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Chat log from R10 of 2022: Western Sydney vs West Coast

Chat log for Western Sydney vs West Coast, R10 of 2022

J.Worrall: Yup
Stu7: Afternoon ladies and gentlemen!
frenzy: howdy
Stu7: Go greeny
bushranger: Hello everyone. Neale or Brayshaw for Capt?
Stu7: Neale bushy
MrWalrus: Oliver thankfully here as VC, I was going to go Brayshaw otherwise though.
navy_blues: hope green goes big today
Silz90: anyone keeping cogs? traded him this week
hinsch: Rain may save the WCE from a 50-60 point lose
circle52: Neale for me.
MrWalrus: Did anyone else trade Preuss?
Stu7: Yep I traded Preuss for Marhsal
circle52: I had to keep Cogs due to other issues and kept Preuss as I had Hayes for cover
Stu7: I kept Cogs
Stu7: Same here navy
pcaman2003: Howdy all. Still have Cogs. Hope he goes better today. Have Kelly too.
casey22: whats the kiss, kiss celebration
MrWalrus: Preuss became Darcy for me, dodged a doughnut & helps bye balance
bushranger: Thanks Stu and Circle. Yep I tend to agree
Stu7: Howdy pca
bushranger: I kept Cogs but his mate Whitfield had to go
arbel: Non mark to barrass then dumping tackle not paid. But give them the high… yep afl protecting their experiment
bushranger: Great VC Walrus. wish I did that
Yelse: are the eagles gonna touch the ball
BRAZZERS: some teams are lucky they play wce twice
Stu7: Bushy – Neale averaging 141 for his last 3 games
MrWalrus: He’s my go to bushranger, love that ceiling
duckky: I have Tom Green on the ground. This is balanced byu having Clark on the ground. What a year!
MrWalrus: Not often id suggest Yelse
Stu7: Yeah Oliver VC 302 loving that
Catatafish: Solid start there Cogs
Migz: what a wierd game
Stu7: Off the pine Green
MrWalrus: Let him rest Stu, going ok for half way through the first
Stu7: True that Walrus for 69%
pcaman2003: Stu7. Hoping Neale will produce the same today. I need Cogs to lift. He looks a bit disinterested
duckky: That’s better Clark
circle52: No do the same Cogs – I have both Clark and Cogs on field.
Yelse: clark has a few tackles did they count
sfenda1: surely cogs tons up today
Stu7: Pca – yeah Neale has been killing it – hope he can go on for ya
robbieg: carn cogs reward the believers
pcaman2003: sfenda1. Would be good if he could. May get more on ball time today with luck.
ajconodie: Brough J.Kelly in for Conigs. Hope it doesnt bite me.
Stu7: sfenda1 – don?t hold your breath. He?s only averaging 71 for last 3 games
Stu7: Good choice ajconodie
ajconodie: Cheers STu. It was a necessary move to avoid losing to a SC nuffie lol
bushranger: Conigs warming up now
pcaman2003: ajcondie. Had him a month now. So far okay. Couple of bigs scores over 150 in that time. Lowest 81 this year.
Wahab_18: Wtf wasn’t Tom Green on 53 like 4 minutes ago
Stu7: Kelly killing it
ajconodie: @pcaman – He has a massive ceiling but has burned me in the past.
Grimes Jr: if a sub doesn’t come on do i get points from bench playeR?
pcaman2003: Happy with Kelly and Cogs so far. Let’s hope they keep it up.
Yelse: would have been good for whitfield to play this game
BRAZZERS: kebabh you spud farmer he had 2 clangers seconds apart
Stu7: Yes Grimes
pcaman2003: ajcondie. Could be a good POD as only 7% ownership.
pcaman2003: Has anyone got this round in the bag yet?
MrWalrus: Should top 2400 and only 1 of 5 in the bag but looking strong for the rest
pcaman2003: Have Clark on bench. Hope he gets more TOG and make more money
pcaman2003: Nice on Walrus. Good score too.
dipstick: how is it that Shit Stein was named in the team and now he’s sub?
