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Chat log from R11 of 2022: Naarm vs Fremantle

Chat log for Naarm vs Fremantle, R11 of 2022

a1trader: Naarm Demons?
BigChief: Should be Narrm Demons a1trader. Narrm is aboriginal for Melbourne
a1trader: ok, cheers
Stu7: Hi all
Stu7: Go Ollie
Stu7: Go low Petracca
bhg26: Go high Petracca
pcaman2003: Hey Chief. Is this the permanent name?
Stu7: Pca I don?t believe so
Raspel31: Not being of a competitive nature at all- if you want to handball Clarry make sure they stick.
pcaman2003: Thanks Stu7
bhg26: Gawn if you dont got 100+ I will buy a manscaped kit you advertised, track you down and shave your beard
BigChief: Pcaman nope only for Doug Nichols rounds
robbieg: lets go vc clarry
Ooost: my oh my Neale 160 VC points banked… No need for Oliver to beat that
pcaman2003: Brought Ollie in this week. Go Ollie and Brodie.
pcaman2003: Good one Ooost. Makes life a bit easier.
pcaman2003: Thanks Chief.
Raspel31: Bravo Ooost- and I hate you.
BigChief: I am a spud. Took vc off Stewart at last minute for Clarry 🙁
sfenda1: i dont have a loophole this week. Gone C on witts. nervous
Ooost: for sure pcaman!
pcaman2003: Oh no! Was going to C Witts, but realised I’ve left the C on Ollie. Go big young man
Yelse: is may out?
robbieg: mays still on the ground but i dont think more much longer
zadolinnyj: No right now
m0nty: May looks like he’s halfway to Koosbane
arbel: Cmon Oliver stop turning it over
pcaman2003: Geez Ollie. Stop the clangers and get your DE sorted for flower sake. 16 for 10 possies is pox
wadaramus: Oliver DE is not good for SC, 10 touches for 16 does not bode well.
DrSeuss: How does Neale get a tag every week – but Oliver just runs free?
bhg26: missed trac tackle
bhg26: Bedford looking good
pcaman2003: Seuss. Was Neale tagged today?
pcaman2003: Brodie been about my best pickup this year. He’s been sensational
arbel: @pcaman. Sane he’s gone from a rookie cash cow to premo keeper
DrSeuss: For the first half pca – yes. Just broke it.
SwaggyP: cmon trac
Valorlonga: is anyones kayo’s commentary out of sync??
pcaman2003: arbel. Who would’ve thought he’d have a 105 average? Dual status makes it even better.
Ooost: Brodie, Sicily and Hewett have been well underpriced awesome picks.
bhg26: wow trac, bad start
Hazza09: Great Clarry butchering it today
pcaman2003: Hazza. Hopefully a big improvement from Clarry next 3 qtrs. Surely can’t get worse…..can he?
Hazza09: Pca it?s just to burn me more because I didn?t put the VC on Neale
BigChief: Yelse May subbed out.
pcaman2003: Hazza. Hindsight always a great thing. Wish I had VC on Stewart. 🙁
beerent11: Go vc trac.
Fatbar5tad: Coliver 9 kicks 3 effective
Valorlonga: for some reason i brought in bedford this week. Looks a good player to watch
beerent11: The talent runs deep at naarm
cmperrfect: Watch Clarry get tagged shortly.
m0nty: 60/45 is a poor ratio for Clarry but it’s still early in Q2, those are gaudy numbers really
pcaman2003: If Ollie had 100DE and no clangers,would be over the ton already.
Stu7: Ollie on fire
valkorum: monty – his DE is terrible, but its great for fantasy
original: Go mundy my draft team fill in..picked you over selwood and Clarke
pcaman2003: I need you back out there Brodie. Get that score moving onwards and upwards.
runners47: cmperfect – you’re probably right, but who’ll do it?
runners47: Pearce?
pcaman2003: Nice goal assist Clarry. That’s more like it.
Hazza09: Geez Brayshaw has been shit ever since I traded him in
original: Gawn game time. Go to the bench bro, let Jackson take over
pcaman2003: I think Freo being led by General Custer this week.
Ooost: Gawn is back 😀
arbel: Imagine Oliver score if more effective.
bhg26: Seriously trac, get going
Stu7: Pca – not good about Petracca
pcaman2003: Stu7. I don’t have him. Got Ollie in this week ahead of Tracca.
