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Chat log from R10 of 2022: Fremantle vs Collingwood

Chat log for Fremantle vs Collingwood, R10 of 2022

frenzy: howdy
Torz: Cox started in the ruck
Baldfrog: Puddles
rupertmarn: Looking for 180 from Darcy as captain
Baldfrog: Have you seen the conditions rupert
a1trader: have Crisp + 14 points vs Brayshaw
RuffLeader: rupert, Darcy Cameron or Sean Darcy?
pcaman2003: How wet is it? Raining now?
navy_blues: cox will need wipers on his goggles today lol
Baldfrog: Swimming pool level pca
Baldfrog: Haha Navy
pcaman2003: Oh dear! Have Crisp and Brodie,but won’t matter much as I’ve won my league already
ajconodie: Will Brodie – 3 kicks, 2 clearances, 2 SC. How?
beerent11: Pcaman the game is only 10 minutes old mate.
Baldfrog: These deliberate calls are shocking
ajconodie: Cox has taken off the specs.
Baldfrog: Not surprised AJ
thesilentl: Free kick Fremantle
beerent11: Players get stuck on the bench for long stints in wet weather
rupertmarn: Pcman Sean Darcy of course
pharace: Hasn’t Brodiw kicked on the last few weeks after a dip?
MrWalrus: Darcy will have 50+ hit outs today, could go huge just off that, welcome to my team
beerent11: Gotta say, I wasn?t expecting this from my first quarter owning Brayshaw. Will come good
Hazza09: Get involved Brayshaw ffs
ajconodie: Brodie’s stats don’t reflect his score at all. SHould be 30+
m0nty: rough SC score for Brodie with six clearances
Tangent: Wtf Brayshaw
ajconodie: @monty – Not to mention the 5 contested!!
MrWalrus: As an all season owner beer I’d say he probably will but can have off games
oc16: not when he’s my captain
Wahab_18: Brayshaw Pendles pleaseee
Napper: Why does Darcy lose points for taps? I know they are not to advantage but you shouldn?t be losing points for it
Dogs5416: Why does Brodie spend so much flowering time on the pine
a1trader: Pretty happy with Crisp vs brayshaw at this stage
MrWalrus: You lose points if CD decides it got sharked by the opposition
ajconodie: @Napper – I think it is -1 for a shark.
beerent11: Getting involved now oc16 and walrus
MrWalrus: Yep, scores quick when he gets a run on too beer
beerent11: Does he dogs5416? No one has bought that up before.
Wahab_18: Brayshaw Brodie Pendles let’s go boys!!
beerent11: Got a couple of bargains this week. Macrae for 620kand Brayshaw for 557k. Got em at the op shop.
Baldfrog: We paid less over East Beer
ajconodie: Cox subbed – I wonder if it’s a “managed” injury due to the conditions?
Baldfrog: His googles were fogging up AJ?
ajconodie: Hahaha fair chance @NudeAmphibian
Raspel31: Evening all- a mere drop in. Good lad Will Brodie.
Napper: Get on the fucking field daicos
beerent11: Brayshaw been on the pine for 10 minutes
oc16: Brayshaw has been on the bench for 10 minutes!!! 🙁
navy_blues: thats good beer lol
beerent11: Can happen in wet games. Less goals
Dredd: So Cameron and Daicos need to outscore Crisp by 43.. of course crisp is killing it fml
mattmac24: Why do Freo bench their midfield so much? Brayshaw, Brodie and Mundy all under 70%
Raspel31: Surely it is time to embrace our inner selves and say- carn Freeo
mattmac24: I for one, Rasp, actually want Collingwood to win, it hurts to say so
navy_blues: keep going brodie
BigChief: Was Brayshaw on the bench for 10 minutes? I didn’t notice since he is my C.
beerent11: Brodie is so good. And go freo!
NewFreoFan: It’s ok, we have no wet weather game plan, Pies will win easy
Manowar: don’t let Carlton down now Collingwood!
navy_blues: id like to see medical proof with cox being subbed out lol what a joke
beerent11: Every club does it navy.
navy_blues: why play him?
Manowar: just hope Cox is right for next week!
navy_blues: its called medical sub not goggle sub
navy_blues: going to carl v coll next week and prob gee v adel game
Baldfrog: Lol Navy why we will get thrashed
Napper: Why?s N daicos DT higher then SC is his disposal bad?
navy_blues: my boys in uni down there live in geelong so never been to that ground so go for a look baldy
Wahab_18: Need 144 more combined from Brayshaw Brodie and Pendles to win..
Baldfrog: Fair enough Navy enjoy it m8
navy_blues: ill even barrack for the crows lol
Hazza09: Nobody cares Wahab
BigChief: Really Napper? You don’t know DE means nothing in DT.
pcaman2003: Think it’s time to look at moving Daicos out. Starting to bleed money
pcaman2003: Think I’ll keep Brodie though:)
Raspel31: M0nty laid strict rules about sane people not interacting with Collingwood supporters. Respect the rules please.
Baldfrog: Back on the game plz
pcaman2003: Raspel. Hve you kicked Boak out yet,or still owning?
