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Chat log from R9 of 2022: Gold Coast vs Fremantle

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Fremantle, R9 of 2022

frenzy: howdy
Pavs: Afternoon all who to captain touk or cripps
original: Need a big day touk. And Witt?s, keep Darcy quiet. Draft league represent
pcaman2003: Howdy Cowdy! Need big ones from Witts and Brodie
a1trader: Brodie on fire
bones351: Looks like Brodie wants to show the Sun’s something. Keep going lad!
hinsch: What is Touk doing he normally goes down to -10 before he gets going
Legix: Get involved Brayshaw
pcaman2003: Just wish Brodie got same TOG as Brayshaw gets.
a1trader: Just need Rosas to beat Rowell
m0nty: Brodie might have spent all his petrol tickets too early
NoneyaB: nah monty they love putting him on the bench
banta: When did Acres become good? Was average at St Kilda
Hazza09: Just heated Steele going in for surgery
Hazza09: *heard
pcaman2003: Hazza. Of course he would. Just brought him in so par for course for me.
NoneyaB: yeh hazza its sad hes been a go to player of mine for a few years now im gonna miss him
hinsch: Steele to Mills maybe
circle52: Steele to Mills or Laird,
FlyinRyan2: mills probably best option but will cost 80k to get to him
a1trader: or Parish
NewFreoFan: Geez it looks humid and slippery
circle52: @NewFreoFan Been wet all week so ground is slippery and quite humid here today.
Stu7: Rowell you?re gone next week
NewFreoFan: Not as bad as that Cairns game between Port and Saints, but still not great footy conditions
Yelse: with all these injuries teams are becoming less unique
bones351: Good to see Rory Thompson out there
Breezey: Good start Touky
frenzy: I see what you did there Stu7
pcaman2003: Keep those tackles going Brodie and keep going Witts.
m0nty: Brodie is a mudder
cherry9: Rosas killing it. Double figures before halftime
mattmac24: C’mon Witts. You’ve done sweet FA this quarter
pcaman2003: Get going Witts and listen to mattmac.
DrSeuss: 75 by half time please Touk
BigChief: Did Ainswerth tap that to Chol deliberately?
Stu7: DrSeuss – I?m looking at Rowell getting half of 75 at full time the way he?s going !
DrSeuss: Stu – Rowell is on my bench waiting to be traded this week. Can?t wait
Stu7: DrSeuss – yep going next week for sure just hoping he doesn?t lose to much coin!
navy_blues: im amazed u guys still have rowell
TheFlagger: great start darcy
TheOnyas: Onya Wittsy
navy_blues: steele out for 6-8 weeks apparently
mattmac24: Yep, shoulder requires surgery. Shame to see him miss games
BRAZZERS: navy, mate a lot ppl have no idea about this fantasy football out there lol
navy_blues: think freo are gone here
original: Cmon touk
navy_blues: need brodie back on ground
NewFreoFan: Yeah, I think 6 changes 2 weeks in a row and the conditions have done us in. No structure this game
TheFlagger: suns playing some decent footy past the first 4 rounds is unheard of
mattmac24: The conditions are definitely in the favour of the suns
pcaman2003: Keep up the good work Brodie and Witts.
oc16: that high free on Miller was Brodie and not Brayshaw
Migz: millers score barely moved and hes hd like 6 touches and a free
pcaman2003: I hate the circumstances in which some clangers given,especially in the wet.
mattmac24: Had a couple of turnovers Migz.
Stu7: Rowell are you really that bad!
Migz: he had like the 1 direct to turn over rest were long kicks to contest and a hb which normally isn’t penalised since its
Migz: an effective kick
Breezey: About 16 free kicks not given in that passage of footy. Play on apparently
EatEmAlive: At least Freo can say they are winning the Free kicks. Well done!
Migz: but you are right. ill shuddup 😀
bhg26: No way they gave that turnover to touk, guy just dropped it
duckky: Suggestions please folks: Oliver or Max for C?
Migz: but he just got pinged for another clanger after 2 team mates fumbled the hb.
feralmong: oliver duckky, who knows whats up with Max knee.
pcaman2003: C’mon Witts! Your score hasn’t moved for 7 minutes.
bc__: Why Darcy? Why?
duckky: What the hell has got into Rosas. He will top 50 at this rate.
duckky: Thanks @Feral
Stu7: Max cor C
bhg26: gawn to go huge now feral
feralmong: probably
bones351: Keeping going in the last quarter Malcom!
EatEmAlive: The Tigers traded Chol away so he could outscore Freo on his own! LOL
Breezey: That was Toukalicious.
bones351: Rory Thompson next week anyone?
tdarian: i’ll be bringing in thompson next week
EatEmAlive: Chol winning by 8 now! Hahaha.
circle52: Thompson or Bhuka could be coming in
pcaman2003: Put Brodie back on and stick Brayshaw on the pine.
duckky: Dod the Dockers hit the nightclubs last night?
pcaman2003: Off the bench Witts. You have a lot more scoring to do.
BigChief: Okay Brayshaw need more from you.
Wahab_18: Flower you brayshaw
pcaman2003: Tr tapping out to your own players Wittsy. Better scoring happens.
yeah_nah: Brayshaw has a high ceiling but puts in these stinkers still
pcaman2003: Nice going Brodie and Witts. Still some hope for me yet
BigChief: I wouldn’t call 85 a stinker @yeah_nah
J_Herer: Touk Miller 3 votes
BRAZZERS: if you consider him a prem, them absolutely its a stinker

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