parnell, amateurs
Stu7: What happened to Parnell?
Migz: just a fair collision stu, both players going for the ball.
Stu7: Cheers Migz
Mcswains: Tex has been great Breezy? Set up a lot of goals
banta: Dawson complete junk. Give him the bin

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