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Chat log from R13 of 2022: Essendon vs Carlton

Chat log for Essendon vs Carlton, R13 of 2022

Ash777: what cringe celebration lol
Social: wonder if they’ll touch on the less savoury aspects
Baldfrog: What is this pre game crap?
Social: “We moved a motion t o block Geelong’s return to the VFL after WWII” woooo hoooo
Baldfrog: Turned it over after only watching 10 seconds
zadolinnyj: What is this
Social: They have no shame
navy_blues: 150 point win for blues would help them celebrate lol
Baldfrog: No wonder they are shite on field this seems more important
Baldfrog: M0nty is teaching me french Showere
Baldfrog: Who’s taking bets on how long Marchbank lasts?
Yelse: hopefully merret as M8 makes me proud
navy_blues: commentators talkin crap
Baldfrog: Well Navy the A team is on tonight
Grimes Jr: cupla pretty average clubs here
Gotigres: Got walsh in this week, but expect Durdin to go 100+
navy_blues: lol grimes you didnt see last night game?
Grimes Jr: reckon dons win tonight and we win next week
navy_blues: same result as round 1 lol
Tangent: Dons need Wright to produce a miracle or else its a 40 point loss
Ash777: I trade out martin to parish so martin should ton lol
Ash777: that wasn’t walsh that got out marked by redman that was fisher lol
a1trader: killing it Crippa
BRAZZERS: one round 1 win in a decade congrat nackers lol
Hazza09: Cripps on fire
Breezey: Took the VC off Doch and went on Walsh. Come on Sam
2Ph0nes: had cerra in my sportsbet multi ffs, becasue he was subbed out in the 1stq will that leg be void?
Danstar: Ne1 else notice BT keeps
Danstar: BT keeps calling hewett , Newman lol
Raspel31: Hmm, Mr Cripps does indeed seem to have gone down the toilet. Leaving Walsh and Hewett to do the work.
Danstar: Yes 2phones
Breezey: I wouldn?t think so 2phones.
Danstar: The whole bet is voided ***
Tangent: Does TAB also void if a player gets injured 1st leg
beerent11: Betting companies rarely go broke 2phones.
navy_blues: umps giving birthday free kicks out here
2Ph0nes: i think last year the leg was void but the bet was still active, hope thats the case
Danstar: Nah. I?ve had heaps
Baldfrog: Navy can you give Crippa a ring
Danstar: Heaps of players get injured and the bet is voided. Cash returned
Tangent: Wtf Preuss out again, whats wrong with the guy
navy_blues: i wish baldy hes my vc
DrSeuss: No Preuss and Cripps playing beautifully – good times
Silz90: Stringer is a little sniper
Yelse: at 2phones the whole bet is void this year
beerent11: Yes crippa!
Social: Marchbank saw the qtr out!
pjw1234: pruess is a straight swap to marshall?
Social: Is that a girl’s blouse for Newman?
Danstar: Preuss is killing my plans lol
Silz90: I heard teakle might be a chance next week
beerent11: Anyone that took pruess surely knew the risks.
Danstar: Lol Social. It?s a ?package?. Must be tagging stringer
Hazza09: Out of all weeks Cripps to shaft everyone
DANGERous: wont say no to teakle playing given Darcy got the bye
Danstar: Preuss was gws #1 ruck. Till he got sick now can?t get back in?and they?re s&&t
Raspel31: Docherty tick, Ridley tick. I’m afraid detention for you Master Cripps.
Gotigres: Got rid of Preuss a few weeks ago. One of my good moves.
Social: here come da crippa
BigChief: Preuss is injured. That’s why he isn’t playing.
2Ph0nes: preuss crook, first full week at training, he’ll play next week imo
Ash777: preuss was always going to be a cash gen player. he’s no premo ruck
Silz90: Press is emergency though?
Ash777: He was listed as emergency this round
Gotigres: What did Essendon celebrate before the game?
BigChief: Silz GWS was hoping he would be okay.
beerent11: Got rid of pruess as soon as he missed. Bought in a 550k bargain basement Gawn.
