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Chat log from R10 of 2022: Richmond vs Essendon

Chat log for Richmond vs Essendon, R10 of 2022

Stu7: Is Pruess definitely out?
Stu7: Is Pruess definitely out?
Stu7: ? Is Pruess definitely out?
zadolinnyj: Parish 40 and bombers win
navy_blues: cmon bombers win this plz it would make our day lol
Stu7: Thanks for confirming Pruess is out Navy 👍🏻
hinsch: Can MR jnr beat 7 points this week
BigChief: Yes Stu he is out with illness. So is Ash and Taranto out inj
navy_blues: yw
Pies20: Confirmed stu
mattmac24: Just want Rioli Jr. To not end up under Carroll’s 38
navy_blues: lynch the dirty dog
TheLegend6: Love big Tommy Lynch
Ash777: where is jr’s flag
Stu7: Thanks BugChief and Pies20
Stu7: Big
Stu7: Big
Urbs: The flags aren’t showing up for edwards and rioli, not sure why
BigChief: Great tackle Redman
Wahab_18: haha dusty what a flop
TheLegend6: Why is Shiel so bad?
Stu7: Off the bench Rioli
stocko12: He has never been that good @TheLegend
Stu7: Come on Martin big one old boy
TheLegend6: I used to rate him but he doesn’t look good at all
Stu7: Shiel?s best years were 2014 – 2020
BRAZZERS: this must be the first time essendon have no indignious players in dreamteam?
zadolinnyj: Wanganeen is aboriginal
Wahab_18: Wanganeen sub
Stu7: This looks like another sorry night for St Kilda
beerent11: Wrong chat stu7.
beerent11: Parish nine possies for 7 points.
pcaman2003: Come N Martin,fire up lad
Gotigres: Just got back from shopping. 2 hours each way. Very happy I went Rowell to Oliver this week
TheLegend6: Geez another 50
Stu7: Yeah whoops – thanks beer
Ash777: wtf no edge
Gelly: so they just defaulted to umpires decision because edge did not work
Gotigres: But not happy my opp had Oliver captain
Stu7: Pull your fingers out Martin and Rioli
Baldfrog: Least Rioli jr has his last weeks score already
beerent11: Wouldn?t want to forget something gotigres
beerent11: Wrong chat stu7
Hazza09: I think N Martin is cooked, time to go
Gelly: pathetic, whats the point of having a review system if it doesn’t work
Silz90: Rowell and N Martin out next week, traded cogs this week 🙁
Gotigres: That’s correct beer
BRAZZERS: i got rid of martin this week, cooked last week
Ash777: Jr kicked a goal!
beerent11: So good to have the great man dusty back.
Baldfrog: Truck goneski?
beerent11: Funny how even the really good rookies hit a wall sometime in their first season.
mattmac24: Just hope Martin makes enough to not lose a lot of cash
Stu7: Same here Matty
BRAZZERS: what happened to HTB?
Silz90: very unlucky mrj
TheLegend6: Smith spud
zadolinnyj: Is parish hacking it?
Raspel31: Perhaps I kept you 1 week too many young Martin?
original: Go nanky boy make up for touk capt
TheLegend6: Parish been poor just accumulates
Ash777: waterman has got those drumstick legs
TheLegend6: That’s a shocking call by the ump
navy_blues: lol
Gelly: you are fucking kidding me
BigChief: Parish 7 clangers and 38% DE
Silz90: good call ump
Gelly: obviously the afl have instructed the umpires to look after essendon this week because they are little flowers
_Wang_: Evening gents
Stu7: Wang
MrWalrus: Standard umpires v Richmond, flower me this is bad
Yelse: Does draper know what the ball looks like hardly every gets possessions
Jukesy: Richmond supporters really using their six years of footy knowledge for good tonight
_Wang_: The umpiring this year has been woeful and not just this game
MrWalrus: Well apart from the bit where we look great and are winning 🙂
Raspel31: Gelly is just simply rude- ignore him/her.
TheLegend6: Big Nank!
Tig-Train: Ohh an Essendon supporter that gets butthurt from some words poor thing
original: Praying for the bolton owners. Like my draft opponent hehe
Silz90: no offence but some of the tigers supporters are shocking on FF.
Stu7: Martin the new Rachele
Cottees: man should of put Rioli Jr in over Martin in my team this week
TheLegend6: No offence but some of the blues supporters are shocking on FF.
NewFreoFan: Good to see the Tigers games on this site have a basket case of a chat as usual. Solid nuff work lads
frenzy: Morris go you good thang
Raspel31: My point Silz.
