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Chat log from R11 of 2022: Sydney vs Richmond

Chat log for Sydney vs Richmond, R11 of 2022

pharace: Goah Noah!!!!! Queenslander!!!!
wadaramus: You survived the chop Ladhams, do something tonight!
navy_blues: kick butt swans plz
bushranger: Good evening all , good luck this weekend
MrWalrus: VC short, worth a punt, puts up some big numbers at times
zadolinnyj: Lads
zadolinnyj: Vc mills but don?t mind the short crack MrWalrus
Raspel31: Slight bummer no Preuss or B. Smith. But we move on. Carn Mills.
MrWalrus: Great start… I’d have gone Mills if I had him
zadolinnyj: Agree Raspel. Had to move smith to bench and Hewett to mid
BigChief: Wicks you spud.
TheLegend6: Comical umpiring all round
bhg26: Wicks you absolute fucking idiot
Grimes Jr: how lloyd not holding the ball.
pcaman2003: Eveining all. Good luck tonight. C’mon VC Mills.
navy_blues: 12 point turnaround
bhg26: Can?t wait for the Richmond complaining tonight
zadolinnyj: Kermit wicks surely
BigChief: Grimes how no free against Martin just before that?
DANGERous: lol
zadolinnyj: Mills limping off
TheLegend6: Mills sore? oh no
pcaman2003: Mills limped off already. FGS!
Hutto: RIP Mills owners
DrSeuss: Rioli had a mark and kick – how is he still on just a handball?
Yelse: what happened to mills?
Hutto: DrSeuss there are two Rioli?s maybe you are getting them mixed up
MrWalrus: Vlas is having an absolute shocker, responsible for 4 out of the 5 shots on goal
Baldfrog: Pcaman jinx us with Mills
hinsch: opponent has Mills C hopfully he is not to bad and can play next week.
Fatbar5tad: Kick it to your team mates Flosstone ffs
DrSeuss: Hutto – it was Dan – he was wearing 17 lol
BigChief: Wow Vlastuin really having a barry crocker.
Hutto: Mills back on looks fine
pcaman2003: Mills back out and looks okay. Phew!
zadolinnyj: Yep looks ok
Stu7: Off the pine Rioli
Baldfrog: Yeah Mills looks fine but C7 did bring out the big guns tonight
Yelse: mills on ya bud make us proud,
Hazza09: Well done Dusty
TheLegend6: good goal fair play
Stu7: Good boy Rioli
Yelse: rioli lift buddy
Hazza09: Need a 80 odd from Maurice Jnr
Baldfrog: Keep making the moola Paddy Mc
navy_blues: doubt it hazza
Yelse: paddy century would be really niceee
Yelse: why do the late ins always do well
MrWalrus: How many trades and non premos everyone got?
Baldfrog: 3 non premos and 18 trades left here
MrWalrus: I’ll be 13 & 2 with $200k odd banked
navy_blues: nank duck then
bhg26: That is one of the most disgraceful ducks from nank there
Fatbar5tad: You cant pay that.
DANGERous: nank lucky to get the ff
Thomas1234: 12 trades and 1 non-premo ranked 155
Yelse: 4 non premiums 20 to go plus got whitfield on bench onto
zadolinnyj: Slowest duck in history
a1trader: only got 10 trades left but side almost set
Yelse: plus 330k in bank
beerent11: Always interesting who people call premos when this comes up. Cogs? Pruess? Rowell?
Fatbar5tad: Will flosstone score tonight?
Baldfrog: High tackle not paid to swans umps cheating for Richmond again
Yelse: is 6 bulldog players too many post bye?
MrWalrus: Impressive Thomas
navy_blues: agree beer
Yelse: cogs premium not rowel or preus he don’t play weekly
MrWalrus: Cogs F6, I’d say he’s premo
mattmac24: Preuss yes, Rowell no. Cogs on the premo cusp
Baldfrog: Cogs A Brayshaw I call premos and have beer as they will stay in unless injured
BigChief: 6 from 1 club is too many Yelse.
pjw1234: premo is ave over 100 i think
TheLegend6: Mills on 200 watch
mattmac24: Can’t really blame Preuss for not playing weekly when he has been unwell rather than injured
original: Ross. Sheesh. Not good. Not in my teams but felt compelled to say that
beerent11: Before last week everyone was ditching cogs. He was a stepping stone.
