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Chat log from R10 of 2022: Hawthorn vs Brisbane

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Brisbane, R10 of 2022

ajconodie: Robbo sub. Interesting.
cmperrfect: Kenny Callander calling the footy again this week. Doomben must have been washed out. Haha.
Baldfrog: So refreshing hearing a commentator that just calls the footy without barracking
Social: Go big Lachie
BigChief: Agreed Baldy, and them BT opens his mouth 🙁
Baldfrog: Haha chief thought the same thing
pcaman2003: Give me a good game Captian Neale. C’mon Hawks. Try not to lose by over 100.:)
Social: BT’s ‘colour’ commentary is brown
snake_p: hes a ripper CM unfortunatley Hawks should have been a late scratching
monkebuket: what happened to that guy who sounded like he was calling a horse race?
BigChief: He is calling this game monkey
robbieg: Matt hill commentating this game is so good
Social: Is Sicily still tying up his boots?
Dredd: Another C call to cost me a game.. had to go Sicily over Neale to be different to win.. gg
pcaman2003: Social. Don’t know,but he better get cracking.
monkebuket: actually yes just as i typed it…he’s good
hinsch: half way through the first quarter and 50% of hawks have not touched the ball
dipstick: @pca welcome to the hawks blood bath
pcaman2003: hinsch. Par for the course. Slow starters and slow finishers.
BigChief: Wish Matt Hill would call every week. Send BT to call races.
Baldfrog: NO chief I love the races to
navy_blues: lol yeah be funny chief bt wouldnt call right horse tho
pcaman2003: BT should just disappear……PERIOD!
BigChief: Let BT call country footy then. Even thats too good for him 🙂
Baldfrog: “Dropped his lollies ” and he speaks ozzie to make him the next Denis or Bruce
navy_blues: lol
navy_blues: yes rest up lachie take your time on bench
BigChief: I think I found his lollies. Allens Party Faves 🙂
ajconodie: Aaaand Tom Mitchell takes the mark on the rail about 4 lengths out…….
navy_blues: im a newcombe fan love how he attacks the game
pcaman2003: Hey Lachie! A kick sometime won’t hurt your foot. Give it a go.
Dredd: Classic Brisbane to take the foot off the throat when 20 points up
TheFlagger: titch very tempting given he has the last bye
pcaman2003: navy. I can see in fututre seasions he’ll be a star.
cmperrfect: Lachie in cruise control today.
TheFlagger: sam mitchell said titch will play a lot more inside midfield. will be 500k after this round
BigChief: Yay Neale kicked it.
ajconodie: I’ll take Neale to Zorko to Sicily all day.
Baldfrog: Doesn’t everyone have Neale by now?
BigChief: 69% owned Baldy
cmperrfect: Anytime the Sicilian would like to get involved would be nice.
hinsch: I got D Moore in as a POD three weeks ago had an average of 100+ then has not scored 100 total since
Dredd: Same ajconodie. Intercepts for Sicily please and thanks
Baldfrog: Some dumb people play SC then chief no to have him
BigChief: probably people who have quit playing.
Dredd: Just need Sicily to outscore Neale by 20. 140 v 110 like last week would be nice
BigChief: OMG umpire. That’s not a free kick.
pcaman2003: Newcombe got a lovely soft free then Cost Brissie a goal.
sMiles: Interesting umpire call
TheFlagger: oh shit forgot i left the c on sean darcy haha. well my score could be anything this week
banta: wtf zac bailey you spaz
ajconodie: Free should have been cancelled out by virtue of Newcobe doing the exact same thing back.
Baldfrog: Shocking decision this is why we need full time professional umps
BigChief: Newcombe pushed 3 times before Neale pushed back. Fucking pathetic decision.
sMiles: honestly… I was impressed the Lions didnt’ give q fifty… but yeah. awful umpiring
sMiles: I get australia zoo/uber ads on my vision… crikey. That’s a shit ad
pcaman2003: Some more kicks and a few tackles thrown in would be nice Mr Neale.
Dogs5416: Is this game 700pt under currently?
pcaman2003: Good comeback after slow start Sicily.