Stu7: Pca good stuff
pcaman2003: Ollie to be 80 by half time? Any takers?
original: No premos before buys. Hold that 1.2m bank lads
Ooost: Oliver still could well beat Neale. 80 sounds right. pca
bushranger: Hazza bag out Brayshaw again, that worked a beauty
frenzy: could fail to ton also
original: Get the F on the field Jackson
pcaman2003: C’mon Brodie….get going lad.
DrSeuss: Of course this is the week I play someone with Chapman and Ryan – seagulls all night
cmperrfect: Earth to Petracca. Come in Petracca.
Hazza09: He?s on 38 bushranger, regret the day I bought him in
bhg26: Petracca oh my days
pcaman2003: Clarry playing likr T Mitchell. Lots of possies and no influence.
colin wood: Oliver lucky to be on 50sc he?s scoring for ineffective disposals lol
arbel: Darcy 32 dt but 80 sc?? Is every hit out to advantage?
Ooost: strange isnt it arbel
DEESareSAD: Darcy?s score is such a piss take
navy_blues: 150+ plz ollie
bhg26: Surprised Brown isnt jumping the fence to get his runup right
robbieg: jeez trac
sfenda1: keep going andy brayshaw
hinsch: lucky I got Tracca in this week, FYI for everybody I also got Sinclair so you still have time to trade.
Ash777: go freo
Whiskeyjak: Going to take May out and Petty injured in the same game to roll us.
Hazza09: Clarry gone home, now how to put the C on
pcaman2003: Ash777. Agree! Go Freo, but get to 100 by 3rd time Ollie.
sMiles: Nice goal Frederick… but c’mon Melbourne – dont’ screw my tips. OLIVER keep moving, hey?
navy_blues: so injuries your blaming whisky every team has them
Manowar: Loser Melbourne, already making lame excuses!
marls: Can anyone watching explain why Petracca is non-existent?
SALAH: Dees staring down the barrel of 2 losses in a row
pharace: Welcome to football Whiskeyjak, that’s footy – a game of attrition
pharace: Nice one @ Salah
marls: Oh that worked. Someone mention Petracca again!
Stu7: Pca – you C Ollie?
Tangent: Lol always happens, wont be suprised if Naarm win by 20+
_Wang_: Love to see freo win this one
frenzy: norf softened them up last week
a1trader: how can a team get easily beaten by Collingwood at home and then play like this against Melbourne
DrSeuss: Piss of Ryan and Chapman – seagulls down back and my opponent somehow has both of you
Breezey: Yeah definitely softened up by Norf Naarm last week
Manowar: May I say Naarm are Petty shit!
Whiskeyjak: a1 – we have a few out, May concussed, Petty hobbling, Trac not fully fit.
runners47: Get going Petracca – dare you to ton up in a quarter
BigChief: Keep making those excuses Whiskey. Can’t admit Freo are the better side atm.
Breezey: Freo got a bloke called Fyfe out too.
Raspel31: Whilst not perhaps the best , we are happy Clarry. Keep it up.
original: Mundy, Mundy Mundy, you don?t treat my draft team no good
Badgerbadg: May headache for Naarm.. if you know what i mean 😉
robbieg: wow
navy_blues: poor whisky suck it up princess
Breezey: Bowey might be heading home without a sing song tonight
Whiskeyjak: I’ll suck it up from the premiership cup at the top of the ladder, navy. Cheers.
Ash777: you only have 2 out in the premiership team that is not playing today
pcaman2003: Freo have taken the Demons away and posessed themselves.
Stu7: Come on Jackson finger out
Whiskeyjak: Ash – Harmes, Salem, Tom Mac, Langdon, Hibbered. That’s 5. May now out concussed. So it’s 6.
Ninty: Give Frederick the X now. Freak
hinsch: Macca or Witts for C this week
wadaramus: What a 3rd quarter by Freo.
sMiles: C’mon Whiskeyjak … we like dyou better when you were at the bottom.