MrWalrus: Preuss is certainly premo this year
teachrtony: 14 trades left, no rookies on field, ranked 201
navy_blues: great start mills
Thomas1234: cheers walrus four weeks now finished top 1% in a row. Came 12th last round too
Raspel31: Whoever gloried in Mills injury, so far, so good.
pcaman2003: Do this every qtr please VC Mills. Great start.
beerent11: Is everyone holding pruess?
Baldfrog: Beer when was the last time I crapped on a player?
teachrtony: Bailey Smith and Pruess covered by rookies this week though.
Baldfrog: Glad Thomas didn’t come on to gloat hey
mattmac24: Yeah I’m holding Preuss, playing Hayes. He was almost good to go this week, will play next week
Catatafish: I’ve got a few rookies on field currently, and I include Lloyd in that
Baldfrog: No pruess to English this week
DANGERous: 3 upgrades left from 14 trades, will be 1 from 10 tho
beerent11: My classic team is having the kind of season that makes me say I prefer draft.
zadolinnyj: Happy with edwards aas well
TheFlagger: preuss trained yesterday so odd that hes still out
Thomas1234: no probs froggy
MrWalrus: Nice Teach
mattmac24: Not including Hayes on field, I’ve got 4 rookies on field with 1.2mil in the bank. One being SDK
Raspel31: Preuss made the love to many of us this week ??
Gotigres: No he won’t Matt
beerent11: What you do in your personal life is your business baldfrog.
Baldfrog: You buy crypto Matt hoarding all the money
Social: Oh good evening doctors
mattmac24: Trained yesterday Gotigers. Surprising he isn’t playing tomorrow. Will be fine next week
zadolinnyj: I?ve got you this week Baldfrog. Ur tipped to win but I started well
Baldfrog: Only Dr here is Suess
teachrtony: Cheers Walrus.
Gotigres: Preuss won’t play next week
Baldfrog: Zad ur miles ahead on both ladders
Silz90: I wish I owned mills 🙁 on track for a big score
Hazza09: Worth bringing in English this week
TheLegend6: GWS bye next week matt
Baldfrog: Good luck zad may the best Crow supporter win
Raspel31: This is a certain truth Gotigres- Preuss will not play next week.
zadolinnyj: Top in one but if you beat me its downhill. Smith out hurts
mattmac24: Fair point Legend, forgot the byes. He’ll play in GWS’s next game
Social: Not a great start from Vowel-Stone
Hazza09: English or Bont this week, can?t decide
frenzy: English to play FWD too much with Sweet still in the team. Hazza
sMiles: lol – Vlastuin in my draft team. Just tuning in… OMG
Social: fwiw I’ve gone with English Hazza
Stu7: English Hazza
Raspel31: English for me Hazza- lap of the gods.
Baldfrog: Sweet will turn sour Frenzy
original: Picking up the ball is prior opportunity now? Wtf
J.Worrall: @frenzy. I don’t expect that to be a problem. English is one hell of a forward!
Silz90: Bont for me. Waiting on english.
navy_blues: no prior there
BigChief: Terrible from Ladhams.
bhg26: Prior umps?
wadaramus: That HTB is everything that is wrong with AFL today.
BigChief: #freekickrichmond tonight.
wadaramus: Why do we have to tolerate such crap umpiring interpretations!
DANGERous: took steps and arm went up, equals prior
navy_blues: no complaints bout umps yet?? must be going tigers way lol
BRAZZERS: fend off, great call
Gotigres: Single figures again this week MRJ?
TheLegend6: @navy you were saying?
frenzy: chocolates to boiled lollies Baldfrog
wadaramus: He had a split second and dropped it before had control of it.
MrWalrus: Which? The incorrect disposal or the straight up drop?
wadaramus: Fend off, you’re joking right?
DANGERous: thats ball wtf
navy_blues: yes legend?
bhg26: Oh fuck off umps you fuckwits!
Baldfrog: This is becoming bull$hite
pcaman2003: These dissent frees are absolute BS. Lloyd should’ve got a free then.
TheLegend6: stop complaining lads 🙂
wadaramus: Incorrect disposal, it’s just fucking play on man, AFL has clouded your judgement!
Yelse: bolton fend off was worse
MrWalrus: Maybe Sydney should stop being so dirty and giving away frees
Fatbar5tad: Nank free aside, umps going ok.
DrSeuss: Does Richmond have some sort of rule about keeping Riolis on the bench together?
