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Chat log from R11 of 2022: Brisbane vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Brisbane vs Western Sydney, R11 of 2022

Yelse: is having treloar dunkley, macca bont and english too much? they all score well
pjw1234: if you dont mind having 1 loss in the bye rounds
Ooost: I have Smith, Treloar, Dunkley, Jmac, plan on getting English and is Bont goes DPP a 6 man Bulldogs fwd line.
Yelse: yeah the loss in round 13 only down side, i can get english and bont now or sinclair and witts which combo better
Stu7: Yelse half ya luck 😂
circle52: Rd 13 bye is a koller atm I only have 16 available hoping to milk some rookies.
Stu7: Took a gamble on bringing in Wehr
Stu7: Took a gamble on bringing in Wehr – hope it pays off
Yelse: gone witts sinclair just because of the bye and unknown english position with street playing
MrWalrus: Hopefully we get some common sense umpiring today, go bears!
Baldfrog: Wehr is a massive gamble Stu hope it pays off
pjw1234: vc neale so need a big one
Stu7: Thanks Baldfrog
navy_blues: was gonnA C neale but said was locked so go jmac or ollie
Stu7: Same here pjw
Spifflicat: Perryman got the tag on Neale
Stu7: Go Neale & Conigilo
TheFlagger: cogs off to a flyer
Stu7: Looks like a waste of a VC on Neale
pcaman2003: Kelly hasn’t seen the ball yet but on the bench already.
Stu7: It could be should I say – early days yet
original: Cogs burning us all for trading two weeks ago. Dog
bhg26: I agree original, absolute dog
Ooost: indeed original 😀 Cogs to Miller last week!
Stu7: Luckily I held onto Cogs
Baldfrog: That’s what ya get for having excitable trigger fingers
DrSeuss: Someone tell Brisbane the game has started
bhg26: Brisbane the game has started
Stu7: Brisbane the game has started
Stu7: That a boy Neale shake that perrywinkle off
DrSeuss: Thanks for the support lads
Stu7: Anytime Dr
pcaman2003: Go Kelly. C’mon Cogs and Neale.
bigpens: Wehr is Jacob?
DEESareSAD: Thank the lord. I saw 4 goals for giants already and I was preparing for cogs to be on 40 already
Stu7: Cracks in the Brisbane?s
Stu7: Cracks appearing in the Brisbane ship,
Stu7: Off the bench Neale and Cogs please
Baldfrog: Nice goal lol
HolyNorf: why did I fall for the Zorko trap
Stu7: Ffs I was tossing up between Peatling and Wehr – bugger
Manowar: GWS u got this!
DrSeuss: Brisbane with the Hawks hangover. WTF
sMiles: Jesus – we suck
navy_blues: yeah i dont mind if bris lose this
pcaman2003: Nice one Cogs. Lift Mr Neale.
robbieg: cogs is elite around the ball, who wouldve thought
DrSeuss: Zorko, Neale and Coleman going great guns so far
Manowar: Fagan asleep at the wheel!
circle52: We can not win a centre clearance and are piss week in marking
sMiles: This is awful stuff – had the umpires as an excuse last week – this is just poor football this week
circle52: Can we match up on players please.
beerent11: Cogs destroying them around the ball
BRAZZERS: Lions taking the piss wtf is this
Hazza09: Has anyone seen Wehr?
Baldfrog: Wehr are you ooh ooh
BigChief: Playing on the wing Hazza
sMiles: Hey! McStay back… lol – didn’t realize
AlbySmedtz: Copping some ‘Wehr and Tehr’
Hazza09: Lol which wing? Nowhere to be seen
TheFlagger: yea the cogs
J_Herer: pick up Wehr cheaper in a week?
a1trader: Thats got to hurt Ward, knee in the head
sMiles: Happy with cogs… but we all own him, right? (almost sold after that back hit a couple of weeks ago)
Stu7: Jacob?s new name is ?Nowehr?
Ooost: Sold Cogs 😀
Raspel31: Forced into bringing you in McInerny as no Preuss- no complaints so far and go Cogs.
HolyNorf: Coniglio and Green great, Neale and Zorko not so much
Hazza09: Those who traded Cogs would be filthy
pcaman2003: Raspel. Gotta be happy with Oscar.Will kill it without Preuss.
Oddsy5: sold cogs 🙂 stoked lads
J_Herer: Brissy still wins this
sMiles: I really need Lions to win and hurt them form here … Need Preuss back next week and Hamilton
BRAZZERS: lol hamilton wont play
Stu7: You d1ck Neale
Stu7: sMiles – GWS has a bye next week
BigChief: Good luck getting Preuss next week sMiles.
Yelse: le?n cameron should learn from last two weeks.. putting players in their best spots ie cogs in mid
Raspel31: Preuss aint back next week- bye.