Grimes Jr: god its going to be great to see melbourne lose. About time they got some injuries too
runners47: Mind boggles, Monty, at what a ‘ten point lewd’ looks like (sorry, couldn’t resist the comment)
mattmac24: Hawks have no recognised ruck, Witts should dominate
wadaramus: Curse the Aish tag on Oliver 🙁
frenzy: so depth is a problem whisky
BigChief: Still whinging Whiskey? You have clearly been outplayed today.
m0nty: tbf Freo are missing Pavlich, that’s a big out for them
sMiles: You would still think Oliver to gett o 120 min from here. maybe even 140
Ash777: even with those outs freo have no right to be beating them at the moment
beerent11: Coniglio, green, rich, tracca, short, aye aye aye.
Pies20: Still a quarter to go chief
cherry9: Ok cmon Petracca. A 75 or 80 would be lovely
beerent11: Why don?t we all put our phones away and enjoy the last qtr. that?s what I?ll be doing. See you on the other side.
SALAH: m0nty, Clive Waterhouse also a big out for Freo
Pav300: Ha Ha Monty he still there in spirit
Ash777: Ryan looks like he just got back from the dentist
Stu7: Wtf Oliver
zadolinnyj: And Zac Dawson Monty
cherry9: L Cleary named as medi-sub in the upcoming game? (according to ff page). Thatll kill any cash gen
navy_blues: game over id say
mattpanag: Frederick playing the game of his life. You love to see it
Raspel31: From a completely neutral angle- get thee off thy behind Clarry.
Grimes Jr: how good is this.
Ash777: yep cherry
bhg26: Trac seriously for fucks sake
Ninty: I said to give him to the X, give him the STAR
Stu7: All seriousness guys the biggest out would have to be Winston Abraham
Grimes Jr: freoooooooooo
DrSeuss: Great – Cleary on field to take the VC loop and can?t move him with both bench players already played ffs
runners47: Dees can’t do it from here
cmperrfect: Cmon Stu7. Scott Gumbleton trumps them all surely.
BRAZZERS: Naarm lost, not Melbourne. Still undefeated
BRAZZERS: lmao drsuess
Ash777: Bowey’
Ash777: ever since they changed to Naarm they’ve been shakey
Stu7: That?s harsh Dr
bhg26: Great so now we play Melbourne off a loss with not Buddy, can?t wait!
Pav300: So glad we honoured Sunnys First Nation jumper 🙂
a1trader: percentage booster
robbieg: trac sitting full forward is working
Grimes Jr: put them away docks. drive them into the ground
cherry9: Impressive from Fremantle.
Stu7: Has Oliver got haemorrhoids
Raspel31: Slightly gobsmacked. All I can say is carn Liverpool.
BRAZZERS: soccer is garbage
Fatbar5tad: Freo chant at the G
Raspel31: And you enlighten us all again with your cheerful input Brazzers.
Yelse: time to decide witt or macca for C
mattmac24: Witts Yelse. Should dominate against an essentially ruckless hawks
_Wang_: Yelse witts
Stu7: Yelse on recent form you would have to pick Witts
bhg26: You?re breaking my heart trac!
mattmac24: I don’t understand how Freo do so well when their midfield spends so much time on the bench
Raspel31: Whoops.
Stu7: Naarm- fa-logged
original: Mundy a great replacement player in draft team. Ffs
Ash777: maybe freo know mids shouldn’t rest forward
wadaramus: Thanks for absolutely nothing Petracca.
frenzy: fero way to go
bhg26: I second that wada
Stu7: Oliver 9 points this quarter
cmperrfect: Give Petracca the mare m0nty
Grimes Jr: brown useless. this is the brown we know
cherry9: Petracca will be fine. Seemed to suffer a temporary crisis of confidence today.
Breezey: Goodwin Freo
wadaramus: Traded him to shore up the R13 bye.
Stu7: Brown was a total waste of money
wadaramus: Nice Breezey 🙂
Stu7: Would have been better of buying a new drinks machine
wadaramus: Did Goody play Petracca mostly forward?
cherry9: Would have liked 25 more points from Petracca on an off day. Meh, not the end of the world
TheFlagger: surely jack carroll wont be sub tomorrow. need him for neale vc
The Ogre: Good game Freo. Well played. Hopefully the wake-up Dees needed all season.
pharace: Someone send the police to the MCG – convinced Tracca was being held their against his will!
DEESareSAD: I feel like Trac must have been sick today?. That?s why he spent majority forward
mattmac24: J.Martin would likely be the sub if he’s fit. Next best would be Carrol though
TheFlagger: wanted for r14 bye but was never sold on him. all eyes on titch

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