Hazza09: Another 7 from Rioli coming
TheFlagger: lol
zadolinnyj: Agree pc
BRAZZERS: dissert rule is garbo, hope its gone next yr
BRAZZERS: dissent*
Yelse: paddy needs to lift and rioli jr ffs get on the ground
BigChief: Vlastuin finally into positives
navy_blues: i could say that bout richmond every week walrus esp when lynch and cotchin are playing
MrWalrus: Wrong wada, if you get it then lose it without kicking or handpassing it’s HTB
TheFlagger: sydney shitting the bed in the second quarter again
pcaman2003: You still there Millsy?
Fatbar5tad: Richmond playing solid footy.
MrWalrus: You do navy, every damn week without fail because you’re biased against the tiges
DANGERous: the campbell htb was correct. the Bolton one was missed.
wadaramus: That’s AFL BS MrWalrus, thet was totally play on, what chance did the player have?
Catatafish: I’m getting found Short so far
BigChief: Wada if you don’t kick or HB it is incorrect disposal. That’s 100% what that means.
MrWalrus: Had possession pooped himself, dropped it, only normally see that in juniors
bhg26: I hate watching us, always shitting the bed
navy_blues: its true too
wadaramus: Take your mind back to when AFL was Australian Rules proper.
Hazza09: Geez get involved MRJ
TheFlagger: dustin martin cup
Bulky: M. Rioli Jnr lighting it up.
MrWalrus: Yes wada, & dropping the ball was a free then too
wadaramus: It spilled out of his fucking hands, must be awesome to be such fucking skilled experts with the sherrin.
Gotigres: I know who’ll i’ll be trading out next week MRJ
Silz90: is heeney a top 6 fwd now?
TheLegend6: Dan Rioli is incredibly impressive off half back
DANGERous: wada, taking steps is prior, then you’re responsibility to dispose correctly. it was the right decision
MrWalrus: So you agree he dropped it? HTB for ever
Bulky: Heeney’s a downhill skier.
Gotigres: Heeney out the following week
RenoMan: eveytime I log on I see everyone being a sooky la la haha
wadaramus: As he took the ball, it slipped out as he was trying desperately to get rid of it.
Hazza09: MRJ will lose cash, unbelievable
wadaramus: Holding the ball!!! Incorrect disposal!!! Hysteria!!!
Raspel31: Not so many celebrating Mills now- negative qtr- and D Riola- oh yeah.
Fatbar5tad: Onya Reno
MrWalrus: Love him there legend
BigChief: Hahaha Wada. He took 2 steps and was tackled which is when he dropped it. 100% a free kick.
cherry9: Who is in for the Rioli jnr memorial league next year. Even worried I have the E on him
DrSeuss: When used right Legend – he gets missed so often, too many Richmond backs just bomb it long
navy_blues: rioli dropped then
Fatbar5tad: oh dear
TheLegend6: Okay that was bad umpiring…
DANGERous: thats the 2nd missed htb for sydney
yeah_nah: What are these umpires on?
bhg26: I?m about to turn this off
circle52: Free kick Richmond starting to eventuate why not incorrect disoosal against Rioli and then gets the free
wadaramus: He dropped it before being tackled BC, have another look.
pcaman2003: Umpiring is atrocious. Swans getting stiffed good and proper.
Yelse: just realised i stuffed up with Vc C loop with the E on rioli
DANGERous: bolton htb and rioli htb missed.
BRAZZERS: the ferals are restless
Yelse: mills stopped
MrWalrus: Boo hoo, Richmond getting an ok run with umpiring, wada, shh you’re wrong
BigChief: Sorry wada but you are the only 1 who thinks it wasn’t a free.
TheLegend6: haha up the tiges, finally we getting the rub of the green
Silz90: there you go mrj
MrWalrus: Haha, they should call dissent against the crowd
Hazza09: Hahaha Rioli
RenoMan: lets all have a laugh gents just a game
Gotigres: Wow, what a surprise by MRJ
Growlers: Cant believe all the sookie sookie la las on here, so its alright for every team to do this to Richmond week in week out
Gotigres: Glad I traded ot Gibcus this week to Soligo.
TheLegend6: So dumb Bolton
Hutto: Heeney limping off
Fatbar5tad: 38 minutes that took
Gotigres: You deserve a rest on the bench Heeney
wadaramus: That’s right, it’s always all about Richmond, the gifted Tigers.
cherry9: Rioli cracked double figures in the first half. Fire symbol
MrWalrus: I’d be happy with 11-17 Growlers, normally much worse
DANGERous: missed holding on Parker
pcaman2003: Mills got a touch. Can I celebrate now?
