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Chat log from R9 of 2022: Western Sydney vs Carlton

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Carlton, R9 of 2022

TheFlagger: go blues. time to break another pattern
BigChief: Don’t you mean whites today Flagger?
duckky: At this stage of the weekend – I’d say “go fluoros” … seems there is a competition to see who awards the most 50’s
cmperrfect: We are the Navy Whites..
Stu7: Kelly I need you to score under 100 please!
BigChief: What’s with the drums playing?
cmperrfect: Cmon Walsh, nice sart.
duckky: Pull your finger out Cripps :p
Stu7: Off the bench Hewett you?ve had 2 weeks off
Stu7: Nice start Cripps
duckky: Well the drums were beating for Cameron @BigChief
BigChief: haha that is funny duckky. I like it.
DrSeuss: Cripps, Whitfield, Cogs – what a start….
Migz: hamilton already over half rioli. 🙁
duckky: Giants are rattled
duckky: Gee I regret not buying Doch when he was cheap.
Stu7: Great Green and Hewett on the bench
BigChief: Fair grab TDK
bhg26: God de Koning can leap
DrSeuss: What is Cripps doing? Does he have a tag? Playing forward? Or just GWS are so trash they don?t need him?
BigChief: Suess he was rucking earlier.
Tommy_C: GWS look so lost
bhg26: Good to see Giants stepping up for leon
Stu7: Hewett & Green ummmm today!!
DrSeuss: Oh great – that should help Chief. I need to get Docherty in.
DrSeuss: Where does Leon the genius have Whitfield playing today?
bhg26: Center half bench at the moment seuss
DrSeuss: Just hope the next coach is smart enough to have him run off halfback
Wahab_18: The only 2 weeks I’ve had Cripps, 39 and now this shower
pcaman2003: Hamilton lucky to be on 10 with his 3 clangers.
hinsch: opponent has Cripps as C this week looing OK at the moment
navy_blues: press sore
DrSeuss: So we blame you Wahab?
Yelse: whitfield wtf can’t hold a mark ffs
navy_blues: preuss even
BigChief: @Navy Preuss been sore for a couple of weeks I believe.
arbel: Think just a stinger for pruess
DrSeuss: Whitfield, Cripps and Hewett trying to bring a successful week crumbling down. Pick it up
navy_blues: yes so i heard commentators say chief
BigChief: Williams achillies again?
pcaman2003: I take it Cripps tagged by de Boer?
navy_blues: id say so chief
pcaman2003: Three more qtrs like that please Kelly.
BigChief: pcaman no tag on Cripps
navy_blues: carlton stopped already
bhg26: Showerfield
BigChief: Who is missing from GWS? Only 22 names
pjw1234: Preuss has been a god send with english out.
Torz: Riccardi @BigChief
AlsoGmax: Traded Tom Green to Crippa this week.
BigChief: Ahh so it is Torz Thanks.
TheOnyas: Onya Preussy
DrSeuss: Whitfield is missing BigChief – his name is there, just missing in general
duckky: The point kicked by someone not playing?
Urbs: Huh, Riccardi isn’t on here
mattmac24: Captain Cripps… Oh no 🙁
BigChief: Nope Urbs. He stayed at hotel LOL
feralmong: too many bacardi and you miss a Riccardi
BigChief: GWS finally showed up.
LuvIt74: Do many have Cripps as C?
mattmac24: I do Luvit, not fun so far
BigChief: Not this week Luvit.
DrSeuss: Durdin on field while Whitfield and Cripps decide to have this week off.
Tommy_C: magnifying glass for Cripps
DrSeuss: Idiot – Durdin on the bench
BigChief: Williams subbed out Urbs
cmperrfect: Clarry has the C for me this week.
DrSeuss: On what Earth would any coach have Whitfield at half forward. Terrible tackler, not great pressure, avg overhead mark
pcaman2003: Where is Carroll playing? Can’t see him this qtr.
