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Chat log from R12 of 2022: Western Bulldogs vs Geelong

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Geelong, R12 of 2022

jabroni: cleary out
jabroni: cleary out
jabroni: Mitch Wallis sub
Yelse: should i trade in stewart or english this week the other will be after bye
Yelse: does loophole an emergency work in bye rounds?
bushranger: Stewart if you have to Yelse
wadaramus: 6 of one and half a dozen of the other Yelse!
Baldfrog: Thought it was aflx with 3all the smoke
Ash777: Stewart probably will score higher.
Baldfrog: Doesn’t really matter Yelse
wadaramus: Six of one and half a dozen of the other Yelse!
Yelse: going english only trading coz they going up in value but can we loop hole an emergency like stephens
Yelse: also who is everyone VC C
Baldfrog: Macca and touk yelse
teachrtony: You can loophole any blue dot Yelse
Yelse: why is macca always starting on the pine
Gotigres: Daicos, Heeney and Green out for me. Stewart, Darcy and Jeffrey in. 19 on field
Tangent: C on Laird and VC on Stewart
mattmac24: Evening all, hope you’re all well.
Baldfrog: Dogs height already a problem
wadaramus: G’day mattmac, going great, thanks for asking 🙂
Social: Evening mattmac
Gotigres: vc on English
Social: Too much or lack of baldy?
Gotigres: Great start SDK
Ooost: VC English for me too.. But Stewart 😀
Baldfrog: Lack of Social
mattmac24: VC on Stewart tonight, would live another 150+
Napper: If stewart was Sicily he would be on 35 easily
Napper: How is sdk same score as Stewart but stew has much better stats
bhg26: Do you own stewart napper?
DANGERous: sdk contested intercept marks napper
BigChief: Learn how SC works Napper. Pretty easy to see why their scores are same.
Yelse: this is bev fault for starting macca on bench
DrSeuss: SDK had contested marks – 2 of Stewart?s possies were a kick in and some kick to kick.
cmperrfect: Laird looking good for C vs the Weagles.
wadaramus: Bloody hell, Jack Mac stinks!
DrSeuss: Great start from Macrae, Baz and Dunks. Dogs getting killed
Hazza09: Macca is becoming a liability now
mattmac24: Just because a player is against WCE, doesn’t mean they’ll score well
wadaramus: WHy is the coach coaching him out of SC relevance?
Baldfrog: Lpl Wada he thinks Keath is a full back
DrSeuss: Doggies need to stop using Dale out of defense – he has been terrible
Pies20: 8minutes into a game and people saying mcrae a liability 🙄
Yelse: english get of the pine
wadaramus: He’s not been great recently Pies20, starting on the bench etc.
Social: cool those heels timbo
Pies20: Early days wada all I’m saying
Pav300: You are right Pies – panic panic panic is all we see
BigChief: Is Weightman about to be subbed out?
Social: we look alright when we play like this
Pav300: @monty are the full stats ever gunna work again??
Raspel31: Well, I picked this one wrongly.
Social: J-Fuzz on fire
Gotigres: Bulldogs are bumbling
cmperrfect: Cape for Jezza. Nice start.
BRAZZERS: daniel weak as piss, why you let cameron run right past you lol
a1trader: witches hats
Social: what the what
LuvIt74: Fat lady is warmind her lungs already
Tangent: Dogs the most overrated team in the comp imo
mattmac24: Jezza to get 100 at QTR time?
hinsch: A lot of people got English in this week, might be a good move
amigaman: Why does English have such a crap score?
sMiles: My tipping has been terrible this year – but I just sid not expect this destruction
Pies20: Your not the only one rasp
wadaramus: Jack Mac warming up Pies20 🙂
romeo33: Bevos gonna blow a gasket at qtr time
Yelse: if they dogs wanted some cats run to stop just man up on stewart lol not rocket science
wadaramus: Blow a foofer valve.
Pies20: Got him last week hinsch paid off
Pies20: Never in doubt wada plenty of footy to go
Yelse: something must be wrong with macca getting benched twice a quarter every game
DrSeuss: Stewart hasn?t really done that much. Most of his week has been uncontested kick to kick out the back
wadaramus: Doesn’t bother me Dr Seuss, I’ll take 200 🙂
cmperrfect: No different from any other week Dr Seuss.