Growlers: Not gifted when it comes to free kicks for and against ,mate, all the hate coming from teams we’ve beaten the past 5 yrs
hinsch: Went Gibcus to Sinclair this week hope it pays off
MrWalrus: MRJ’s hustle in defence is insane, at the ground when he got that 7, was actually good
TheLegend6: Mills playing full back is not fun
Fatbar5tad: Nice one Shorty
Gotigres: Heeney needs a marshmallow symbol. Correct colours as well for it.
zadolinnyj: Mills playing behind the ball killing me
bhg26: We are fucking awful, almost unwatchable
Silz90: is short a chance for dpp? such a gun fantasy player
pcaman2003: Mills has fallen asleep
beerent11: It took a little longer this season but the real heeney is here. Burn king.
Torz: Short will get mid
MrWalrus: Short will remain planted in my backline dpp or not, probably though
TheLegend6: Silly Buddy
bhg26: Eh, Cotchin deserves a lot more than that
navy_blues: shoulda done it properly buddy
pcaman2003: Geez Buddy. Put your weight behind it.
BigChief: Franklin in real trouble.
TheLegend6: grow up bhg flog
beerent11: Nice short right by the big fella
MrWalrus: Shouldn’t have even been a free against Cotchin then
Raspel31: Cotchin deserved every bit of that- on ya Buddy.
wadaramus: Pays to not retaliate Buddy, especially Cotchin the protected species.
Valorlonga: commentators trying to defend buddy like he hasnt just attempted to right hook someone
a1trader: Sydney getting sucked in to giving away free kicks – not real smart
Silz90: was daisy defending buddy? seriously
Social: I’m back, ok so what’s happened this quarter then
BigChief: Ya kidding Walrus right? Clearly blocked Franklins run.
Stu7: Crap quarter Parker
MrWalrus: What is actually wrong with you idiots, about any other team this level of hate is known to be not ok?!
MrWalrus: It was nothing chief, happens constantly, buddy ran straight at him anyway
Social: diddums, you’ll find everyone cops it
blonde0na: you’ve dished out plenty worse walrus, jog on
pcaman2003: Walrus. More baiting than hating. If it’s too much for you, better log out.
MrWalrus: Mate I’ll cop it but cheering a punch in the head is plain wrong
TheFlagger: heeney so inaccurate last few weeks.
wadaramus: Punch in the head? Are you serious?!
wadaramus: Have we all lost the plot?!
Raspel31: Mraxolotl with no strands is the best of the Tiggers. But Cotchin- a nasty little man.
Pies20: Buddy gone at least one
wadaramus: He was cranky at being checked, FFS we are all so fucking precious these days.
pcaman2003: VC Mills not looking so good now. A really crap qtr,so need huge 2nd half.
sMiles: If Richond make the 8 and win – I will fucking stop watching…
wadaramus: Toughen up you princesses, this is the real world not AFL world!
sMiles: maybe…
MrWalrus: Buckley is molesting my ears, wada you’re wrong again
wadaramus: Molesting your ears, do you have protection?
sMiles: Buckley a racist bully… Get rid of him. Browny and that other tosser form Melbourne and Lynchie though… awesome!
pjw1234: Cotchin just very hard at it and causes lots of carnage but would have had him over the last 10 years no prob.
sMiles: I a tad biased. soz
pjw1234: game is catching up with him now. Nothing in the buddy slap just a free
Grimes Jr: hahaha, how are daisy and jb saying that the hit on cotchin is just a fine. laughable
MrWalrus: It’s kind of non consensual, so no but I’m working on it
MrWalrus: Agree pjw, him and Selwood the 2 biggest cases of white line fever you’ll see, both about done, love em
dabombers: Time to get the Breatho out Monty. Posting over legal limit of 1.7BAC. 6 month loss of platform.
mattmac24: Good to hear some praise for Jelwood from a tigs supporter Walrus!
J_Herer: What was the Mills injury?
pjw1234: agree re selwood if he played for your team you love him. others hate him because of the damage they cause
MrWalrus: John Ralph trying to suggest Cotchin was staging take away his credentials!
Pies20: A splinter herer
MrWalrus: Matt, one of my all time favorites, also shrugging tackles isn’t ducking
MrWalrus: Short really has a cannon doesn’t he
wadaramus: Carn Millsy, get to 140!
beerent11: Don?t want him as a fwd though walrus.
wadaramus: Heeney starting to be a liability.