Wahab_18: yeah just grab the player all around his face and get a free for it lol
Social: shake that money maker Maurice
bhg26: Ffs Martin this is woeful
Cottees: Msrtin has been spoted!
bhg26: And straight to the bench Cottees!
Cottees: haha bhg classic
original: Nank can?t escape the bench
MrWalrus: Could it be all the neutrals who come just to rip tigers fans are the problem?
Tig-Train: Everyone is a Richmond hater that?s why Newfreo
Jukesy: Nah, Richmond fans are degenerates
bhg26: Because of knobheads like you lot
TheLegend6: Everyone hates the tiges. Sounds like a them problem though haha.
MrWalrus: Happily though we’re premiership non systemic doping degenerates
Raspel31: There is joy in winning – and pure hate and rudeness in winning.
Dredd: What a chat lol? go lions
_Wang_: Rasp not all of us are like that. I endured 30 plus years if pain and csnt handle the sledge back
TheFlagger: tiges are back wow
DANGERous: disappointed by the richmond fans tonight, expected better from a few of you
bhg26: Now why would you expect that?
Raspel31: Urbs- control the abuse coming from Tiggers tonight. M0nty would have sent the wee infants to bed by now. Just abusive.
Ash777: settle down flagger is only against essendon :p
BRAZZERS: i’ll admit of all the fans on FF, the tiger supporters are the biggest flogs of all
bhg26: And that?s saying something brazzers
BRAZZERS: lol ash he clearly was being sarcastic mate
BRAZZERS: lol bhg, yea mate some absolute tossers
TheFlagger: 7 clangers in a half parish come on. there’s a pointless medal up for grabs isn’t this your specialty
zadolinnyj: Lol flagger
Urbs: Look I don’t think anything really nasty has been said, but just in case, try and keep things civil everyone
Jukesy: Yeah Urbs is right, stop being dero cunts richmond supporters
Baldfrog: Well done Brazzers good to see someone calling out their own
mattmac24: The legend. It’s the same for Geelong, everyone hates us too for some reason.
Raspel31: My bad- you have a tough enough job Urbs.
Wahab_18: good stuff kelly rip his head off
bhg26: Earth to
bhg26: Earth to Martin, Earth to Nic Martin
Silz90: i think im warming up to wahab – you make me laugh so much lol
BRAZZERS: lol wahab you muppet
TheFlagger: bombers refuse to use the corridor
bhg26: No fucking way they are reviewing that
bhg26: Richmond fans will still boo
TheLegend6: How is it 50 if they don’t hear the umps? So so dumb
BRAZZERS: lol Darcy doesnt even know the rules
_Wang_: Lol
Tig-Train: I say it every week? 7 commentators are retarded
Silz90: you cant say that tig, very rude mate
TheLegend6: Poor language Tig
Tig-Train: Ooo the bombers are so tough this week after coping it in media all week haha
Gotigres: Martin to Clark for me as well this week
Jukesy: R-word should be an instant ban, get onto it overlord urbs
TheFlagger: tig-train be better
mattmac24: Yeah wind it in a bit Tig.
BRAZZERS: wahab that goal was for you mate
Tig-Train: You are all kidding yeh? Lol what is this group full of children?
Urbs: Try and tidy up the language thanks guys!
Ash777: There’s going to be some ruined jumpers after the game.
BigChief: That should be a ban for Tig. Unacceptable language.
Wahab_18: get involved nic martin
The Ogre: Commentators, players and supporters all in the same category
TheLegend6: We don’t know Tig, that’s the point…
mattmac24: No we aren’t Tig but you should know better.
Yelse: at what stage do you take rioli jnr score over greg clark?
Silz90: 70+ yelse for me
TheFlagger: anything 75 up i reckon yelse
Gotigres: Just noticed Vlaustin’s score. Thought about getting him in a couple of weeks ago. Luckily I didn’t.
Ash777: anything over 70
Raspel31: I feel your pain Tig. You are probably a very short man with penile issues. But here is not the forum.
TheLegend6: Lynch got the yips
navy_blues: lol lynch muppet
Cottees: good one Lynch
Stu7: Matin the paper weight
Silz90: merrett b/e 164 will be cheap as chips soon
bhg26: This is the lynch we know
Ash777: Curnow now clear for the coleman
Raspel31: But do you bring in Curnow- bag of goals but not a ball seeker? 9 possies- and on a bad day?
bhg26: Hobbs, despite the horrible start to his career, looks the goods
mattmac24: Certainly not Raspel. Same goes for any key forward player, will always be very inconsistent
pcaman2003: Whenever you’re ready N Martin,the game started ages ago.