DEESareSAD: 360 from Brodie Darcy and crisp to get 2500. I just wish cogs was in my team rather than Martin ffs
Torz: Brodie going to end up at F2 at this rate
Wahab_18: Brodie you beautiful human <3
pcaman2003: Brodie and Crisp purring along beautifully.
Hazza09: Traded Brayshaw this week, great
BigChief: Fair grab in the wet Howe.
hinsch: I have Crisp, Chapman and Daicos vs Brayshaw. Struggling to get in front at the moment.
beerent11: Should we really be calling it the fat side in this day and age?
pcaman2003: hinsch. How far behind are you?
Stu7: Pca – I?ve got Brodie & Crisp too – Crisp great players
beerent11: Brayshaw just been unlucky getting stuck on the pine all game
BigChief: Non skinny side beer?
pcaman2003: Stu7. Paying off in spades mate.
beerent11: Side weight shaming is not cool maaan
hinsch: pcman 25 at the moment should be OK you would hope.
Rebuild: Brodie trying to carry this team on his back. What a gun
pharace: Crispy lives!
pcaman2003: hinsch. Should win especially if Daicos pulls his finger out.
BigChief: beer fat side represents me and I like being involved on footy 🙂
BigChief: in footy I meant 🙂
pharace: Is that it Crispy? is that your Qtr’s work?
beerent11: What 94 at 3qtr time not enough?
pcaman2003: pharace. With a few less clangers,his score would be past the ton.
Raspel31: Very happy I didn’t spend too much time on this today- the loop de loops are blooming.
TheLegend6: Get to 70 Daics!
Hazza09: Really regret trading in Brayshaw this week
Raspel31: Being new to this, how could Touk score 130 and then 59? Can i sue for breach of contract.
DANGERous: come on crispy
pcaman2003: Hinsch. Your 3 boys better fire up quickly
pcaman2003: Raspel. Sue Boak while you’re at it:)
piro: brodie you magnificent man
BigChief: Raspel add the AFL to that lawsuit please.
Raspel31: Changed Boak to Touk- what delightful irony pcaman.
ajconodie: If only Henry kicked like this last week.
pcaman2003: Raspel. Oh deary me! Boak goes to Clarry for me this week. Had enough!
pharace: Yep pcaman, it’s what you risk with the Crisp!
pcaman2003: Brodie only 66%TOG and killing it. Give him more playing time please.
BigChief: Sets us up hey Bucks?
Olli32019: Raspel i got burnt bringing in boak lastweek for 3o something and miller this week for 50 odd.. I think I cursed them
mattmac24: Probably wouldn’t do as well being on field more Pca. Thrives of having bursts of tog
Raspel31: And Will Brodie only 66% tog- my contract offered better.
Wahab_18: I understand Brodies TOG now, He plays less time but he’s in every single contest when he’s on the ground
Wahab_18: he doesn’t play off the ball he gives it his all for 7-8 mins and gets a rest and does it again
pcaman2003: mattmac. Would like to see it happen just to know for sure.
Raspel31: Thank you Olli- always better to know that there are people suffering more than you.
Social: Crikey, just tuned in, and here I was I thinking the 3pt docker win at KP was an upset!
piro: brodie to get 150 after scaling?
MrWalrus: Got there in the end Wahab, way quicker than many it seems
frenzy: best second round draft pick ever invested= will brodie
pcaman2003: You’ve rested enough Crispy. Get in there.
ajconodie: Tar Jay for Henry.
MrWalrus: Brayshaw has been solid since his poor start
J.Worrall: Funny how Cox got injured. Henry looks like a wet ground player. Certainly not as tall as Mason Cox!
MrWalrus: That crisp v brayshaw battle someone was having is getting interesting
Wahab_18: nvm crisp goals and brayshaw is sadly due a rest soon
ajconodie: I like my SC icing Crispy!!!
a1trader: That helped me Walrus! 🙂
Hazza09: Bin for Daicos
a1trader: Crisp + 4 vs Brayshaw
Raspel31: Well beaten- my bad. Clocking off to train for final EPL round at 1am. Good luck all x
MrWalrus: 🙂 me too
pcaman2003: Walrus. I think it was Hinsch.WAS -25 with Crisp,Chapman and Daics aginst Brayshaw.
MrWalrus: My Brodie to Parker trade 4-5 weeks ago is barely Breakeven, should have dumped butters
LuvIt74: hi guys, could someone please tell me how long to go?
pcaman2003: 4 minutes
fruity: come on Brayshaw …ton up
Social: glad I didn’t trade in danglebury this week
LuvIt74: @pcaman cheers mate
navy_blues: charity goal to brayshaw
Wahab_18: thanks for the 50 whoever that was
a1trader: NOOOO! 50m penalty to Brayshaw on the siren
MrWalrus: Scores to drop, game over scaled
Gelly: no points left to give out
ajconodie: Still 40 odd to give.
Hazza09: Brayshaw gets nothing for a goal, unbelievable
Napper: Wait for scaling hazza literally scored 5 seconds till the siren
pcaman2003: Back again next week. Until then,cheers!
original: That 50 cost me a win. Ffs

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