MrWalrus: True beer but mid seems nice
beerent11: Burning owners yet again wada. They?ll never learn
Hutto: Mills playing fullback. Bit late to be trying for DPP mate
beerent11: Jelly is doing the same thing at the moment too. Sucking them in.
wadaramus: Well coached Horse, Mills at FB is genius.
MrWalrus: Spuds the pair of them beer, never again until next time
pcaman2003: Hutto. Mills was in the mid a few times last 5 mins.
Pies20: Gibcus 1st year player v the champ and beating him crazy
dipstick: whoah, slow down rioloi jr and matty roberts. i cant loop you this week
Hutto: pcaman he?s been sitting behind every player since about a minute into this quarter
pcaman2003: Hutto. Should of read last 5 mins of 1st half.
navy_blues: 1 sided umpiring they let it go til richmond free appears
zadolinnyj: No difference between macintosh drop and mcinerney
MrWalrus: To be fair dipstick Rioli has actually been pretty awesome
Hutto: pcaman you should read what you said.. never said anything about first half hahaha
Hazza09: What?s a safe score to take for Mccartin?
MrWalrus: Yep, McIntosh should have been a free, terrible call
TheLegend6: ffs Tarrant
wadaramus: Clear difference zado.
pcaman2003: Hutto. That’s what a godd Shiraz does to me.:)
bhg26: Becoming netball this sport, 42 frees with over one and a half quarters to go
wadaramus: Richmond.
Yelse: horse has really screwed mills
beerent11: Depends who you?re looping with hazza. I?m looping with hinge and will take 70
a1trader: Just backed Sydney at $7.80 for $10
wadaramus: The frees are all there bhg, clearly…
casey22: Mills is injured or Horse is a F%$# wit
Hutto: pcaman inthunk I need a shiraz with the role horse has given Mills this half
dipstick: @wada we’re not playing footsies and handsies or foorball here. we’re playing SC. Rioli jnr is shite
Stu7: Come on Patty
_Wang_: To much whistle
MrWalrus: bhg historically there used to be way more frees
TheFlagger: wow. gonna be a cracker next week cant wait
TheLegend6: uhhh what was that for? prohibited contact?!
zadolinnyj: Why is mills playing extra in defence
bhg26: Well they?re paying frees for that walrus
Gotigres: I feel wahab and Heeney something in common.
Yelse: does a fist get SC points?
wadaramus: Whoops, sorry you can’t elbow anyone these days!
Silz90: Worst free kick I have seen in a long time
Grimes Jr: A nice soft sydney goal
TheFlagger: love budwa
_Wang_: How bad is the umpiring both ways
SwaggyP: Heeney.
wadaramus: Prohibited contact??!!
a1trader: ridiculous free kick for prohibited contact
DrSeuss: Good to see DRioli getting ignored and not used this half – back to normal
Yelse: Does SC stuff up Mccartin brothers when giving points
navy_blues: lynch can wada lol
TheLegend6: Superb Cotch
beerent11: Tiges not a bad side this year
Silz90: Is casatgna injured? Has he touched the ball or what lol
Gotigres: You deserve another rest on the bench Heeney
MrWalrus: Prohibited… In the pants?
Social: ah excuse me sir but that contact is prohibited, I must penalise you
MrWalrus: Cotch, the haters aren’t worthy.
Hutto: Mills with a cheeky 18 points in a minute
bhg26: Quit fucking around in the backline for fucks sake
Torz: Lovely junk by Mills
Stu7: Come on Parker pull your finger out
Hazza09: Ffs Maurice
bhg26: Wow Heeneys playing!
bhg26: God Parker is so good
MrWalrus: Shocking few minutes there tiges
navy_blues: tide is turning
Gotigres: Oh no
DrSeuss: Dan Rioli – well done – scintillating 2nd possession for the quarter
colin wood: Good quarter Jakey Lloyd
TheFlagger: haha love the celebrations from papley. would’ve been in navy blue if not for dudoro
Social: last 3, hmm interesting
Gotigres: MRJ might finish in single figures yet
DANGERous: rioli lost 6? lol
TheLegend6: free kick sydney
TheFlagger: classic nank aka mumford 2.0
MrWalrus: Soft
navy_blues: getting tissues ready lol
SALAH: Hate how it takes us 2 quarters to get going
zadolinnyj: That?s a free and silly by nank
pcaman2003: TheFlagger. Lol! Pretty accurate.
colin wood: Free kick Sydney? Lol? tigers had the rub of the green all night
Social: hopefully the frees end up about even
wadaramus: The AFL umpiring is so painfully pathetic.