Stu7: Well said pca
original: All hail nank
bhg26: Hard to believe Rioli Jnr is almost triple N Martins score
Hazza09: Didn?t think N Martin would fall off a cliff like this
Raspel31: This year is indeed the year of the wasted trades on rucks- Nanks next?
pcaman2003: Hazza. Last week ,now this. Must be sufffering battle fatigue.
original: Flower off bolton. Stay low
Raspel31: Is there a safety button to bring on M Rioli jnr for Martin?
DANGERous: does anyone know how i change the C from laird to neale? thanks
bhg26: Time machine Dangerous
Stu7: Not helpful DANGERous
Stu7: DANGERous – use a texta
DANGERous: red or blue texta? im thinking red
Stu7: Permanent marker for Neale
BigChief: Pink Danger. Will suit Rasp’s lipstick
Stu7: Only 3 Rd from the bottom Martin ya flog
Hazza09: Havnt seen Martin all night, ffs seriously
duckky: Martin needs a rest … and probably a new club
pcaman2003: So glad I didn’t blink. Martin just touched the ball. Shock,horror!
Stu7: duckky – Frankston 3rds
Raspel31: Was off watching election stuff- what about my lipstick BigChief? Bright red.
Wahab_18: kills the footy along with all our supercoach scores
bhg26: Nick Martin on fire!
BigChief: Haha Rasp. I said pink texta for Danger so it matches your lippy
Napper: Nic Martin spoil 2 marks and 2 kicks for 3 points great thanks
Stu7: Off the pine Rioli
DANGERous: ooooo
Wahab_18: yepp martin has lost all his confidence
pcaman2003: Napper. He got 9 points.
Napper: Page didn?t reload my bad guys
BigChief: Points are not added instantly NAPPER. You should know this by now.
Jukesy: Did all the richmond muppets get banned or did their mums tell them it was bedtime?
Stu7: Come on Rioli
Raspel31: Who will trust bringing in English next week. Saved for that- but wait a week?
TheLegend6: Shhh Jukesy it’s poor humour from you
PAFC4eva: is that your icon wahab on smith
Ash777: you’re the 1 that should be banned jukesy stop the baiting
MrWalrus: Zip it Jukesy, concentrate on losing
Gotigres: Mum said I could stay up late tonight Jukesy.
Ash777: English wont be in this next rnd I think rasp. Dogs have eagles away.
MrWalrus: Wahab has a brother!
BigChief: I didn’t know Wahab played for Ess
Raspel31: Interesting call Ash. And all pals guys.
TheFlagger: tackles are up and dons still reek
Wahab_18: Martin just can’t buy a clean disposal
pcaman2003: Time to trade Martin out? Will start losing money this week
Stu7: Limp to 90 DT points Rioli
Stu7: pca – same here
MrWalrus: Just to be clear, I am very jealous of Wahab getting an icon even if it is the spud
Gotigres: Wanganeen on
Raspel31: Peddle harder MrWalrus.
Stu7: Martin on acid
PAFC4eva: martin nearly tripled his score this quarter
Ash777: Yeah dogs dont bring in players from injury usually when playing in WA
Raspel31: With byes coming up think Martin a keeper- I should know, brought in Touk this week.
Gotigres: Why, is he tripping Stu?
TheLegend6: Rioli or Nank BOG
Stu7: Gotigres – his score definitely is!
TheFlagger: rioli with some line breaking tonight never seen that from him before
Stu7: Greta game Rioli
Ash777: just gave a 50 straight away without warning.
pcaman2003: Raspel. Hahaha! I’ll trade him out and will go big just to spite me. Nothing more certain.
MrWalrus: Rasp, I’m leading the Giro by 15 minutes here, got nothing left!
Ash777: lmao that goal ump needs to stop using the score review lol
MrWalrus: Flagger, he’s been doing it since the end of last season
Raspel31: Okay- not allowed. But may City lose and Pool win the title and may Spurs thrash Norwich to finish above the Gooners.
PAFC4eva: cmon spurs chelsea safe in 4
Urbs: I don’t mind the EPL but this isn’t the place heh
TheLegend6: Up the toffees
marls: With you on that one Rasp
TheFlagger: 43 disposals for 107 sc says a lot
Tommy_C: Dont be a spoil sport urbs
pcaman2003: 19 touches for 43. That’s woeful!
Olli32019: Lynch the grub
TheFlagger: cant wait to play both of these mobs
BRAZZERS: only bogans use the word grub lol
stocko12: Not really pcaman2003. He has to deal with Essendon thinking Shiel, Parsh and McGrath are gun footallers and only got mi
stocko12: Only got mid minutes late.
stocko12: Only got mid minutes late. Essendon are a basket case.

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