Dogs5416: Or is it loading weird? Says half time :/
Dredd: Sicily has gotten 8 sc for a few kicks, intercept and free kick.. hello?
BigChief: No one cares about the fucking socks BT
original: Keep going Titch Sicily and cluggage
pcaman2003: Is Neale okay from the earlier knock? Hasn’t scored this qtr yet.
BigChief: Just come back on pcaman.
navy_blues: newcombe shutting neale down
pcaman2003: Thanks Chief. Can’t see it at the moment. Thought maybe he was off. Cheers!
Baldfrog: Has BT been told to calm down seems a bit sedate today
original: Literally doing the opposite of what I asked for
navy_blues: sicily gets intercept mark then a kick and goes backwards in score
Dredd: Yeah its bs navy_blues
BRAZZERS: Sicily keep those clangers down
bhg26: Cmon Zorko do something
BigChief: Great goal Mr Neale.
pcaman2003: Am I watching the right game? Hawks in front. Can’t be right,surely.
pcaman2003: Go captain Neale. Good stuff!
Dredd: Relax pcaman.. its in tassie. AFL stitches us up. First dogs in Ballarat and now this 3 times in 4 years
yeah_nah: really good signs for the hawks pca. Just gotta get the experience and fitness to last a whole game!
pcaman2003: Dread. But good teams should be able to play all grounds. That was what I was taught as a player.
Stu7: Bushy – Neale is tracking along nicely!!!
pcaman2003: yeh-nah. Exciting time ahead I believe. Long way to go yet.
navy_blues: whats wrong with tassie Dredd? 1 of best grounds in aust players love it
Baldfrog: How come Carlton rarely visit then Navy?
TheFlagger: has darcy fort kicked a point in his career yet?
Dredd: whats wrong is that it would be nice to play melbourne teams away from home in melbourne and at the G..
navy_blues: no idea baldy just saying its top surface to play footy on
Baldfrog: Ess collywobbles,Geelong as well navy
mattmac24: Yeah he has Flagger, couple of weeks ago I believe
sMiles: I’ll bet that in 5 years or less, we will find out some of these umpires are colluding to fix results. irony of a bet..
pcaman2003: Proud of the Hawks effort so far. Just hope they don’t capitulate in the 2nd half.
sMiles: son for hattrick tonight?
sMiles: @dred – agree – disgrace that Tassie don’t have a team
DrSeuss: At the game – umpiring has been horrendous. I am biased – but some obvious rubbish going on
sMiles: Brisbane should amalgamate Suns. Giants move to Tassie. And another SA/WA or maybe an NT team.
Baldfrog: It’s not the umps it comes from high up to maximise the Az
sMiles: All the Giants and Suns fans probably disagree – (3 of them?)
Baldfrog: Afl return *
sMiles: @DrSeuss – I think the Hawkes have made use of some odd umpiring. Have handled it better… weird for sure
DrSeuss: Hawks just kicking straighter – seem to score every time they go inside 50
mattmac24: Tas won’t accept a team other than their own.
rupertmarn: Zac Bailey is shit
MrWalrus: If it were Tigers everyone would be, it’s not the umps, you’re dirty etc, of course it’s the umps/afl
Baldfrog: Matt did tassie extend hawks norf contract haven’t heard
Baldfrog: Pi$$ of Walrus
rupertmarn: Zac Bailey is really really shithouse
Urbs: Hey now, settle down everyone
bhg26: Kumbaya my lord, kumbaya
Baldfrog: Sorry Urbs
rupertmarn: Congratulations to the Greens , Tom and Toby.
Wahab_18: Neale knows who I am confirmed
original: Traded titch last week ffs
pcaman2003: Did Jiath blink and give away a 50?
hinsch: OK Lions you can move it along now.
Baldfrog: Selfish bruest
BRAZZERS: everyone know who you are mate, you’re a spud
pcaman2003: Baldy. Think he lost where he was.
pcaman2003: Looks like the umps are crap for bothj teams and not just one.
BigChief: Stop picking splinters Neale.
pcaman2003: Where have you gone Sicily?