MrWalrus: Thanks, need a good one after last week’s gong show
Migz: Hes a thinker .. giving away a blatant free kick that wasnt called haha
pcaman2003: Okay Cogs and Kelly,the 2nd qtr has started. C’mon lads!
MrWalrus: Where are they playing Clark, can’t recall seeing him
BRAZZERS: shame preuss is out, he’d have a monster game
pcaman2003: Warus. Hard to know cos he spends so much time on the pine.
Stu7: Green off the pine!!!
Sam_R01: WHos medi sub for weagles Monty
circle52: Hough is the medi sub I believe
Yelse: cmon clark i chose u over roils 64 🙁
pcaman2003: PO Riccardi. That was Cogs goal
Ooost: People are suprised Kelly has stopped? 😀 Must be new to owning Kelly
pcaman2003: C’mon Kelly! You were 46 at qtr time. Where r u ?
pharace: Agree Ooost – the word notorious comes to mind
pcaman2003: Ooost. Had Kelly before and no probs.
Ooost: pcaman2003 perhaps you have blocked out the 40 at QT then to finish on 80 / 90
Social: Nice one Tommy
sfenda1: giants absolutely lining up atm
BRAZZERS: agreed, i’ll never get kelly again, injury prone too
Ooost: pharce yes haha, nortorious alright! I dont regret having him though.
pcaman2003: Ooost. Plenty of premos have done that. His avererages past 5 years hardly bad.
MrWalrus: On the flipside Kelly can drop 50 points in minutes to be fair
hinsch: Brazzer I never get GWS players because of Cameron coaching might have to review now.
ajconodie: Preuss and Flynn doing their usual performance when one or the other is out.
BRAZZERS: fair call, no doubt kelly in rare form
boges11: Massive storm about to hit here in Perth. Dunno how good the game later will be.
pharace: Same mate – only 5% owned
Ooost: Kellys average is great but its 80 or 150, it’s a gamble, but I take him every year haha
pcaman2003: Gr8 to see Cogs finally getting some ball. Hope this is his turnaround.
pharace: aha, Cogs stick that tackle for the full length of the siren so to be sure it was seen!
Tangent: Cogs from nowhere!
pcaman2003: Off to the other game now to watch the Hawks blood bath.
pharace: Another half to go – but is Clark a bust now?
bc__: Clark a
bc__: Absolute mare
Social: I fielded Clark ahead of Daicos and JHF… eek
Stu7: Green gone to sleep!!
Wahab_18: Ofc you would this week cogs ya flop
TheFlagger: with bont and baz basically being guaranteed fwd status cogs has to go at some point anyway
Migz: not sure what gaff provides this team anymore. He doesnt roam the open wing…
pcaman2003: Someone must’ve given Cogs the smelling salts this week.
Dredd: People trading Cogs without seeing how he’s go with a new coach.. amateurs
BRAZZERS: of course kebab you muppet, he’s playing westcoast it was obvious
BigChief: Did Cogs bring his own footy today?
Baldfrog: Flagger Bont can be a frustrating SC pick up to
BigChief: Flagger Baz shouldn’t get fwd status.
TheFlagger: he will bigchief
bones351: This new group of cash gen rookies isn’t very inspiring. A lot of slow burners
BigChief: No he won’t as doesn’t spend enough time playing fwd
pharace: You needed that Clarky
bones351: That helps Clark
TheFlagger: 49% fwd yesterday
Migz: only has to play 33% fwd to qualify dont they?