Ash777: Put a line through him and get gawn.
Yelse: Will Hayes play next week port need a ruck
BigChief: This rain will help Ess
Baldfrog: Don’t think even Ken knows Yelse
beerent11: Gawns breakeven is in the 30?s.
BigChief: Might struggle to get that beer 🙂
Gotigres: Why did I get you in Walsh. You are crap
navy_blues: trade him then lol
beerent11: Maybe bigchief??.. maybe
BigChief: Walsh will outscore Dustbin though.
Ash777: finally crips
Ash777: blues should be 6 goals up already
yeah_nah: Just no consistency between umps. Hard to watch.
beerent11: Don?t mind bt, but gee he gets a lot of players names wrong
Moona: @beer – sure does. Nick Martin had the ball lasdt 1/4 and he called him Dylan Clarke
BigChief: Blues getting slaughtered in clearances.
Gotigres: You deserve a rest on the bench Walsh…not
Tangent: Clearly touched
Silz90: Yes centre clearances BC
BigChief: Correct call as no way you could tell if touched.
Tangent: Whys the review system the worst quality review system in the world
Ash777: you can see the sleeve ripple but it’s hard to tell if it was the ball
BigChief: AFL are tight asses Tangent.
beerent11: Nice quarter crippa
Silz90: Keep booing Saad pls
Moona: Academy award for Harry
Catatafish: Bad Parish, that’s a bad Parish
Silz90: Soft free in front of goal.
MrWalrus: McKay the new floppy clubhouse leader
beerent11: That?s called the Harden move by McKay
BigChief: Harry needs to stop flopping.
Breezey: If he doesn?t grab his arm then McKay doesn?t do that. Simples
Hazza09: Umpires are a joke
gazza39: Martin keeping Walsh accountable
Ash777: what breezey said
Number 8: You could pinch McKay on the arse and he’d flop forward like he’d been shot
Gotigres: Walsh only 4 points for 2 effective handballs including a contested possession plus a kick?
Manowar: stop holding Harry & Charlie, Bummer cheats u back on the Juice again!
mattmac24: Sorry to anyone with Walsh, I brought him in this week
MrWalrus: Barely holding, just had touch on him & he almost went to ground. Flopper.
DANGERous: walsh parish not good tonight 🙁
navy_blues: he blocked his run walrus cmon thought u had a lil more footy brains than that geez
beerent11: Detective coats are in I see
beerent11: Inspector gadget was before his time
Tangent: Gee havn’t heard that in a while… inspector gadget
TheLegend6: Parish man
BigChief: Go go gadget arms was a great FB
wadaramus: Evening all, been out to Lucky Ducks in the Dinge, lift Parish!
Breezey: Walsh on the move
Tangent: Cripps +3 SC for waving to crowd
Baldfrog: He was ripped off Tangent worth at least 10
Hutto: Parish playing full forward. Put your best player where the ball isn?t going seems smart 😂
Baldfrog: Injured Hutto
BigChief: He has a calf issue Hutto.
2Ph0nes: parish is injured you muppet
Ash777: he’s playing with a niggle hutto
Breezey: It appears he is injured Hutto
Hutto: They may as well ice him. Game is over
beerent11: Great tackle Martin
TheLegend6: Seems taking Parish over Merrett and Walsh is going to backfire then
Silz90: Opp has parish. I might be a chance this week
beerent11: Couldn?t afford parish so took the value in Merrett
Silz90: Good pick beer. Pretty good m8 for that price
Catatafish: I got Parish in, my bad, but knew this would happen a
beerent11: Merret not setting the house on fire either
yeah_nah: Couldn’t afford Merrett so I went Boak. Working well so far!!
Torz: Waterman seems like a weird choice as sub. Can?t see a slow medium forward making much impact.
Hutto: Did anyone see what happened to Parish? Was it a cork or looking like soft tissue injury?