Baldfrog: Why a review goal ump was dead in front of it
Hazza09: Don?t stop now Neale
sMiles: umpires kare crap – but hawkes benefiting more… but oh dear – they are crap.
pcaman2003: So if the Hawks miraculously win this, it will be the umps fault?
sMiles: Worst umpiring I have seen
pcaman2003: Keep going Hawks,playing well.
DrSeuss: Not the umps fault pca – but they are certainly helping. They are making more of the opportunities though
Stikman35: Neals the new leader for the bass electorate the way he?s going. Sitting tight.
Wahab_18: Good boy Neale under 120 please
BRAZZERS: get stuffed
DANGERous: wahab go to bed
sMiles: I’m ok with a 105 ish score form Neale – C on new recruit Clarry this week
DrSeuss: Need to stop rewarding players for ducking into tackles
Dredd: Damn we love to sit in second gear in games a lot
sMiles: @Dr Seuss… correct (unless it is a Lion doing the ducking maybe)
fruity: sMiles:Clearly you never saw the North vs Melbourne game yesterday..
navy_blues: bris got lucky there
navy_blues: bris player not even looking at ball against sicily
sMiles: er – yeah – goal umpire on our side maybe? Also thought it looked like a deviation off the Hawk
sMiles: @fruity – I have a soft spot for North – I wish you well on such a painful journey
fruity: sMiles Thanks …the umpires crucified us especially Eleni…
bhg26: Lachie please get another 90 points this quarter to match clarry
Dredd: that free makes up for the trash free against Neale earlier
navy_blues: good goal ump
sMiles: great goal … but this umpiring is disgraceful – they have lost control and respect in my opinion
Olli32019: Fucken hell umpires this is getting stupid
Tangent: This is the worst umpiring i’ve ever seen in my lifetime
sMiles: this is so awful – I cannot almost not watch
DrSeuss: What the actual – this is a joke
BigChief: Last 3 frees have been softer than butter.
BRAZZERS: great decision
Brian: Oh boy wowee it’s a whistle frenzy
DrSeuss: And another free leads to a hawks goal
DrSeuss: Shot at goal
BigChief: The free to Koschitzke was there Suess.
sMiles: Just bad umpiring to get us to this position… just bad….
Tangent: Who was the one that went Sicily C over Neale?
Torz: Stupid By Zork
pharace: Sure hope Lions get up by 1pt – would be sweet
bhg26: Zorko you muppet
Wahab_18: Come on CD -30 for zorko pleaseee
BigChief: That really deserves the kermit icon.
DrSeuss: Umpires – it?s all about you guys. Keep it up
BigChief: Yeah Suess it was the umpires who made Dorko run too far.
MrWalrus: I wish we got umpiring like this, don’t be soft lions supporters, this is nothing
sMiles: umpires made this anyone’s game… well done Hawks
bhg26: Zorko you suck and Neale you suck
Hazza09: Shit house second half Neale
pharace: Lions look a bit stagnant as you might expect this time of game
Olli32019: Thats 2wice lynch has copped a headbud by that dipshi t
BigChief: Hawks better team in 2nd half. Deserved this win.
ajconodie: Why is SC saying the game is over?
BigChief: Charlie you hungry shit.
bhg26: Cameron you idiot
Wahab_18: Hawks kick to kick please no more points for Neale and zorko
LuvIt74: Great win by the Hawks, well deserved.
BRAZZERS: rubbish free kick
pcaman2003: Neale you spud Captain. Well played Hawks. A deserved win
Wahab_18: Flower sake zorko you phat oaf
bhg26: No one cares what you think wahab finally zorko did something
sMiles: Terrible decsions thorughout.. I guess Hawks played better. Hard to say. Umpires, you know?
BRAZZERS: great umpiring i thought, great win for the poos and wees
Olli32019: Yer the boys, umpires absolutely terrible today
pcaman2003: sMiles. I know. Ive seen umpiring like this for over 60 years. Things don’t change any differently for anyone.
Dredd: How Newcombe doesn?t get pinned holding the ball 15m out after going the fend is crazy.. another robbery on us
BigChief: pcaman wasnt quite a Hawks blood bath mate.
pcaman2003: No it wasn’t,thank goodness.

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