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Chat log from R11 of 2022: Geelong vs Adelaide

Chat log for Geelong vs Adelaide, R11 of 2022

Stu7: Crows bad kicking yet again
StuL: Scott signed until 2056. Happy cays fans?
Napper: You are taking the piss with Dawson’s score. 12 points for intercept mark and 7 for a short mark and kick
lukefield9: @monty might want to change Sam Berry’s icon, he’s been inside mid for the past few weeks now
pcaman2003: This place looks a bit lonely. Where is everyone?
mattmac24: Not sure why they gave Scott an extension so early in the season. Should have waited to see if we at least make finals
lukefield9: @pcaman ngl the Brisbane giants game is so much more exciting at the moment
StuL: Worried about losing him to North Melbourne? Fine. Let him go.
pcaman2003: mattmac. I think it raised a few eyebrows to be doing it now. Brave call!
boges11: They probably wanted stability and not have contract thoughts in the back of the coaches mind.
Ooost: Stewert 😀
Raspel31: Stewart- you little ripper.
pcaman2003: Go Tommy you star.
Stu7: Stay on the bench C Guthrie
Yelse: ffs stewart please slow down
Ninty: Why would you have the C on Guthrie
Ninty: Why wouldn?t you have Scott signed. One of the best in the game. Looking good again this season.
Stu7: Ninty – C stands for Cameron
pcaman2003: Well done Stewart,but time for you to lift SDK.
TheFlagger: dawson wake up
mattmac24: Because he’s not taking us anywhere Ninty. Has an amazing record for the home and away season which I love but finals a
BRAZZERS: great at making finals, but losing finals lol
mattmac24: Finals is a worry. We need a new coach that is keen on developing kids rather than trying to push for a premiership.
Ninty: Nearly in the last 4 every year. Too much entitlement from Geelong fans thinking we could have had someone better
mattmac24: Our premiership window has been open for the last 4 seasons so Scott was a good choice. It’s now closed.
mattmac24: Scott is not a coach that’s going to develop young players
Ninty: Developing like Stewart, SDK, Evans, Henry, Miers, Parfitt, Stengle, Zuthrie, Neale etc? Lol you?re pathetic.
pcaman2003: Won a premiership in first year (2011) and none since. Plenty of finals since 2011Mmm!
Yelse: please dekonning do what stewart doing
Ninty: how many clubs have won a premiership in that time?
sMiles: M Couch… Oh dear – killing my SC Draft team
sMiles: Actually, was either play Ward or Couch… Seems I made the correct decision.
SwaggyP: brought in Hately this week. This is v nice
Ninty: I was going to switch to Stewart C late but every time I make a late change it?s wrong. Hopefully Kelly has a huge 2nd h
Raspel31: I’ll accept a ton at half time Tommy boyo.
pcaman2003: Stewart one of the best readers of the ball. He’s a magician in the backline.
DEESareSAD: Stewart and laird my 2 from this game 🤤
mattmac24: I’ve got Stew, Laird and SDK, happy with them all
DEESareSAD: Keep going Laird vc and stewy
Raspel31: Why on earth did I sell Stewart? Joking of course.
pcaman2003: Stewart very dominant but would like SDK to get involved more.
mattmac24: Happy with anything 60+ from SDK
Raspel31: Don’t sweat about SDK pcaman- on the bench for me. But thanks.
Urbs: Stewart expert cape dodging so far this game
pcaman2003: As it turns out he had a mini burst. Good boy!
SwaggyP: get a ton hately
navy_blues: 17 tackles to atkins
robbieg: trade out daicos and loop sdk’s 76? DT
Raspel31: Personally I don’t rate Tom Stewart.
pcaman2003: Tom Stewart take a bow.
mattmac24: If Stanley didn’t play another game this season, Blicavs would be a great pick in Def for SC
Yelse: needed laird to get most possessions then had 4 legs left for 11k so disappointing
BRAZZERS: any idea what SDK b/e will be in SC next week?
mattmac24: Brazzers, 76 would bring his BE to 45 next week so I would assume maybe mid 50s?
BRAZZERS: cheers mattmac
pcaman2003: SDK been a nice little earner. Will be a good step up to a premium.

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