MrWalrus: Ump have turned but our poor disposal is what’s killing us
a1trader: $7.80 looking good now
wadaramus: They introduce rules and then players play/beg for them.
Pies20: That was soft soccer style ladhams dives
DANGERous: always a downfield free
TheLegend6: Bit weird navy
wadaramus: Don’t blame Ladhams, blame the AFL.
Gotigres: I feel relieved when Sydney kick the ball to Heeney cause I know he won’t do much with it.
Pies20: Not that quarter colin
Amare: #freekickrichmond
pcaman2003: 60+ last qtr please Millsy. Tell horse to go get ……and move to the mid again.
MrWalrus: He’s loving this Legend, perhaps a little too much
Social: ya might wanna take another step back TheLeg
Grimes Jr: god tarrant was a horrible acquisition.
TheFlagger: big last quarter heeney lets go
TheLegend6: Ralphsmith been class tonight
Social: He’s only 33 Grimes, still time for a career at the Cats
Raspel31: Well. Mr Twheeney and Rioli jnr aint lighting up my sparks.
casey22: Mills on a wing now!
Yelse: mills still fullback drops after centre bounce
Pies20: Umpires are cooked
BigChief: Mills starts on wing and drops to loose man after bounce
circle52: Will wd get to the 63 frees currently 51
hinsch: MR jnr BE 37 can he get there
Stu7: Rioli stopped
TheFlagger: yeah the bud
Yelse: mills literally does not even want to move from full back he didn’t make a run just then
Social: a real ding dong battle
DrSeuss: Richmond stopped using Rioli off HB in the 2nd half. 2 touches, zero involvement
Valorlonga: “I trust Tom Browne” – worst thing someone could ever say
BigChief: Warner you idiot.
bhg26: Your goal chad
wadaramus: Such coaching genius to have Mills at FB!
Gotigres: That goal was because of MRJ. Well done lad
TheLegend6: We get a goal and give away an easy one again
TheFlagger: buddy you star
Raspel31: Well, I guess cap taken off you Mills. Amd Heeney- sheesh.
pcaman2003: VC Mills will now have to be C Neale, Oliver,Touk,Macca or Kelly. Decisions,decisions!
BigChief: So many players slipping over.
Chelskiman: We do it far too often, Legend.
Crippa9: Ive vc oliver capt walsh atm
MrWalrus: This is fun!
TheFlagger: ross is the biggest hack
Social: The weather’s dreadful in that state Chief
hinsch: pcaman Neale might get tagged, Macca against WCE ? I have Oliver
MrWalrus: Not the biggest Flagger but up there
pcaman2003: hinsch. Wish I had a good answer. Will probably go Ollie.
TheFlagger: wow terrible goal to give up
Stu7: Off the pine Rioli ffs
TheLegend6: We shouldn’t have let them come close but here we are
TheFlagger: witts is the answer for captain
DrSeuss: Rioli is on the ground Stu – Parker just marked over him lol
Social: how excitement
Chelskiman: We can’t stop their momentum at the moment.
MrWalrus: I’m thinking Brayshaw v the dees
Crippa9: umpiring decision to decide this one?
Grimes Jr: game over. ross, tarrant useless
DrSeuss: His teammates just playing as if he is still on the bench
Yelse: does everyone still have preuss?
Chelskiman: Franklin has aim bot on tonight.
cherry9: Lance is pure class. Seriously.
Yelse: can paddy ton up?
gazza39: Buddy to decide this one
Gotigres: Hang your head in shame Heeney. Your teasm is winning and you have done nothing.
Stu7: He has the bench symbol on him DrSeuss – thanks for the heads up mate
dipstick: how can dusty go to sydney next year if buddy stays?
Wahab_18: Anyone spotted Short this quarter?
Pokerface: is it true richmond didnt draft buddy because they took richard tambling?
Yelse: mills could have had 5 kick ins ffs
TheFlagger: grimes shooting stars
pcaman2003: poker. Lol! Thaty’s true! The worst draft pick ever.
gazza39: This game has officially become pathetic
Stu7: Hey Rioli the football is the leather thing
Gotigres: Haha Poker. Thanks for reminding me.
Crippa9: anyone for a draw?
TheFlagger: rioli lol
TheLegend6: Game over – that’s AFL footy Gibcus, punished for it.