Urbs: Not sure what’s happened to Williams subbed icon but it’s there i swear
Torz: Half forward pcaman
m0nty: subbed icon will appear when he is marked on bench
navy_blues: its there now
bhg26: i hate owning whitfield
mattmac24: Cripps is playing part of a ruck role
BigChief: The subbed icon isn’t navy, but the injury icon is.
pcaman2003: Thanks Torz. Couldn’t see him for ages,then he showed up.
BigChief: Well it was there LOL
navy_blues: lolol
DrSeuss: Whitfield – moved back, gets possessions, GWS get shot at goal. Take note Leon FFS
BigChief: Suess Leon doesn’t really care anymore 🙂
Ash777: good thing this is leon’s last game
pcaman2003: Would like to see more from you please Carroll. Get in there .
DrSeuss: Oh great – Whitfield back forward. No wonder he can’t get any consistency.
BigChief: Carlton really missing 2nd tall fwd target
pcaman2003: Keep it up Kelly. Going gr8 lad.
thommoae: Leon has cared for every one of his games in charge in every year he’s been in charge, Chief.
thommoae: Hasn’t always won , but ‘not caring’? Nup.
robbieg: Jelly stonks when cameron is gone
BigChief: Pity his players didn’t have the same attitude Thom
DrSeuss: So Thommo – What is he thinking with Whitfield forward? Doesn’t care or is plain stupid? There is just no logic to it
thommoae: Which ones you thinking of, Chief?
thommoae: DrS – he kicked a few v Adelaide a fortnight ago. Could happen again?
BRAZZERS: he’s played in the backline for the majority of the season and been garbage lol, but keep telling yourself that ha
LuvIt74: Preuss was an absolute steel at $200k and just as reliable as most of the top rucks
Raspel31: Phew, that$70 staek, bottle of chardy and 2 espresso martinis was haed work. Back to the footy. Carn Cripps.
thommoae: And if you’re losing a few, sometimes ya gotta mix it up, eh? It’s what a good coach should do?
LuvIt74: Dunno what ppl seen in Whitfield and cant believe teams still have him
pcaman2003: Carroll went backwards a point that qtr. Hitting the wall after 2 games.
zadolinnyj: Tom green done his dash in my side I think
navy_blues: whinge bout whitfield every week but dont trade him? who is the idiot then?
DrSeuss: Very little involvement pca – was around it at times – couldn’t get his hands on it.
Raspel31: Hmm- same thoughts zado- but have Boak and wtf was that?
pcaman2003: efully a better 2nd half Seuss
BigChief: Greene, Cogs, Hill, Ash (until last couple of games) just to name a few. And before you reply if Greene cared he would
BigChief: not have pushed the umpire last year.
thommoae: Fair point.
BigChief: Kennedy out for WC and Dixon comes in.
Raspel31: So- a sure win for WC BigChief?
BigChief: 100% and might be a record margin also Raspel.
bhg26: Different approach here…
bhg26: Go whitfield you can do it!
Ash777: cogs & whitfield killing me
Raspel31: So glad I capped Kelly. And then I woke up.
Migz: turden pulling out this game when hes on the bench and rioli on field hnnnng
pcaman2003: Any hope you can touch the ball Carroll?
bhg26: Whitfield and Cogs flower the both of ya
Migz: cogs doesnt matter, everybody has him
pcaman2003: Geez! Carroll doesn’t need a rest. He’s only travelled a few metres all match.
BigChief: How many times is the flog BT going to call Newman Hewett?
navy_blues: carlton very wasteful with ball
Torz: Carroll gets free pcaman, they just don?t pass to him
BRAZZERS: lol at the muppets that got carroll and rioli
pcaman2003: Torz. They should give him some sympathy kicks as can’t get his own ball. 🙂
mattmac24: Hardly Muppets Brazzers. Both had good first two games, unpredictable that their third not so much
pcaman2003: BRAZZERS. Yeah! And you have all premos right? Plonker!