The39Steps: GWS has bye next week @smiles. Means no score from Preuss for 3 weeks. Possibly should have traded.
Hazza09: Wehr will join Hamilton after the byes
bhg26: Zorko you wahab
Stu7: Wehr 0 DT points – thanks heaps
Baldfrog: Brazzers once told me Neale was untaggable hmm not so sure
bhg26: Not going to get his BE of 2 stu at this rate
mattmac24: Had no need to trade Preuss. Got 19 playing for their bye and had Hayes covering each week. Will be fine for round 13
DrSeuss: Where is Zorko playing for his amazing 1 possession?
BRAZZERS: neale on pace for 36 disposals lmao, my point still stands
Stu7: Ha ha bhg – so true
TheFlagger: what did everyone do with preuss? hold or trade, if traded who was it to?
Stu7: Flagged – I traded and bought English
sMiles: traded preuss in AF fantasy and held in SC
bhg26: traded him to english flagger so i have 2 rucks each bye round
Stu7: Had some spare cash too
Baldfrog: Flagger traded pruess to the Pom
sMiles: @the39steps Yeah – I need him to play round 13 and 14. SC my bye structure very important, but AFL fantasy less so
bhg26: Traded him to darcy in fantasy
bhg26: Get 1 touch in a quarter zorko, thats a paddlin
Hazza09: Why did I get sucked into Wehr, ffs
Stu7: So kicking myself I bought Wehr rather than Peatling
Stu7: Same Hazza
bhg26: Whats the highest sc score without registering a stat, wehr on track for 16
Stu7: At this rate O?Halloran will out score Wehr
Stu7: Come on Cogs wake up,
HolyNorf: just need zorko to get going
sMiles: Good to see teh eel back in the book
DrSeuss: Why play Coleman if he is only getting 50% ToG
Hazza09: Wow Wehr got a touch, time to celebrate
sMiles: Robertson gets dropped for mine for that turnover
sMiles: lol – I am a hard ass.
Valorlonga: I think bringing Coleman in this round might have been a mistake by me
Stu7: Valorlonga. Not as big as a mistake as mine bringing in Wehr
m0nty: Wehr was he aiming that kick
Valorlonga: @Stu7 was up until 5 mins ago. Sent that message as a rocket to Coleman haha
bhg26: not as big of a mistake as bringing in zorko
BRAZZERS: why bring in wehr hilarious
Hazza09: Great Wehr, atleast do something when you get the ball ffs
HolyNorf: Coniglio gone backwards this quarter?
Stu7: Nice come back Neale
DEESareSAD: SuperCoach is a funny game. 1 or 2 desicions can often be the difference between finishing 5000 and 1st
pcaman2003: Keep going Kelly, but lift Cogs and Neale.
DrSeuss: Massive thanks to Faygan for moving Zorko to half forward – where he is pretty much useless
pcaman2003: VC Ills failed last night. Anyone else putting the C on Ollie?
sMiles: Yes – C on Oliver. Had to pick swan for the VC – Fail
Stu7: Pca depending on how Neale goes for VC if he doesn?t get at least 120 I will C Oliver
Baldfrog: I have atm can’t decide between him or Macca for C
_Wang_: Pca witts will go big
Stu7: BRAZZERS I needed a cheapy so I could buy English
pcaman2003: Wang. I did wonder about Witts. I’m torn between 3. Hate these hard decisions.
mattmac24: Witts dominates when going up against poor rucks, Hawks have no recognised ruck
amigaman: Geez the umps don’t like Rayner
_Wang_: Pca no hawks ruckman but in saying that if Beale gets 120 i will take
TheFlagger: witts is r1. 131 five round average coming up against a key forward in the ruck. no brainer
sMiles: Yeah – I would C witts …. but don’t have him
BRAZZERS: i get it but this is his last game, he was never going to play next game when whitfield comes back
Baldfrog: Stu7 Jeffery for GC u didn’t consider as a cheapy?
_Wang_: Flagger correct
sMiles: Good finish to the half
bhg26: Zorko you donut
BRAZZERS: is rich gettng tagged by deboer? terrible game
Baldfrog: Tell me about it Brazzers Rich has been frustrating this year
Stu7: Baldfrog yes I did but only average 44 in DT
pcaman2003: Looks like Witts for C then. I’ll set the Voodoo doll onto anyone who steers me wrong.
Baldfrog: OK ur talking DT
Stu7: BRAZZERS – yes I get that but I?ve got a good bench to replace him
Stu7: Do most people reckon C Witts over Oliver?
pcaman2003: Stu. That’s the picture I’m getting. But who knows as anything could happen this year.