Stu7: Cripps9:deal me in for a draw
Social: bit of a flub there from the tigers
Pokerface: yeah, this bag against richmond just reminded me of the fun fact 🙂
MrWalrus: How is Cotch still alive
DrSeuss: Yeah I noticed the same Stu – he had 55 DT at half time. 2 touches since. Tigers just ignoring him off Halfback
wadaramus: For fuck sake Horse, get Mills involved?
Gotigres: That was like the 3 stooges by Richmond defence
BigChief: Great stuff Dan Rioli. That goal is on you.
navy_blues: your $10 bet looking better and better aj
mattmac24: I considered Heeney this week.. he remains on my never again list
Chelskiman: It’s like we think it’s over when we get to 5 goals up.
Pokerface: yeah top work aj, great get
Stu7: Cheers Dr
TheFlagger: dusty already playing for sydney
Hazza09: Ffs Dusty ffs
Gotigres: Meanwhile, Heeney continues to do nothing.
MrWalrus: Mills probably been the difference wada so I agree horse should throw the game
LuvIt74: Dusty doesn’t play half as good as he used to
Rilian: Yin-Yang needed for D Rioli. 56 DT at half time assume similar SC.
Social: that’s AFL footy dust
pcaman2003: Just another easy 30 Mills and I’ll be happy.
TheLegend6: We are imploding
TheFlagger: another 4th quarter shit show against a top 8 team
Valorlonga: I’m drunk because i take a drink everytime BT gets a player’s name wrong
Wahab_18: flower u grimes ruined my matchup heeney was helping me so much
Yelse: he looks like he just rocked up, nice and clean
dipstick: do something ladhams paleeaaasssseee
Chelskiman: Umpiring decision did effect the match in the end.
SwaggyP: Hey heeney
BigChief: Valor you would be smashed by 1/4 time.
gazza39: Put Short in the back line FFS
TheLegend6: @flagger your clubs been a shit show since the 90’s
pcaman2003: Doing to the Tigers what they did to us in Tassie. Great comeback!
Social: Heenslice, some points at last!
LuvIt74: Heeny to kick the next 2 lol
Stu7: Rioli touched the ball 🏈
Raspel31: And so a man’s life is defined. No tears for Tiggers.
MrWalrus: 2 borderline flops but geez we look rubbish
Napper: Heeney 24 points for goal. CD fix yourself
TheLegend6: Heeney got 24 points for that goal, what a joke
sfenda1: 30sc from heeney goal?
Pokerface: oooh millsy is almost in keep-vc territory now
SwaggyP: Baker is a stud
Yelse: how did heeney get 24 points for that
Wahab_18: 28 to 52? absolute flower better get scaled down after the game
TheFlagger: o’riordan has been solid
DrSeuss: Yep Rioli gets a touch – handballs, runs to space, Baker ignores him, kicks to space, turnover. Stop ignoring Rioli FFS
beerent11: Paddy mac can stay a few more weeks. Nice score.
Stu7: Pokerface you couldn?t knock back 122 surely
Social: should you just run past him?
Pokerface: guys are gonna go backwards who arent near it. we are at 3300 already
Hazza09: What a joke 24 points for a goal
Stu7: Well said Dr
sMiles: wtf? That was holding the ball
MrWalrus: I’d have called ball on Vlas, took on the tackle
Fatbar5tad: Flosstone ffs
Pokerface: @stu those bulldogs prems v west coast are hard to pass up
mattmac24: Agree Beer, very happy to have held him
Napper: Mccartin lost points for intercept mark while all the points go to a heeney for a gifted goal
Stu7: True Poker
dipstick: 121sc is a keeper VC score
Yelse: Gibcus mark and goal 8 points heeney free kick and goal 24 points lol
Pav300: toot toot nank the tank
BigChief: Should have been htb on Vlastuin. Same as 1st qtr.
Stu7: Nice score Parker
Pokerface: if mills doesnt hit the mark, im almost tempted to go English uncontested to an uncontested midfield
TheLegend6: 10 more Mills
wadaramus: Excellent game of footy.
