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Chat log from R11 of 2022: West Coast vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for West Coast vs Western Bulldogs, R11 of 2022

zadolinnyj: Lets go McRae
Crippa9: Witts for capt?
frenzy: bout time wet toast showed up
zadolinnyj: McRae C for me
Wahab_18: let’s pray no one gets subbed off from the doggies gonna ruin cleary’s cash gen
beerent11: Fuck yeah crippa
zadolinnyj: Sneaky WC win with Kennedy 3 goals
zadolinnyj: Draw a sneaky chance as well
wadaramus: Macrae
navy_blues: macca on bench lol
beerent11: Which qtr does shuey get injured?
BRAZZERS: whos McRae?
Hazza09: Macrae on bench? Ffs
BRAZZERS: its not going to ruin it muppet, the score will cycle out no big deal
zadolinnyj: He?s the brothers of a pretty good Collingwood player Brazzers. A bit lesser known
Yelse: how is khamis on zero
Stu7: 3rd beer
zadolinnyj: Got to respect that precision kicking to get that goal
cherry9: Brazzers. Wahab is dead right.
zadolinnyj: That kick to Bont was mint
Raspel31: Welcome back Mr English- we missed you.
navy_blues: halfway thru qtr still no touch for macca
cherry9: I want English, so I would like him to ease in for 2 weeks
Raspel31: See what I can do cherry. Macca on fire.
robbieg: need dunkley c to save me from tracs score lol
colin wood: Macrae capt this week and Tracca today? taking the piss now
zadolinnyj: Shuey may be gone already
DrSeuss: Macrae? Treloar? Want to do anything at all?
Cottees: classic 50/50 of who to captain and chose Macrae over Dunkley ;/
frenzy: Nice Dunks, 35 possies now
cherry9: Forgot I had treloar (all season). Thanks for reminder
Raspel31: If everyone else didn’t have Dunks I would exult.
Hazza09: Ofcourse Macrae to have a mare when I have the C on him, can?t win this year
cherry9: Might side swap a premo to deal with rnd 13 bye. Eyes on MacRae, tho that would be brave/stupid
Wahab_18: go have a drink dunks you’ve done enough -_-
BRAZZERS: lol treloar and macca will ton up, 100%
BRAZZERS: wahab you do’t have dunks? lmaoo. should have known . still no idea nackers
Wahab_18: Brazzers will after his bye
Raspel31: A moment of reflection for BestCoast. The brightest and funniest and most engaging chap on this site.
AlbySmedtz: Whats the highest ever DT score?
Yelse: macca starting on the pine a bit lately already on it twice
Pav300: Here Here Rasp. Would have loved the Freo win even today
Hazza09: What?s happened to Macrae, what a joke
Raspel31: Believe so Pav- sadly missed .
Social: Good evening doctors
zadolinnyj: Well said Raspel. BestCoat was a fantastic guy
Social: Just home from a lovely afternoon at Kardinia Park, I think it’s time for sherry
Fatbar5tad: Jacrae 3 possesions fmd nice work capitano
cmperrfect: Yet another fucked up Capt choice for me. Sigh.
Social: Nice to see young English hasn’t lost it
beerent11: Haha McRae rage everywhere
Fatbar5tad: Nah, he gets points for falling over and overruning the footy yeah?
wadaramus: Macrae.
zoomba23: Ah well, my other C candidate was Bont, so I guess I was fucked either way
Fatbar5tad: Jacrae turnover. Attaboy!
pcaman2003: English is back with a vengence.
Yelse: macca bench again ffs
Hazza09: Great Macrae out of all weeks
zoomba23: 72 percent game trime. Fuck off Bevo
beerent11: He?s obviously not right. Change the record lads
Raspel31: We all have Macca- chill. But we don’t all have English- welcome back lad/
zoomba23: Not everyone captained him Raspel
Raspel31: Ah – good point zoomba- whoops.
wadaramus: Most rookies pretty smelly too.
DrSeuss: Where is Clark – haven’t seen him this quarter
pjw1234: not sure how i want clark to go. he is on my bench for the $ but opposition has him on the ground
AlbySmedtz: Whats the highest ever DT score?
pcaman2003: I’m coming over to this game. Hawks getting hammered in the other one. Playing garbage football.