BigChief: mattmac don’t you know BRAZZERS has the perfect team every week.
Migz: wheres your mid season cash gen coming from braz?
beerent11: Just what brazzers does. Loves to rile you guys up. And you bite every time.
frenzy: I could be a muppet, Lol started Morris and Carroll both onfield
bones351: So who are the great scoring rookies coming in at the moment Brazzers?
Raspel31: Be nice to Brazzers- it’s Sunday and he’s allowed 2 raspberry cordials.
beerent11: Steele gone for two months
BRAZZERS: lol beer
fruity: Hey BT ..Sam Durdin played for North NOT Corey Durdin..Gees you are hopeless..
pcaman2003: erent. i like to bite.
navy_blues: gws player ducked there
BigChief: North Adelaide fruity, not North Melbourne.
DANGERous: wakey wakey crippa and cogs
BigChief: But you are right he is hopeless because he came from Central Districts.
Spifflicat: He was picking up the footy NB, good free
beerent11: The rookies that start playing mid season are usually not as good. Still need the cash gen.
Migz: get rid of this trash rule ffs
happytimes: Umpires killing another game of footy
fruity: BigChief: Central Districts…
BigChief: You missed my last comment fruity 🙂
cherry9: Josh Kelly you beauty
fruity: BigChief old age catching up with
mattmac24: Carlton would be stuffed without Walsh today
BigChief: Would be worse without Weitering.
cmperrfect: Leon runs like an 80 year old. His body must be cooked.
beerent11: Steele to macrae, daicos to laird for me this week midfield done.
BigChief: There is the Williams sub icon 🙂
navy_blues: nice charlie
frenzy: how many upgrades left then Beer
beerent11: 3 frenzy, 1 in def 2 in fwd. counting Brodie as a keeper.
Stu7: Please off the bench Green
Raspel31: Cogs and Boak- I love you. Not.
BigChief: I am hoping to go Steele to Oliver.
navy_blues: traded cogs this week thankfully
Yelse: Haven?t watched game but haven?t Cripps played in the middle or fwd without McKay
BigChief: witches hat tough on TDK Urbs
Ash777: should of captained walsh
bhg26: Fuck you whitfield you prick
Urbs: I watched Cripps tell TDK to go away before rucking himself. All I needed to see imo
pcaman2003: Carroll 18 at 1/4 time,now 28 game nearly over. FGS!
BigChief: Great goal Doc. You are a star.
Wahab_18: Yessssirrrr Dochertyyyyyyyyy
Napper: 2 points for docherty goal. Insane!!
Raspel31: Cniglio can’t even score from the bench- others seem to.
pcaman2003: Napper. His score went up to where it should be at 99.
BigChief: Taylor has done a brilliant job on Curnow. Very under-rated defender.
Spifflicat: If u still own Whitfield, u no longer own the right to whine. You should have traded him weeks ago
Raspel31: Don’t be bitchy pcaman just as you don’t have him.
bhg26: Injuries happen spiffi. You think i want to still own whitfield and go through this shit every week?
frenzy: you knockin the X factor chief
Ash777: Hope whitfield gets moved back next rnd
bhg26: But he is gone this week, and so will cogs
duckky: Coniglio has shown more heart and courage than all of the Essendon team put together
pcaman2003: Between Carroll, Boak,Steele, Cogs, and Martin ,safe to say I’m totally screwed over.
BigChief: Yep frenzy. Curnow only kicked goals in last qtr. Taylor beat him all day.
duckky: Doubt Cogs will be playing next week.
frenzy: I’m hearing ya chief
Raspel31: Yep, tough pcaman-agree. Bad week. But at least you didn’t cap Boak.
Urbs: Taylor was very good, yes, then Curnow kicked the first 2 goals of the last and iced the game

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