Grimes Jr: joke decision. mccartin dragged it in
Pokerface: all depends on your matchup dipstick. if you are behind and need more points you roll the dice
sMiles: ha ha – suck it Cotchin… Sorry mr Grimes Jr – your tema is so easy to hate
Fatbar5tad: 60 frees lol
LuvIt74: Id take 122 as VC this year as there is no consistant huge scring ruck or midfielder this year, its been sparadic.
bhg26: Wow BT is so biased to Richmond
navy_blues: wd swans great effort
Yelse: everyone losing points except heeney
MrWalrus: Rowbottom dive killed it
TheLegend6: Good game well played sydney
sMiles: richomind SUCK – Well done Sydney! Deserved win
TheFlagger: great game
Grimes Jr: Disgrace. mccartin drag in no htb
yeah_nah: Fuck off BT
navy_blues: yes bt crying for richmond
DrSeuss: Oh no – please dont do it umps
Social: BT wants tig win so bad
TheFlagger: umps had a mare lol.
BigChief: Isn’t that a 50 for kicking it into crowd?
pcaman2003: It’s after the siren,so why a free kick? Unbelievable!
dipstick: rge radio was saying thats supposed to be a 50M
Crave: stfu BT
Chelskiman: That should have been 50. Doesn’t matter if he didn’t hear it.
zadolinnyj: Bt a flog. He did not know the whistle had gone as the siren blew
Oddsy5: jesus is that a 50? i think probably in my eyes but what do i know
LuvIt74: Richmond need new blood
Yelse: he did kick the ball into the crowd after the siren though decisions can’t be made after siren
beerent11: And go at it guys
Social: Little bit of dissent there
BigChief: pcaman free was b4 siren.
Napper: Heeney mega scaling down
TheFlagger: should’ve been 50
sMiles: buddy – champion
zadolinnyj: Does matter chelsk as the siren went
amigaman: Sydney umpires at it yet again
Raspel31: Signing off butCotchin deserved that Whack Buddy- good work.
Gelly: garbage
Chelskiman: Zado, you’re the flog. It was a free kick to Prestia regardless, so him kicking it away is a 50.
Fatbar5tad: Can you have time wasting after the siren has gone? Isnt that what those 50s are for?
Rilian: Wasn’t a 50. Kicked it hearing siren and whistle basically same time. Will still get overdone by media..
navy_blues: thats why commentators shouldnt commentate on their former teams too biased
mattmac24: Not a 50m. Kicked into the crowd because they essentially won. Siren had gone before he kicked it
dipstick: @pca ump blew whistle before siren for free and then end game siren after kick so should really be a 50m. im not whnging
Social: if decisions can be made after the siren then Riewoldt’s dissent sealed it
Gotigres: Whistle for free kick was before the siren
Raspel31: Well, all just happy to see Tiggers lose x
beerent11: Grey
wadaramus: Killin’ me Heeney.
Social: Apparently he still misses even with the 50
MrWalrus: 50 for mine but we didn’t deserve it, Rampe 2.0
Gotigres: Prestia would have missed it anyway.
mattmac24: Agree Dipstick, plenty of arguing with the umps afterwards, lucky to have even kept the free kick
Gelly: some need to wack you raspel you pompus flog
Rilian: Still need a Yin Yang for Rioli..
Pokerface: he could have been a tiger
wadaramus: 50 metres for what? Kicking it after the siren?
Pies20: If it was a free it’s 50m he kicked it out before the siren umpires massive muppets tonight for both teams
bhg26: I just want more relaxing games, I can?t take these close games for much longer, especially that after the siren fiasco
Pokerface: not giving the ball when a free kick had been awarded wada. but the siren went when the whistle did
MrWalrus: The ump calls the game, not the siren
Jukesy: Somebody bring out the tissues we need a lot in this chat!
wadaramus: Y’all have lost the plot, begging for free kicks that ain’t there.
dipstick: Geesm 50;s are givin for descent even if your scratchin the aggits with an arm out
Pies20: No because it was a free to tiges wada
Pokerface: thats 50 against dusty. arms up. jack too. thats 100
MrWalrus: Ump will say he’d heard the siren, happened a few years back
Social: warner copped a whack to the face from Prestia just before
xjumpman23: have some common sense, no 50
wadaramus: The umps had to wait for ear confirmation to tell them, they had no fucking idea?
dipstick: @poker the whistle was for a free. not for arms raised end of game. big diff. i couldnt give a fat rats sack but
Social: are the players going to clean that up?
MrWalrus: Umps were awful, game of 2 halves by them, Sydney deserved it though
Pokerface: dipstick i know what it was for. im saying the richmond players appealing for 50 was arms up.
Social: flowering gatorade all over the floor, good one
Pokerface: lol social
Yelse: still can’t believe heeney on 52 while gibcus 40

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