DrSeuss: Most of his work that was
Pav300: Is mcComb Over?
Ooost: New game plan for 2nd qtr WBD bro’s 😀
wadaramus: m0nty with the early witches hat sledges!
Pies20: Khamis definitely a liability
Raspel31: Harsh- but fair M0nty.
Social: early days, I’ve seen it before…
Pies20: Early call on that monty bit like the mcrae sack him comments, plenty of footy left
Manowar: Bye Bye Luke!
wadaramus: You sacking Bevo Manowar?!
DrSeuss: Stupid free.
wadaramus: Stewart with a zinger from Smith?
Baldfrog: Bevo needs to stop hoarding mids and sell one for a full back
Tangent: Rumour is that Macrae is alergic at at taking a shot on goal
wadaramus: Jaw rattler, hopefully nothing serious.
Hazza09: Stewart concussion test
Social: that’s one way to change the game
mattmac24: Time for SDK to really step up
Manowar: yep wadaramus time for Luke to go, Bulldogs going backwards!
pjw1234: selwood tagging macrae
Raspel31: Oh no- not Stewart?
a1trader: Hard for Geelong backmen to score when ball is never there
Yelse: English lift ffs
Baldfrog: Wowee that was a shocker
wadaramus: Bulldogs are rather insipid.
Ash777: not bevos problem dogs are turnin over the ball
DrSeuss: Bailey Dale again – kick, turnover, goal, that?s about his 4th for the night
Tangent: Weightman is the biggest flog
Hazza09: Cmon Dunkley ffs you are a unique this week
StuL: We’ve owned the dogs most of my lifetime
wadaramus: Good one B.Smith. You suck and you took Stewart out, well played.
original: Brought selwood in as a bye week cover in draft. Excellent ffs lol
Social: yeah selsy’s not really a stats kinda guy
LuvIt74: i ot the VC on dunks too bloodyhell
romeo33: Bont did that easily from 55
Pav300: How do you go against the Dees StuL?
Catatafish: Stewart concussed and English a trap, I love this game.
Pav300: And the young Purple up and coming team ??
StuL: Pretty much owned the dees too apart from the last 3-4 years.
Catatafish: @Ash777 it may not be his fault but it can quickly become his problem, unfortunately..
BRAZZERS: stewy subbed
Tangent: Stewart out… turning point?
Gotigres: Stewart subbed out
Yelse: stewart out done and dusted
Ash777: Stewart subbed
Baldfrog: U forget Pav Freo are 1 step forward and 3 back they will return to $hit soon enough
circle52: Stewart subbed
StuL: Stewart out
DrSeuss: Stewart done
pcaman2003: Stewart one of my uniques this rnd. Not good!
mattmac24: Not good for the cats.. glad I have 20 playing in SC though
Catatafish: Fucks sake Stewart, at least he has a bye next week.
Oddsy5: traded in stewart this week. sorry boys. FFS
Tangent: Macrae most SC in the team but he is a liability
StuL: Stewart is our current b and f really
BRAZZERS: sdk will ton up now
Yelse: dodged a bullet not bringing in stewart this week but english ffs
sMiles: wow – That is huge! unlucky stewart owners
DrSeuss: Dogs need to start hitting some forward targets if they want to make up any ground
Baldfrog: I don’t have Stewart woot
BRAZZERS: cats bye next week away so he wont miss any games
StuL: English HS v us is 77 so I passed
wadaramus: Screw you B.Smith!
Grimes Jr: get on the fucking ground english u nuff nuff
Catatafish: Lol this is a fucked round already, eh?
Gotigres: SDK down
BRAZZERS: sdk is dead
StuL: Vc macca looking good
Pies20: Sdk hit hard there
Tangent: How is SDK allowed to stay on ground after that
DrSeuss: Atkins you stupid spud
wadaramus: SDK showing Stewart how to act tough.
oc16: how long is english going to be benched?!
Wahab_18: Wtf is English doing on the pine
LuvIt74: macca and english on the pine what is bevo thinking
Hazza09: Flower off Daniel
Yelse: english should be resting fwd to expose the cats seriously these coaches
Gotigres: So happy I vc’d English
StuL: Lucky we signed Chris Scott until 3016.
arbel: Can English maybe get on the field?? Only 70% game time
mattmac24: And who would they have rucking Yelse?