DEESareSAD: Yep C on Witts over Oliver 4 sure. I have Vc Laird tho so looking likely I?ll take that
pcaman2003: I’ll win my league anyway so have nothing to lose. Will go Witts
beerent11: Ah I see it?s Rich?s turn to stuff up my round.
Stu7: Thanks pca and DEES
Stu7: Go Neale come on
Stu7: Great come back by Brissy
a1trader: Best game I’ve seen Rayner play
bigpens: Rich has been poor
Stu7: Off the pine Neale & Cogs
andychiz: how come you wouldnt choose oliver?
andychiz: how come you wouldnt choose oliver
amigaman: Tkaen the bump out of the game. Trying to eliminate tackles now
sMiles: ok- Robertson… you can stay. lol. but seriously, why do the umpires seem to hate brissie so much
sMiles: are we a dirty team? Mybe my Lions coloured glasses misses it.
sMiles: I know what Giants need! They need Hamiltopn and Preuss!
sfenda1: himmelberg a fwd option?
Stu7: Disappointing Neale and Cogs – they have stopped
sMiles: Oooh -= Good timing Stu!
bhg26: Zayne Dorko I hate you
a1trader: Spoke too soon Stu
circle52: @smiles Fagan accounts for it with our aggression and good to see it back after that first quarter
BRAZZERS: never question Neale, untaggable
sMiles: @circle52 – It was tough to watch that first quarter
Stu7: a1trader – true that
pcaman2003: People who put the C on Neale are breathing easier. Big Qtr from him.
DrSeuss: Zorko needs to go to that half back role – looking horrible at half forward
Stu7: That a boy Neale giddy up
sMiles: where was the push in the back call by the umpires then?
circle52: Only applies if you are wearing a giants jumper
pcaman2003: Kelly, Neale and Cogs like a well oiled machine,so very happy.
BRAZZERS: give neale the hulk
Stu7: Shout out to all those hanging it on Wehr – he has 6 possessions now Ba ha ha
sMiles: If I am wrong… all Giant fans speak up now……. hahahahah.. silence. ;-p
BigChief: sMiles GWS would loves to have Taranto, Davis, Hopper, Daniels, Whitfield and Lloyd available.
Grimes Jr: A lot of arrogant blokes in this brisbane outfit – ironic when they have achieved nothing to date
pcaman2003: Second on the ladder is achieving nothing? Lol!
Spifflicat: Smiles = tossed
DrSeuss: How does Ah Chee keep getting games
Stu7: Finger out Cogs ffs
a1trader: that seals the captain
Stu7: Cogs very poor performance- started off good and faded – you did well to trade him you guys
pcaman2003: Cogs in his stealth mode again, trying not to be seen.
Stu7: Casper the Cogs
Raspel31: We all have Cogs- and we all despair. 23 points for 3 terms?
Stu7: Offff the bench Neale ffs
Stu7: Bad Raspa
pcaman2003: Nice Kelly,nice! Lift Cogs you lazy flog.
Stu7: True that pca
Stu7: Neale is a true champion
mattmac24: I got rid of cogs. Sad after last week, fine so far this week
BRAZZERS: lol muppets calling players lazy while they sit on their asses refreshing a screen lol, classic
DrSeuss: Obviously ?not 15? is the rule of the week
_Wang_: Vc neale oooft
Raspel31: Well, that tag on Neale worked a treat.
pcaman2003: How is Kelly on 102 from 98 after kicking a goal? His score looks very underwhelming to me.
sMiles: I think they tagged Rich more so, right
BRAZZERS: wheres baldy?
BigChief: Not sure how Dev Robertson has not played more this year. Kid is a great player.
Stu7: Cogs what a d1ck
sMiles: ugh McStay what a costly missed mark
Spifflicat: This ain?t over
Stu7: Wehr 64 not bad
DrSeuss: Lions accuracy looking to haunt them again
Stu7: For a flog
bhg26: Zorko showering the bed
Spifflicat: Class
sMiles: McCarthy. heart you mate <3
DrSeuss: Looks like Ash might be playing a role on Zorko.
bhg26: Another zorko touch another turnover, lovely stuff
Stu7: About time Cogs
pcaman2003: Frustrated Cogs didn’t ton up after being 49 end of 1st qtr. Lazy sod.
Raspel31: I would never cap Neale as he can’t break a tag- groan.
sMiles: Well done Neale VC or C ers. Not me – I went Oliver
Stu7: Cheers sMiles good luck with Ollie
pcaman2003: Raspel. We never learn,even though he has the highest average this year.
DrSeuss: Good game Zorks
Hazza09: Another C I?ve botched
BigChief: Anyone else getting “page not found 404 error” for dees v freo game?
Raspel31: Oliver for me too- fingers crossed.
BRAZZERS: vc neale, you legend!
bhg26: Neale good, Zorko so shower good grief

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