Raspel31: Think we’re all grown ups now and don’t automatically cap Macca?
a1trader: i think Dane Swan got a 204
wadaramus: Should have automatically capped Neale..
LuvIt74: Swan was a gun for 4 consecutive years 2010 to 2013
wadaramus: Swan was perma C 🙂
beerent11: Couldn?t have vc or c on Neale with deboer in the game
PowerBug: you could if you knew that De Boer doesn’t play midfield anymore
Raspel31: I vceed Stewart to Neak
Raspel31: Whoops- overtaken by technology.
beerent11: I?m no expert powerbug. Just an average bloke trying his best.
Ash777: stay down english lol
Raspel31: Beer- for your very limited capacities you do very well.
bhg26: Come on gregory
bhg26: Hough making me some nice cash in fantasy
Raspel31: Okay, who brought English back in this week hmm?
Ash777: hough has broke his be
navy_blues: me
bhg26: me
Hazza09: Bought in English for Hayes
Yelse: macca bench again ffs
zadolinnyj: How nice to watch a game without umpire blaming
wadaramus: Only in the lowest form, AF.
zadolinnyj: Me
runners47: English for Hayews here too
Raspel31: Damn, thought I was the only one.
_Wang_: English is proving a handy in to my fwd line
Hazza09: Thanks Macrae, out of all Frikin weeks
pcaman2003: Get that yellow thing Clark. Have you forgotten already what it is?
mattmac24: Hopefully Cleary doesn’t come on at this point. Would be a waste of a first price rise
DrSeuss: WCE need to put Clark on the ball. Not just sitting on a wing
BRAZZERS: too much depth in the midfield mate
Valorlonga: surely sweet out for clearly next week
LuvIt74: Gotta bring back English i think he’s the only reliable C this season
Ash777: Smith to come back in Val
Yelse: who here thinks its good having bye weeks?
Raspel31: Wait a week to test English they said. Nup. Straight in. From a proud Ehglishman.
Ash777: Cleary might not come back in unless there is a injury in the backline
Valorlonga: McComb out for Smith, Sweet for Cleary? @Ash777
Ash777: not with the way McComb is playing atm
mattmac24: Yelse, as a cats supporter, it sucks, we always play horrid after a bye
BRAZZERS: only smith will come back, not going to dropp players in a team winning by 100 points lol
TheFlagger: no speaka f1
Blaircam: So glad I hung on to English all those weeks
Hazza09: Only thing I?ve got right all year is trading English in
pcaman2003: I know Bont has a goal,but how ihas he gone past Treloar? Don’t add up.
Raspel31: Hate them Yelse- short enough season anyway.
Yelse: should be every team plays each other twice we are the only sport with a non even league year in year out
tommy10: Didn?t you realise?Bont farts and he gets SC points
mattmac24: That would make the season too long Yelse, fine with what they have but it they need byes, make it one round only
Yelse: at matt mac they have added 3 weeks alone just with the byes
mattmac24: A 38 week season would suck in my opinion, way too long
Raspel31: Agree Yelse.
Yelse: also EPL is 38 rounds plus they play all these cups plus they play in the euros and WC plus qualifiers
The39Steps: Not true @yelse. NFL and MLB don’t, and in some seasons teams never play each other at all because of conferences.
Yelse: 6 months off after season finishes too long
BRAZZERS: who cares
Raspel31: And yet they front up and play a game 2 days later- again agree Yelse.
The39Steps: NRL dont either.
wadaramus: Reduce the number of teams, play each other twice, only fair and equitable solution.
sMiles: I am pleased for those who kept English. Happy for you
Yelse: i think they wanted to be fair each teams plays each other twice over 2 years and make it fair then
wadaramus: it’s supposed to be a national competition, but there are 10 Victorian teams?
wadaramus: Sorry, but the VFL needs to see the bigger picture.
The39Steps: Soccer is less contact. Less field time. An ELP player will average 11kms a game. An AFL midfielder 17kms.