Wahab_18: Hopefully brayshaw and Brodie go huge to make up for cogs ruining my match up
TheFlagger: only needs 4% fwd next week to gain fwd status approximately via bricemitchell on twitter
BigChief: Oh so after 1 game you think he qualifies? Next you will say Cripps will be a fwd also
RuffLeader: Baz needs 3% FWD next week to get FWD status, Bont needs 1%. Baz had 49% yesterday and Bont 53%
TheFlagger: he will get it bigchief just watch.
pharace: Cripps might get Ruck status too Chief )
pcaman2003: Cogs and Kelly lifting my SC score nicely. Keep it up boys.
Grimes Jr: for the love of god west coast, dont get an injury
BigChief: And when he doesn’t Flagger what will you say?
BigChief: Pharace that could happen according to Flaggers logic.
pharace: Can we have TPP Chief?
original: No more flynn
BRAZZERS: conigs might get his b/e lol
frenzy: a little Wehry of picking him up.
Catatafish: Cogs going to get his BE
RuffLeader: Chief, need to average 35% time in FWD to gain FWD status, Baz averaging 38.6% FWD after R10
pcaman2003: Shows the uselessness of proj scores. Cogs proj was 59. Pretty close huh?
beerent11: Just got home from the beach. Go cogs you ripper.
Stu7: Bushy – Neale is tracking along nicely!!!
DANGERous: go to bed cogs
beerent11: You?re getting mixed up again stu. Hahaha
a1trader: Cogs trying to make up for his 70 and 30 in the last 2
mattmac24: Damn Cogs.. Didn’t think you had any chance of getting your BE.. could have traded someone else!
thommoae: Where are all the Kelly haters? Oost?
beerent11: It was a good move mattmac. I would?ve done if not for other issues. As long as you improved your team.
beerent11: Kelly?s a great player thommoae. Just burnt a lot of people with injuries.
pharace: Working out how that fit him in their mids @thommo
thommoae: Tough school, this.
mattmac24: Oh I know Beer, it was him or N.Martin, thought Martin would do a bit better but left me with a mil in the bank
robbieg: cogs looks ripe
hinsch: GWS failing to put WCE away, maybe they need a new coach Hird not doing the job.
pcaman2003: Thank goodness the old Cogs is back. Won’t need to trade him yet.
zadolinnyj: glad I kept cogs
pcaman2003: 23,384 traded out Cogs this week. LOL!
Hazza09: Wow Cogs
Gelly: the tampon is out again
Grimes Jr: fuck off hough
BRAZZERS: settle down, this is wce after all plus taranto to come back
Gelly: 1 week in 3 weeks out
Baldfrog: Cogs, Butters are biting a few on the ar$e recently
pcaman2003: Cogs doing a better job than Taranto.
mattmac24: I can see Cogs pulling out a 30 next week. Given his BE Vs Average, was logical to get rid of him
beerent11: 13 more points and cogs makes money!
Baldfrog: Put it back in Gelly
navy_blues: against eagles cogs does ok what bout next week lol
TheFlagger: he has north after brisbane so he’s a hold for now
Gelly: given the new coach and he was listed in the midfield it was a logical hold
Baldfrog: Matt we’ll revisit that statement next week
pcaman2003: mattmac. If he stays in the middle like this week, he’ll score fine.
beerent11: Don?t think anyone?s getting carried away brazzers. Just relieved he won?t bleed so much this week.
Grimes Jr: if hough doesn’t score do i get emergency points?
ajconodie: Does Shuey ever not get injured?
Baldfrog: Not if he is on the ground Grimes
ajconodie: I’m happy bringing in Kelly for Conigs. It got me an extra 67 from Rioli Jnr
mattmac24: No Grimes, he got subbed on, his score counts
pcaman2003: ajcondie. Yes! Usually off season though:)
BigChief: If not subbed in yes, if subbed in no.
ajconodie: Lol
Grimes Jr: fuck my life
beerent11: Bit dramatic grimes. It?s just a game.
Hazza09: Unreal Cogs
bhg26: Nah beer, he just realised he named his account after Dylan Grimes
MrWalrus: Unless he captained him to loop beer
Stu7: Disappointing Green only 44 points in 3 quarters

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