DrSeuss: Bevo keeps his guns on the bench for way too long at times.
Baldfrog: Lol Stul
cmperrfect: Macrae looking like a real liability. Haha.
DrSeuss: Bailey Williams and Bailey Dale just kicking to Geelong all game
BRAZZERS: great 1/4 macca!
LuvIt74: macca can turn it arour real fast
Baldfrog: Do you have a prescription for that DR?
Yelse: @mattmac24 not like he rucking on the bench
Wahab_18: Stewart concussion and Bevo stupid coaching ruined the whole week great
BRAZZERS: wahab you’re just garbage at sc. year after year lol
Manowar: put the witches hat back onto T. English, and I mean now!
a1trader: 42 is OK Manowar, may still get to 100
DANGERous: wahab time for you to quit tbh
Pies20: Agree cmperrfect must trade next week
TheFlagger: baz and no speaka wake up
DrSeuss: Back luck with Stewart Wahab – but heaps of teams will have him as well
Pies20: Wahab my week was ruined before that 😪
Gotigres: I have 4 more players on field but I will probably lose with Stewart and vc English
Baldfrog: Yep can confirm Hot Pies is $hit
Pies20: Thanks for confirming baldy much appreciated 🤣
Baldfrog: Haha np
BRAZZERS: macca vc, was either him or touk, into neale. neither been great last few weeks tho
zadolinnyj: Lads
Baldfrog: Zado
Tangent: Betts! What a legend
Pies20: Yeah in 2shower team’s what a game changer tangent, imagine him him in finals footy would have been crazy
zadolinnyj: Can dogs win
Tangent: Yeah 2017 Crows were a shower team
Social: this’ll be a challenge without the quarterback
Social: like last year’s prelim
DrSeuss: Just once I would like to pick the right dogs VC – ffs.
Pies20: Do you really want to remember that end of the season tangent?
Tangent: I remember the Grand Final the year after that
zadolinnyj: I feel I caused this choosing english vc
circle52: Not alone with that Zado
Oddsy5: zado i have english vc and brought in stewart this week lol
Baldfrog: Weightman should get banned for diving
Wahab_18: my fault boys none of yours.. Stewart unique in every league and english VC
Bluebagg11: Weightman is a diving cheat. Not at AFL standard. Get rid of him
zadolinnyj: Wow. That?s not good
Dondeal: Weightman only gets those dives called against Essendon
oc16: taken me this long to realise Hawkins isn’t a good kick
pjw1234: swapped my trades 5 min before bounce to bring in stewart as the guy i was playing had him as vc.
pjw1234: thought it was a great call in 1/4 1
DrSeuss: Stewart is still going to outscore Bailey Smith lol
Catatafish: At least if English decides to go full mong I have several luxury trades for one of Dogs million forwards
thommoae: ‘The long striding Isaac Smith’ … who’s standing still and kicking off a step. Good one, BT.
zadolinnyj: Gardner terrible
Pies20: Brilliant from smith there
romeo33: @Pies20 im hoping we pass on signing DeGoey and go after Smith instead
Yelse: really don’t understand what happened to english he playing half asleep
StuL: It’s as if our average list that Scott built might be average
Pies20: That’s a hard call romeo33
Social: would it hurt to give Stengle a run on the ball
LuvIt74: Libba looking a great forward POD
Ninty: You?re pathetic StuL
Pies20: Down the ground free?
LuvIt74: We have a game on now
Tangent: Baz gone for a week, well done son
BRAZZERS: well done smithy, couldnt have headbutted a bigger flog
Ninty: Baz idiot
BigChief: Bailey Smith you moron. That needs to 2 weeks minimum.
thommoae: A week? Bit longer, I think.
Yelse: smith head butt see you in a few weeks not a good look for the game
Baldfrog: Since when was head butting part of fighting?
poolboybob: Nice one Bogan Bailey
Yelse: how is khamis beating english
DrSeuss: Good job Baz – play like shit and then get rubbed out for a week.
