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Chat log from R11 of 2022: Gold Coast vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Hawthorn, R11 of 2022

Snarfy: Can we put the subs up please.
Snarfy: Can we put the subs up please.
Crippa9: should i make witts capt?
Ash777: Hawks have no ruck so good bet
Urbs: Subs are Maginness and Constable, not updated just yer
Gotigres: Apologies to all Sicily owners
Gotigres: Go huge MacDonald and reach 40
original: Miller getting no points for frees for? 14 sc. how so low??
BRAZZERS: Rumor has it Ellis sells pingers on the side
Gotigres: Sicily not being given points
Gotigres: ok, he was just given some points
original: Miller 2FF 1 clearance, 2 kicks, one handball 100%DE. 14 sc cmon
Cottees: jesus not watching game. So many frees already? Hawks dirty?
Pies20: Rosa 1rouch goal 8sc original come on?
pcaman2003: Newcombe off to anothervflyer.
original: Sounds about right pies20 lol
marls: What?s Dew doing to Rowell?
Pies20: He will get more for that point original
pcaman2003: marls. Whatever it is,he looks bent over.
Yelse: need witts to fire up
original: Haha contested mark, what?s a behind, 1 point. Turnover kick to miller, will be lucky to make 12sc
Stu7: Witts not dominating like most speculated
DrSeuss: What is Miller doing tonight? Anyone running with him – or just not involved?
pcaman2003: My confidence in picking a C after this round is shot. Had VC Mills, C Clarry and others I considered flopping.
_Wang_: Early call stu
Napper: How the hell is sic 35 crazy
pharace: Shiels tagging Miller so far @ DrSuess
pcaman2003: Wake up Hawks…game has started.
DrSeuss: Cheers pharace – really starting to hate the return of taggers
beerent11: 32 is fine for Witts at this stage of the game
pcaman2003: Stop being a liability Barras.Push in the back not necessary
original: Miller ffs man
Yelse: mitchel 14 for 23? what going on
Cottees: man Hawks are so inconsisteny
Cottees: inconsistent*
DrSeuss: Come on Miller – ffs – do something – anything
wadaramus: Witts stinking the place up.
BRAZZERS: touk is cactus
Yelse: brough in witts this week over english 🙁
original: Miller and TiTCh in draft this year
original: I?m so lucky!
pcaman2003: Barras and Titch 11 clangers between them hurting our game. Hawks dealing up crap this week
Stu7: Bugger Yelse
DrSeuss: Touk back to his practice of zero tackles again. Needs to be a tackling machine again.
pcaman2003: Embarrasing Hawks! Off to the other game. Call me if we catch up
sMiles: No umpire assistance this week Hawkie lads? GO SUNS! (play terrible GCS goal music)
Raspel31: Forgot this game was one with the big boys playing- but sheesh Touk.
BigChief: What a gun Rowell is.
DrSeuss: Nice comeback from Touk in the 2nd
wadaramus: Traded Rowell to Petracca, not much benefit..
Breezey: So what?s everyone?s problem with Touk. 52 at HT
original: Haha shh breezey
Raspel31: Happy to say only have Touk amongst this gang of bozos. Go Liverpool.
runners47: Get off the pine, Anderson, and do something
pharace: Good Qtr Touk, started by hanging out a bit and tag Shiel seems to have sagged on him – running hard big finish
robbieg: nic martin to titch next week lock it in
wadaramus: Go Liverpool.
wadaramus: Can’t believe City got back from 0-2 against Villa.
wadaramus: Can still get the treble, time to avenge Real.
Raspel31: Cheersw wada. Bizarre- but a Spurs man and finished above the Gooners. Bizarre end.
wadaramus: Spurs just slightly inconsistent, got top 4 so in the CL for next year.
wadaramus: Was an enjoyable PL season, I had a PB in EPL Fantasy.
Raspel31: Just a bit wada- but back to the footy or else.
wadaramus: It’s half time, open slather 🙂
robbieg: cant be a real treble without the league
wadaramus: Three equals treble robbie ;
wadaramus: But I agree, the league is the main prize.
bhg26: Its been very nice owning sicily the past few weeks
DrSeuss: Come on Miller, no need to stop now.
DrSeuss: Is Shiels still tagging Touk? Has slowed again this qtr
beerent11: It?s about complaining about your players that are struggling and subtly boasting about your players that are going well
hinsch: Was hoping Witts would be closer to the ton at 3/4 time
pharace: Nash went on to him for a bit DrS, but he is still running the game out better
TheFlagger: witts has been suprisingly good at ground level. 6 clr 10 cp is very very nice
pharace: Conditions are incredibly slippery too Flagger
sMiles: @wadaramus – me too! Although I am yet to find a team to support
sMiles: I will keep playing FPL until I figure out which team is a best fit for me.
sMiles: BTW – suck it Hawky lads ;-p
TheFlagger: best ruck in the league.
TheFlagger: well on current form at least
mattmac24: Witts has had some very good final quarters this season, could still go very big
sfenda1: Hoping for a bit last qtr C Witt?s
runners47: Can;t score from the bench, Titch
wadaramus: Find something in common sMiles, and pick a team 🙂
Raspel31: Fascinating game- on the edge of my seat.
runners47: Rack up some more please – Swallow and Anderson
Stu7: Come on Newcombe
Wahab_18: now I see, touk miller just standing on his own 20m away from a throw in.. wtf
wadaramus: Dew buying some time?
Wahab_18: there we go touk touk!!
Stu7: Off the pine Newcombe
Gotigres: Wow MacDonald. You got to 50. Well done.
TheFlagger: great last quarter for witts
wadaramus: Porcupine Tree rules 🙂
TheFlagger: lots of high scores this week. some teams will go huge
pcaman2003: Titch and Barras 17 clangers. Good game boys. At least you led the clanger count.
MrWalrus: I’ll go 2400+ comfortably, lose 2 of 5 match ups, SC is a crazy Game sometimes
MrWalrus: Brayshaw 100pt C has done me

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