MrWalrus: Wada, stop making me look good
mattmac24: Yelse, how does the bye rounds add 3 weeks?
Yelse: whats the symbol next to dunks and treloar
Raspel31: Brazzer you gentle and forgiving soul- sorry if we upset your little world- carn Doggies.
DrSeuss: What is Kennedy thinking there?
Yelse: @mattmac24 well actually two now that i re think that lol
Ash777: Keath career high goals for a game
fruity: Macrae only does what he has the last few games he’s been a passenger looking out the window..
wadaramus: How on earth could I make you look good Mr W?!
Raspel31: Where’s Baike
zadolinnyj: Looks like blue moon which it can?t be
MrWalrus: By being you wada, Yelse, it’s one week that The bye rounds add
Yelse: there a bye before finals @walrus
wadaramus: Sipping on a NOON VP Tawny, delish 🙂
mattmac24: Not to mention prior to it being a 18 team comp, there used to be a split round mid season that would go over two weeken
MrWalrus: Is there again? If so apologies and right you are
wadaramus: No bites on the too many Vic teams insinuation?
Raspel31: A tiny season- seasoned players- whoeve came up with 3 tiers of byes should be shot.r
MrWalrus: There is but the vics think too few
Ash777: once tassie comes in there’d be a round robin like with gcs
mattmac24: Na, you’re right Wada, could stand to lose one and make a tad team
Hazza09: Everyone getting involved for the dogs except Macrae
mattmac24: Make a Tas team*
wadaramus: 14 teams, 26 game season, perfect,
Ash777: no chance a team will dropped for tassie to come in
LuvIt74: get Macca off the pine bevo
mattmac24: Only 6 dogs players that haven’t hit the scoreboard.. wow
runners47: How many teams have had all but 6 players goal in a game?
Yelse: SC will be crappy again with odd teams
Raspel31: We all have Mcca- did you cap him Hazza?
Stu7: Matt – vert telling
wadaramus: This ain’t the expanded VFL anymore.
TheFlagger: witherden should have a permanent seagull symbol. gets it every week
Hazza09: Yes Raspel
mattmac24: Not sure what you’d expect to happen Wada? You want them to just drop it move a few Vic teams?
Raspel31: Whoops.
Wahab_18: okay english swap with dunkley please off the pine
wadaramus: Move or secede back to the VFL, this is now a national competition that deserves national representation.
BRAZZERS: English won’t be coming back on the ground, nackers
fruity: 15 goalkickers for the bulldogs and macrae has none…
blonde0na: Macrae’s TOG is criminally low – why?
Ash777: record breaking night
Wahab_18: he
wadaramus: IT’s not an expanded VFL whereby the VFL teams expect inclusion.
Wahab_18: he’s back bazzers
Stu7: English back on ground
m0nty: yeah alright wada, back on the game please
wadaramus: BUt the
Oddsy5: surely 16 goalkickers is an afl record? not watching game so cant hear commentators say it
wadaramus: But the “AFL” know what’s right, just like the umpiring rules..
wadaramus: Roger that m0nty 🙂
Raspel31: Still feel WC have a sneaky chance to pull this off.
fruity: Oddsy5 its equal atm
wadaramus: Go the Bulldogs 🙂
Oddsy5: thx fruity 🙂
BRAZZERS: clark done well to get that score
Raspel31: Aye English- injuries and all . Step up lad,
wadaramus: You’re such an optimist Raspel 🙂
spdysaint: what are the symbols next to Treloar, Dunkely and naughton?
pcaman2003: BRAZZERS. Had a better 2nd half for sure.
pcaman2003: I just wish Treloar could score as easily as Bont. He’d be 140 by now.
BRAZZERS: told you treloar and macca will ton, called it in the first 1/4
Oddsy5: yeh whats that blue symbol on everyone cant find it in the key
wadaramus: Steven Wilson is KING.
poolboybob: Give Kelly the Atlas. Only player worth a damn in the eagles midfield
BigChief: Oddsy read Trealor’s icon.
beerent11: You?re a marvel brazzers
BRAZZERS: beer tell me something i don’t know

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