Breezey: I heard if the Bombers can keep the deficit under 50 by 3qtr time they?ll wait until F/T to start the review
beerent11: He?s my m7 silz. Got Tom green at m8
Silz90: M7/m8** I think he goes 105+ tonight
BigChief: Blues trying to play champagne footy and it will cost them.
frenzy: it feels like I get an injured player every floweren week
original: Traded in parish sorry all
DANGERous: walsh having a shocker
TheLegend6: ffs parish there goes top 150
Baldfrog: Don’t mind Walsh havin a shocker need a price drop
Silz90: Get involved Ridley mate.
sfenda1: currently rank 80 with parish and walsh. wont be after this round
beerent11: Sneaky way to get your rank in legend. I see what you did there
BigChief: BT you fucking flog
Tangent: Hahaha love BT
upweydons: Free kicks to Ess when the game is done
TheLegend6: I’ve had a good run Beer, it was gonna unfold eventually
Silz90: I brought in Darcy this week, anyone putting vc on him?
DANGERous: parish subbed, cya everyone
Catatafish: Yeah fuck this game, I’m out
beerent11: Hobbs turned into a good rookie. Unfortunately for me I passed on him
LuvIt74: a ton of people brought in parish and i was tryin everything to fit him in thankfully i didn’t
beerent11: Zerret will go big for a few games now parish is injured. Will be a pod for one week only I reckon.
Oddsy5: traded in stewart last week, parish this week, sorry guys 🙁
LuvIt74: NOTE avoid Oddsy lol
Silz90: Who u bringing in next week oddsy
oc16: merrett was simply too cheap not to bring in this week
Ash777: I bought English in last week and Parish this week.
Tangent: Honest and genuine question, is there a way to watch without commentators barking but with game sound?
Oddsy5: next week i plan to bring in tyrone vickery and hayden ballantyne @silz90
Baldfrog: Be even cheaper next week oc
upweydons: Tackle and grab them Ess players , ffs
frenzy: yep go to the game Tangent
Silz90: Plowman mate stop pretending Ur bontempelli
beerent11: I bought in Gary dhurkay this week oddsy
BigChief: Plowman will cost Blues this game. He is useless.
Fatbar5tad: Wakey wakey Zerrett!
Tangent: I made a promise to never attend a Carlton game, fans are a joke
Baldfrog: I’m bringing in Josh Bootsma next week
frenzy: Lol Tangent
Silz90: I still get nightmares when I hear that name bald
Baldfrog: Haha silz one player I’ll never forget
BigChief: Anyone bringing Tambling in next week?
Baldfrog: Well done Crippa
Silz90: Dpp chief? Good loop lol
Baldfrog: Not one of our best trades Chief
Fatbar5tad: Still on the fucking pine
Silz90: Bring in massimo next week. Love seeing italians in the game
original: relton roberts on my watch list
BigChief: Yeah not good Baldy. Gave up 1st and 4th I think.
pcaman2003: Hewitts been off a long time. Injured?
Baldfrog: Something like that chief
Chelskiman: Hewitt finally back on.
Social: Hobbs on par with Merrett wtf
upweydons: Joke this umpiring
BigChief: OMFG BT gave a Carl player a compliment. Is he sick?
Fatbar5tad: Massive quarter Zerrett
beerent11: Was unlucky when stuck on the bench fatbar
Hazza09: Well done Hobbs
Social: Doch could make his BE… was hoping for a drop
Grimes Jr: Dons such a shit club lol
Yelse: all those possessions and tackles for ferret 9 SC
beerent11: Same here social. Still will be value.
Fatbar5tad: Could be worse Beer, could have paid top dollar for Parish.
DrSeuss: How do teams not put work into Docherty every week?
Baldfrog: Still 100 SC points to be added
pcaman2003: What a waste of space Stringer is.
beerent11: Think zerret will be a good pick over the rest of the year. Not worried fatbar.
Fatbar5tad: Just spewing he didn’t ton up. Copped friggin Darcy last week and getting rolled in bye matches.
Social: This Shiel kid could be something

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