Baldfrog: Chief they both did it at the same time
Gotigres: Better slow down English, otherwise you might reach 60
zadolinnyj: Why was that not down ground. Ball had left
dipstick: is there a language barrier here? since when is giving someone a kiss reportable?
StuL: I always support us Ninty. I don’t support the coach
Yelse: looking at it again wasn’t really a head butt but a push off with the heads lol
thommoae: Two head butts, I’m guessing.
Pies20: The Irishman started it baz well done for sticking to your guns
Social: take out our half backs seems to be the plan
StuL: Don’t mess with an Irishman butting heads
thommoae: “Well done” … if you like watching from the stands, Pies20.
mattmac24: Yeah you’re right Yelse but Tuohy was left with the mark so looks worse for Baz
Hutto: Smith will be gone for 2-3 weeks. Intentional high contact. Depends if was med or high force. Wasn?t severe which is 4+
myteamsuks: Tuohy needs a TV next to his name head butted first
Pies20: Liverpool kiss retaliation 1week at best
Silz90: Common bont and English
Pies20: Agree myteam
Baldfrog: Carn Macca
DANGERous: enjoy the 2+ weeks off baz
Bluebagg11: VC Macrae 140 plus from here.
zadolinnyj: Good ending I hope here
DrSeuss: Bulldogs their own worst enemy here – just stupid turnovers – can?t hit targets
Manowar: Tuohy also reported for headbutting, instigator should get more weeks than Smith
mattmac24: Instigated it yes but didn’t cause damage.
Ninty: Literally lost half of our defence and your go to is have a whinge about the coach StuL. Pathetic,
Nurfed: all the macca doomsdayers real quiet now
BigChief: <— grabs popcorn and settles in to watch cats fans arguing 🙂
mattmac24: Narkle is such a lazy player, would be happy to see the back of him at seasons end
Baldfrog: Sorry Ninty but agree with Stul on prem Scott has won was with bombers team
BigChief: grabs popcorn and settles in to watch cats fans arguing 🙂
mattmac24: Cats got your tongue Chief?
Silz90: Close so under rated. But not sure how Dahl and miers get a game
Baldfrog: Sorry Chief I’ll shut up
mattmac24: Don’t have anyone better Silz. The kid we got in the mid season draft looks good though
Tangent: Hahahaha BT
BigChief: Not sure why it didn’t post comment matt, and Baldy you’re good mate
Wahab_18: English one more goal please
zadolinnyj: BT is cooked
Silz90: That’s fair matt. Any chance they play this season? Or project player
Ninty: Bombers team was smashed by the Pies in 2010 #facepalm
mattmac24: Probably a project player but would like to see him play
mattmac24: People forget that in 2011 we lost Ablett and a lot of people wrote us off
DrSeuss: Bulldogs defenders have been woeful – don?t deserve to be this close
frenzy: cmon Dunks get sum junk
Social: we’re written off every year matt
Yelse: english and treloar on bench with game on the line last 5 mins lol bev
Baldfrog: Macca not enough for VC
BigChief: Game over.
Baldfrog: Thats cause u never win it Social
Social: power off ya flowering head butters
Pies20: English been smashed in the ruck contests tonight
Social: many teams don’t baldy
DrSeuss: Get Dunkley back on the ball Bevo ya flog – wasted up forward all game
Baldfrog: Mine included Social
BigChief: Naughton had a shocker.
mattmac24: I have no idea how Stanley is beating English by so much
Tangent: Downfield for that but not the one at the end of Q3
Pies20: English butchered the ball and stanley dominated the taps matt
Social: SDK getting into the chat, love it
oc16: English lost a few KGs when he was ill and Stanley relies solely on brut strength and no skill
mattmac24: I know Pies20.. just don’t understand how Stanley is winning taps!!
BigChief: The goal umpire needs sacking if he can’t see that
Pies20: 👍 Matt he’s been good tonight
mattmac24: Yep, good to see for a change, would be nice to see Stanley consistent play well
Social: fak yes
Pies20: 103 your gone next week macca 🤣
Pies20: Liabilty
Social: That’s a nasty gash on Touhy’s head
Pies20: Lol social, one thing he might learn isn’t to start again with baz
Social: If Baz gets rubbed out he’ll have learned to start it every time

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